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Friday, May 8, 2015

The INSane Drain by the Useles States of A....and UK too ( still "dont wanna go to chelski" ..part 3)

may 9
footy...weekend with the local kids ?? grass roUtes and Steve @chelski for the last time? THEY should clap Stevie on to the rent blues pitch!!

my Book? "NOW 2b Alien" ...or...  June 13th  " Magna Carta" ... 800  years  ago should have been the peoples charter.. for a fair society, since lost.. "bluesh&te Cameron" back as Pm for the 2nd time, UK like USA chose Bush twice ...feck the the sheeple !

NO more heroes in the UK  (UKIP just a bunch of racist exploiters of the ignorance of the sheeple) 

Richard "Coeur de Lion"


"The Cry was no surrender" ... ? (WE SANG ON THE Kop when I was a "Shankly boy")

never surrender to the cowardly "hun" , the conservative, the borg, sheeple, goons.. "them" the walking dead that infest OUR planet with their matrix of  negatives and rules ..Kukavice = Coward?? ....

Gem> "   "Daily Horoscope
The energy of a love triangle surrounds you today, but the real issue could work itself out as jealousy in the workplace instead in some cases. You must be careful not to accept any perks or favors that raise the little green monster in your mate or coworkers."  ...ha ha ..I have no "co-workers" because they dont "co-operate" here ha ha ha...or work!... :)

and I told Supporters to INVEST in OUR club BEFORE the yan nkers arrived..

Film : "Ironclad"  .... when  a woman distracts ONE  from fighting the "Good fight" :)

RedNET opinion..

As I reflect on the last games of Steven Gerrard, Our Liverpool  LIon "coached" by that lamb Brendan, and hope he spoils maureens victory party at Stramford bridge, I suggested the the "guard of honour" that lines up to congratulate the rent blues carries guns..ha ha (thats a joke for all u morons , fannies and f s g clones ,devoid of original scouse wit..)


and the quality that have been removed from our our team or club.. since the "UNited States INFESTORS" wer ALLOWED TWICE by sheer greed / stupidiity ,,,into our club..

Alonso ( and dont blame Rafa for that! Benitez brought the player to Anfield...)

Mascherano ( like most of u s true RedS  , couldnt stomach "woy" ...)

Torres, was NOT a "traitor".. who wanted to go when they forced  Rafa out,  but suffered  Hodgsons "Ale House" footy after..

Luis Garcia

Pepe Reina  (f s g negociated without even telling our man ...our best Goalie of the last decade or so.. and team cheer leader)

Danny Agger, a loyal player  ..discarded by Brent ,  "replaced" by Sakho and Lovren???

Luis Suarez, who claims the club failed him ...(the Evra situ) and if Lfc werent a "selling club" would surely have stayed to win honours

TWO Coaching talentS Rudolfo and Mcparland ,, replaced by nobodies

Kenny , more than a legend , Henry insulted by the sack , MID CONTRACT (not the LIVERPOOL way)

Rafa.. f course ..the best manager we have had in 2 decades..

and ... another major insult....against true SUPPORTERS , failing to give him a (life?) contract..
STEVEN GERRARD,,,when he goes , so do i...

yes was a great idea , but "SoS" betrayed Shanks SPIRIT by letting the INFESTORS in OUR CLUB..  (writer is an f s g cloned fan nie?_)

(and belated birthday Greetings to all TRUE REDS  from    International event weekend 22-23-24 may /..??  and more "grass RoUtes" events,,, 

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