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Monday, February 13, 2017

LUCAS ... unsung hero; last of Rafa's REDS.. please stay!


... unsung hero; 


last of Rafa's REDS..

I have rarely felt so low about football, taking into account lost finals or lailed seasons, Shanks & Kenny's resignation
Heysell nightmare, Hillsborough tragic loss of brothers & sisters and anger at the media...

on the day I looked at what was MY/OUR club...  and there were infestors from the USA,

Torres commenting on Woy or Fergie, or Ronaldo..?
(and I knew too much what that would do to our socialist origins) and the "never has been" southerner would-be-snob Hodgson, who was the opposite of everything of a man allowed to sit in charge of OUR TEAM should BE!
I knew RH would do nothing... except damage, 

every word he said.. made me want to cry..."enough"

it took 10,000 fans to stay away before the new shysters replaced him with Kenny and then after they brutally removed our true legend, 

the yan kers employed the "never will be" BR!
and again I predicted he would bring nothing, it took a last effort from Stevie with super Luis & Studge
for the team to get close... but never as strong as Rafa 's REDS,..


I met Rafa in Rotterdam airport, I never chased players for autographs, or wanted to, but I was made up to meet Benitez,
too many Lfc fans, failed to realise his impact, winning Europe in his first season and OUR "big ears" trophy permanently.

European quarter, 2 semis, 2 finals in those 5 season and the "Gerrard final" typically with a late-late come back..

I was living in the NL, and went to witness the REds stealing 3 points in the Bernabeu,
and stayed for an extended holiday in Madrid, as a guest of Madrid Reds supporters, we had a tv crew
watching us watch the game in their pub cellar...  when Real were supposed to win in Anfield
Stevie, Torres and co blew Madrid away 4-0 and NEXT saturday morning..... we were at Old trafford Versus Fergies mancs; their slimy Ronaldo, Shrek and all.. the same Tv channel had 2 cameras at our  pub and at a pub which favoured the
mancs on the other side of the city (Madrid)

A penalty against didnt quieten us, a feeling ,  magic strength, I had know since the teams of Shanks,
to never give up and come back.. and Rafa's team, yeah got beat sometimes, but had that "something" (magic)

that week March 14 (1-4) made a mark in my memory , epitomized Rafas Team.. of course the media disliked him, RAFA  didnt pay lip service to them and dared to rubbish the almighty fergie on Tv ... loved him for that!
smashing the "legendary" unREal Madrid and our sworn enemies in the space of days... Rafa was denied funds to strengthen and bad luck  with injuries to Torres, Stevie and new boy Aquilani, gave errant fans and biased media the chance to exaggerate his defeats the following season,and we were loaded with G & H   and  "Woy" ....! the end of days...

and the decline from TOP of UEFA rankings to 46th covered up by Lfc USA style propaganda, "managing expectations".................


The one remaining member of Rafas squad, and it always felt to me, that modern Lfc-USA board didnt do enough to keep/support;
Pepe, dAgger, Xabi, Masch, Torres or Stevie...


the  turnover of coaching.backroom/playing/academy staff has damaged the chances as much as the money of its rivals.
(btw, the excuse of Lfc about "competing" financially dont stand up when the NESV backers are valued at several billions!

for me its a DISGRACE to read echo hacks and mainstream media repeating misguided criticism...
and a shame that Lfc coaching staff havent publicly protected him, our adopted scouser,
10 years at Liverpool, had to come as a youth to challenge selection in "the best midfield in the world"

Replacing Stevie in a derby at goodison, didnt warm him or Rafa to some fans, even though Lfc won.
the idiots booed him at another game...

2 major injuries and he still come back, always helped other injured players, supported local charities, and made himself the best example for kids, in this era of hyped "legends" and celebrity players..

MY MAN OF the match...

 Liverpool 2 - spurs 0, a great team performance, not only from the obvious Mane but from Hendo, WIJN, (excellent) Lalla, Firm. etc BUT some words & advices for Lfc fans , who have been previously conned by echo & other media hacks into the under-rating of LUCAS...

CB is one of the most difficult positions to play in modern football,, the risk of giving away a penalty or getting yellow/red is high with refs punishing every challenge.. and to be "4th choice" and come into a game against the most currently prolific attack of 2nd placed spurs,, in a much maligned defence where every mistake is going to be analyzed on global tv, 

... and to play a faultless and BRAVE performance , knowing that wont get him a permanent selection by Klopp, says SO MUCH for the quality and VALUE (to Lfc0 of LUCAS , at 30 he is at a good age for a defensive player and great example for the kids on and off the field,

our adopted scouser ..LUCAS was and is MY MAN of the match!



