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Thursday, May 31, 2012

12531 .."its footy lads, but NOT as WE know it"

REdNet 12531                 

.."its footy lads, 

but NOT as WE know it"

LFC,(Liverpool FOOTBALL club) and the 20 years of slow death of football -

(LFC) Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited is a company
registered in England and Wales with the following details: 
Company Number: 35668 VAT 
Registration No: 325 1957 56 
Registered Office: Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH. 
Trading Office: Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH

....ITS "footy" - but NOT as WE know it...

 "its life , Jim , but not as we know it" .. the famous line by "Mr. Spock" in the original classic "Star Trek" series when discovering life on another planet, seems to be appropriate when considering the status of the World's "beautiful game" ..... FOOTBALL...

only "they" now call it "soccer".

why do the yankers call it "soccer" because the game they copied from Rugby, which involved running with the ball in the HANDS of the player, they call "American football"

after decades of disinterest the yankers, and their corporate sponsored mafia decided that OUR game, that the rest of the world's male youth grew up with is ripe for plunder.. and they are ripping the heart & soul from it...

who are "they" ???

The same ones..

* That poluted the world with fossil fuel whilst denying all other alternatives
* Who go to war, IF they are attacked or there is money to be made..
* who claim "God Bless America" whilst wiping out any culture that dares not to honour their "Money-God"

in 2007 ...they infected us.

The Moores family were accepted "custodians" of our club... who manage the football team we call "LIVERPOOL"  and as they showed themselves to be "one of us" few questioned their role, almost like modern royalty in some states, no real power, sort of figureheads who go to the functions, and dont do much else of worth.

but, a FRaUD was committed, whilst we were recovering from a party in Athens, as we, yet again got to the European Champions cup final.. (7th time?) Moores got paid off by a couple of yankers, including friends of George. W. Bush. You know one of a line of corrupt presidents who went to war with his poodlle PM B-liar, to find WMD, that didnt exist, and the quarter of a million civilians killed since that illegal invasion of Baghdad, are just "collatoral damage"  so who should care about the destruction of a "mere football club called Liverpool"..?

YOU should!!!!!!

POWER & politics

Alongside "multi-media"   Football is THE major influence on the disposable income of most of the world's people. for males, it is likely to be the most popular past-time, whether playing, watching or on computer simulated games..

the first pair of fraudsters ; Gillet & Hicks(G & H) saw a chance, and withOUT using their own money, grabbed the "holding" from Moores and made some failrly transparent guffs in describing what they would do with "the soccer franchise"   
I mostly blame our own people, especially Ayres & others on the board of Lfc AND the Supporters Unions & all our loyal fans for alllowing this BLATANT theft to go on..

WE, together with Mr. Bill Shankly, built the club from a lower division into a GLOBAL Entity.. 

The players came & went, but the TRUE Shankle Spirit & TRUE REd Supporters, stayed on

...Players caught our infectious enthusiasm and some, who looked ordinary elsewhere, rose above their talent into becoming "legend" thanks to our voices, our support, because WE are Liverpool

I recommend those who dont know to watch "the potemkin league (link)" to understand our socialist origins which to an extent have remained amongst Liverpool people, at home or abroad (ex pats formed the basis of our global power)  ...

The buying & selling Power, once claimed by G & H to be worth a billion dollars, is IMO, under-estimated, we, collectively are a massive group, with more common identity than the population of most nations. 

Do you think G & H may have been "pushed" along to infest this bastion of socialist mentality?

...when considering the lengths that The C1A & their various nefarious co-operators have gone to, provoking insurrection, and funding fascist dictatorships to kill off socialist societies around the world, even defeating the massive (but mostly non-socialist) Soviet Union along the way, so that commercial & capitalism can dominate the minds & pockets of the world's population..????

Isnt it too much of a co-incidence that Messrs John (W) Henry & Tom (media) Werner, just happened to be introduced to Lfc at a time when G & H were being kicked out, that NO other "worthy" buyer was found even though a "Chelski Chairman" & a "money broker" called Purslow were pushed upon us to simply find new investors..

That attempts by DiC, S.O.S/SLFC  and other supporter/fan-based initiatives & proposals were not even 'courted" by the unusually structured "Lfc board" (bored?) ...

it's Y-OUR CLUB...

