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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be Strong =because they are wrong!

Be Strong =because they are wrong! 25 juli 19:35

This is the First season in 40-odd years that I am NOT looking forward to a new season..because of the disgrace caused in recent years by "Lfc owners and directors"' (and the "fannies" that have allowed it..) ... that some , claiming to be Lfc "fans" or even "Supporters" dont get that, fills me with sadness, disgust and a greater dESIRE to rid ourselves of the y_nkers and fannies and correct y-OUR club.. 

 Most "fans" seem to be missing the main points...

I have discovered that under "USA LAW" and therefore which applies to N E S V & H-W...that IF it can be proven that certain partners, MEMBERS or participants, shareholders or stakehoders within a corporation/club/firm/organisation or company create the majority of revenue, profit or income or has been the major force in the development of that "entity" they (WE) are entitled to claim ownership of said "entity" ..therefore..

we are proceeding to work on bringing this to action...


a) Who "owns the LiverBird" ???  arguably the LIVERPOOL community!
b) Who built the global "reputation" of the "entity" known as Liverpool football club?  we, the local & global supporters, through financial involvement , purchases, Y.N.W.A. and our world-fanous kopite songs banners and CULTURE..
c) 7 million plus registered "Lfc fans" create more than sufficient funds to support an EPL club, but due to poor adminsitration and direction = the responsibility of those claiming to be "owners" we have suffered.

This action will force "them" to (at least) wish to negociate and we may be inclined to share 50/50 if they correct their other "business dealings" that bring our club into disrepute and threaten our clubs future.

Alternatively we shall proceed in or out of court with similar tactics that forced the removal of G & H, however this time WE shall ensure professional management of the club is installed with our backing, we shall not accept continual commercial  exploitation or our club or insults to our legedary status nor erosion of the ideals that make us unique in the world of football / Culture. (Socialist-Liverpool ways established by Shanks)

CS 27th July..2012

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