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 Bootroom snips not fan ny twats ...

well. storming. hate to say too  much but so far 15 attempts and 8 on target. Money shd have had a hat trick
hoped  we would get a 3rd before h-t  to kill off the spurs
they are too good to let the Reds have the game
and MY man LUCAS , more than sound at the back with incisive interceptions and tackles,  and one saving header off the line
plus a chance of a goal ...
the from 6 are wild,, pressing caused lillywhites a lot of problems in defence and attack..
now Lfc  finish the job.  and start a run ... and feck all the defeatist fickle fan nies!
n,b :  Phil just looks a bit off the pace, just a bit less pacey, otherwise I think he would have scored 2 too. :)
h-t 2-0 Mane (2)

Spurs tried to get back into the game, and the ref seemed to aid them a bit,
but the Lfc team found its form,
although media nd fans will choose Mane,
my men of the match were LUcas, an under-rated servant in defence,
Hiendo who battled away 90+ mns  and
Wijn, whose assit opened up spurs for Reds opening goal, and competed throughout,
and i cant recall a bad pas..

says much that Lfc defence only allowed spurs one clear chance inside the box, which Mign saved ...

overall with 17 attempts and 8 on target  really feel spurs were fortunate to escape from Anfield ,,,

13 games like this and anything is STILL possible..


 BS! really dont care abut your "explanation" its 28 years too late, mate! .. Lfc/FSG and echo are just full of fakers..
Dawn Crvena> Sarah, if you go to groups/blogs such as REDnet or European REd loyal Supporters Club. you will find CONSISTENT opposition to Henry & co.. and their politics.. going back several years, some (for example; ChriS) who started campaigning against G & H and ddint get fooled by the new yank ers predicting that they are from the same "club" and would prioritize profiteering,,(as they knew nothing about footy or our culture), and as he recently commented are happy to extend the stadium for middle-business class punters, with a multi billion corportate bunch, who conned their way into fortune its dirty money.. but obviously modern fans do, and i agree, tend only to compaint of the team is losing.. henry and his billioaire bunch, 
...with an average of less than 20 mil spent on the team each season,
, ...the sacking of Kenny, for not adding to that one trophy in HIS only full season... ... mobbing of fans who dared voice of opposition (have you forgotten the Chang episode) ... even anyone who campaigned for a share of the club were excluded from Lfc online membership .
.. promoting the scandal bank .. and yes I am against having a betting name when this shd be a family club
 ... the increase in ticket prices that make the stadium the quietest its ever been 
... henry-werner snubbed the Hillsborough memorial until someone told them is was bad PR .. the sale of the best 
... the employment of the worst man to ever sit in the managers seat: hodgson, (only removed when seats were empty) 
.. replacing Kenny with BR, who had no prior success rather than re-employing Rafa, 
 .. and then hire Klopp (as much as we like him) fits into their maximizing profit at the expense of on field success ( was an obvious move... but is finding the premiere a different and more difficult league than bundesliga) ok...
 10 years of trophy less (apart from one League cup by Kenny) demotion in 10 years from TOP UEFA ranking to 46th...
 i am surprised u & David can find a cap to fit the swollen heads you have.. the group quotes part of YNWA, but the spirit of your response to an honest opinion dont fit our hymn.. as i say , I made the "subject2 and am merely defending my own content.. I dont criticise communication technology, per say, its helped me stay in touch with international supporters.. mentioning Carra, was just highlighting the "over-use" of it.. and the relevance of mentioning the war, that puts all the "discussion" and insults in persepective (that too many sheeple spend less time on voting than they do on whinging .. and b4 u accuse me,, i can direct you to several blogs that containt articles on current affairs, not that you will ! 😛 we are NOT (yet) arsenal, but that is what FSG would like, to accept champions league qualification, (revenue, Tv , merchandise, etc etc) year in year out, which is also what Carra said after the hull game..(btw!) 🙂 is he "ridiculous" ??? 
I already said that I dont agree with sacking Juegen, nor do we ever boo players..not should we, but you act like the US media atatcking anyone with a different opinion.. its DISGUSTING the way the club betrays the essence of its spirit, whilst singing YNWA ... probably FSG have plans to voice over the whole stadium one day...? my HOPE is in spite of FSG and their cloned fans , not because of them.. if you and David are the "refs/judges" of this makes no sense for me, as you win even if you are wrong... cuvaj se! 
m not being condescending but if the cap fits I'm proud to wear it
. You are the one who keeps wandering of subject.
You criticised the use of technology however I bet you aren't typing this out on a commodore 64,
 I don't agree with the whole FSG OUT. It's ridiculous.
How many arsenal fans do you see organising groups considering their trophy drought?
Where were you in Nov/Dec when we were winning?
Literally points off top four spot and this implosion that these groups are creating amongst fans is disgusting.
I'm proud of this group. And I've always got hope in my heart so don't assume otherwise.
DC 23:29 ‘he’s come from another county, you need to have more understanding about everything what he went through’. To be honest, the only thing that they didn’t about laugh about was football and how I was playing football. “I think this is why people started to respect me. They were saying I was a crazy boy who was shooting at the wall and making neighbours crazy. I was crazy about football. I was living for that.” (Lovren) 
Rednet> we need to find EMPATHY for those migrants & refugeess! .. should be tearing down walls in the year 2017 not acting like neandathals..
 David Power