The Symbol on EVERY item of product, marketed by Henry-Werner (H-W) via FSG/NESV "public relations" and the slogans, the songs, and the atmosphere belongs to OUR Supporters, WE are famous world-wide, even people who arent fans of football, tell me they know "the Liverpool hymn" (You'll Never Walk Alone = Y.N.W.A.  )  The commercial department & Lfc shops sell t-shirts with Y.N.W.A on,  I am one of many who use this initialled version as a way to "sign off" messages! ("Y.N.W.A.") ...

Our Liverpool community, & the Liverpool people OWN the "LiverBird"

OUR Support & our money, through tickets, products, online sales & media or  club events etc - I alone could have funded 2 houses, at least, from the money I spent since 40 years of supporting the Liverpool team, and I am not exceptional, in that!

The Unique combination of music & football, with our unique brand of humour (seen in inventive scarves, flags & banners that WE invent) identify our club, OUR team OUR Supporters, WE are LIVERPOOL,

Therefore I claim on behalf of our global supporters that any financial transaction or documents that 'claim" to transfer ownership of this ESSENCE of our REd SOUL is a FRAUD

..and legally we are entitled to REGAIN & retain ownership of all aspects of it...LFC belongs to US..


I am an official "member" but, cant get on my own clubs forum most of the time because I am hyper-critical of their rip - off of the one consistent passion of MY LIFE, a hobby, and perhaps almost a religion or in my case, a spiritual belief that has been VIOLATED by "them" ! 

Members of our associated supporters club network (a significant percentage of the several MILLION "fans" registered on the Net.) have been blocked from voicing opposition to the gradual erosion of our core values, the abuse of our legends & heroes and the EXPLOITATION OF OUR "LIVER bird" ...

IF they dont like it, they ban you

I proposed to H _W that they should offer shares up to 50% to Global RedS Supporters @ say 50e each, one vote one share, but with further investment darwing a "dividend"  a sort of co-operative enterprise partnership, to protect our future, it was not only ignored, it led to me being blocked despite SIXTEEN recorded complaints, I was treated as if it was high treason to question their motives..

A recent sale of new shirts, generating advance income, whilst blocking supporters critical of their insulting dismissal of Kenny Dalgligh, our greatest Legend after Shankly..and ignoring the supporters choice of manager (Rafa Benitez, who was forced out by the previous yankers; G & H)  shows their "listenign to the fans" onyl means they will cater to responses that fit their own COMMERCIAL agenda.  H-W know less than an average fan yet make decisions that hurt the legends WE admire.

No doubt THIS article will be banned too..

(date 2012,May ,31  its 06hrs here , seems the only time I can get "online".... (the fannie-Cops must be sleeping...) ;)
I just posted on my "open letter " blog.. 


(My main claim, has been received by Lfc, and is on its way to Boston (via someone else who has "problems" with H-W) I have copied the main claims to "legal experts" who can support me to initiating injunction.. IMO, we have to stop the rot, or say goodbye to whatever our club used to be..
The "customer experience team" @ Lfc have "answered" the latest additional complaint.. #120529-000013

...we tried to change my (estranged) son Leon's junior membership to "international" as he is soon to be 16, and my son asked for the new home shirt as an early birthday present.. we tried to get on line to do both since almost 2 weeks......OTHER (Balkan based) members have NOT received member packs PAID for several months ago! (despite "recorded complaints")

Take into account the OTHER 15 items of RECORDED complaints... the "banning" of critical blogs, insulting removal of Kenny & others, who might DARE to question "them" and.... the rest of the H-W "policies" and its not difficult to see why there is a full scale rebellion, worldwide against "the owners" & their fan(ie)s ...

 There are some "rants" involved, but I hope u can identify what "counts"

A call to TRUE REdS SUPPORTers

I find it ridiculous that anyone can take them (FSG/NESV) seriously ...recall they only kicked out hodgson when 10,000 did NOT turn up @ Anfield.. why do any Lfc fans expect intelligent " football nouse" from them, you may as well pick a sunday team manager to coach a team in the champions league ... they know less than that =sweet FA about footy.. their decisions are effected by "fans" (and when every a**hole has access to fans groups etc ?) who are mostly sky-washed or repeat the "pundits" and explayers , many of whom have their own agenda..

we lost Rafa because the media & "fannies" wanted him out... TRUE REdS SUPPORTers need to come out and send the yankers a clear signal this is OUR CLUB.. and we support Dalglish..  p.s. although I wish we could find a role @ Lfc for Rafa - its a waste to lose his genius.. surely ?

