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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FU "FA" = Hypocrites and Parasites - Global REds v the evil empire..(plus)

FU "FA" = Hypocrites and Parasites 

- Global REds v the evil empire..

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I was a teenager, when watching and listening to mum's activities as regional secretary of the Socialists I began to understand the EVIL that existed when people gain power and exploit their fellow human beings for personal gain..I spent 26 years in the "system" yet often in conflict "within" until a coma (ironic)"woke me up again" to my teenage ideals.. I have since then conflicted with people and the system they are addicted to, and  con-ditioned by ; government officials that would do anything, violate anyone rather than apply human values ,  people in busines or institutions who couldnt care less about anyone as long as their ambitions are realised and  their jobs or material assets are protected

...and then the "friends & acquaintances" 
who smile in your face and stab you in the back,
 or even "unconsciously" feed the monster that is killing y-our local and global society ...I have been "alien(h)ated" banned, investigated and cut off, cut out and my family and those i loved destroyed by the selfishness of those serving the "evil empire" the world is a mess because everyone (and i heard it again in the pub sunday) just "looking after him/herself, I cant change the world" ..well the capitalist "TITaniC has certainly sunk a long time ago, but if you care about y-our kids or anyone we had better start exposing the lies and deceit and get HONEST ..make a LIFE boat (or as we are doing via REdNeT.. a LIVE-R-Boat ;) "hypocrites & parasites" ..Bob ..who the cap fits..dedicated to the "FA" and anyone else that it fits 

global  REdS are taking action

Several million worldwide once removed the "yankers" from our club with the "not welcome here" campaign and flooded the people infecting our club with posters and messages against their corruption until they went...

and after 22 years our "Justice for the 96 campaign
...its already happening and within minutes of the "FA" declaring their CRIMINAL "statement" (which violates several articles of the ECHR/UDHR) ...the global REdS started to "fight" not with guns or bombs but with words ...

FA bias against LIVERPOOL, Fc and Luis Suarez..

the govt fails to expose the negligence of police @ hillsborough, fails to punish rooney or Terry...etc etc ...and when the man at man U says "jump" the "FA" ask "how high" MISTER (oops sir...) FERGUSON??

"..mobbing by the governmentn.999 = the fergie dominated "FA" & rival mancs are hypocrites!!!!

 "The club takes extremely seriously the fight against all forms of discrimination and has a long and successful track record in work relating to anti-racist activity and social inclusion. We remain committed to this ideal and equality for all, irrespective of a person's background.
"LFC considers racism in any form to be unacceptable – without compromise. It is our strong held belief, having gone over the facts of the case, that Luis Suárez did not commit any racist act. It is also our opinion that the accusation by this particular player was not credible – certainly no more credible than his prior unfounded accusations.

"It is key to note that Patrice Evra himself in his written statement in this case said: 'I don't think that Luis Suárez is racist'. The FA in their opening remarks accepted that Luis Suárez was not racist.

"Luis himself is of a mixed race family background as his grandfather was black. He has been personally involved since the 2010 World Cup in a charitable project which uses sport to encourage solidarity amongst people of different backgrounds with the central theme that the colour of a person's skin does not matter; they can all play together as a team.

"He has played with black players and mixed with their families whilst with the Uruguay national side and was captain at Ajax Amsterdam of a team with a proud multicultural profile, many of whom became good friends. "It seems incredible to us that a player of mixed heritage should be accused and found guilty in the way he has based on the evidence presented. We do not recognise the way in which Luis Suárez has been characterised.

"It appears to us that the FA were determined to bring charges against Luis Suárez, even before interviewing him at the beginning of November. Nothing we have heard in the course of the hearing has changed our view that Luis Suárez is innocent of the charges brought against him and we will provide Luis with whatever support he now needs to clear his name.

"We would also like to know when the FA intend to charge Patrice Evra with making abusive remarks to an opponent after he admitted himself in his evidence to insulting Luis Suárez in Spanish in the most objectionable of terms. Luis, to his credit, actually told the FA he had not heard the insult

comment from u.r.s.u.n.
global REds supporters org

"several million REdS worldwide will NOT let you get away with blatant Bias against ONE of ours.."


"Dont honestly see what else any self respecting manager looking after his club and its players could do.

Jay Spearing v Wayne Rooney ban

Spearing tackled a player, got the ball but unfortunately caught the other player with his trailing leg and so got sent off.
The rules of the FA mean that the player and the club is not allowed any sort of representation if they appeal, and the player runs the risk of getting an extra game ban if they lose the appeal, so LFC decide not to appeal.

The FA go to UEFA tribunal to appeal against the Rooney ban. Rooney had been sent off for standing up and deliberately kicking an opposition player- not trying to tackle anyone, not going for the ball, just a straight forward, clear cut kick at a player. During this appeal, the FA and Rooney are represented by a brief and we all know the outcome.