David Power 10:04pm Feb 7
dawn......... your wasting my time........................ ah well.......
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David Power
David Power10:05pm Feb 7
going off subject him sarah?.i didnt even notice....
Dawn Crvena
Dawn Crvena12:40pm Feb 9
wow this group should be re named "with egos u can join" I chose the subject matter,,,its YOu that go "off subject" by simply choosing to attack the messenger... which u havent really dealt with except to create some sort of elite here you have not bothered to understand what i wrote (twice, at the beginning, nor in repyl to Helen) you condesecndingly call me "my lovely" and raise yourself up to the decision maker as to whether i "deserve" to be a RED, well I suggest all the f s g cloned fan nies dont.. btw i deal with kids teams of all ages,,,and u ignore every important aspect,.,,just "cherry pick" and the anti FSG groups have been campaigning since beforev they infested our club with USA "american nightmare" .. but not surprisingly considering the "welcome" that u lot give to a new comer , they woudl stay away from condesending and sarcastic comment u must be proud of! goes for David too , if u 2 are admin, theres no "hope in your hearts" !! :p
Dawn Crvena
Dawn Crvena12:41pm Feb 9
David Power if sarciasm is the lowest form of wit,, you have mastered that depth! congrats!
Dawn Crvena
Dawn Crvena12:41pm Feb 9
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner1:18pm Feb 9
I'm not being condescending but if the cap fits I'm proud to wear it. You are the one who keeps wandering of subject. You criticised the use of technology however I bet you aren't typing this out on a commodore 64, I don't agree with the whole FSG OUT. It's ridiculous. How many arsenal fans do you see organising groups considering their trophy drought? Where were you in Nov/Dec when we were winning? Literally points off top four spot and this implosion that these groups are creating amongst fans is disgusting. I'm proud of this group. And I've always got hope in my heart so don't assume otherwise.
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Original Post
Dawn Crvena
Dawn Crvena10:31pm Feb 5
like many supporters , who wait for the next game, i hoped that Lfc would get a result at Hull...I am NOT a "Kloppite" but no one should talk about sacking Juergen, it exactly the problem at Lfc,, poor boardroom decisions and too MANY changes in the last 10 years.. you can build a strong structure when the management in the office have a different direction than the people who care.. the true supporters who would go through wind and rain,... not the banal, the f s g clones and middle to business class ticket holders who are mere spectators.. TWENTY-TWO shots and FIFTEEN corners, our friends at "REDnet" stated before that players must learn to "shoot on site/sight" ...

80 % accurate passing , & i cant believe that idiot kritian walsh at the echo blanmed Lucas for the Mignolet flap... we have too many many good people leave Lfc ' Rafa, Pepe, Stevie (thankfully back) Kenney sacked then brought back.. Masch, Torres, Suarez,, (alonso) and even Sterling.. it needed stavalising , but , also needed 1 or 2 top players if they were avalalable, perhaps they are not, but too much damage has been done,

and I feel a weird negative karma with the wrong sort of immoral "sponsors" "betvictor" and corrupted Standard chartered and of course Henry and his billionaire buddies of George Bush & co..thats poison to a club buult on social values...

we seem to be cursed with a "deja vu" of getting closer to the title and each time ....? I haven't given up, but it just angers me also how the fans are willing to settle , after 10 years of almost nothing, for a champions league qualification!!!!

i AM glad thats fans are protesting against the "infestation" by the NESV group of the USA and the poison they caused since 10 years (G & H are the same people..) no one "saved" us, administration would have cost points that thei man WOY cost us anyway..

