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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Steven Gerrard shames the "plastic champions" at the Rent Blues shack/ and other moneyA&&holes


All the BULLsh*te came to my head on sunday, whilst watching us against the PLASTIC CHAMPIONS , who like Cameon and Bush represent all that is BAD about the sheeple of this planet, the soul sold for commercial gain, ...the US ELESS of  A... is not enough ,that they pollute  the air , water, land , food and MINDS of the world population wit their selfish & hypocritical "new world order" they poison the "peoples beautiful game" and OUR CLUB...

witout dignity the blue clad morans insult Gerrard , 

who is 100 classes above the plastic herd of cockney fans and their mercenary whores led by the BIGGEST whore of them all ... Maureen..  Jose pretending to be "kind " and complimentary to Stevie.. had BR left him on the field I felt Stevie would be the one to "steal it"  with a last minute strike or pen..

if they had ANY "class" they would have honoured Gerrard  before the game, but they are plastic

 ..and I would even rather share a bevvy with a manc than one of these plastic whores,., 

but the "Office" at Lfc is hardly better

cheating Diego wasnt on, (his stamps doesnt get redcarded!!).. 

I BE  was .., but little effect,,,


Brent should have left Stevie ON the field, he was the one charging, and apart from Phil,  (whose runs and shots with Right foot are become easier for defenders to read) Stevie was the only RED likely to win this game... BR dont get it, and soon we will be without the miracle worker that Gerrard often was/is.
Hendo wasnt affecting play, hes a decent player, but not enough for a captain of LIVERPOOL, Lucas is a more mature player, and should have replaced Hendo. and Lucas is a more mature player than Hendo ..or Skrtel (but ,  of course these arent Brent/f s g players

btw ////feck U ! Abramovic..!!!   another idiot..with more money than brain cells... :)

Home of the Plastic ChUMPS, Abramos rent blues...

I am angry with someone who asks to be my friend then treats me as " a .n. other" . its easier when everyone is an "honest enemy" ..... and I am  angry with someone else I trusted , who needed help,   well, I "helped" about a Dozen local people in recent years,,,only ONE (Margareta) seemed appreciative,,  I dont LIVE just to GIve , I help people in the hope they will make a positive contribution to local or global society, but they dont, they just use and abuse,,,so they and you who feed the system will GO TO HELL> (oops its already here!) >

  ...dont say I didnt give u a chance,, to be a "friend" ...but everyone is lost in the "matrix"..

Gem> "Daily HoroscopeYou and your partner can rebuild your bridges now, and talking about a vacation, or taking a course or seminar together could be just the opportunity you need to get closer. If you are single, classes and hobbies that include travel or study of other cultures could be good places to meet new people"  ....only IF they are on another planet??? ha ha! :)

 learn other languages?? 

Me at Table Tennis..????. I prefer footy....

Play Beautiful Football in the WILD>>>
Play Beautiful Footbal in the WILD>>>
Team first
"Pass and Move"  when your teama mates have the ball.. get into space , and WANT it
*Press when ball lost, pick up the nearest player , then look backwards to make sure their attackers are "Marked"
*Use english , to confuse the opposition? :)
"Mark up"  cover one of the opponents players
"Man on" =  (someone behind U)
"wall"   when I pass to U , apss back to me
"far post"  or "Near post"
"covered"  (I am protecting U)
* Talk  .. help each other and ask for the ball WHEN in a good position (dont when NOT)
*Train keep ball,  team 5 v 5 .. has to keep the ball
* move as Unit,  attack together,, defend together  = TEAM
* Dribble when there is no team mate "open"
* Tackle , strong without fear,,  (watch opponents, if they have one favourite foot, cover it)
* Train in dark  to help communications
*TRain using weak foot only.

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