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To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS and to improve the situation of all true REdS worldwide , ecology, logistics and individual improvement link to ;
& Y-our own Media ;

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yes its going well, but I am not a "kloppite" so stop gushing

 I have been investing my time, experience and resources in local kiddies footy and in honour of my "mentor" (Shanks) use the "Trinity Logo" to remind me and hopefully the kids what we must connect, the individual, the group (Team) and the Spirit, and we have 3 clubs co-operating for this mission..

the boys look good in the new "trackies"...

 "from the days of Shanks forming what was a TRUE "holy trinity" the SUPPORTERS , the true supporters, home and away and all over europe and often to the far side of the planet , with our faith, and our energy belief , banners , scarves and songs.. and money invested a "Liverpool way" that over the last 10 years has been eroded by the US style of commercialism , too many fans now have no understanding of what true REds should be, and Shanks idealism is almost lost in their "money-bollox" ... WE are the club..." (CS)

In this way  honour this 

 then and .....  =>
Redawn Livebirds 10:47am Dec 1
the basis of a progressive socialism that we called and life , thanks Shanks..for what U gave me! "its much more important than that" ....and i give to others

The Campaign..
 @InatteamRedawn @harveytuttle @redhalf @TheRedmenTV @EuRED09… new "holy trinity....campaign (dont complain) !! join !

....  after several months of being blocked I wrote in the last LOG about my reservations of yet another yan ker employee .. after they forced out my Rafa, Woy Kenny and Brent ... the 4th "manager" since NOT MY "Liverpool way" but I am starting to like him , even if "dey bombed our chippy.."

his refusal to be led by media BS, and said he didnt want to talk about other teams, "if its not about Liverpool, It doesnt matter"..  and "being alone" by the (quiet, and disappearing) fan nies at Anfield  was right , and should not have withdrawn his criticism of the "early leavers" they are not supporters , the "once holy" stadium too full of middle-to business class "spectators"

 links and reports from games..and footy social...

HIGHLIGHTS: Southampton 1-6 Liverpool (Capital One Cup quarter-final)

 Shanks Boys, ... when our club had a REd SOUL! our young players and kids should watch this!!!
Lampard, Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville Analyze Chelsea's 3-1 Defeat To Liverpool

Christopher Richard Smith
Chris 11:51am Nov 8 he who dares , often, wins! :

Ivan Eastwood
November 24 at 7:33pm
Lucas has always been scapegoated by those who don't understand what they're looking at.

Chris > "glad that Lucas is again “in fashion” just like to remind ALL those of you who wrote him off, HE is the Captain, more than hendo or milner, or any other candidate after Stevie went.. it was yet another travesty by f s g/Brent to pick newbie milner after joining the club, thats not my “liverpool way” but JK is getting there, but please stop gushing.. we were lucky ha ha just joking, the team looked like Rafa effective, tight in defence and cutting in attack..with the weakest EPL in memory ..even I wont doubt the chance of kloppite glory … but wont say it…enjoyed watching it,, but please keep feet on ground and stop the gushing…"

decent comment by Aldo, Gerry Byrne played a cup final with a brken collar bone, tell that to the "prima donnas" who fall down when touched in todays game...
 Rafa probably the only manager who could teach Moreno how to defend, good going forward ,,,but...  ...CS> Yes JK, it SHOULD be the club,.....  it was ,,,because WE are the club

still True... "never surrender your dignity .. or alone but not lonely! never alone "
The Cry Was No Surrender
Clip from The Kop singing the classic "The Cry Was No Surrender"

Alternative views & opinion

as any reader of Previous REDnetLOGS knows I do not seperate footy from the rest of the universe, its "MUCH more important than that"...
TRinity; Please ESCAPE...from technology, from media...from corruption and rubbish | AnTiChriS


December 2 at 3:57pm
so the fascist english govt and PM "call me David" ...are voting on bombing Syrian targets..again.. solidarity with French and USA and alternative Russian bombing,,of course they are not stupid enough to think it will stop Isi s because it will cause many young people to react against the west, the C nts I diots and A))holes will do show that they are "in charge" politicians are a plague.. they should be the FIRST into battle, THEN SEE HOW FEW WARS THERE WOULD BE..!!!
Black sheep & Monty - knee-GRINS
CSerS: Its NOT a FREE world if all people can NOT move FREEly on this mad planet
To take the... = Wizz Air... taking the Wizz | monty-logic

join if you dare,, or just if you CARE!
Saturday, November 28 at 5:00am in UTC
Dublin, Ireland

just for fun... 

if u care about kids, any kids , from anywhere..
this should never happen, anywhere think about this when u are moaning about your life!
MONTENEGRO MUST open frontiers and accept MIGRANTS, without conditions...
then u will have a "democratic front" .. and a human soul!
Photos from Network of Estranged Parents and Abused Kids

Special events ; Free Holidays, economy travel, B & B l and hostel accomodation
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
ME visitors and fun in the Balkans
we will show u the best places ,"non tourist" , have fun with locals and .....more

posted in Zeta Internationa1 Social & Cu1ture Club <org>.


