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Friday, April 6, 2012

a LONG GOOD FRIDAY : TRUE REdS v "fannies" & "THEM"

"NOW to be an Alien" (the story of ChriS SMITH)

Is to some extent influenced by the late George Mike's humorous "How to be an Alien" updated, with a blend of My experiences of being mostly "abroad" since my teenage years, some social comment, extracts from my blog articles & diaries, and a smile here & there , and the changes in "the world order" 

being an "Alien" for most of my life...

"different at school...bunking it...working in London at the age of 16, married @ 19, divorced at 21, already travelling around Europe, forming a Union, wizz-kid - this "fella" became a "fellow of the Institute, becoming a "millionaire" in the wine trade before 30 years old, the business divorce & high court conficts, Jacqui the Good Wife, (who is Anton Pillar? //up the morava in-junction..) the "foreign affairs", the high flyer, the rise & fall & rise & fall &..betrayals..the eastern wall coming down, the KGB, the Mafia the CiA ...the coma, networking Global RedS, dropping out..being "Alter-Native" FREE(town) pIRATES radio/multi-media & the fight v "germoney" (Adam dying & the theft of Leon & Noela's kidnap)..forming the "human shields" (the Istanbul moment in Colditz) ...losing all & and landing in Monty..and ...Balkan REdS events & trips with the lads & lasses from x-Ugo!

TRUE REdS v "fannies" & "THEM" 

TRUE REdS v “fannies”

Never give IN ...fight & argue, sUPPORT & believe in y-ourselves!

Today the mother of my little girl (Noela) has a birthday, I have not experienced that since 10 years when the same mother abducted our daughter & "did a runner" she told me I would never see my daughter again, i have , even if it was only for minutes... I have EVERY reason to give UP on my child one of TWO estranged children still alive somewhere else on this wicked yet sometimes beautiful planet, I was married young and my SON (Adam) from that marriage died indirectly from drugs whilst in the “care” of the english  state... my parents both died in “care” of the state, whilst i was “abroad” ...all three suspisciously negligent... my sister & my 2nd wife (the beautiful Jacqui) died young from cancer.. I am a SOUL survivor. SOUL? because I believe in the SOUL and the SPIRIT that can turn around everything ..

I go on, when at times my body told me to give up, when i was in the midst of a conflict with the german authorities (not least caused by the abductions of my children & other violations of humanity in “germoney” ...) and recently when I broke my ankle and couldnt play footy or dance and was at home during a winter “state of emergency” and completely alone..apart from my love ; LIVERPOOL fc ..its more than anything about what is not on the field..Reade talks of the 43 years with the same (Liver) bird..he dont know the half of it.. he like most people has a community, family & I only have my beliefs ...but they are strong..

Shanks wrote in his book about being fed up with having to “fight & argue” with people INSIDE our club to get what he needed ...probably the reason he retired, and many of those people were GUILTY of treating him without the full credit & respect he deserved, which as usual the people gave him AFTER he died!

His spirit (and not a “UNION’s motto”) is true to me..

and I would rather see our club wond up and stopped than it be further INFECTED by the disease that the USA has spread throughout the world - now there are generations who only know the creed of  “amercian fascist-commecialsm” - my fathers generation sacrificed their lives against an obvious FASCIST menace - yet the so-called “democratic america ‘s new world order” has eroded even the tenuous application of human rights - “free world” ? dont kid yourself, we live in a society where “democratic” policemen “eliminate” enemies and their “agents” discredit and deny and distract any ONE who DARES to question the monster “TITanic of modern capitalism..

and these monster's diseases crept into MY love OUR club is infected, and still infected, even Kenny tries to sanction them, he is too kind! (they will stick a knife in his back too IF we let them!)

Good article, I distance myself from the "fannies" who are not only OOT's or "tourists" but (some) locals who should know better, We must retain Shanks ' s UNIQUE philosophy the LIVERPOOL way & retain our "HOLY TRINITY" ;  support each other, Kenny, The Team & our SUPPORTers, from wherever. THROUGH WIND & RAIN, .some of those whinging "fans" cant really moan about players, when they sit like a theatre audience at Anfield waiting to be "entertained" ....we have to get back to "total SUpport, total belief and total football" ..and kick out anyone who isnt 100% behind us, whether they be fan (if i could, i'd remove season ticket privaledges to thsoe who leave early!) or player or member of staff, I dont like FSG for reasons I've stated elsewhere, but, they could at least offer 50% shares to SUPPORTers to fund any stadium improvment (without f***ing sponsorship that discredits our traditions) SUPPORT the team and aim for the top, lets get our pride back on & off the pitch and tell the moaners to go to goodison or follow the mancs if they want a "money club"  

p.s. I feel , whilst it is a highly emotional issue at this time of the year , a review of a "safe standing area" (similar to the german system) on the KOP could also solve capacity & atmosphere problems..I dont want to go to a BIGGER stadium full of "armchair fannies" !

@empireofthekop they know FA about LFC or footy, what would they do with a report, idiots!! WE need to demand FSG offer shares to SUPPORTERS
 In reply to Empire of the Kop

@empireofthekop @kennethdalglish Aldo is a pain in the a*se=dont need ex-players acting like "drama - queens",grow up Aldo & stop bitching!

food for reflection on the choices you make...

what is a friend?

someone who stays close through good times and bad...who talks & listens , who understand yet "challenges" my opinions but who would stand by me when I am in conflict, who is open to me, and i am open to them, someone I support and who would support me, someone who truly “CARES “ :) & for u?

