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Saturday, May 28, 2016

160528 REdNET review; opening the bootroom ; NOT "being Liverpool" (2015/2016)

 CS> anyone who ever (truly) reads these SCLOGs rather than scans for trolling, will know whats coming ... :) 

the root cause IS F S G ... money badly spent, constant change of staff, poor transfer politics ; 


and that when YOU compare JK with Brent says much ; Lfc coach should be compared against Bob , Joe or even Kenny (sacked after finding a winner in his only full season (part 2) the only trophy achieved, in 6 previous seasons, and but for a disallowed goal, might have won 2 cups that year! ; but 8th WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the "infestors" )

 (NO one can compare to Shanks, he WAS the "messiah") 

 JK with a strong team will win many more games but will get "caught" by the likes of Huddink, and Emery (Guardiola & shudder...maureen at mancs! will be even easier to hate them , ha ha ) because they will change tactics too for the final last week .(uefa trophy 18may in Basel)

.. as I said before that game was crying out for LUCAS to fill the huge HOLES in the middle...but buying players who dont know Lfc culture wont help

I like JK, he is a good coach, and may be great some day, but Lfc cant afford more "transitional seasons"  its now 6 years since they dumped Rafam who had a 10 year plan..

... the "holy trinity" culture has gone, and JK for all his charisma dont understand in the way Shanks did,

They are messing with his Spirit , moving Shanks Gates , "this is Anfield" sign and,, the Memorial,,,bad Karma!
 .... you just cant tell fans not to come to Basel, and PLEASE dont compare the devil (Fergie) to John Lennon! :)…/jurgen-klopp-deserves-criticism-for…

15/16 Squad ; BOOTROOM comments;

 the GOOD , *TEAM) or the bad ..or ugly?

The Europa Final was as per my pre-match comment,..  a question of which Lfc Team turns up..

well we got both..

In the first half, even though Sevilla started better, before half time the opponents were " lost" the referee saved Sevilla from going in 2 or 3 = 0 down  ..rather than Lfc s  slim 1-0 lead

My biggest worry is that anyone in Football who had watched Lfc knew the team selection..the same as punished VillaReal 3-0 ; 

.....but had been "exposed" (as Klopp virtually admited to the press) JK claimed Lfc , were "ready"  for the final, WRONG. they collapsed, it was a reversal of the "Istanbul miracle" ..
Emery's team stole the game in 20 minutues from H=T . and "Lfc fans" were not strong enough to react, .. neither were the players.

Jk must accept the blame, for 2 main weaknesses , the left side of defence, MoreNO has been faulty defensively before and after Klopp became head coach.. as hazard had, teams running through the centre v Arsenal had also at Anfield earler in the season..

I liked it when Milly was slotted in at LB , instead of Alberto, against the Mancs,..Id have given Skrtel more chances , as he was the ONLY solid defender before JK took over. Despite a constantly changing defence.

Can is a "full throttle" disciple of Jk, and Klopp must be wary of avoiding favourite status for Can as BRent did with Joe "the Hobbit" who has often selected in front of better players, Allen , for me, is a squad player, ideal for "securing " a result..


For me, a key man, is LUCAS, i am convinced that rather had use him as a "utility" Klopp should have given him a role, in key games, especially away, AND in the final, as "protector"...

so, heres my "bitter player review" ,,,with appropriate irony..
No, is a good shot=stopper on his day, but I compare always with Reina; (who was forced out by BR/fsg!) any goalie can and will make errors but must COMMAND the six yard area, if not the pen box, Mig. is a big guy, but still not right coming off his line, I would have given Ward more time, and if JK dont bring back Pepe , who has pin-point distribution, dont complain about goals conceded!

Maybe, Solid , and reliable , as a defender, is more important than spectacular..

YES , usually solid defensively, if he learns to be more decisive in attacking positions, rather than taking a backwards choice, or delaying a ball into the box, could be better, but gives Lfc mostly what you want from a RB.

Maybe , Deserves a new chance, if he gets back his form could be the Rb or LB solution, needs game time,

Maybe, as wing half , is not reliable enough as a defender,  in back 4 , if Lfc play 5-3-2 maybe a place but not guranteed.

Maybe, gets forward well, needs experience; not sure if his defensive abilty is good enough, yet!

Yes, has improved, it seems with JK s backing has found more confidence and stability, arguably first choice CB!


Did well at times, but can be exposed if strikers are allowed to run at him. Has experience, but I cant help than wonder why Lfc didnt do more to Keep Stevie , at same age.

WAs sound earlier in the season, (MotM at Arsenal etc) but got crocked at Watford, during his struggle to get back
into form, fans made Toure and Sakho "cult figures" and biased Journos made him "unpopular"  it seems that he, no surprise, now wants to leave, and thats a shame.

YES....... is stll on his way back ; following 2 serious long term injuries, which also says a lot about his mentality..
IMO I would have him in the team every game, at least in the big ones, and especially away to protect the defence
he can play as holding or from CB position, one of the few players to outshine YAYA at his peak...important.

YES.. Didnt make it back into the UEFA final team, has had injury struggles this last season, at his best is a good
if not exciting midfielder, Had good games, and others where I expected more, I am not convinced he has the ability to be the sort of Capt that leads the Liverpool way.

YES,,JKs "favourite" ?  needs to get "dirty" I dont mean fouling, but looks like hes off to a fashion show after the game,
going forward can impresses, for a big man must get his head in where it hurts, should be winning at corners etc.
still learning, needs to improve defensive positioning.

Yes, highly talented, when on form is a match - winner, went off the boil, still quite young , perhaps the  expectations
put him under too much presuure, his inconsistency is a reflection of the team. Which Phil will turn up?

