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Sunday, April 15, 2012

REdS v blues & TRUTH v Lies...

REdS v blues              
& TRUTH v Lies...

Its a VERY special weekend.........

If you dont know why....? wers

& (ChriS SmitH "died" april 15th 1995) @facebook

14th April  : everton  1  LIVERPOOL 2  FU CUP Semi - Final @ "wemBely" ;)

joined Milos & his sleepy brate in "Buddy" to watch the game, Colm @ the irish pub let us down, first no guiness then no (connection) TV! so Milos "rescued" situation " Mogren caffe and Liverpool dominated (again!)

 ..BUT THIS TIME Luis & Andy SCORED the goals to take us to another REdS final (as predicted by my "special sponsored You'll Never drink alone" T-shirts...)

Carra was a bit shaky for the blues goal, Brad looked Ok, whilst not being Pepe, you have to feel for Jones, and memories of his son

for me , though, Martin Skrtel, player of the season was M.o.t.M. !!!

 pics from the day..........


Reds heading to FA Cup final
Andy Carroll headed a dramatic late winner to send Liverpool into the FA Cup final with a 2-1 victory over Everton at Wembley.


an easter poem...

it was 1995 @ easter that I "died"
but surprise! i survive

many threats and journeys
but i am alive

and now u know the reason I am here
its not only to dave YOU, my dear

if U just let go of your fear
u May yet enjoy the ride, i am sincere......

control the dark , its so very wrong
I wanted to make YOU Strong..

ChriS x

........This weekend also the anniversary of the sinking of the "TiT anic...

ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy ; 
the "Titanic" sunk a long time ago, and so did the "system" - did they tell YOU?  you have been mis-informed. mis-guided & lied to by political, business and religious leaders all of your lives, come and have a HolYday, enjoy the beautiful nature and find the GOOD in you, become self-supporting, make TRUE friendships in this UNIQUE not-for-profit initiative in the X-Yugo region...

ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

Wembley pays respect - Liverpool FC

Reds and Blues observe a silence in memory of the 96 at Wembley
Rafa Benitez in tears at Hillsborough 22 memorial
Rafa sheds tears. Rafa you legend! JFT96 YNWA!

Rafa Benitez and my local friend Milos Adzic have birthday on 16th April!
all the best to you both!

CS with the lads @ World famous "Albert Pub" Kop, Liverpool ; Milos is small lad far right.. ;)
some "Rafa Memories"

 thanks Rafa, pity FSG are just money men, as your QUALITY should be involved at our club, I support KENNY 100% , ..yet, there MUST be a role for Rafa at the club he also LOVES ; LIVERPOOL

for all TRUE REdS SUPPORTers...

TRUE (global) REdS v "the thought police of Lfc"...continued....

My "anti-yanker" blogs are "banned" on my KOp on the official Lfc website!!! 

Preamble... I have exposed the so-called Lfc fans "committee" as being not much more than a "PR Stunt"  by FSG (Henry-Werner & their MD ; Ayres) 

The notice was in amongst "news" on the website - THREE weeks AFTER their last meeting... and the irony is that Karen says that the "committee" needs more publicity...what a joke

As far as I can see NONE of OUR (Globals REdS via U.R.S.U.N or "balkan REdS"  complaints, ideas or issues have been raised and its a downright LIE when so-called "fans representatives" on this "body" claim to be reading & replying to all supporters communications ; its more than spin its LIES and goes against all that OUR club should stand for!


Question 1 from Jeanette Dodd, representing Disabled Supporters

The Level Playing Field (formerly the National Association of Disabled Supporters) recommends that each club undertakes an Access Audit programme with a NRAC (National Register of Access Auditors and Consultants) accredited Access Auditor and Access Consultant. 

This has resulted in a number of clubs commissioning audits to examine stadia access with reference to the Accessible Stadia Guide, the Equality Act and good access in general. 