ChriS>about Pepe. frustrated? sure that a big man like Newcastles Perch goes down like a big girl without being hardly touched, and his team being denied (again) a penalty , when the REF DONT see a blatant hadnball, but the week before DOES see handball when its Luis scoring???? amazing ?  FA bias?  happens every week to us...EVERY week!

Dear Emma,
Those of us who have had long time "dealings" in or with the  system KNOW that they already DO check through y-our emails, (including THIS one folks!!) the main problem is the apathy of the masses who have allowed themselves to be "dumbed down" ...

Original Message:
From: Emma Ruby Sachs -
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 17:35:33 -0400
Subject: Save the Internet from the US

Dear friends,

Right now, the US Congress is sneaking in a new law that gives them big brother spy powers over the entire web -- and they're hoping the world won't notice. We helped stop their Net attack last time, let's do it again.

Over 100 Members of Congress are backing a bill (CISPA) that would give private companies and the US government the right to spy on any of us at any time for as long as they want without a warrant. This is the third time the US Congress has tried to attack our Internet freedom. But we helped beat SOPA, and PIPA -- and now we can beat this new Big Brother law. 

Our global outcry has played a leading role in protecting the Internet from governments eager to monitor and control what we do online. Let's stand together once again -- and beat this law for good. Sign the petition then forward to everyone who uses the Internet:

Under the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), if a cyber threat is even suspected, companies we use to access the Internet will have the right to collect information on our activities, share that with the government, refuse to notify us that we are being watched and then use a blanket immunity clause to protect themselves from being sued for violation of privacy or any other illegal action. It's a crazy destruction of the privacy we all rely on in our everyday emails, Skype chats, web searches and more. 

But we know that the US Congress is afraid of the world's response. This is the third time they have tried to rebrand their attempt to attack our Internet freedom and push it through under the radar, each time changing the law's name and hoping citizens would be asleep at the wheel. Already, Internet rights groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation have condemned the bill for its interference with basic privacy rights -- now it's time for us to speak out. 

Sign the petition to Congress opposing CISPA. When we reach 250,000 signers our call will be delivered to each of the 100 US Representatives backing the bill:

Internet freedom faces threats everyday from governments around the world -- but the US is best placed to attack the rights of Internet users because so much of the Net's infrastructure is located there. Our movement has, time and time again, proven that global public opinion can help beat back US threats to our Net. Let's do it again.

With hope,

Emma, Rewan, Ricken, Antonia, Lisa, Morgan, Mia, Pascal and the entire Avaaz team  

More information 

Move over SOPA & PIPA: Here comes CISPA — Internet censorship (Digital Journal)

CISPA: Congressional plan to censor Internet concerns critics (Examiner) 

Good freedom, bad freedom: Irony of cybersecurity (RT) 

Internet SOPA/PIPA Revolt: Don’t Declare Victory Yet (Wired) 

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Thatcher? (before shaving) ;)
Tony Benn -- The issue is Thatcher

Tony Benn talks about Thatcherism and the rotten philosophies of the Tory government in the 1980s. Clip from Benn's 'Speaking up in Parliament' video, availa...

REdNeT > again & again, the human races goes wrong, in 2012 the "idiocracy" is more advanced than technology, young people actually spending their best years studying rubbish to qualify for jobs that dont exist!

SUPPORT & believe?


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    Our TRUE REdS Supporters Know more about Rafa & Kenny and "Shanks" ' Liverpool way" ..than the people "LfcTV & this website

    I have only disgreed (publicly) with KING Kenny twice in the last 18months.. a) Acquliani should have been kept (especially because of Stevies long injury problems this last year or so..) and b) KD reckons hodgson will get a "warm reception" @ Anfield ..only if "bonfire night" comes early this year? ha ha ..

    but Kenny's right about this.. ..there MUST be a place - whilst retaining Kenny as Manager for Rafa at the club he loves , this man being out of footy is a waste of genius & a loss to OUR club!

    and (for Frank c? & Marie B's attention...) ;)
    did u hear that J. Henry got on a flight to Lp this week?,& went to academy yesterday, anything to do with y-our comments maybe,(facebook) ,on Lfctv last night matt made a discrete comment ; "that shows his commitment to Lfc" ? ha! ...we got them rattled...title it "PR rescue by John W" ? LMAO !!! ...what BS!

    get FSG out of OUR club...they wont bring back Rafa, and they only chose Kenny when 10,000 of us didnt show @Anfield. moneyBallS = 200 million (+credit at bank against Anfield/melwood) for a customer base of several million and a global entity with a billion...Lfc directors cheated Supporters out of ownership. its OUR club, if EVER supporters deserved to own their club it is LFC because WE are LIVERPOOL..
    p.s. it was Purslow/Hodgson who got rid of youngsters last season (Dalla Valle) so for once be a journo that tells it loke it WAS/IS! ??

    I am constantly amazed at the naive "fannies" who swallow the BS of the inept & mis-guided media & the "agenda" of our enemies, any one who doubts there is BIAS against the people of Liverpool must be blind to the history of the last 40 years .... but there are seemingly many blind /deaf and particularly DUMB sky-washed "fannies" out there!

  2. Disgrace FU the FA!!

  3. UK govt and the FA are prime examples of english anti-social political discrimination since the first days of Thatcher until now