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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

12813 An Open Letter from ChriS to all members

An Open Letter from ChriS

to Global u.r.s.u.n. members & REdNet followers; Lfc Net group leaders; (Unofficial) Supporter & fan club organisers
& the committee of "S.o.S"

Despite  antogonism towards some "Lfc fans" who have had diffiuclty in obtaining or understanding the truth behind the scenes at Lfc in recent

Its well known amongst you that I have not hidden my DISGUST that N E S V / F S G through Henry-Werner ("the Infestors") claim "ownership" of the CLUB WE LOVE, but with continual
financial collapse in their "empire" and amongst their other monetary "buddies" ("Standard chartered" etc) corruption and dirty dealings being exposed, with also the RBS, barclays fiasco, and approaching "zero inflation"
we are nearing a time that the "Infestors" shall be extremely weak, and whilst I inject some dark humour into my blogs & proposals, Y-OUR network is progressing with the t-shirt campaign ;
"WE are the CLUB" and the iminent action ; " WE came here NOT to PAY!" (similar to the anti-G&H "not welcome here" efforts), ..Internet actions are also ready to co-incide with an injunction to be
aimed at their Boston core when the time is ripe, (we are talking weeks or months rather than years!)..

Our main Goals

- A GLOBAL boycott of Lfc ticketing, & Official shops & Lfc products & services!

- The further development of UNofficial Supporters clubs Worldwide - especially to promote the original ideals of Shanks "Liverpool ways" on and OFF the field.

- Oppose the "franchised commercialism" being imposed upon our club, which is ruining the aspects that make us a unique global entity.

- To Remove "The Infestors" from our club & develop our "own label" LIVERBIRD product / service distribution & media network via the several Million Supporters & fans
whom we collectively have access to.

- To claim ownership of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB on behalf of Supporters Worldwide AND the community of LIVERPOOL - to re-instate above mentioned values & ideals/

YOU are hereby invited to a Strategic meeting management meeting in MNE (date to be advised shortly) to co-ordinate effictive and sustainable realisation of the above GOALS!

on a personal note : I make this offer in the interest of ALL our members & Supporters of Lfc , without any expectation of personal benefit.

Y.N.W.A, with hope in your heart!

13th august 2012


  1.! new signing..!

  2. CS> Those who are attending 23 sept Meeting and need collecting from the Airport, pse contact via CSers / or via u.r.s.u.n. on FB etc.. the y*nkers are doing their utmost to block our meetings & communications..what are they worried about if we are only "a few rebels" ;) ?????????????