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Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of a lifetime , six and sick as Stevie closed the door on a club "CULTURE" thats NOW poor..

NO words for this......
End of a lifetime , six and sick as Stevie  closed the door on a club "CULTURE" thats NOW so poor.. 
Me @ Istanbul....when we still believed in OUR CLUB>>
Its Goodbye from him 


C 1 A 0h from me.....!

Stevie played his last game , at the weekend,  its taken Me until today, to watch the game and collect my feelings...  such is the state of the CLUB i Loved...
That Charlie Adam, (who should have been red-carded twice in the opening minutes) and Crouchie, both former players  ,were involved in the the final nail on the coffin, was significant , as  so many good things have gone OUT of our CLUB..

and  the core of Lfc is BAD... I would almost say EVIL, as the arch-typical enemy of our socialist orgins , John W*****  Henry and his f ecking Selfish G... uys "committee"  signed over 40 players , only one of whom ; Phil, (Coutinho._) .and maybe Hendo, of the quality expected of our club..
I know its not the same but I can only suggest it must compare and feel like my wife has been raped before my very eyes, time and again,  look who  has left since the disease called "U S A" got their hooks in our love..

AND PLEASE DONT TELL ME THEY SAVed us, they didnt pay anything for Lfc which should be worth a BILLION! ...and...

ANY HALF DECENT BUSINESS MANAGER WITH A CUSTOMER BASE OF OVER 30 MILLION WOULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB THAN THE MONEY VULTURES OF THE US of A...   still the fannies and cloned followers of f s g  think footy is like some video game...just buy and sell players and they perform to "stats"..
THis is the Language Henry & F s G dont understand..
MANAGEMENT  of  an entity as LIVERPPOL takes more than selecting players , or selling shirts  and tickets,  soaking up the TV money or taking on (US) sponsors (who actually benefit more than the club..

WE , the Supporters ;  who started chanting and singing on Shanks KOP,
  MADE the club famous as part of his "holy trinity"  ..that SPIRIT is gone, in the "me me me " commercial and money obsessed media generation,  Henry chose Brenda because a) he wont argue with the SLY tv reporters and b) he  is young and media - friendly...after all,what did G & H OR does Henry - Werner know about sustaining a magical club like OURS......was!
to... .the biggest problem is that the majority of fans just dont get it, they still scream for more transfers ,,,and thats just more waste on non top players.. I m sick and tired of hearing "supporters" moan and do nothing,,,,we had a chance before Henry got his hooks in our club.. now look at the last game at Anfield , apart from some loyalty to Steve, a group of cockneys *again( out sung the Kop,  an idiot flys a "trust in Brenda" banner , instead of a "thank you Stevie ... f s g havent and wont get a penny of my money but unfortunately far too many fools get suckered into 3 new kits and advance tickets sales , every season.. and the USA sponsors who profit from the reputation WE MADE... as I have written many times, "people get the society they deserve " the middle class fans now are getting the Lfc their apathy and stupidity deserves! , thanks anyway!!!  I am outa here,,,after a lifetime .. i just cant , wont do it anymore..

& mis-managed Glen going too ..probably >?
Just reflect on the high Quality, on and OFF the field thats been lost to us, since the Yan Kers first got their  dirty hooks in our club...
Rafa (forced out mid-contract by G & H) , Torres, Alonso, Mascherano, Mcparland, Rudolfo, through Pepe, Agger, Arbeloa, Carra, ...Kenny (more than legend, sacked mid-contract by Henry)  Luis Suarez , who lost faith in the aims of the Lfc Board.. and , because they insulted him by failing to offer a contract extension last summer...the one and only STEVEN GERRARD,,,  also irreplacable.

This is NOT a "reaction" to the 6-1 disgrace at Stoke, (Stevie being the only one likely to reverse the rot, making runs, creative and scoring the only goal) ... I have been saying, writing and complaining since BEFORE Moores SOLD OUT to G and H... that WE must stop this demise... we didnt and i am sick and tired of it... I beleieve I can IDENTIFY HOW SHANKS FELT WHEN HE LEFT LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB  IN 1974... "like going to the electric chair" ..  this feels worse, like dying of a disease that eats me away... I have to leave...after a lifetime... with Stevie....

Stevies last at Anfield..?
.. the aerial banner said "in rodgers we trust"  ??  who cares about him, hes nobody the cockney scum insulted Stevie .. they chanted  " win Feck all" ... was/is the truth of
Henrys f s g infested Lfc....
Like the last day of the Standing KOp..  the result wasnt the issue... Stevie is  and was ...

Stevie G.. an emotional moment as I told the lad in the Pub last night.. is the only surviving Spirit that true REds can identify with and  exposed the lack of passion and fight in the rest of the team.. (although Skrtel and Lucas, who should have been one from the start,,,showed a bit.  )

fan nies who claim players like CAN(t) who has many holes in his game or Lovren who got bullied by the palace forwards , with Raheem struggling to show the sharpness of his earlier season games, Hendo is no "Captain" ..Phil was targeted and subdued by palace,,,who fought hard and (again) proved to rodgers that possesion isnt going to win games// ... 

Stevie fought, and were it not for  bobbled pass might have saved the day,  palaces fans shamed much of the middle class and tourist-fans who fill todays Anfield  by out singing the KOP for too much of the game, reflecting their teams advantages,  though the Support was strong and emotional at the start and end..

