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Saturday, December 31, 2011

111231 enjoyable new year to all TRUE REdS from a "Happy ChriSMitH"

an enjoyable new year 
to all TRUE REdS 
from a "Happy ChriSMitH"

I am currently relaxing my ankle @ a coastal economy hotel in Monty after watching the lads win v the geordies 3-1 last night in a bar with local REd Milos, cant resist commenting that their team wear white and non-caucasian striped shirts... ;)...who did NOT manager ONE shot on our goal ALL: game.
...Danny diverting the ball past Pepe, but Craig Bellamy scored twice the scandal of banning our star player (Suarez) by the "FA" (fergie association) may yet stir the rest of our squad, 

Strengthened by Stevie's return off the bench (and a classy Gerrard goal!) to step up in compensation and SOLIDARITY with "banned" Luis.....

 the "ref" friday night should have booked one and red-carded the other newcastle , disgraceful open bias against us...stop hiding it! the FA is a disgrace!!!

I would also point out to some "fans" that KENNY understands the "holy trinity" of Players, SUPPORTers & Manager 

..and I wont accept ANY (public) criticism of him or y-our TEAM at a time when we all have to come together

........Kenny protects our players from the biased media, he is an example to us ALL! 

...I hope this is a sign (despite another game hitting with the luckless Andy hitting the woodwork) that our futunes are improving as we go to play  the most important team in manchester next week... ;)

Rafa understands too...

and Shanks & Captain Emlyn were there when it all "exploded" lets go for the title... "aim for the sky"  !!!

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