Are LFC prepared to agree to the recommendation by the Level Playing Field and commission an Access Audit Programme carried out by an NRAC qualified auditor?

Points raised: The Club places great importance on this issue and over the years improvements have been made in a number of key areas, such as a significant increase in the number of available disabled spaces. Additionally, the Club has also looked at improvements to signage and toilet facilities, but recognises that there is more to do, particularly to the upper tiers of the stadium. The challenge is to get the balance right in light of the decision whether to remain at Anfield or move to a new stadium is still some way off. The Club completed an audit a few years back and commissioned a follow up report by an independent auditor in 2010. The latter brought to light some issues and highlighted areas that needed to be addressed, most of which have been acted upon. A further meeting with the independent auditor is planned for the coming week, the results of which will be shared with Jeannette Dodd.

Actions agreed: A meeting will be held with the independent auditor who commissioned the previous audit in 2010.

The club will establish progress against the report and in full consultation with the disabled supporters representative and other stakeholders establish what value may be gained by carrying out a further audit and the scope of this audit. The club remain committed to ensuring that all that can be reasonably be carried out is done so.

Status: Open.

CS> theres NO details of exactly what has been DONE???

Question 2 from Bob Humphries, representing Season Ticket Holders

The Club extended the Auto Cup Scheme for STH's to Members this season which led to a large number of STH's questioning why the Club had done this. I have received a large number of complaints over this with 22 separate reasons for not signing up for the ACS such as, not knowing when the games are being played, who the opposition will be, how much the tickets will cost and the opportunity to take along a young family member which currently is practically impossible if ticking the ACS box. 

Obviously this would also apply to Members; however Members were allowed the luxury of being able to wait until the first home game in each competition, not prior to the season starting as is the case with the STH's. This has led to many STH's feeling 'pressurised' into maybe having to tick this box next season to ensure they have a chance of a ticket for any possible Final that may be reached. 

The Club therefore finds itself accused of doing this deliberately to increase sales with no regards to the issues faced by the supporters. Will the Club therefore ensure that these issues are taken into consideration in future to demonstrate to our match going supporters that they are prepared to listen, and act, to address their concerns?

Points raised: From next season, both Season Ticket Holders and Members will be asked to sign up for the 'Auto Cup Scheme in the summer prior to the fixtures being announced. Many of the 22 points raised are valid and the ticketing team will investigate each one in turn prior to presenting to Bob Humphries a plan of how the Auto Cup Scheme will operate next season. The challenge will be to find a balance that satisfies the needs of both Season Ticket Holders and Members.

Actions agreed: Investigate the 22 points prior to developing a plan for next season.

Status: Open.

CS>what are the 22 points ? and why isnt this "detail" publicised to us?/ (we are OFFICIAL members of LFC supporters too  - too much kept "within these walls" ???  The OBVIOUS changes in policy by FSG including ticketing are made to obtain cash injections in advance of expenditure - DANGER ; IF FSG should cause a collapse of the club, it could go into liquidation having spent CASH in advance and be left with few assets (especially as FSG loaded Anfieldf and melwood with debt/bank credit/...!) ???


Question 3 from Andrew Moran, representing General Admission Supporters: in the absence of Andrew Moran, this question was tabled by Karen Gill. 

Will The Club Confirm that it has no intention of doing away with General Admission, and also take the opportunity to point out to some fans that it does still exist?

Points raised: The Club has no intention of scrapping the 'general admission' scheme, which remains an important part of the ticket sales process. The Club recognises that it needs to improve the communication of how 'general tickets' are sold, the sale of which happens very quickly. The Club made many changes prior to the start of the current season in how tickets are sold, and whilst in the main these have worked well, some teething troubles were encountered. It is not the Club's intention to make wholesale changes again, but improve on what is already largely working well.

Actions agreed: Review how the sale of 'general tickets' is communicated and share this with the Committee prior to changes being implementation.

