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Friday, June 15, 2012

Y-OUR alternative LIVE r POOL footy CLUB ....? 

footy CLUB 

this was (at first) "banned" on the official blog of Lfc websites "My KOP"

I have written elsewhere about my experiences, complaints,  & ideas  of Lfc, if you bothered to read some of them you will learn that LIVERPOOL has been my Life's passion, the only constant in a changing life when all other things & people are gone.

One of my criticisms of the uneducated (including those who claim to be "owners" or "fans" of Lfc) is that they focus on short term results , instead of understanding what makes this club much more than a football team or teams ; the SUPPORTERS.. 

The LIVeRbiRD.... belongs to the Liverpool Community (not Lfc) and the Supporters who promote it worldwide with pride, we have literally Supported through "wind & rain" (& snow & ice) home and away, all over europe, with pride and pleasure with our " comrades" beginning with Shanks' REd Army and ENDING with "the return of the KING"

for people who have been so "slick" in their "Public relations" (propaganda) to have removed our Living legend is such a way was much more than a "disgrace" (and Kenny IS a LEGEND..on & off the field to TRUE REdS..) was proof that this is part of a commercial plan to make Lfc "ready" for re-sale, There are FOUR advance cash injections this summer , 2 new shirt launches & Pre-ticket sales for HALF a season's games, and the usual season - ticket income..

The proposed INJUNCTION to stop the H-W/FSG/NESV machinery and reclaim the club in the name of LIVERPOOL & its supporters, therefore, could be "scuppered" by a sale during our proceedings. My articles, Blogs Sclogs & written on dogs ;)  contain the anger I see in the decline of the TRUE "Liverpool way" being replaced by the (failed) "American way" ...the WHOLE world is rebelling against their way of life (& death).. (but as Shanks might say "Football is more important than that"
However, the problems that H-W have in Boston etc & the various components of N.E.S.V (which is not only the vehicle of H-W, but other "buddies" of George W. Bush, you know the one that got elected by fraud and started a war that way too...) are deep & complicated, and its likely Lfc will be used to solve problems, dont forget bank credit of FSG is loaded on Anfield & Melwood!

In my "Angry columns" I have used a lot of Crazy stuff, provocative images & statements & some dark humour to try to wake you up and illustrate the dangers than followed everyone seemingly jumping from the G & H "frying pan" into the FSG(NESV) "Fire...
However I have had recently the chance (and thanks to the "bizzies" on this forum & elsewhere  who blocked me,)  to take time out & realise the "collateral" efefct of a Global REds "war on FSG" such as we did with RBS/G& H..

The tough decision to attack "them" would ALSO involve hurting a lot of people - we are involved with, via Lfc, @ home & abroad..and therefore , I propose an "Alternative Liverpool Footy club" co-operation to secure a 50/50 share of the 'entity" and thus "everyone wins" but OUR heritage, the Liverpool ways of Shanks "holy trinity" are PROPERLY protected...

The proposals,.
and PLEASE dont bother "commenting" or "flag", because this is in y-our interest too! - unless you can make better or more constructive suggestions,

... then I would be happy to exchange ideas with you...

* The club & supporters merge (including the "union" of S.o.S-S.Lfc which has been not so well managed, either)  .. and PUSH / promote a "Liverpool Shareholders issue"  to a maximum of 50% shares (new shares being issued that can be bought to equal those "held" by H -W/FSG(NESV) - target to achieve progressive income of an average 50 quid per Supporter/fan - this could achieve a target of half a billion (500,000,000) by 2010! (if managed properly)

* The (eventual) Result being a club EQUALLY shared by SUPPORTERS and "investors" - each share could return "dividend" but only one vote per person! (and "Supporters" would be "qualified" ) Obviously proven season - ticket holders etc would be identified. The SUPPORTERS would have a small representative group (voted by Supporters & fans, NOT by the LFC board) Karen Gill, is a "figurehead" because of her Grandad, a nice girl, but not qualified to be "in the chair". This would protect us from being a "commercial corporation" that could be bought & sold without respect to our "Socialist Spirit"

* Liverpool Supports clubs (official & unofficial) worldwide would be encouraged to be "sales points" (with website support) for pure Liverpool product sales that woudl be agreed between marketing people AND SUPPORTERS.. thus avoiding the ridiculous "blue on our shirt" scandal ....this would increase global sales immediately, and reduce "black market" copies. Such clubs would also be assisted (cheaply) with "LiverBird" academy development at their various locations. Kenny & Rafa would be brought back into our club (more about that later)

* and VERY controvertial - the KOP end would be converted to MODERN SAFE standing area - (at the moment we are standing ANYWAY, and thats more dangerous with seated stand, and difficult to clear out if there was a disaster) The KOPites would be "qualified" and this would be a Privaledged allocated ticket  and would give us extra capacity with LITTLE renovation..(could be achieved within a summer break). (i DO respect & personally have always supported the HJC & the 96, in many ways, i have lost people too!  and FA 0bjections are overcome by a UEFA/ECHR (Strasbourg) petition.