When WE supported our Team and were part of the TRUE "holy trinity" of Shanks , the team, and support..  WE were all SOCIALIST .. not the political sort but the sort that looked after each other.. and shared. good and bad..

one more game , on by birthday weekend.. and I am gone too... concentrate on local footy and kids, if the morons dont sabotage this too..



All the BULLsh*te came to my head on sunday, whilst watching the PLASTIC CHAMPIONS , who like Cameon and Bush represent all that is BAD about the sheeple of this planet, the soul sold for commercial gain, the US ELESS of  A... not enough ,that they pollute  the air , water, land , food and MINDS of the world population wit their selfish & hypocritical "new world order" they poison the "peoples beautiful game" and OUR CLUB...
without dignity the blue clad morans insult Gerrard , who is 100 classes above the plastic herd of cockney fans and their mercenary whores led by the BIGGEST whore of them all ... Maureen..  Jose pretending to be "kind " and complimentary to Stevie..
if they had ANY "class" they would have honoured Gerrard  before the game, but they are plastic ..and I would even rather share a bevvy with a manc than one of these plastic whores,., but the "Office" at Lfc is hardly better

Brent should have left Stevie ON the field, he was the one charging, and apart from Phil,  (whose runs and shots with Right foot are become easier for defenders to read) Stevie was the only RED likely to win this game... BR dont get it, and soon we will be without the miracle worker that Gerrard often was/is.
Hendo wasnt affecting play, hes a decent player, but not enough for a captain of LIVERPOOL, Lucas is a more mature player, and should have replaced Hendo.
btw ////feck U ! Abramovic..!!!   another idiot..with more money than brain cells... :)
BR "managing expectations" again (f s g style) and getting the fan nies to see IBE as Raheems "replacement"
..the problem is the clubs in the wrong hands, wrong mentality and BR has to take a share of the responsibility, U can be a "manager" if u dont control which players suit the team, big problem of too many players coming in to Lfc squad and too many changes unsettles the bonding of a TEAM, f s g dont get it, and too many (so called() experts influencing,, thats why they wont have someone like Kenny or Rafa, because the f s g way is to have NO stoing characters running the club.. there U go the media today too... SL> Saturday's Paper Talk (sporting life, Daily express) "Martin Skrtel's Liverpool future makes plenty of headlines in Saturday's Paper Talk"...."Martin Skrtel has revealed his contract talks at Liverpool have been put on hold until the summer. "
its this sort of F s g type sh&te that makes me feel sick about our club,,
Martin is far ahead of any other defender, but of course he was a "Rafa Red"  pre Brent/ henry & f s g so was always going to be "out" sooner or later.
last words??
Jane Corbridge >  Really sad reading 😑
Chris Smith-Mypod > sad and angry that "WE" allowed it....I warned "SoS" almost 10 years  , Its not that I could have bought 2 large family houses with the money I wilingly spent on supporting Lfc, its that this demise was so predictable, and even "the most intelligent fans in the world"  didnt stop it getting this bad, when we had the chance to take it over, the people of LIVERPOOL must take the blame... ( 3 billion pounds invested in the "capital of culture".. 08) what is more CULTURAL than protecting what WAS the truly PEOPLES club??//

I think that I would prefer to invest in Afc Liverpool...and NOT feed the cash monsters that INFEST Lfc...

more TIA brentsh&te at...

MY response....

ChriS> so your opinion isnt worth much if u prove yourself wrong inside a coupe of months, what brentsh&te u spout, the problem of "managing expectations" via Lfc boardroom and media..dumbing down fans not to expect the title but to be "happy with 4th" ..we shouldnt seee it as a dream, 12 points off the lead as i write,, TIA isd full of fan nies and f s g clones, get some balls and go for it.. BRent is not a manager he is a half decent coach , and a novice learning , but we pay for his education and for having f s g and their cash intentions INFESTING our club, wake up! ..having said that thanks to Phil and the boys...was nice to do the best team from manchester sunday! :)  
Phil : one of the few things GOOD about MY last season with Lfc,,,

ChriS-EuRED ‏@EuRED09
Montenegro@RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @WellRedMagazine ...4th,? we should always aim for Number 1

Therefore,  I shall invest my pocket money ("disposable income) with local kids footy,..
Play Beautiful Football in the WILD>>>

Play Beautiful Footbal in the WILD>>> @ REdAWN LiVE R BIRDS
Using the idealogy of Shanks, and methods of Rafa..

Team first
"Pass and Move"  when your teama mates have the ball.. get into space , and WANT it
*Press when ball lost, pick up the nearest player , then look backwards to make sure their attackers are "Marked"
*Use english , to confuse the opposition? :)
"Mark up"  cover one of the opponents players
"Man on" =  (someone behind U)
"wall"   when I pass to U , apss back to me
"far post"  or "Near post"
"covered"  (I am protecting U)

* Talk  .. help each other and ask for the ball WHEN in a good position (dont when NOT)
*Train keep ball,  team 5 v 5 .. has to keep the ball
* move as Unit,  attack together,, defend together  = TEAM
* Dribble when there is no team mate "open"

* Tackle , strong without fear,,  (watch opponents, if they have one favourite foot, cover it)
* Train in dark  to help communications
*TRain using weak foot only.
I will be closing .....

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