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Saturday, May 12, 2012

12512 A call to TRUE REdS SUPPORTers

A call to TRUE REdS SUPPORTers   

I have wasted quite a bit of time this week, again, contesting with "fannies" who start to spread rumours of "management changes" and insult Kenny or OUR players..

as we approach the final game of the season I resent the need to defend a man, whose record on & off the field , and his integrity,  few others in or out of our club can match, or even come close! 

I find it ridiculous that anyone can take them (FSG/NESV) seriously ...recall they only kicked out hodgson when 10,000 did NOT turn up @ Anfield.. why do any Lfc fans expect intelligent " football nouse" from them, you may as well pick a sunday team manager to coach a team in the champions league ... they know less than that =sweet FA about footy.. 

their decisions are effected by "fans" (and when every a**hole has access to fans groups etc ?) who are mostly sky-washed or repeat the "pundits" and explayers , many of whom have their own agenda..

we lost Rafa because the media & "fannies" wanted him out... TRUE REdS SUPPORTers need to come out and send the yankers a clear signal this is OUR CLUB.. and we support Dalglish.. 

p.s. although I wish we could find a role @ Lfc for Rafa - its a waste to lose his genius.. surely ?

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People have short memories and fail to understand or identify the MASSIVE damage done to our club following Moores (fraudulent) "sale" to G & H ..

dont forget we allowed a "chelski chairman" & the "conman", to infect our club

... Purslow was appointed by former joint owners Tom Hicks and George Gillette in June 2009 with a brief of finding new owners, and left his post shortly after Fenway completed their takeover in October 2010. he didnt, he used the broker that brought in G & H to "find" NESV ..and the novices Henry-Werner..who stated only 2 months ago that Kenny has been "unbelievably fantastic"////..

The media dont like us, the media dont like Kenny, who (rightly) puts them down...

Most "fannies" dont like me, either, I  dont care, because I dont need them, and I am not 'employed" by lfc or any other group or corporation, I dont have to answer to "sponsors" or any other political, religious group or other institution...

...If someone respects me , they will get a decent and fair exchange of opinion...whether its mine o any other REdS , dont attack the "mess-ANGER" deal with the content, "presentation" is irrelevant , deal with the message...

and, whilst I am in the mood, to ask you to state what YOU have done for OUR club this year, have you been the "best you can be" ? are you willing to invest say 50 quid to protect our club from sale to some other yankers down the road...?

Sure, we are not a team where we  need to be, but look at the succesful Lfc teams of the past, and the current teams, consistently at the top...keep your dignity, keep faith and BE a TRUE REd Supporter..

sure everyone has favourites, but before you "dish" a player or disrespect our manager think HOW you should respond.. would you say those things to the man, if you were face to face? (not hidden in a crowd, or behind a key board) .????  I can, hand on heart! ,  

ONE reason that Our club got disgraced in the 80's because the wrong people attached themselves to us, its happened in the last few years again./..dont let it..
Whether they are "owners" Directors or "fannies" dont let them destroy what makes our club special : Shanks' s LIverpool way ; YNWA is not just a "football hymn"  it a way to deal with life !


posted on a FB group, (that I have also left!)

Chris  Ursun > 
‎"lets bring the atmosphere back to Anfield" 

- just checking the name of the group? so do the ppl here think posting any rumour (especially rumours that potentially "hurt us" ) makes for a positive or a negative "atmosphere" ? hope this group doesnt go the way of so many others.... just another place for posting any old sh*te!???

Jenna > Chris football is about dicussion this group is well and truly fine thanks.....

Chris  Ursun > this group has a theme? didnt u notice? or is also BS! ?

Jenna Darwin Chris if you don't like what people say don't comment simple!!

Brett Ynwa Whiteman Er hello mrs! Whats wrong with an opinion! K whats he dun wi them? Bar come the end of a season? Keep them up! No way no how.

Jenna Darwin Who said there was anything wrong with an opinion brett? I just think comparing Hodgson and Martinez is hilarious

Chris  Ursun > NO not simple this group has a theme ; the "atmosphere" ; IMO one of the reasons its bad at Anfield because its full of "fannies" and too much of the internet is full of BS! negative rumours, and insulting players & managers, makes a negative "atmosphere", probably cost us Rafa 2 years ago, ...could cost us if this is the mentality here, u can keep it, ive seen this BS too many times to waste again bye!