CS>when a "rep" (in this case Andy) is absent ...(and i find it unfortunate that "reps" who cant attend all FOUR meetings per YEAR were chosen) why cant another person, who was a prospective candidate - join the committee, thus "spreading the knowledge & "load' outside of the "few"... 

p.s. The new ticketing scheme is only "working well" for FSG, NOT for global supporters!

Question 4 from Bob Humphries, representing Season Ticket Holders

The Supporters' Committee believes that any tiered pricing structure for League matches should only be introduced when a revamped/new stadium is developed, as it is unfair to suddenly add a premium to a seat that a supporter has sat in for many years previously. The Committee further believes that the Spion Kop should always remain, as originally promised, a singly priced and cheapest part of the ground to provide an affordable opportunity for those supporters at the wrong end of the economic scale. We therefore call on the owners to commit to continuing with this great tradition of the Club?

Points raised: This is something that is currently being reviewed. A tiered pricing has successfully operated for cup matches however any decision will be shared with the committee prior to any changes being implemented. The Club has a commitment to keep the Kop the best value area of the stadium and there are no plans to change this.

Actions agreed: Complete the review and share outcome with the Committee prior to implementing any changes.

Status: Open.

CS>this seems to expose the "mentality" of the relationship between FSG and SUPPORTers, FSG will decide and deem to "share" decisions with their poodle "committee"  its a (sick ) joke, at least with G & H we KNEW clearly who the enemy was...!


Question 5 from Jon Hooks, representing Official Membership Supporters: in the absence of John Hooks, this question was tabled by Karen Gill.

The charge of almost £30 for LFC membership is seen by many fans as a punitive amount for basically having the privilege to purchase match tickets. We would therefore ask the Club to look at a second tier of membership (with no extras) at a cost of £5.00 similar to the Season Ticket waiting list (i.e. to cover basic administration costs)?

Points raised: To date, the membership scheme has been very successful with over 100,000 people now on board. Research has been undertaken to determine what people like and expect from the membership scheme. Compared to other schemes offered by other Premier League clubs, the one operated by Liverpool Football Club represents excellent value for money. The Club recognises that it may need to offer a tiered package to meet the specific needs of members, e.g. ticketing versus media and other exclusive benefits. On completion of a formal review, a different membership scheme will be come into effect. However, the entry point will not be £5, but a tiered offering will almost certainly be the result.

Actions agreed: The output from the internal review will be shared with Jon Hooks for his input and, if appropriate, the rest of the Committee. The Club will be seeking input on the international membership scheme from the international supporter's representative.

Status: Open.

CS> ANOTHER "rep" missing not able to even attend to make the question, disgraceful....
....."if appropriate" the "output from the internal review"  will be shared with the rest of the 'committee"  ...?  btw International members have no input, as the "REP" for international members are NOT consulted, at least none of the many that I know of!!! (surprised?? no, not really, as FSG will do what they want!)


Question 6 from James Benson, representing Anfield and Breckfield Supporters

The 'Football Quarter' is an exciting new development that has been proposed to Liverpool City Council by the All Together Now group, a joint enterprise of Liverpool FC and Everton FC fans who have united in order to start an initiative which hopes to celebrate and capitalise on the history, prestige and commercial appeal of both clubs whilst also bringing educational benefits and job opportunities to the communities in the surrounding areas.

By maximising on the unique attraction of having two Premier League football stadiums in such close proximity to each other, the 'Football Quarter' hopes to have a positive impact on the regeneration of the Anfield and Walton areas. Our football club can flourish, but should recognize that it can make a significant contribution to local sustainable regeneration in the process.

It is understood that no decision has yet been announced regards the clubs own stadium plans, but, I would like to know what the clubs opinions are of the 'Football Quarter' and if you would publicly give an endorsement to its development?