* Full respect would be given to our UNIQUE mentality and the SUPPORTERS who built this club into a global entity - all "changes & marketing" would reflect it, BUT an enterprising club can MARKET our UNIQUE LIVERPOOL image - Liverpool products & serv ice - maybe REd beer & banking, lol, rather than re-selling our sponsors products - 

we promote OURSELVES, because WE are the BEST, , WE are LIVERPOOL, WE are the CLUB!

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  1. Without Predjudice

    to an extent grotten has a point

    "LiverPooL" has been exploited ..("08") was another example whereby commercial people exploited the "culture' of Liverpool , which is , to a large extent , our People!..

    "The Beatles" and "LIVERPOOL football club" were both put on the map by the Liverpool people and socialist architects (Shankly & Lennon)

    I argue that OUR bringing together the music of one with the other was a major cause of the launch of Lfc to become a "global entity" what "they" call a "brand or franchise" and is WHY "they" (G & H and H-W) wish to exploit it for their benefit.

    a) The Community of Liverpool ownes the name
    b) The Supporters of Liverpool, based on socialist ethics, promoted and "marketed" the club and the LiveRbirD

    as Grotton says " Capitalist Moores" exploited that too, however, as i have stated elsewhere that "sale" was a fraud because it was merely "tolerated" whilst the "trading company" seemingly represented our ethics (& "culture" of the community & supporters) once Commercialist exploitation is moved from a chairman who was (at least) a Liverpool fan of sorts, the tolerance is broken and WE have the right of a claim, that OUR culture is exploied for pure commercial gain ...especially, now that the current "board of directors" blatantly allow sponsors such as "Standard Chartered" (their name enhanced on team photos,the Asia tour of 2011, and the " blue shirt scandal" prime examples) or "Warrior" whose "deal" involves THEIR corporate slogan being adopted as "ours' ("we come here NOT to play") ...

    That claim is that at the very least...

    50 % (repeat FIFTY per cent) of the profits of the companies trading off of OUR "culture" name, reputation & "GOOD WILL" since 1965!

    either pay up or go into "administration!

    It will be left between Moores & Henry to decide how to deal with this claim, or risk an injunction and a resulting liquidation of THEIR asssets. Perhaps some small compensation could be granted to Moores based on what his family "originally paid" and perhaps a minor allocation to NESV of the eventual shares of OUR reformed "LIVERPOOL football club" that would be a decision for the tribunal, the Liverpool community & Liverpool Supporters..

    I also agree that S.o.S was mis-managed , however, we should not allow "leftist" mistakes to cloud the need for a FAIR & social just society in whatever aspects we strive through. In fact "S.O.S" should mean "Save (y)OUR (REd) SOULS" ...should it not?

    In case anyone objected to quoting "Ezekial" (the "pulp fiction extract of "Jules") ..remember that in the story of Jesus - he went into the temple, to clear out those "trading" at a place of worship, sort of a similar compraison as to what has happened to Anfield in recent years - as yr John H's "buddy" Geo. w Bush flouts & spouts the bible...

  2. @ Tinab..the cost of procrastination (& then only reacting during crisis) is what got us INTO this mess, i blame the fans as much as I do the "enemy'..!

    This will certainly NOT be the only "place" that this will be discussed, BUT, my time of "discussing" is long gone..actually RAWK (forum) was well involved in the G & H ("not welcome here" ) the "internet action v RBS " & also did promote the "standards corrupted" shirt etc, RAWK is no longer what it was, also infected by nay-sayers & fan(ie) s.. but we (Global REdS) have direct & indirect email/intRAnet connection with several million registered fans, amogst them are True REd Supporters and several of our groups include 'celebrity supporters" who have been on Lfc Tv etc (not that it would impress me much to mention that, but purely FYI)

    the "jury" is not "still out on the new owners" seem (as most have) to have missed the point.. they do not own what they claim to own,

    The community & LIVERPOOL Supporters ARE the "de-facto owners" just have to wake up and realise it!

    There is NO more "time" for "debating" ...this action will proceed, with or without you..

    YNWA/J4t96 = Justice for all


    p.p.s - on the emotive subject of "safe standing" - I wont let this very vital issue distract from proceeding with the claim , but , it is of no compensation to anyone if, and is likely, that another accident occurs because passionate supporters stand anyway, and whilst cramped seating is in place, a "domino' effect in unusual circumstances could have terrible results...its "natural " to stand up during a "rules" can change that!