Yes,  Highly talented, but similar to above, if he was as clinical in front of goal as Studge usually is,
he could be the star of the league, similar situ as Phil..inconsistent..

Maybe...  is Phil version 2.00 .. surprising he didnt get more match time at the end of the season.

Yes,  Sharp midfielder, all round talent, passing, shooting, tackling.. needs more match time..

Yes, although I didnt agree with "new boy" being made stand in capt., but as the season wore on, put in some incredible efforts, in fact I would have slotted him in at Lb again rather than risk MoreNO, team player, who gives his all..

maybe... scored a great goal at W.Brom, but can be awful with passing and final ball/cross.. talented,
but like too many ; inconsistent..

Yes, as with Lovren, has improved with JK, who favours him, and like Milly, puts in a decent shift, has started to shoot more often, and..
when the "pressing game" is possible, he can cause opposing defences problems, showing more  talent on the ball, this season..

Maybe, if Lfc wanted his type of "plan B" why did BR want Andy to go...? diffiult to make a difference with justa few mins left in the game,
hasnt looked the player that Lfc obviously "expected".

Yes, When fit, world class.. should not be allowed to play for england until completing a full season for Lfc!

Yes, a big lad, in the "Stevie mold" could be the answer if he cant transfer his young talent from Red Stars champion team
to the english league...

Not sure, taking other examples, (Lovren etc) very few CBs can come straight into english league football..
or the Lfc team , and immediately perform, I hope fans dont "over expect"

More at
Memories to sooth the soul...

NOT "Being LIVERPOOL" ??? 
 1. ,, 

first time i "bothered" to watch this,,, disregard the BR or JwH & Werner BS,, ,,, 
*they canned Kenny after one full season, for only coming 8th, a cup and narrow (disallowed goal) FA cup final defeat,,, !!
if only Brent was as strong as his words,,! ,,nice bits of Stevie and Lucas/Luis at home... especially shows Lucas coming back after long injury,..he woudl be my current capt...but...
was Andy gven enough chances , inspite of Brents "supporting words"..?

some of the "methods" of BR are sound...but ..
not sure splitting squad with a"world cup" helps... but seeing Carra with yoga was amusing..
a fair exchange , the red sox shirt for a standard out of the shop stevie 8 ha ha !


 watching this I 'm mindful of JK,,,i hope he and the fans dont get carried away, he is also "learning"  and this TV thing probably did BR no favours.. every thought , decision and so on broadcast, Klopp is another "media Man"

 ... one of the reasons I prefer managers like Bob, Joe, Kenny or Rafa, they kept/keep their own council.. no opposing manager was informed.. the only one who was "big enough" to carry himself and the club and the expectation of supporters was Shanks , and even he found a time when it was "enough"  ...

 Klopp seems able to handle the pressure , but , he hasnt seen the dark side of fans and the english media fully yet.. i wish him luck...
..players posing for chevvy... no comment... :)

Daniel Craig, ...  the friendlies in N,America that summer needed 007's shooting ability?


When BR caled Joe (the hobbit) the "WElsh Xavi" it was a big mistake, its bad enough if fans make the early claims or media comoaring nearly always turns bad, and i also accused BR of selecting Allen too many times when off form in front of hendo and Lucas back then,...

features segment of George talking about reaction to Hillsborough..

and.. good to see Danny Agger... although he had injury worries BR pushed him out far too early, when U consider how many games Toure played for Lfc this past season, he must be sick,...great player,,,when fit he and Skrtel were a formidable CB pairing..


the 3 envelopes,,, hmmmm

looking at the team bus, bit of a dark mood, I dont think that is so Good for players....
the work should be left behind on the training ground, so that its "automatic" in their DNA so that they dont think too much... I  felt BR over -complicated a simple game...
(JK may be the reverse!) :)

IMO ... BR shows his naivety by letting them bring cameras into the dressing room, a new cosch and players dont need that.. it creates a "sureal" atmosphere,  u cant have "reality TV" because the mere presence of Tv changes the "reality"... people react differently ..players and BR are not above that!
,,and its bad "karma"....


Nice window into Pepe s family , a definate loss for not only the team (his part in defence and pin-point distribution cant be under-valued ) but his positivity in and around the club, a good man, badly treated,  BR/fsg negociated his removal without discussion after 8 years with Lfc....

Kirby says " we should never drift away from Shanks vision" 

but that the effect of G & H and f s g  (henry) commercialized ; in the top 10 richest clubs in europe.  but so many changes in staff , the removal of the 2 best managers of the last 30 years; Kenny and Rafa ; replaced by media men . BR and a "woy" who will never understand our culture, Klopp is learning but Lfc have had far too many "transitions" in recent years.. the heart is a man having too much surgery...


The game v Citeh, 2-2 and It seems to me that BR is not talking to the team , he is talking to the Tv audience.. 
the transfers ;   Adam , Jay and Andy out
Sahin, Hobbit, Yesil, Assaidi & Borini  IN ... hmmmm ( missed Dempsey)     says so much about recent transfer policies

and Cameron, of all people, telling that Thatchers govt. and her police and media were wrong in 89 means nothing,  there wont be "Justice" because no one will ever  pay the price of losing a child (or 2) ,,but the TRUTH is known.. and thats the achievement of "J4t96" campaign .. 

WE Never walk alone.....

p.s IF JK succeeds in strengthening the heart of Lfc, IMO Henry and f s g have to give him control of players in and out... if they do , Lfc have a chance,, look at Leivester;  its not about money , its about the combined strength and ability of the people in the club,  as Shanks said " forget the Directors, they are only there to sign the cheques" , or in JwHs case sell the club to us

.. yes I can dream too....

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