Points raised: The Club has been in dialogue with representatives of the Football Quarter. It is still unclear as to whether the Club will remain at Anfield or build a new stadium in Stanley Park and the plans differ depending on where the Club will be based. It is therefore difficult for the Club to endorse and engage with a scheme while its own plans are unclear. It is a good idea to have facilities in between both stadiums that can be used for the benefit of fans and residents, not only around football fixtures, but the rest of the year as well. However, whilst the scheme is a good idea, it cannot really move forward until the long-term plans for the Club become clear, and for this reason, the Club cannot publicly endorse the scheme.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Complete.

CS>no action, so "complete" ????   the lack of Strategy, and the absence of experience & abilty within the offices of FSG/Lfc is therefore OBVIOUS, we should LEAD this scheme...but everyone is waiting for everyone else..!!


Question 7 from Laurie Whitehead, representing the Corporate Fans

LFC have successfully improved sponsorship arrangements. Ticket prices are seen by many as too high. Can sponsorship revenue be used to cut ticket prices?

Points raised: The short answer is no. The Club has 13 sponsors compared with the 35 enjoyed by Manchester United. Just like any business, the Club sets its budget and identifies revenue that can be invested in the team. Whilst the Club could use sponsorship to reduce ticket prices, this will be at the expense of player investment, which, in turn, will make the Club less competitive.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Closed.

CS>the FSG policy seems to back the youth academy development thus its questionable whether player investment would suffer, seems like another bit of BS! ...anyway L:fc should be promoting OWN label products , sadly Ian Ayres is only "competent" in Asia and missing global opportunities which could be realsie had Lfc USED OUR global supporters networks PROGRESSIVELY... (jnstead theye discriminate against us!)


Question 8 from Nasser Abbobakar representing International Fans (East)

Can 96 seats be kept empty at the forthcoming Wembley semi-final in commemoration of the 96 who died at the Hillsborough semi-final? This would obviously be subject to the wishes of the families and the various Hillsborough representative groups and campaigns.

Points raised: The Club's position is to liaise with the Hillsborough Family Support Group and determine what would be most appropriate. A meeting is planned and the matter will be discussed at that time with the output shared with the Committee.

Actions agreed: Share the output from the meeting with the Family Support Group with the Committee.

Status: Open.

CS> a negtive suggestion would be better to seat 96 members of the families of those victims - wearing "appropriate J4t96" t-shirts?  (shows me, AGAIN,  that Nasser is out of touch with core supporters!)

Question 9 from Tore Hansen representing the Official Supporters Clubs

It wouldn't be appropriate to discuss a new shirt design prior to it being officially launched however, we can say that the Hillsborough families Support Group have and will be consulted throughout the design process.

Points raised: Yes the families were consulted on the proposals and they have confirmed that they are happy with final design.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Open.



Question 10 from Abu Nasir representing the Ethnic Minority Supporters

What actions are the Club taking to address the recent racism issues, as this has left a negative impact and the Club is perceived by a number of organisations as not taking racism seriously and ignoring fans who were offended by the Club's inability to deal with the whole issue?

How will the Club enhance our reputation as a leader for addressing inequality and improve relationships with individuals, organisations and our diverse fan-base who were offended by the way the Club handled the incidents?

Points raised: The Club takes racism and inequality very seriously and continues to work with organisations such as Kick it Out, Show Racism the Red Card and the Anthony Walker Foundation. Going forward the Club will be working with Sporting Equals, a UK-wide sporting charity whose expertise is in equality and diversity, who will be reviewing the Clubs processes and practices with a view to identifying areas for improvement, where needed. The Committee recognises that the Club has done very well in this area. In turn, the Club recognises that it could do more to promote the good work it is doing in this area. The media were very negative over the recent on-pitch incident and the Club realises that it will take time to overcome the perception some people now have of Liverpool Football Club.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Closed.

CS> Abu Nasir is obviously Unaware of the multi-cultural Global REdS with several million worldwide, who in the main SUPPORTed Luis Suarez and were against the actions of the FA and found the Lfc "office" (FSG influenced) to be less than convincing in making the public aware of our (Supporters) global image
....the obvious distance between office and SUPPORTErs and lack of global experience of the committee is a weakness at times of "external stress" 


Question 11 from Jan Brown representing the Family Supporters

Is it true that the new home shirt will only last for one season?