Read More

People have short memories and fail to understand or identify the MASSIVE damage done to our club following Moores (fraudulent) "sale" to G & H ..
Purslow was appointed by former joint owners Tom Hicks and George Gillette in June 2009 with a brief of finding new owners, and left his post shortly after Fenway completed their takeover in October 2010. he didnt, he used the broker that brought in G & H to "find" NESV ..and the novices Henry-Werner..who stated only 2 months ago that Kenny has been "unbelievably fantastic"////..

The media dont like us, the media dont like Kenny, who (rightly) puts them down...
Most "fannies" dont like me, either, I  dont care, because I dont need them, and I am not 'employed" by lfc or any other group or corporation, I dont have to answer to "sponsors" or any other political, religious group or other institution...

...If someone respects me , they will get a decent and fair exchange of opinion...whether its mine o any other REdS , dont attack the "mess-ANGER" deal with the content, "presentation" is irrelevant , deal with message...and, whilst I am in the mood, to ask you to state what YOU have done for OUR club this year, have you been the "best you can be" ? are you willing to invest say 50 quid to protect our club from sale to some other yankers down the road...?

Sure, we are not a team where we  need to be, but look at the succesful Lfc teams of the past, and the current teams, consistently at the top...keep your dignity, keep faith and BE a TRUE REd Supporter..

sure everyone has favourites, but before you "dish" a player or disrespect our manager think HOW you should respond.. would you say those things to the man, if you were face to face? (not hidden in a crowd, or behind a key board) .????  I can, hand on heart! ,  
ONE reason that Our club got disgraced in the 80's because the wrong people attached themselves to us, its happened in the last few years again./..
dont let it..

Whether they are "owners" Directors or "fannies" dont let them destroy what makes our club special : Shanks' s LIverpool way ; YNWA is not just a "football hymn"  it a way to deal with life !


To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern"

formal claim according to international (natural) law.

PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supportes & myself by ignoring our valid concerns ;

The claim shall be sent to the registered office of Lfc and to FSG/NESV in the USA,  I require the NAME of the "in house solicitor" or legal firm representing the corporate body.

"I have observed and experienced the loss of my blood family, through inhuman violations, & atrocities through deterioration in humanity & lack of social justice in my home community, country and worldwide, due to the unethical "New World Order" and its monetary greed & military bullies. 

I wont allow it to destroy the best aspects of Liverpool Football club & that which we called our "Holy trinity"

From the time Shanks resigned, through S. Cohen falsely represented international suopporters, the LiverBird in BLUE on our players shirts, through  to the absence of Henry-Werner at the Hillsboorough memorial I have seen the negative effect over the Years on OUR club, 

WE intend to take it back. The Liverbird is OUR symbol, we shall fight to protect our unique image from those who would make us a pure "commercial" entity. You underestimate us, again." WE are the club , we are LIVERPOOL

If you ignore this last request, the claim shall be made public.



Fenway Sports Group, (previously New England Sports Ventures) ;
All & any companies, firms &/or corporate bodies & individuals 
presenting themselves or acting as representatives or officials or
trading in the name of

"LIVERPOOL Football Club or Liverpool F.C or FC Liverpool" (hereafter known as "LFC")

including their Directors, Managers, consultants, officers, and Bankers
and any other relevant individual therafter identiified by the court hearing this claim


That various forms of fraud have been committed, and evidence shall be produced of;

- Discrimination, bigotry & prejudice against individuals and/or groups.
- Mis-use of funds provided by the Plaintiffs.
- Fiduciary anomalies & false trading.
- Corporate misconduct & violation of international (natural or "common" law.
- Conspiracy to defraud members of "LFC" & the people of Liverpool.

