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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Turning Shanks RED into Blue , green white , and yellow

what we were:  together in success OR empathy! 
Blue:- not only our scouse neighbours but  money people : cold & "Blue blooded"
green: =the naive sheeple fans who SWALLOW all "mainscream" media  BS!
white : they give up and "surrender" title hopes , sometimes before it starts.
Yellow  :  cowards who can only stab good supporters & intentions in the back..

Yes I am a Shankly boy,  a kid on the kop, losing my shoes as my small frame got surfed across it as attack after attack met with a rib crushing wave of passion and pure support and love, the holy trinity of REDS Manager, players and supporters were won,..

 fast forward to now,.  and a reflection of the SELFISH , money oriented lifestyles that just about evryone I know has enslaved themselves to..     if you spell the opposite of LIVE  =  its EVIL...  and the last 10 years have been CURSED by the wrong mentality in the (USA dominated) boardroom, the @modern selfish fanbase and the mercenary players... a simple reflection of the life you lead outside the stadium or away from live games on TV, in pubs or at homes...

25,000 kids are dying DAILY from selfish distribution of resources, whilst your governments produce and sell more weapons (renewed every year!!!!) with finances that could feed the planet , and then some..

Football IS more "important than life or death " BUT, not in the way Shanks meant... some fan nies spend hours criticising, negatively discussing, insulting fellow supporters (WITHOUT a single constructive solution! btw...) but spent less time deciding their govt. should build a wall to keep out child migrants & refugees or VOTED "Brexit"  so that more political WALLS can keep out "the others"  ... 

None of you are @christian"" so WHAT "culture" are you protecting ????

NOT ONE GOVERNMENT Applies these fully  since WW2!!




  2. contradictions & spin,.. Broughton : " iI think there was a discussion,......I think we look legal advice" ..etc ... they are all in the fake biz club,.. "scorpions in a bucket" is the phrase that comes to mind. when I Look at all the " players" in this article.. 10 years of the USA corporates involvement in Lfc = net less than 20 million a year on players and shipped out the best, one 2nd class trophy in 10 seasons, and so much propaganda that it could be renamed Lying fc ... no wonder theres no luck on the field , so much negative karma they brought(on) !