So, a deliberate attack on a player is worth less of a ban than Spearings tackle? Don't think so but it shows how double handed the FA's dealings are when they are willing to use the UEFA's rules to suit themselved without realising how unjust it is.

Suarez v Terry Race Row

Two players, two different clubs, both accused of making racial comments.

One player seen clearly mouthing abusive comments at an opposition player, televised doing it, and has been reported to the Police/CPS for investigation.

The other player, not seen by anyone apparently, not seen on the televisions is supposed to have used racial comments against another player. 9 weeks on and the FA have yet to let the player or the club know what if any action they are going to take, leaving the player open to criticism and innuendo that he is guilty.

Suarez Giving the Finger

As Kenny clearly pointed out other players, in other games, have done similar things and it has not even been mentioned. Suarez is not so lucky.

In recent weeks our main striker has been the subject of a carefully co-ordinated campaign to upset him. He has been openly called a cheat, a diver, not just by fans of opposition teams which we can sort of understand, but by our gutter sports press (TalkSport in particular), and some managers like Ferguson.

Gesturing to the Fulham fans may have been a stupid thing to do but he had been the subject of abuse all through the game because of the lack of action by the FA and the media campaign - he is now a target for many and it is showing.

Does the FA do anything about that - of course not but they probably will dish out some punishment to him because they do not worry about fair play or justice, they just react to outside influences, and media comment and then have the nerve to go cap in hand to UEFA begging for leniency for Rooney and wonder why we are all getting annoyed about it?

Dalglish is right to make it clear how he feels about all this because it is wrong. The fact he did so in a calm and polite manner so he didnt bring disrepute to the club speaks volumes for the man - I wouldn't have been so calm about it!"

Mario Balotelli's tweet .... " The FA are willing to ban someone based on one persons claim, with no video evidence? In that case, the whole ManU squad racially abused me"

ChriS SmiTH >and some ppl actually believe the "west" operates a democracy..its "guilty until proven innocent" (unless u have a political or media lobby..or u are a manc!)

and remember the LIVERPOOL way...(thanks to Shanks)

WE are the "Holy trinity" Players, Kenny & global REdS  SUPPORTers


(wigan away) I hope Luis and the REdS are on FIRE tonight!!

add ...

Kenny has reiterated his delight at Craig Bellamy's recent form and believes he is the perfect example for Liverpool's younger players. The Welsh forward has been a revelation in recent weeks, capping another fine display with a goal and an assist in Sunday's 2-0 win at Aston Villa. Dalglish feels the 32-year-old's work ethic is the secret to his success and is confident he can go on to have even more joy in the future.  

Asked if he felt the No.39 was getting better with age, Dalglish said: "So I suppose you will imagine that next year he will be even better then? We've got a lot to look forward then. I'm not sure what age he is, I know he's not a teenager. Since he came in he's been fantastic on and off the pitch. The way he looks after himself is a great credit to his profession and himself. He's getting his rewards and he's making a contribution for us.

"We said when he came in that we were delighted to have him. We know his heart is in the right place and the performances he has been putting in have been excellent for us." He continued: "He is quick, he is intelligent and he chips in with goals. He scored one and made one on Sunday. We were delighted with the way he played and I'm sure Craig was as well. "He is a great example because of the way he prepares for games. And then after he has prepared well, he's a great example for the kids because you can say, 'there's someone who has prepared properly and look what he has done on the pitch'. "A lot of people can look and learn from him because he is pretty dedicated to his profession and young players should look up to that. We are delighted to have him on board."

Liverpool head to Wigan on Wednesday night hoping to maintain the momentum that has seen them move to within three points of fourth-placed Chelsea. The Latics's manager Roberto Martinez has spoken of the difficulty in preparing for a contest given the uncertainty surrounding Luis Suarez's availability but Dalglish is adamant it has done little to affect his own plans. 

He said: "It's not affected us particularly. I don't think Luis is the only player he has to worry about. We've got a few others. If he's planning and identifying Luis as the danger man then fine, but I don't see how it prevents him from planning." In his pre-match press conference, the Spaniard also suggested that his side would be facing the best Liverpool team in years, to which Dalglish quipped: "I think he's a nice man.

"We just come into work, practice what we preach and try to carry it on out on the pitch. To be fair, every single one of the lads that is in the squad has made a contribution. Their contribution will be needed over the coming weeks because the games are coming up thick and fast. That's when your squad will be tested. We know every single one of them is capable of playing games for us. We just need to pick the right games against the right teams. Hopefully we'll get a bit of luck and come away with the points we deserve."

Last time out, Jordi Gomez's late equaliser claimed an impressive 1-1 draw for Wigan in their home clash with Chelsea. Dalglish was an interested observer on that occasion and felt they more than worthy of their share of the spoils. He said: "I thought it was a result they deserved. They changed the formation that they play and the 1-1 draw didn't flatter them in any way. It was a pretty even game and they deserved to get something from it. "I don't think Roberto (Martinez) knows another way to play. He came over from Spain many years ago with two other young Spaniards and they played with style. He kept that belief going and it would be wrong for any manager to try and teach his players a style of play that he didn't know much about.

