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Saturday, July 16, 2016

JOIN YOUR PROTEST - for the KIDS sake! join Alternative European Football Association Network (AeFAN)

the MNE state FA asks each player from 6 years old to 18 to pay 50e just to register ! its a blackmail by monopoly and time for ..PROTEST , and this is a VIOLATION of the council of Europe articles that CRNA GORA is obliged to obey (the AVERAGE income is only 300 euros PER MONTH) that fee is almost a weekly income for their parents! thats like demanding hundreds of pounds from a British unemployed or working class parent to register a child, thats BEFORE any subscriptions , kit or other costs...(excuse is "UEFA rules, ironic as UEFA is as we all  know, a  CORRUPT org,)

Christopher Richard Smith
INaTEAM; Play Beautiful football in the Wild
8 July at 19:10

Please ADD your name to this PROTEST.....
WE MUST make it possible for ALL kids (not just rich) to play Football

Open Letter

Predrag Boskovic - Minister of Education (& Sport)

I manage/sponsor a local youth football team.
which has caused me to challenge the "status quo" of sport & society in Montenegro.

Why have the state cut back on sports education and facilties?

Is it because the government have handed the control over to commercial interests?

My team was initiated In the region between Danilovgrad and Podgorica, due to low income families without financial status unable to pay for football club participation.
despite the massive income the state receives from EU grants, UN and now selling out to NATO.
(the irony is incredible considering MNE have no obvious "enemy threat" (so is a decision based on financial benefit?)

In spite of this private initiative, I am struggling to find out how my team may join a youth league.
(information is vague, even amongst local football coaches and ex- national players)
this makes player recruitment and planning almost impossible.

During my time, based in Montenegro, I have encouraged hundreds of visitors, and, for example, visited Skada lake.
I noted each visitor MUST pay e4 per visit, however at NO time have I seen anyone "caring" for the lake or environs.
The exception was when, for the first time, a police boat stopped us to check our visitors had their tickets!!!

Its a similar situation in Durmitor, the only expenditure I have seen was the kiosk built solely for ticket money collection.

So where does all this money go?
Millions of euros, is not on sports facilities that would benefit ordinary children!
The state of football in MNE, who challenged England not so lng ago, is in decline.

The beautiful game, is the easiest in which to engage young people.
The former Yugoslavia had a proud footballing history and culture, which , it seems politicians
and business people are content to let decay and decline.

I will oppose this. For the childrens sake, I will give my energy and abilties for the Good.
In these days of youthful waste, we strive to make a positive step, because society is in danger,
when kids sit in front of video screens, or join street gangs, or take drugs or become criminal,
or worse. You have the choice. to join our initiative, , or feed social decline.

Football is still the best way to keep ordinary kids positively engaged and teaches community skills.
(if the influences are good).

Therefore, my challenge is to you, are you willing to do good for the people, or yourself?

F & U Mission


join us & our protest against local FA , in the Balkans
& at UEFA





  4. apart from contradictive articles... JK may have a fit squad but also 9 draws that may have been wins if a stronger selection had been made,...?

    its similar to the infestors policy , make more cash and financial deals rather than invest into having the strongest players (i.e. not selling Phil mid season?) ...

    idiots @ echo: (Citeh in 2nd? anyone told them ?/ "Liverpool are in third place on 57 points, two behind second-placed Manchester City and four ahead of Chelsea in fifth."

    yeah well..... i still feel it was major error to let Phil be sold , Studge go out to WBA, rather have him as possible impact player from bench & Grujic... especially as Jk said before Xmas that NO one would go in January..


    btw did JK ever give this lad a run out??? (20 mil FSG ..?)

    Lfc at Home to Rafas geordies saturday... and although Lfc need 3 points to aim for the top, I dont want anything more than that, a win, just is good enough , because when Rafa is at Anfield with Newcastle it reminds of when Kenny used to visit with Blackburn,, mixed emotions...very much split for my favourite manager of modern times! btw , Rafa wins trophies, Juergen hasnt ..yet!