I feel a little bit sorry for Juergen, , but only a little, I think hes a nice guy, but he is paid well for the privilege of being at our club (or what WAS our club) i dislike the fickle fans who were full hype pre xmas,. then stick knives in him now...

we, in this group at least have been consistent , criticized him, some of selections and late subs, but credited him for some entertaining footy .and never booed and always supported the team out there,..

.. we here discuss this a lot, and talk about tactics and formations for our friends youth team games and the r new girls league etc.. *AeFaN" ) and compare with Lfc. etc

Managing human beings EFFECTIVELY (and fairly) is an art form , requiring many skills and an inborn ability and underestimated.. Rafa , Souness & Houlier all went into hospital during their time.. and who can deny the pressure that Kenny had to carry for the 96??? , on and off the field... hodgson was never here, Rodgers was never there.. but we think JK wants to do more, I wonder if he realized that THIS is the toughest job in football... forget the mancs or Madrid or Barca...

give Juergen and the players support because thats ALL we can do, and face monday with a smile.. a s hard as that may be,,,

there are people dying in war and kids drowning on their way to a "better life" denied by UK /EU /USA politics and the idiots that vote for the,,.. so get perspective people.. and dont give up...!
"Leon"  splendid film,,,, great lyrics & music from Sting...and a theme that has many connections for me..
test in advance of "Ball Can REDnet tv channel"
 & so rare on this planet..

170122 its a weird planet. on 2 different channels , one interviewing a young man who lost his leg and hand in the syrian war and on another some one banging on about fashion accessories of some "fast food celebrity"
if you dont like the BS, IMPROVE the world you live in and stop "watching" the sheeple destroy it......!
as the award-winning reporter John Pilger stated recently "There are no proper reporters in the mainstream now", they just echo rumour and sponsored propaganda...
(this is about the ONLY time i agree with der Drump, that CNN is FAKE!)

.............the echo is just that = an "echo" 2nd hand news,
the footy "journos" are just fans with no particular original thought process
 and the mainscream reporting , is stale..


  1. i was there in the main stand , and some fecking stward wanted me to sit down, as I was urging everyone around me to "stand up for the 96!" they did , and he p&ssed off!

  2. "JP" almost live from "Lp" (the "pool of life"

  3. long overdue praise for LUCAS!

    theres a better story from that time
    (,by CRS)
    " stayed in an apartment on nearby island, aegina, where i had booked a weeks holiday around the final (and my birthday_ by chance in december when we qualified from the group) which had a daily hydrofoil from other side of the island, but a decent sized ferry boat from our port to Athens tuesday and thursdays,
    , there was about a thousand of us in the place (i didnt know any of the Reds that turned up there!) we had a party every night , before and after, and wenty to talk tot he ferry capt and agreed a deal for a "special" on the day of the final .. great! we took bevvies on board and decked the ferry out with flags and banners and partied on the top deck on the hour s ride into Athens port, family didnt have a ready made banner so found a big whre bed sheet and painted on in big red letters well when they lifted the sheet up, there imprinted on the floor of the apartment, permanentsly was .... "Kaka= Malaka" .... (dont need greek to understand that!) ,,,
    I will never forget the ferry, (being shadowed by a military boat) the party on board, and coming into Athens port and the local people coming out on to the quay and aplauding us like a liberating Red army,
    there were something like 50k fans around the final half without tickets, we stayed out all night whilst milan fans went off home...supporting the REds away in euro was always more than the game... "


    ChriScLOGFebruary 8, 2017 at 12:12 PM contradictions & spin,.. Broughton : " iI think there was a discussion,......I think we look legal advice" ..etc ... they are all in the fake biz club,.. "scorpions in a bucket" is the phrase that comes to mind. when I Look at all the " players" in this article.. 10 years of the USA corporates involvement in Lfc = net less than 20 million a year on players and shipped out the best, one 2nd class trophy in 10 seasons, and so much propaganda that it could be renamed Lying fc ... no wonder theres no luck on the field , so much negative karma they brought(on) !

    many misguided Lfc fans say "wish we had a billionaire owner, ",,,,,???? **(FSG)