Points raised: The new sponsorship arrangement with Warrior Sports will contribute significantly to the fortunes of Liverpool Football Club. The deal does mean that the home shirt will change each year, as is the case for other leading Premier League clubs. This arrangement won't necessary sell more home shirts per season, but merely create a balance of sales across all three.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Closed.

CS>more cash for FSG every Year, surprise, surprise! ;)


Question 12 from Stephen Kelly representing the Over 60s

Are there any further developments on drop-off and pick-up zones for the over-65s and disabled supporters?

Points raised: Following the last meeting, the Club wrote to the licensing authorities having identified additional drop off zones that the Club could manage. The licensing authorities are now in contact with the Highways Agency, the outcome of which is awaited by the Club. The Club will keep the pressure on for additional drop off zones and remains confident that additional provision will be in place for the start of the new season.

Actions agreed: Communicate outcome of Highways Agency decision with the Committee.

Status: Open.


Question 13 from Sam Armstrong representing the Female Fans

Will the Club commit to including more news about LFC Ladies and associated stories in the main news page of the website? Especially events such as the Girls Festival and profile raising articles about players and female staff to raise aspirations among young female fans.

Points raised: The short answer is absolutely. Within the communications department of the Club there is person responsible for maintaining a link with the ladies' team. The Club has started to feature news items of the Ladies' team attending community events with the first team players, which seem to have been well received. The Club is keen to create a photo opportunity featuring both the first team and ladies' team in advance of the new season. Additionally, there are ongoing conversations with LFCTV and the website administrators about enhancing coverage given to the ladies' team. The Club is committed to raising the profile of the ladies' team and will continue to review what is being achieved and how this can be improved.

Actions agreed: None.

Status: Closed.

CS> fine, as long as we remember that most of the Supporters follow Lfc because of the male SPORT, no "special" consideration should be given to the other gender, if it affects the main reason for our support!


Question 14 from Les Wright representing the Away Fans

Thomas Cook have advertised European away travel for fans wishing to follow Liverpool in Europe. Of the last 14 European away games advertised, Thomas Cook has provided transport for only 6 of the 14, with 3 of these being by coach. Cancelling an advertised flight causes anger amongst the fans and for those seeking alternative ways of getting to the match, it ads £100's onto the overall costs. Can the Club arrange a meeting with a Thomas Cook representative where a cross-section of fans can submit questions and provide real life experiences?

Points raised: The short answer is yes, a meeting can be arranged between fans and Thomas Cook. Cancellations by Thomas Cook are largely caused by them not getting enough bookings to make the flights financial viable. A meeting like this is not without precedent as one took place about six months into the sponsorship deal with Thomas Cook.

Actions agreed: The Club will invite representatives of Thomas Cook to a meeting and liaise with the Committee to agree a suitable date.

Status: Open.

CS> Thos cook are pure business, they choose the items that make THEM profit, Propose Supporters network alternative packages which are ALSOI available with a more economic cost , we have several million fans on the Net, USE that advantage!!


Question 15 from Paul Amann representing LGBT Supporters

Will LFC sign up to the city's Anti-Homophobic Bullying Strategy as a provider of Youth Clubs and educational facilities.

Points raised: The Club has not had yet read the document to which the question refers; it running to some 36 pages in length. Ian Cotton, Director of Communications, is happy to arrange a meeting between him and the HR department to which Paul Amman will be invited so a fuller understanding can be achieved of the content of the document and implications for the Club. The document has been adopted by all Merseyside Youth Associations, local authorities, schools, youth services, and others.

Actions agreed: Arrange a meeting for HR to review the meeting and invite Paul Amman to attend.

Status: Open.

