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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Klopp = Dr Evil of Lfc ... and Sabotaging ME

this is almost GUARANTEED to be censored by the fecking SG C1a=                                                                                                              Klopp = Dr Evil of Lfc ...  ????? :)

AS I watched the game v West Brom saturday

...enjoying the discomfort of Pulis, whose tactics have often “Bogeyed” Lfc teams in recent seasons, his teams sent out to bully and bustle and destroy and steal games from the few corners and free kicks their industry rewards...

The Reds team in the first 45 minutes reminded me of some the best “pass & move” teams from the dynasty of Shanks through Bob, Joe, Kenny , and Rafa.. allied with “pressing” opponents into error ...(REdnet) comments at half time

REdNeT @ half time and can it get much better than 2-0 against bogey Pulis team? fluid and beautifully simple , 1 each Mane and Phil , everyone is part of this = 8 attempts and 0 from wa 72 per cent possession.. pressing , pass & move, just like we used to..keep it up!.

but soon after the re-start the foot was coming off the accelerator and I could sense a disaster in the making
at full time (RedNet reaction)  " 

 REdNeT > ......................2nd half made a dramatic win, wasting many chances that Gave wba hope where there previously was none, nervous at the end ... Can a culprit and it seemed the team and fans ran out of energy on 70mins ,we know their tactics, our GK must learn to command 6 yard area,,, 3 points and 2-1 ( instead of 5-0 it should have been) ..please dont sin (!__yes, a deliverae spelling ) "we are gonna win the league" when we could have drawn the Game ...



I had a visitor from russia that night, who was not into football and in between explaining some peculiarities of my location, he had to collect his bag from the car, i refected on how to explain the “problem” without the BS or boriing ANAL ysis, of so many of the journos, football blogs and ex player pundits...

Lfc now reminds me of a spoof james Bond script , if you watch  “austin powers”  (after about 1min of these DR evil clips) 
HOW much I loved those iriginal Bond 007 films, but I always thought to myself, in so many “thrillers” how the villian always gave the “hero” a chance of escape by making a complicated drawn out death threat,,,
and of course , typically, the Hero, struggled but escaped...
WELL I always thought I and my REDS are the HEROES, and the opponents “evil” at least during the 90-120 minutes of league or Cup matches and We “escpaded”
BUT the perverse Dr, KLOPP seems to have perfected Brenda N’s attempts to frustrate me,
SATURDAY WAS SUCH a situation,,, after HAMMERING wba , (isnt that a boxing association, fittingly?) ....

in the first hour of the game , Lfc peppered the wba goal with shots, and missed it completely (hello Emre Can) too often after a brilliant move. And the “SPECTRE” (007 fans will understand) started to appear, its dark soul creeping into that game, wba started to benefit from the ebbing of Lfc palyers energy levels.. more of the ball, more free kicks, then corners with Pulis rule number 1, ...obstruct the goalie...  I wanred before the game that so far neither choice , Mignolet nor Karius assures me anythign like as mcuh as the disposed Pepe Reina, (a Lfc/Fsg mistake to match any of the poor , sometimes bizare, transfer “policy” decisions)
GK may be the one reason Lfc do NOT win the league. Otherwise there is no raeson we shouldnt take the league title , apart from the SPECTRE of Dr (evil) Klopp.....  
editing note,,, if you dont appreciate irony, then you wont appreciate silvery or Goldy (with apologies to Baldrick)


Since I survived a meningitis induced coma , as a young man, I have done my best to challenge society and violations of peoples lives by government offcials, and others, I am no messiah (“ i ‘m a naughty boy “ ) but having been given a 2nd chance of life..I have done my best to make the most of it, one advantage has been to lose fear, and state my truths, to say what I mean  and mean what I say,  whatever the consequences, yes I often stand alone (but still with “hope in my heart” )... the lyrics of YNWA need to be felt not just sung....(too fast)

so it seems after 6 years of SABOTAGE of every aspect and every project or relationship, I now am informed our trainer has been “distracted” 

... I have lodged (“on hold’) this complaint, which is local AND global, because it almost certrainly applies to where you live and the society you allow :  


(at the International court, awaiting application, on my signal)

Open Letter to International court
cc: (see email bc)
ref :  "govt. laws and rules, but no equality of chance or justice in MNE"

Having lodged incidents of HR violations at the ECHR, I have investigated the social and
foootball environment thoroughly after 6 years "research" in the Balkan region.
Report overview;
* the Montenegrin FA (FSCg) is unable or unwilling to punish corrupt or fraudulent individuals.
* "cronyism" and BLATANT bias exists throughout the society at all levels.
* the OSCE employees are incompetent. COMMUNICATIONS are still obstructed!
* officials and officers of all institutions are corrupt or at least apathetic.
* Associates involved in opposition or alternatives are also "profiled"
There is a significant damage to youth opportunities, and repetitive violations of HR!

The details apertaining to the above have been sent to our office for PUBLIC MEDIA release
depending on subsequent events or by the known deadline.
e & o e
Smith C.R.
NGOra action group (Balkans)
F & U Mission


  1. this would be great (if f s g dont rent or sell them!) hope Klopp keeps true to this idea! remember when Shanks used to be able to say we have TWO GREAT teams in Liverpool, ; Lfc first team AND Lfc central league team .... :)