"Credit to him, he stuck to his beliefs and they had their rewards. I think staying in the Barclays Premier League was a successful season for them last year. I think they scored at Stoke last year to stay up and that was an achievement for them. I think this year will be exactly the same."
Asked if it's a sign of progress at the club that Liverpool have managed to pick up so many good results in the absence of Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard at times this term, he added: "Well, they've played a few games. Carra came on at Villa. People always say that the strength of the club is in how good the squad is. We are delighted with the quality we have and if Jamie and Steven are fit, then we are even stronger. 

"The lads have done very well and in the matches that Jamie and Stevie have played in, they have done well and made a contribution. Others may have made a greater contribution in other people's eyes, but for us they all have a part to play and we'll look forward to everybody being fit - and then we've got a problem picking a team."
Author: Paul Hassall at Melwood

Kenny Dalglish today praised the burgeoning partnership that has seen Liverpool secure the best defensive record in the Barclays Premier League. Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel have both been imperious at the back in recent weeks, developing an understanding that has seen the Reds claim five shut-outs in their last eight matches in all competitions. The Scot acknowledges that the duo have enhanced their reputations as top-class centre backs and feels they can offer much more to his side than just keeping opponents at bay. "I don't think they've ever looked a bad pair," Dalglish told reporters. "They are certainly both playing very well. It's not just about centre backs and full backs defending, it's about everybody.

"As soon as we lose the ball, we start to defend to get it back as soon as we can. When we do, everyone can go forward if they want. I mean, Daniel Agger got forward a few times on Sunday and Martin scored a goal. "They've been good defensively, but they've been good in an attacking sense as well." The pair's performances have meant vice-captain Jamie Carragher has been unable to force his way back into the starting line-up after returning from injury. Dalglish remains convinced the No.23 will continue to push for a return and points to the influence he has had on both Agger and Skrtel's Anfield careers as evidence of his continued importance to the cause.

He said: "Competition is always helpful. It's not as if the two boys are novices, they are both seasoned internationals. Daniel is going to Poland and Ukraine with Denmark. Martin's country haven't qualified but they are both seasoned footballers who know how to play. "When they first came in Jamie was alongside them and was a big help to them, as he was for a lot of people here. I wouldn't underplay what Jamie has done for them, but they are well capable of standing on their own two feet." On the subject of Carragher's character and standing at Melwood, he added: "I think when you respect people - and we have the utmost respect for Jamie - it is difficult to leave him out, because of what he has done for the club and what he is here. "But he's also an intelligent boy and will understand, although he would still love to play."

Meanwhile, Jonjo Shelvey's all-action showing on his first ever Barclays Premier League start at Aston Villa led reporters to quiz the boss about his impact since returning from a loan spell at Blackpool. Dalglish said: "He did exactly what he has shown before for us. He came on last year as a substitute a few times and picked the pace of the game up very quickly so that he made a contribution. "Part of his development and his progress was to look for a club that would be suitable for him to let him go out on loan and play regularly at a higher level than what we could give him here.

"So he went out, played at Blackpool and did well. He came back, we let him settle down and then gave him a run out. It was quite fortunate that he got in because Lucas is out, Jay got suspended and Steven was out. It was quite fortunate that the opportunity was there for him. But it was even more fortunate for us with the level of the performance he put in. "We're just delighted to have him and he has every chance of having a really good career as a professional footballer." The boss was also asked about comments made by Shelvey following the win at Villa Park, in which the 19-year-old expressed his hunger for more first-team action.

Dalglish said: "There's nobody in the dressing room we'd expect to be doing hand stands if they are on the bench. But it's a fact of life that sometimes it'll happen, especially with the run of games that we've got coming up now. But there has to be realism as well. "He played really well at Aston Villa, but he's only 19. So let's calm down a wee bit and let him carry on with his career. We'll try and develop him as best as we can here. We've not been afraid to throw youngsters in as we showed with Jack (Robinson) and Flanno last year. If they are good enough they will be given the opportunities."

Kenny Dalglish today confirmed Steven Gerrard will not be available to face Wigan on Wednesday night. The skipper continues to make good progress in his recovery from an ankle infection but will not be ready to take on the Latics. Dalglish told his pre-match press conference: "We don't have any problems, apart from Jack Robinson, Steven (Gerrard) and Fabio (Aurelio) as well. "The longer term ones aren't in the squad."
Asked if Gerrard would feature at any point over the festive period, Kenny added: "It remains to be seen, but we won't be making any comments on it."


Stevie's Top 10 Goals

Steven Gerrard match compilation vs Germany 2001 (His nutmegs on Didi at the end of it )

and concerning "standing" .. 
emotive, full respect to the families, yet, if asked what would the 96 have said? are BL terraces SAFER than standing on seats!?

join @

;) ChriS 10h on 21 december (solstice..into the bright...the future is REd!)

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