Plaintiffs statement

We, the Members & Supporters body, within the several million "known" fans of "Liverpool Football Team"  commonly identified as "Lfc" who wear the legendary "Liver Bird" Symbol of the LIVERPOOL community, join with the people of Liverpool. The community & people of Liverpool, and all those who associate with what once was called the "holy trinity" seek an injunction to stop the damages done by the above to the "entity" affecting our daily lives. For obvious reasons we shall not list the names of the people damaged, not least for pragmatic reasons and also due to bias & violations against members who have dared to oppose the guilty parties until now. Those damaged persons shall be know at the time of a FAIR & IMPARTIAL international law court hearing.

The recent dismissal of our "hero" Kenneth Dalglish ; a man who is more than legend to millions Worldwide, & your ignorance of our support for Rafa Benitez is disgraceful evidence of your LATEST show of contempt of our local & "global True REd Supporters" & members of LIVERPOOL football club, The community of Liverpool, who own the "LiverBird symbol"  claim that the Companies trading in the name of this Club owes the people of Liverpool & our supporters in excess of a potential global value exceeding a billion euros!  

WE believe the sale from Moores to Gillet & Hicks and then to N.E.S.V. was based on a fraud. The corrupt earnings "used" by F.S.G. to obtain "ownership" of what rightly belongs to us must be confiscated by police acting on behalf of the community, local & global. Our members & supporters must be protected from the blight you bring on "the beautiful game" which you shame by your involvement in OUR club and which damages the honour, present & future of the football players & teams which are called "Liverpool"

for the people
Tripa Kokolja 15
81000 Podgorica,


1. The list of complaints (which INCLUDES THE NAMES of certain "affected members" had you BOTHERED to read through them, as you claim) are:
- Card numbers ; 000010612352  (previously ; 10369748 & > M99999 whose HISTORY was NEVER transferred as YOU once promised) 10660884, 
10661248 &  000010661251 

- Files/References

Lfc Reference Numbers : 



token replies do not compensate, at all, for the ignorance to the plight of our members stated to IAN AYRES, your office colleagues & to K. Gill ("committee chairman") & the "attitude" of those employed by Lfc!

The quite pathetic response also IGNORES a LIST of complaints (AND CONSTRUCTIVE observations & advices offered ) sent to K. Gill ("committee chairman") and so-called "international representatives" of the "committee" (I have deliberately excluded the word "Supporter" because it in no way represents the core SUPPORT that I again remind you, BUILT this club. In monetary terms alone could have paid for 2 houses with the fundsI have "invested" in supporting the Liverpool Team over the years, which is nothing compared to the emotional stress. Whilst writing I contest the validity of the "committee" and have severe doubts about the intentions behind behind appointing this "committee"  & the reasons a figurehead such as K. Gill was chosen to chair it.

The extremely serious Failures of the board & FSG such as;

- Henry-Werner /Ayres weak support of K. Dalglish & L.Suarez
- Their ABSENCE at the Hillsborough memorial
- The questionable dealings at the time of removal of G & H, and shortly after.

Shows a continued lack of commitment to the Spirit & Cuture of our Supporters.

The Dubious role of Ian Ayres;
- During the Luis Suarez affair
- The false (& forced) removal of Rafa Benitez
- During the appointment of C. Purslow, R. Hodgson & others who have damaged our club ; on & off the field!

Contain clear indications that Messrs. Henry, Werner & Ayres are UNFIT to be officers or custodians of our GREAT Club.

CONCLUSION "without prejudice"

I do not hold the opinion that your "apology" is sincere, or qualified by the actions (or lack) of those who claim "custody" of Liverpool Football club, therefore;

A FORMAL Plaint on behalf of LIVERPOOL Football Supporters, Worldwide, shall be delivered to the registered office of the club following the end of season 2011/2012 which may lead to an INJUNCTION against FSG & its officers, with the intent to REMOVE them from OUR club, and a "class action" against NESV may simultaneously be served in the USA. Due to the protocolls of the ECHR (Strasbourg) namely article 13, and in accord with the UN declaration the aspects of discrimination against our members from the Balkan regions of the former Yugoslavian states, requires any complaint to be made firstly against the United Kingdom government, citing the FCO & the officers I have previously named responsible therein.


Christopher R. Smith F. Inst D.
(U.R.S.U.N. / "Balkan REdS")
Tripa Kokolja 15,
81000 Podgorica,

(note from Lfc)
"Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120425-000016
A member of our support team will get back to you soon.
If you need to update your question, click the Your Account tab and select the question to open and update it."

