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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TRUE RED Supporters v FSG,

TRUE RED Supporters v FSG, 
scumedia & their  "fannies"

To NESV/FSG t/a Lfc to "whom it may concern"

formal claim according to international (natural) law.

PLEASE avoid further insult to fellow supporters & myself by ignoring our valid concerns ;

The claim shall be sent to the registered office of Lfc and to FSG/NESV in the USA,  I require the NAME of the "in house solicitor" or legal firm representing the corporate body.

"I have observed and experienced the loss of my blood family, through inhuman violations, & atrocities through deterioration in humanity & lack of social justice in my home community, country and worldwide, due to the unethical "New World Order" and its monetary greed & military bullies. 

I wont allow it to destroy the best aspects of Liverpool Football club & that which we called our "Holy trinity"

From the time Shanks resigned, through S. Cohen falsely represented international suopporters, the LiverBird in BLUE on our players shirts, through  to the absence of Henry-Werner at the Hillsboorough memorial I have seen the negative effect over the Years on OUR club, 

WE intend to take it back. The Liverbird is OUR symbol, we shall fight to protect our unique image from those who would make us a pure "commercial" entity. You underestimate us, again."

WE are the club , we are LIVERPOOL

If you ignore this last request, the claim shall be made public.



Fenway Sports Group, (previously New England Sports Ventures) ;
All & any companies, firms &/or corporate bodies & individuals 
presenting themselves or acting as representatives or officials or
trading in the name of
"LIVERPOOL Football Club or Liverpool F.C or FC Liverpool" (hereafter known as "LFC")
including their Directors, Managers, consultants, officers, and Bankers
and any other relevant individual therafter identiified by the court hearing this claim


That various forms of fraud have been committed, and evidence shall be produced of;

- Discrimination, bigotry & prejudice against individuals and/or groups.
- Mis-use of funds provided by the Plaintiffs.
- Fiduciary anomalies.
- Corporate misconduct.
- Conspiracy to defraud members of "LFC"

Plaintiffs statement

We, the Members & Supporters body, within the several million "known" fans of "Liverpool Football Team"  commonly identified as "Lfc" who wear the legendary "Liver Bird" Symbol of the LIVERPOOL community, join with the people of Liverpool. The community & people of Liverpool, and all those who associate with what once was called the "holy trinity" seek an injunction to stop the damages done by the above to the "entity" affecting our daily lives. For obvious reasons we shall not list the names of the people damaged, not least for pragmatic reasons and also due to bias & violations against members who have dared to oppose the guilty parties until now. Those damaged persons shall be know at the time of a FAIR & IMPARTIAL international law court hearing.

for the people


Its too easy to point fingers, its far too easy for "fans" to moan and complain & whinge at everything in this modern world of "fast food opinion" I maintain my proposals, going back 5 years. 

Supporting the Liverpool team has been a major part of my Life, and for the most part, especially during the quarter of a century of domestic & European supremacy, I hardly cared who was in the boardroom. I didnt realise a lot of things that (like many other fans today) I probably didnt want to know, about the "office" and what went on behind the scenes.  I have been ocassionaly "flippant" and enjoyed the "banter" of being a euro-kopite for more than half my life. Going to my first cup final @ wembley in '74 spoilt me, when i felt I was truly part of something very very unique, and my birthday feel on a celebration of a championship, or cup-winning season most of those years.  Only when I read Shankly's biography (the original published about 20 years ago, did I truly grasp that something at our club were not right. Kenny leaving after the Hillsborough & Heysel disasters only made me wonder why my dreams had been tarnished.

During the "darkest days" of G & H - I made appeals, at S.O.S & SLFC meetings &  through Supporter magazines & direct to the board, etc etc to try bring Supporters iniatives together, as I was and am convinced that if any club in the world should be owned by its supporters, it is Liverpool Football Club..

I was furious that these well-meant proposals were ignored and ridiculed, as I had considerable exerience of global ventures and do not need any financial incentive to help our Team, club & our supporters survive and prosper, for personal reasons, having lost my "blood family" I have adopted "Global REdS" and formed several supporters clubs & organised not-for-profit REdS meetings & events all over Europe.

It was blatantly obvious that G & H were wrong, that Ian Ayres should have supported Rafa more, that we never should have allowed a "chelski chairman" or a "moneyman" such as Purslow or others infect our club... 

WE all can see, on the surface, what happened when Rafa & Kenny were superceded by a man without credentials to manage our club ; RH was appointed. Not only the way he acted, with media, with us , with players, but that NESV/FSG didnt remove him until we called for him to go to the English FA team and 10,000 did NOT Turn up at Anfield one home game in January 2011. 

I was one of the last to leave the stadium during the "sit in" - I campaigned with "we are the club" & "standards corrupted" buyiing & distributing those t-shirts  & "not welcome anywhere" posters wherever & whenever I was in europe. I promoted those "opposition" initiatives with my own limited funds, simply because of my commitment as a supporter & my love for the Team I supported since Shanks lads captured my heart, and those unique feelings & enjoyment I have had over the years. In the same way as you might defend your home from an invader. It was "natural" to do that! 

