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Monday, March 13, 2017

some way through the madness ... fake new & FUBAR media

I feel like i MUST grab the shoulders of almost every one of the people (often sheeple) on this planet.,..

self appointed royalty and such once ruled the masses , or religious leaders directed the sheeple one way or another, then industry took over, made then slaves to factories, politicians on one side or the other dissected the planet , so you have more fences than intelligent people....  and now the media, whether is "social" (its anti-social !)  or "mainstream' (mainSCREAM) ... people are filled up with rubbish so they dont have time to ask,  ....why?  and worse they dont even know WHY they should ask!

is mickey mouse in the white house?,

  i grew up in Liverpool and London as a kid when JFK was being murdered by the USA...!  

The media,  i started to respect , was the reputation of the BBc which is now a slightly better spoken version of CNN, no compliment.. goon radio and monty python pulling the establishment apart...whilst "all the presidents men" impressed me that someone would risk life and career to expose corruption at the highest level..

now they read all your emails, block anti-fa , and vote right wing extremists and nazties into power ...    N A T O ? = NO ta ,  ridiculous hypocrisy of blaming russia for that which the USA/UK have been doing for decades..

I believe in #NONEoftheabove BUT, that infiltrated with those who just want to tell us the obvious, that TRUMP, as with almost all politicians inUSA, UK, Russia, France , Germany, Austria, Hungary  and Balkans  etc etc are CORRUPT or..neglectful!!!

the USA had Macarthy witch=hunts (organised by which C&NTS?) now they have propaganda investigations by people who live for propaganda and spread FAKE news gloablly to feed their "new world order"  ... Turkish PM calls NL a banana republic,  ..well you live in a "banana world",, you are  lost... in translation.. if there is a word which dwarfs "ridiculous" i cant think of it ...

this BS from 
Cardo Westar, posted in None of the above.
Cardo Westar
March 12 at 11:06pm
My new slant on current administration is the CYA theory (cover your ass) now while Trump has made so many promises he also is setting up blame direction just in case his crystal ego gets cast in unappealing light.
The Muslim ban- CYA if any major tragedy happens and he DOESN'T get his ban under just the right conditions he will have excuses and blame direction galore.
Healthcare- CYA let Ryan attempt to pass his weakly supported bill because honestly they can't figure out a for sure way out of the dillemma without breaking major eggs. Everyone shoots down Ryan's bill now he has CYA'd for any futrue health crisis forseeable.
Energy Projects- CYA the rumor mill is the bubble will pop on energy pricing again and shortly we should expect price to climb near where they were when everyone was in crisis mode (late Bush W years) with projects in development and other projects getting shot down again any foreseeable crisis he will be able to claim he was attempting prevention.
First 4 years set up all the CYA you can for the debates leading to 5-8.
How long are they going to procrastinate a true independent investigation of all things trump (turkey,indonesia,russia,azerbaijan etc.?
Till they are done cherry picking just who is investigating thats when.
Shit makes Benghazi look like cupcakes.
Chris>  where were you when all the previous presidents were lying to people and spreading war & pollution?

The people in USA are the worse wasters of energy, what did you do about this?

Sure investigate TRump,.  AND Clinton,  and Bush (x2) AND Reagan and and because they are ALL crooks, no better than tricky dicky... since 50 years.. the USA led TITANIC  corrupted & polluted the air, land, water and minds of children worldwide,,,  

IF you stopped paying tax to a system that makes WAR a million times more funded than health I would beliueve you are intelligent BUT NO one on this planet is honest,,,, 

Media in LIVERPOOL is also FUBAR!!

  BS! clubs promote sponsors who feed this addiction, hypocrits in sport2

when did all the people at Lfc , dismiss that betting is a vice!! ????

The agenda of the poor hacks in what i call "mainscream" ... is blatant,,,
the business or politics sponsors their existence , they are slaves, rumour fills their "headlines"  its no different at the Liverpool Echo , or the New York times.. IDEPENDENT REPORTING is DEAD!

 "Facebook policy chief: social media must step up fight against extremism"
then u get this ......" Fakebook  macathyism"  the system using paranoia so , just as the Nazties did during the holocaust,, to alienate anyone  who states a view opposite than the "american dream/global nightmare"  desires!!!


or they just publish what is "popular"  whatever will bring the money in , ..its full of sh&te , its FAKE...  my mate Jonathan Pie rants... but within his rants are more truths than a million different media articles now,,

at what was our club..
 (we have over 30 million registered members on the net) bigger than many nations with an impact on a game that affects most of the youth on the planet, diectly or indirectly, and where are their values,,, money talks,  betting and boozing and winning at all costs is the example to your kids!

  and the echo,  due to criticism of the USAcorp who INFESTED our club have a mini agenda to dampen down support for an ex-manager..

Elaine Tuttle posted in LIVERPOOL FC WE DARE TO DREAM.

Elaine Tuttle
March 12 at 3:13pm

H enry & co will have to go, because they wont accept someone like Rafa and thats why I doubt Jk is...

REd AlieN

Mar 12
@LivEchoLFC @RedAndWhiteKop @RAWKeditor @EuRED09 .. echo dont check that its you're not your when writing "whether youR(!) at anfield or.


Would you take £25m for Daniel Sturridge?

= cash ? or to my swiss numbered a/c ? LMAO ..anyway ALL the Lfc money goes to benefit USAcorp. so NO!

 my reaction to all this fake.... (btw Lfc scraped a 2-1 v burnley yesterday)
Christopher Richard Smith added a photo in AEFAN ; Alternative European Football ASSOCIATIVE NETWORK.
Christopher Richard Smith
March 13 at 11:27am
thanks & congratulations to all those teams who have started non league / 6 a side / or street footy leagues all over europe.. "grass roots football" and #eurofootyleague via AeFaN is growing,,,;)
thanks & congratulations to all those teams who have started non league / 6 a side / or street footy... without profit...for the LOVE OF THE GAME!



  2. there is the duty to care
    and the chance to dare

    only the old forget
    the people one has met

    selfish beings inhabit this earth
    do not know what is worth

    pollute each other with greed
    and say , "its what I need"

    me me me , is all I hear
    its ok to shed a tear

    be happy in what you do
    butremember i am connected to you

    we are all one,
    in the rain or under the sun.


  3. I dont hate a street! :) a strip of concete didnt do me any harm,..... :)

    but the illusion continues to fool the global society into thinking "wall street" is real.....

    but the sheeple need to understand that this casino is manipulated like a fixed roulette wheel, ist an illusion, and set up so always the broker/ywankers win their commission,

    and when they feck it up stupid tax payers bale them out , and its always going to be FUBAR, because,,, you cant continually inflate without an explosion.. wake up!

  4. ake ! they and u are all fake! (NONE of the above!)
    some way through the madness ... fake new & FUBAR media
    · March 13 at 4:39pm

    Cardo Westar > This is not news media- this is an opinion group- wtf are you even saying? We comment on media here we don't report it. Your fake accusations are the only phony bologna I see.

    Rich Owen > Trying to be a troll perhaps, REDNET-ALIEN, smudge pot is truth though. LMFAO.

    Cardo Westar > Just a pathetic attempt at trolling and reposting my content somewhere else (an extremely chumpy basic looking forum)
    We are not news therefore we cannot be fake news, someone thinks they are a republican justice warrior.

    Rich Owen > From the looks of that site, it could be his, foggy brain syndrome from across the pond.

    Cardo Westar> One of the chumpyiest little scrap shack forums I've ever seen.
    Rush whacko nut job.

    Rich Owen Alex Jones groupie.

  5. u are so easily manipulated to hate each iother! steeple!