The "Premiereship"

The "Football League" we grew up with, was replaced by a competition dominated by Media.. games are changed to accomodate TV, no matter what discomfort that causes travelling Supporters ; 

Our Following is one of the largest in the World of sport. Even the 2011/2012 League cup final & FA ("Fu?") Cup finals, in which our team competed were manipulated without consideration of Liverpool supporters. 

"SKY TV" (and its corrupt murd(er)och association feed "armchair fans" with manipulated propaganda, which tends to favour the other major clubs. ESPN almost only show our games, if we are losing... no agenda there then, eh? ;)

an Lfc statement to launch the NEW shirt - and get CASH from our clobal supporters network THREE MONTHS before the new season states...

"The New Liverpool FC 12/13 Home Kit is like no other.
Its inspired by greatness.
Its modern tradition.
Its unapologetically Liverpool FC.
It will make you feel 7ft tall.

The New Liverpool FC 12/13 Home Kit is launched on 01.06.2012.
Pre-order now for guaranteed world-wide delivery on launch day.
Pre-order from the Liverpool FC Official Online Store to get it first and 
receive a free
t-shirt, worth up to 20 Pound, with every mens or junior shirt ordered*.

Am I surprised that they ran out of "free t-shirts"????

that deliveries are delayed

Lfc >Your Question has been Submitted
Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120529-000013
A member of our support team will get back to you soon.
If you need to update your question, click the Your Account tab and select the question to open and update it.


Recent statement by u.r.s.u.n. on the "Kop forum"
just to help the sheeple & their s-talker spokespersons who dont want to accept (or it be known) that anyone in the Lfc "office" would do anything "naz-ty" .. or attempt to discredit those who dare question motives of H-W!

attn All TRue REDS

The "mess" that H-W have continued is highlighted now and the difference between TRue REDs and "fan (ie) s "  exploited by "them" ..
I have been off line for severeal days, my estranged son's junior membership was blocked, so we tried to register him as "international; as he is 16 and Lfc treat him as "adult" anyway..

H-W want y-our cash... and DONT want your opinion unless its fits THEIR way of business...they dont want true supporters who might question their ethics they just want u to pay and shut up, oh and sing noce songs when they visit the stadium with their girlfriends or extended family & buddies

My son wanted to "test" the new (warrior) home shirt...but because I am banned (? without any explanation ?) so is he (?) and we couldnt order it, and ANYWAY (surprise , surprise) the "free t-shirt" used to PROMOTE this cash injection for the "owners" is not available - "out of stock"
call me cynical...but this is just more evidence , whether u agree with my claims or not, in the way the club is going IF you dont take it back..

"they dont care about Rafa,


Give us (back) our FOOTBALL (club)

is what WE all SING!"

additional comment by another "Rebel" :

....recent events and more indications in the H-W methods that erode the REd Spirit of our club.....

via "CrazyHorse777">

LFC legend John Barnes: "Well, (Kenny's sacking) has been a bit of a shock because I would have expected Kenny to have stayed longer but obviously the owners have taken the decision to move in a different direction and I think this decision now really needs to be for the long-term. People always talk about long-term plans but I think now we have to believe in this decision, regardless of how well or badly we do in the short-term....."

"Only the owners know (why Kenny was sacked). I can't say why they didn't think he was the right man. They obviously thought he was right for them when they gave him the role but they're new to the industry of football and they've probably been finding their way. Whether they've taken advice along the way and decided that this is now what they've got to do, I can only speculate....

CH777 >

latest blog



Jen Chang will soon join Liverpool FC as its director of corporate relations and communications.
According to's Marcus Kwesi O'Mard:...."he brings a wealth of experience in both the soccer and corporate world."

"I'm privileged to be offered the opportunity to join the communications department at LFC, a club with an unparalleled tradition and heritage," Chang said. "I've been impressed by the vision outlined by the Fenway Sports Group and am honored to be part of the process as the club moves forward."

Chang, who grew up and was educated in England, is currently the senior editor at in charge of the soccer section. He previously worked at ESPN, where he was responsible for the day-to-day operatios of's soccer section.

Prior to his media career, Chang worked in finance at investment banking and private equity firms.

