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Monday, October 19, 2015

"i 'll be back"..oh, .Here i am v the KLOPPites, fan nies, yan kers INFESTORS and "borg" :)

after several months of being blocked by the C (not) 1 A ... (iTeam just "twatted")  these messages :

  1. there will never be justice whilst the new world order money & war system controls the society, .. V ordinary people? F&U

  2. Apple Music: 6.5m people have paid for first month of streaming service

  3. and Lfc, f s g , and TIA the home of hype and fan nies propaganda! ha ha :p no to KLOPPites, bitte(R)!

  4. air pollution will kills us all...

  5. Burma’s election is the first ‘real test’ of shift toward democracy
  6.   I Team>  "democracy"  THAT DOESNT EXIST IN WAHINGTON???
  7. just "ackered" or should i call it "snowdoned" :) at swetty caffe Dg 253 and 254.. the bug gers are awake though :p

    1. Police break up opposition protests in ; a country that held its last truly competitive election in 1938!

  8. the sheeple are as much to blame for staying asleep, concerned that no one in the opposition is worthy either! CRS

  9. amazing just how apathetc the ppl here are, as long as they have their Ipads, cars "fashion" they stay ignorant!!!

and the madness continues,,,,

Lfc kick out BRent and replace him with "Brent made in germoney" ..

after much hype ... 

and germanic undertones with the fan nies and mainstream media wetting themselves after his "humble" speech ...  hes another Henry/Werner MEDIA man..

we have got worse since the first lot of yankers kicked out Rafa, and I resigned last season. I am FOR grass "routes" footy and against Lfc occupied by INFESTORS...

and now the hypocrites..bang on , after one match "how he sorted the defence" well, we @ REDnet have been reminding everyone since Rafa went that champions are built on sound defence as one coach changed after another, backroom staff rotated, Rudolfo and Mcparland kicked out, Kenny insulted, Rafa ignored , "woy" appointed, BRs "sound bites"  the loss, of many GOOD young accademy players , and Xabi, Masch, Torres, Agger, Pepe, Luis  and STEVIE! ...(the final straw)..

I cant "support" F s g 's Lfc any more... I will "follow the games" and comment on the stupid responses from "f s g clones, fan nies, yan kers and "pundits"...
  rather listen to a 5 year old than Echos "experts" Emre is over-rated,poser lightwight for a big man, Phil over-loaded!  ha ha "echo writers"... writers, writers... wrong...! :p

Chris posted a photo in FReeHOME LIVE free.
Christopher Richard Smith
October 10 at 9:57am
come on selfish and apathetic "humans" .. only 3 plus 1 "maybe" ??

Shanks'  "the shirt could around run on its own"

YOU MUST keep your "humour" when the "borg" block this....!! always gave me confidence when "they" are scared of "discussion"  (F & U lives!)


  1. On tuesday morning about 09h .. I was attampting to upload this... i was "ackerede" internet restrictions at Obala Caffe, device identified as 1.7, 1.8, 1.19, etc...
    those of you who are unaware just how much of your "private communications" are monitored by DIRTY PERVERTS in "agencies" directly or indirectly employed by your governments or others./.. who use and staore info that could used or abused, twisted to suit their agenda NEED to WAKE UP...NOW>>> ( oh Hello John Henry & co...)
    I know full well, that many of these go way over your head, or down the drain, in your bin..or somewhere else .. :)
    and have often said that I write these for me, (or perhaps my estannged children) because of my cynical form of optimism.. .. I believe the impossible, and doubt if any readers are allowed, due to the madness of the "human race" to have time to absorb, let alone APPLY, what i propose....

    None of my LOgs are purely about one subject, this LOg is based on football related society, however thisb"beautiful game" has been such a vital part of my life , and affcetd billions of people that obviously (?) many aspects of life in general are involved and compared to..
    two "sagas" intensified recently... The "Star Wars" dynasty (and a tv programme that compared Lucas's productions to myth and legends...
    "Monty" (python) ....which just happens to be the "nickname" I give to CRNE GORE (recently given the "latin translation" of Black mountain. ..for international marketing...)currently known as MONTENEGRO
    Add to this, that my once mighty and beloved football club LIVERPOOL have employed .. JURGEN KLOPP....
    take his initials.... J K .... and add o & e = J(o)K(e)r?
    the TV cameras love showing his comical expressions as Lfc struggle ... and the y do struggle...not because of Klopp, and when some fan nies hold up scarves calling him "King of the KOP" a Shankly boy, I shudder...I am NOT a KLOPPITE... and I try to surpress something just short of disgust inme, when I see "teutonic" scrawl on banners at the "Liverpool end" of a stadium... too many of our parents rememebr what was done to the world by armies and such carrying those letters..

    .on their merciless flags.


  2. "Star Wars"
    f.s.g. and John Henry and others of his type INFESTED OUR game, OUR club, OUR life, and the "sponsors" of Lfc, and all the corporates that make it FAR too expensive for a working class father to support what was once OUR CLUB, ARE the evil EMPIRE and the "Empire" is the US driven "New World ORdER" fascism .. and yet when I see this pic , I know I am not alone and there are still some signs of REBELLION in this relation to the films, it feels as IF I am situated somewhere between "the Empire strikes back"

    recently the opposition to the blatantly corrupt and biased government of the last 30 odd years has risen to protest levels , with rioting and attacks on the police who block off several streets near the maSSia president..... its clear that the end is nigh when ordinary middle aged men of this "careless" casual, almost latin "manyana" people, get on my bus to go to a protest on a saturday evening,..and many thousans are prepared to stay in the capital city centre all night risk of injury or arrest,...
    Yes, "The Democratic front are revolting".....and whilst I reach part of my first mission target here, (to wake people up), my sense of humour takes over,.. I am in "Monty" mode, and recall scenes from pythons... "Life of Brian" ... (link)
    also SEE (CS diary) and TEXT AT ...ITS GETTING HEAVY HERE 2 ,,,
    pics of "Monty" protests,, (Podgorica)

    BE REd , not dead...
    When I first played football and supported "the REdS".. ........... ....the Manager, and my "mentor" Bill Shankly instilled a form of socialism that fits the "code" of the rebellion in Star Wars, and the "peoples republic" betrayed by socviets and capitalists,... whilst the chinese enforced a controlled state dictatorship so far from true socialism. As Shanks put it..." nothing to do with politics, to work together, and share the rewards" ...thats a GOOD team, and thats a good COMMUNity... its not a politic,. because politicians...on either side, ALWAYS take something good and pervert it for selfish reasons...even if they didnt know it..?
    YOU WILL feel GOOD when you give , in a good way....
    a cable tv propmotion last night promoted a TV series called "the walking dead" well.. the absence of enthusiasm amongst "cool people" makes me think you are all playing this role..?

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