CS>why cant Paul "brief" Lfc on the key issues so that it can be considered by the "committee" ?

Question 16 from Lewis Cubbin representing the U18s

PL clubs, including QPR have introduced separate ticket pricing for supporters who are aged between sixteen and twenty one.  In the city of Liverpool, which plays host to three universities, does the Club intend to follow a similar model or at the very least make going to the match going to the match easier for supporters in such an age bracket?

Points raised: The Club will be pleased to look into such a scheme, but will need to be confident that it can be monitored effectively so the scheme is not abused in any way. The Club will discuss with QPR in the first instance to determine the merits of their scheme and then come back to the Committee with its findings.

Actions agreed: Investigate viability of such a scheme and report back to the Committee on completion.

Status: Open.

CS>member cards with pictures?


Question 17 from Les Wright representing the Away Fans

Will the club (at director level) agree to meet to discuss health and safety issues at European away games? The purpose is to provide photographic, documented and video evidence to the club to better allow them to experience the difficulties faced by those following the Club abroad. This would cover a broad spectrum of games and incidents and investigate options for a club representative and tiered fans support network to be in place to deal with problems and issues as and when they arise.

Points raised: The Club is happy to open a dialogue and will consider who would best form part of any focus group to move the matter forward. The focus will need to understand types of issues that have been experienced in the past, but not dwell on these, and then determine a resolution that best serves the interests of the Club and fans going forward.

Actions agreed: Establish a meeting between the Club officials and representative(s) of travelling fans to determine the need and scope for a support network.

Status: Open.

CS>Why arent the issues "detailed" here, we will be travelling europe again next season, by the time of the next meeting an "incident" could have occured?


Closing remarks by Karen Gill, Chair of the Supporters' Committee.

"The Committee continues to engage in conference calls in between meetings and a steady flow of emails between each other. It was very sad with the passing of Paul Rice, both for the Committee and people who knew him personally. He will be a great loss and we did remember him yesterday at the start of our planning meeting. His position on the Committee has now been filled by Richard Pedder, who took part in the last conference call as a form of introduction to the rest of the Committee. It is hoped that he will be able to attend the next meeting with the Club. We feel we are making progress. It is difficult because we are the first Committee and we have lots of issues that need resolving, such as how we communicate with each other. There's lots of teething problems, but we are seeing progress, which is good and is encouraging. We have some issues around our profile. I've spoken to a number of people, and they don't know we exist. If we've got to represent the supporters, they've got to know that we're here." Raising our profile and what we represent will be a key focus of the Committee in the coming season."

CS> On what basis was R. Pedder appointed? by whom & how?  I have called for the "REPS" to   network their responsibilities through those candidates who were not appointed, but this was ignored... as stated above ("preamble" its IRONIC that Karen calls for "raising profile" when the committee meetings are neither TRANSPARENT, and notice / minutes of meetings published THREE weeks after the event..

mind you Lfc 's office has always been a mess, obviously to expect the committee, chaired by a "figurehead" rather than an effective manager, is just TOO MUCH?


Closing remarks by Ian Ayre, Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club

"It's definitely working as we envisaged it would. This is your committee, not ours. You can ask anything you want. And it's very important that we all understand that. I think Karen is right in that I've been here five years and we're still making progress. Rome wasn't built in a day. But, we are definitely improving in lots of areas. I think we will get to a point were we knock some of this stuff out of the way and I would encourage you, as we go forward, that this forum is a good opportunity to ask about things that fans just don't know about. Not always about 'can we fix this or that', but 'how does that work' or 'what do they do'. I would encourage some dialogue around such matters. There is simply nothing you can't ask."

- which areas are "improving"??? we can "ask what we want "  BUT it only gets "ayred" if YOU like it!!!! ;) like the USA you ban "dissent" *

- "knock some of this stuff out of the way"  (are you REALLY Managing Director of LIVERPOOL Football Club) ?