LFC managing director Ian Ayre will depend on Chang to help the club communicate its message around the world.

"Jen brings a depth and range of valuable international communications experience gained over the past 15 years and we are delighted to welcome him to Liverpool," he said. "Jen will join the club's executive management team and play a key role in supporting Liverpool as we optimize the LFC brand on a global scale."

Chang will assume his new role on June 11.
Right.....that's the official guff...Here's the reality....

"Soccer". "Corporate world"..."LFC".....a menage a trois that will have Shanks spinning in his grave...

"I've been impressed by the vision outlined by the Fenway Sports Group....." - shame they haven't shared that vision with the lowly LFC fans.....or is that why they need an ex-investment bank associate to tell us what they want to do with our unique and great club....Silly us...

""I'm privileged..." - having been educated at Cambridge University and London School of Economics; before then landing lucrative jobs in investment banking and then, somewhat bizarrely, having become editor of a sports website....Yes...the description privileged would be viewed by many as being an apposite

Seriously tho, whether or not people want to hear it..and obviously with this blog having been deleted in it's first incarnation...there are some who want to stop opinions being voiced that they don't like....I'll pull no punches here - and I'll start by pointing out  it's an odd jump from investment banking into being an editor of an online sports website..then LFC comms

 On his linked in page Chang states proudly that he: "Headed deal origination for the New York office of an $800 million leveraged buyout and mezzanine financing firm..."

 LEVERAGED DEBT.....sound familiar....?

Remember what happened with LFC and leveraged debt....Hicks and Gillette...!?!? FFS.

Chang was a Goldman Sachs (Goldmine Sucks) associate for several years...."the vampire squid on the face of humanity" as Rolling Stone magazine memorably put it...

I'm sure our new communications director won't mind me "communicating" exactly what Goldman Sachs gets up to on the global stage:

By Matt Taibi...Rolling Stone magazine..
Intro paragraph:

"The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who's Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.

"By now, most of us know the major players. As George Bush's last Treasury secretary, former Goldman CEO Henry Paulson was the architect of the bailout, a suspiciously self-serving plan to funnel trillions of Your Dollars to a handful of his old friends on Wall Street..."

Read more:

  FSG are sending out a clear statement of intent with this appointment....and myself and many, many LFC fans do not like it...and are entitled to feel that way....despite attempts to smother our voices of dissent...

 The damage that these investment banks and shadow bank financial instruments do is widely reported even by otherwise "conservative" analysts...Fact.

 Appointing such a person from such a background as communications director for a club built into greatness by Shankly, an avowed socialist and man of the, for any genuine LFC fans, a very disappointing development...

I read some of Chang's "journalism" on Rafa a few years back...and in my opinion, it was little better than cub reporter material on the newspapers I used to sub......

The Capitalist ship sank a long time ago...are yr feet wet, yet?
Maybe we can expect more ....pandering to the mainstream media globalisation brand awareness culture.....transforming LFC into a soccer brand revenue stream creating monster....and with his investment banking and London School of Economics links Chang will be very keyed into the mechanical big finance ethos that fsg seems to be replacing LFC's traditional community-minded values with...Yes...those community values we are all told to believe are outmoded and anachronistic....But which, in truth...serve to remind us that money is just a means of exchange...not a means to an end....The end being profit and greed...

ChriS> "CH777" usues the word "fans" universally// ...I prefer to identify "True REdS" as SUPPORTers ..who will support the team through good & bad , and who embody the lyrics of our hymn ...whereas modern "fans"  (and in the worst aspect they become "fannies") tend to truly support 100% ..only when we win..

Gillet & Hicks were obvious frauds, much similar to their buddy G.W Bush...easy to read into them., for me, H-W are more sinister, their "P.R" more slick, they conned S.o.S , P.Tomkins & a lot of Lfc fans, who were desperate to see an end to G & H ...out of the frying pan...into the american nightmare..our great global REdS family exploited by cold blue-blooded violation of all I love ... its a serial rape...and too many are lying back and being F**ked!

stand up! dont give them your money = WE are the CLUB..

boycott the shops, stay away until Kenny & Rafa are re-instated, and H - W, their lackies and fan(ie)s purged from OUR great club... or we move to AFC Liverpool, and start all over again......???

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