Martin Skrtel wants transfer to a Champions League clubfrustrated at Liverpool lack of progress
Fan-favourite defender is said to be frustrated at the club's lack of progress despite splashing out over £100m on new faces since the start of last year

ChriS Ursun >BS! scum journos stirring the sh*te!

Jan Hughes-Snr Hope it's BS, cos if it isn't it's not good 4 the club!!! =(

Chris  Ursun > oh please, dont "bite" at every article (check if there is an ACTUAL quote from the player!! ) / please! its boring , every so often the journos dig up some "story" with NO foundation..and if u bite they continue doing it, mate!

Jan Hughes-Snr I do realise that, just posting wot I've seen and wanting 2 know wot fans opinions r!! I'm not totally believing it either......we'll just have 2 wait and see if Skrtel makes any statement in defence of wot the rumours r.

Chris  Ursun>  Jan, IMO, it spreads the BS when WE repeat the lies, discusiing invented articles like this only HELPS spread rumours which are no good to our club, if this groups wants to improve the "atmosphere" then we should be "identifying" true articles, any journo can "invent" a story...if it was "true" then they would be able to quote an actual comment, but its nothing more than blatant sh*te - stirring..if u buy into that by either the s*n or mirror then its helping our enemies..IMO!

Come to your own conclusions.

(cc: J train of  My COP)

Hiya Crazy Horse, U are welcome in Monty, bit warmer than the finnish beaches this summer ? ;) oh and can you speak to your staker-friend (J> the "derailed" one) hes getting obsessed or possesed or one of those ss things..?

me and another of the "founder members of the 4 letters Lunatic REdS club" @ galatasaray's dugout, (Istanbul in case the fannies dont know where that club 's stadium is) ! ..(not attaturk) take care! (especially be careful of "friends" ) ...

YAWN = You'll Always Wxxx  Nxxxxxx?

that fannie is really obsessed must be really infuriating that I wont join his fannie-club's mass-debating society ??? 
I am happy "to have a full & frank exhange" with anyone on this planet..but every time the idiot posts he adds insults - he cant argue with content so he does a typical fannie reaction = attacks the "messanger"  seems their "spokesperson" only able to be a "critic" of other people's blogs - has he actually any original opinions or is he just another who copied what hes been told by FSG/sky pundits... probably a devotee of NESV "money Bol*x!"  ...

p.s. "karma" is a wonderful thing dont U agree?

a message to any & all, admirers, ants, fannies or their (ugly) derailed  "spokesperson" as my dear old departed ma would say.. " dont argue with idiots people might not understand the difference" to have an "intelligent" discussion the "obsessed one" would have to BE Intelligent.. well give him time.. maybe one day he will learn ... ;)

to all all TRUE REDS... have agreat weekend! hope we finish with a performance and a win @ swans. YNWA/J4t96

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  1. To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern"

    formal claim according to international (natural) law.

    PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supporters & myself by ignoring our valid concerns ;

    The claim shall be sent to the registered office of Lfc and to FSG/NESV in the USA, I require the NAME of the "in house solicitor" or legal firm representing the corporate body.

    "I have observed and experienced the loss of my blood family, through inhuman violations, & atrocities through deterioration in humanity & lack of social justice in my home community, country and worldwide, due to the unethical "New World Order" and its monetary greed & military bullies.

    I wont allow it to destroy the best aspects of Liverpool Football club & that which we called our "Holy trinity"

    From the time Shanks resigned, through S. Cohen falsely represented international suopporters, the LiverBird in BLUE on our players shirts, through to the absence of Henry-Werner at the Hillsboorough memorial I have seen the negative effect over the Years on OUR club,

    WE intend to take it back. The Liverbird is OUR symbol, we shall fight to protect our unique image from those who would make us a pure "commercial" entity. You underestimate us, again."

    If you ignore this last request, the claim shall be made public.

    "WE are LIVERPOOL, WE are the CLUB"