I admit that I "provoke" people, in football & in Life, to wake up, & as I am a critic of the "new world order" I have been "punished" for that, for daring to challenge what other people seem to blandly accept. My own LFC's Direction, office workers & administrators  have been "less than helpful"  to myself and other overseas members & Supporters. LFCtv were hardly on the side of TRUE REDS during the days of G & H & hodgson. Many Ex-players have done much less that Rafa to care for the future of OUR club.

I am open with my opposition to the american involvement in our clubs & their "methods" not least because we are different in so many ways from their ideas & ideals, and because I dont see much difference, except for "slick PR" between G & H & H-W ! 

what do I (still) propose? 

We have several million "Lfc fans" registered on the Net!  I demand nothing less than an official inititive; proposed by the club itself ;

I BELIEVE they (FSG t/a Lfc ) should now offer shares, to reach a level of 50% Supporter Shareholding by the Year 2020, in OUR club, at a cost of 50 quid (or euros should we go "international") per share. The reasons should be obvious..

- to retain OUR name in the funding of a new stadium , if that is decided upon, or to fund progess as a Team & a Global entity, retaining our unique mentality.
and most importantly
- to protect OUR team, our club from being sold on, as a commercial entity by FSG, should they get into further financial or other difficulties.

There are matters I intend to take into hand with NESV/FSG seperately, and this "Raving Lunatic REdAlieN" does not care that some "fannies" have decided to ridiucule my articles or intent. I am used to it by now.

There you go, this is not a matter for debate, I wont argue with "fannies", but sensibe discussion will go on with those I respect and who respect my aims, but probably not on "My KOP"

YNWA/ Justice for the 96 & Justice for ALL!

thanks KENNY , Henry & werner arent fit to lace your dirty old boots,  
FSG are backstabbing yankers = follow the disaster line Moores->G & H, the chelski chairman; conman purslow, woy->FSG


 Search for new Manager begins immediately as owners pay tribute to 'legend' Dalglish

Fenway Sports Group (FSG) and Liverpool Football Club announced that Kenny Dalglish is to leave his post today as Manager after having his contract terminated.

G & H = F.S.G -"PR"
After a careful and deliberative review of the season, the Club came to the decision that a change was appropriate. It is not a decision that was reached lightly or hastily.

The search for a new Manager will begin immediately.
The only Manager we accept other than KD

Principal owner John Henry was fulsome in his praise for the outgoing Manager.

"Kenny will always be more than a championship winning manager, more than a championship winning star player. He is in many ways the heart and soul of the club. He personifies everything that is good about Liverpool Football Club. He has always put the Club and its supporters first. Kenny will always be a part of the family at Anfield.

"Our job now is to identify and recruit the right person to take this Club forward and build on the strong foundations put in place during the last 18 months."

Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner said it was a tough decision, but ultimately one that needed to be made.

"Kenny came into the Club as Manager at our request at a time when Liverpool Football Club really needed him. He didn't ask to be Manager; he was asked to assume the role. He did so because he knew the Club needed him. He did more than anyone else to stabilize Liverpool over the past year-and-a-half and to get us once again looking forward. We owe him a great debt of gratitude.

"However, results in the Premier League have been disappointing and we believe to build on the progress that has already been made, we need to make a change.

"We are committed to delivering success for our supporters and our ambition remains resolute to return this great Club to the elite of England and Europe, where it belongs."

Kenny Dalglish's departure brings to an end his second spell at the Club where, as a player, he won numerous honours, including six English league titles and three European Cup trophies. As Manager he won three league titles, two FA Cups and of course this season, the Carling Cup.

Dalglish said he is proud to have served such a great Club.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to come back to Liverpool Football Club as Manager. I greatly appreciate the work that Steve, Kevin, the players and all of the staff put in during my time and feel proud that we delivered the Club's first trophy in six years winning the Carling Cup and came close to a second trophy in the FA Cup Final. Of course I am disappointed with results in the league, but I would not have swapped the Carling Cup win for anything as I know how much it meant to our fans and the Club to be back winning trophies.

thanks KENNY , Henry & werner arent fit
to lace your dirty old boots,  


Kenny Dalglish today paid tribute to the supporters and staff of Liverpool Football Club after his second spell as manager came to an end.

Despite feeling a sense of disappointment at leaving his post, the Scotsman revealed the pride he has felt at leading the Club over the past 16 months - and thanked Fenway Sports Group for the way in which his departure has been handled.

"I would like to thank all of the staff at the Club for their effort and loyalty. I said when first approached about coming back as Manager that I would always be of help if I can at any time and that offer remains the same.

"Finally, I want to put on record my heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool's fans, who have always given me and the Club their unwavering support. Without them neither the Club nor I would have achieved anything."

thanks KENNY , Henry & werner arent fit to lace your dirty old boots,  
FSG are typical backstabbing yankers = follow the disaster line Moores->G & H, the chelski chairman; conman purslow, woy->FSG

Kenny United Supporters ; but FSG , scumedia & "fannies" just tore lfc apart, Fergie & our enemies must be laughing , for the 2nd time in 5 years "2 yankers" have forced out a great man, then Rafa , today Kenny!


  1. The hypocrites at the Lfc "office" posted their "tribute" to a man who is more than legend..

  2. hypocrytes & parasites.. then Rafa (by G & H) & now Kenny (by H-W!) = dedicated to the yankers;