- In which aspects of the last five years have YOU made progress (that wasnt the work of Rafa or Kenny?)

- what good is a "forum" that YOU control and FSG dictate (as this obviously is)

- YOU Ian, have been party to discrimination against our members and done damage to chances of "dialogue" did you oppose the removal of Rafa? and WHY didnt YOU support OUR claims for shares when the club was in trouble or now,  to enable further funds for progess and OUR "involvement" in OUR CLUB????

*can the Board (bored?) of Lfc Learn the DIFFERENCE between "dissent" & DISLOYALTY??

its "directors like these" that forced Shanks to leave?
personal story@


  1. Can't really believe that Liverpool Football Cub's owner didn't attend yesterday's semi-final, and most importantly failing to attend today's Hillsborough service!! Disgraceful....
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun they dont own our club Frank, they just hold some paper ;)

    Martin Quirk We own the club, Frank, they're just key-holder
    John Harrison I was told they're thinking of pulling out of the club don't know if it's true or not?..

    Francis Lawton David Moores attended every game home and away, he never missed anything regarding LFC.....then what did he do? He sold us down the river to 2 charlatans who nearly brought our club to bankruptcy and demise. Why did he do it ? Because the o...

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun IF they wanna pull out give Supporters the share options! if ever there is a club that deserves to be in supporters hands ; its OURS!

    Francis Lawton I agree that we, the supporters, should 'own' the club. I like the Barcelona 'model'. At the end of the day owners like Fenway, are business men. Business men are in it for profit & glory nothing more. Baseball in the USA is a massive sport...
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun agreed, Like Barca we have several million fans worldwide, its defo do-able ! I said at the time the previous fraudsters were there that we didnt campaign in the right way to get shares, it should be done BY Lfc not SOS or any outside institution

  2. Neil Singleton We need to be getting into Asia big time! That's we're the money is, china a billion people, broadband as fast as us turning the tv over! If 100,000 of them payed a £1 to watch the match on laptops, phones.. There would be no one to touch us commercially.
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun Ayres is into Asia...but what did he do during the "war with G & H" WE have to identify what is good for Lfc (not for the sponsors..for me Ayres is too close to the money men...)they love him..
    Brian Duncan thats unbelievable he should have been there shame on u j.w h.
    Steve Harper This weekend should be one for remembering the '96,celebrating beating the blues.Seems to be more in the papers about horses dying,Lets save the moans for another day,We have enough other people to have a go at us,dont get the Mail but read a article by patrick collins in todays paper on yesterday's match,it is clear this man has a problem with Dalglish and LFC.
    Marie Buckley Disgraceful indeed excuses!!!
    Carla Hanratty Langstaff Pretty poor that, must not relise how raw it still is. X JFT96
    Kevin Melia If they think they can buy my respect with the £300million they put into the club – well they’re right! I can live without lip-service passion. They certainly put their money were their mouth is. But I guess you can always find something to bring to everyone’s attention and moan about. Their absence should have been left unreported – it’s not relevant, and may cause unnecessary heartache for relatives of Hillsborough victims.
    Steve Harper great comment kevin, we had a great victory,the people who needed to be at the service were there ,think hicks and gillette got booed for attending.
    Ray Thomson You don't know all the facts Frank...
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun No Kevin, it may not have needed reporting, but U will find in coming months its one of many aspects worthy of investigating the motives of FSG/NESV and their very slick "PR" including the fans 'committee" which is completely toothless and appointing Karen Gill a simple way of keeping any "dissent" distanced as they dont expect any critique that way, and btw it was 200 M. the the other (unreported) was secured by CREDIT Anfield statdium and Melwood, even G & H didnt do that, dont forget iit was the same broker who brought them to LFC as introduced G & H and...for me damning they only reacted to removing G & H / Purslow's poodle Hodgson when 10,000 didnt turn up at Anfield January 2011... Yes Ray, its possible that Frank dont know all the facts, but as yet no one does..thats going to change...