Stevie Wonder - "As" with lyrics
As by Stevie Wonder
Redawn Livebirds
Redawn Livebirds 2:26pm Nov 8
Braddock.."Cinderella man", fotball players, who fall over when touched, or give up when losing..or tackled..need
to watch this.. gets some "courage",,,

MonTV: the "BalCANTs",, why,,,,,NOT!??
The yardbirds - Mr. You're A Better Man Than I

& ................. network extracts:
9:50am Oct 27
On tuesday morning about 09h .. I was attempting to upload this... i was "ackerede" internet restrictions at Obala Caffe, device identified as 1.7, 1.8, 1.19, etc...
those of you who are unaware just how much of your "private communications" are monitored by DIRTY PERVERTS in "agencies" directly or indirectly employed by your governments or others./.. who use and store info that could used or abused, twisted to suit their agenda NEED to WAKE UP...NOW>>> ( oh Hello John Henry & co...)
I know full well, that many of these go way over your head, or down the drain, in your bin..or somewhere else .. smile emoticon
and have often said that I write these for me, (or perhaps my estannged children) because of my cynical form of optimism.. .. I believe the impossible, and doubt if any readers are allowed, due to the madness of the "human race" to have time to absorb, let alone APPLY, what i propose....

None of my LOgs are purely about one subject, this LOg is based on football related society, however thisb"beautiful game" has been such a vital part of my life , and affcetd billions of people that obviously (?) many aspects of life in general are involved and compared to..
two "sagas" intensified recently... The "Star Wars" dynasty (and a tv programme that compared Lucas's productions to myth and legends...
"Monty" (python) ....which just happens to be the "nickname" I give to CRNE GORE (recently given the "latin translation" of Black mountain. ..for international marketing...)currently known as MONTENEGRO
Add to this, that my once mighty and beloved football club LIVERPOOL have employed .. JURGEN KLOPP....
take his initials.... J K .... and add o & e = J(o)K(e)r?
the TV cameras love showing his comical expressions as Lfc struggle ... and the y do struggle...not because of Klopp, and when some fan nies hold up scarves calling him "King of the KOP" a Shankly boy, I shudder...I am NOT a KLOPPITE... and I try to surpress something just short of disgust inme, when I see "teutonic" scrawl on banners at the "Liverpool end" of a stadium... too many of our parents rememebr what was done to the world by armies and such carrying those letters..

.on their merciless flags.
"Star Wars"
f.s.g. and John Henry and others of his type INFESTED OUR game, OUR club, OUR life, and the "sponsors" of Lfc, and all the corporates that make it FAR too expensive for a working class father to support what was once OUR CLUB, ARE the evil EMPIRE and the "Empire" is the US driven "New World ORdER" fascism .. and yet when I see this pic , I know I am not alone and there are still some signs of REBELLION in this relation to the films, it feels as IF I am situated somewhere between "the Empire strikes back"

recently the opposition to the blatantly corrupt and biased government of the last 30 odd years has risen to protest levels , with rioting and attacks on the police who block off several streets near the maSSia president..... its clear that the end is nigh when ordinary middle aged men of this "careless" casual, almost latin "manyana" people, get on my bus to go to a protest on a saturday evening,..and many thousans are prepared to stay in the capital city centre all night risk of injury or arrest,...
Yes, "The Democratic front are revolting".....and whilst I reach part of my first mission target here, (to wake people up), my sense of humour takes over,.. I am in "Monty" mode, and recall scenes from pythons... "Life of Brian" ... (link)
also SEE (CS diary) and TEXT AT ...ITS GETTING HEAVY HERE 2 ,,,
pics of "Monty" protests,, (Podgorica)

BE REd , not dead...
When I first played football and supported "the REdS".. ........... ....the Manager, and my "mentor" Bill Shankly instilled a form of socialism that fits the "code" of the rebellion in Star Wars, and the "peoples republic" betrayed by socviets and capitalists,... whilst the chinese enforced a controlled state dictatorship so far from true socialism. As Shanks put it..." nothing to do with politics, to work together, and share the rewards" ...thats a GOOD team, and thats a good COMMUNity... its not a politic,. because politicians...on either side, ALWAYS take something good and pervert it for selfish reasons...even if they didnt know it..?
YOU WILL feel GOOD when you give , in a good way....
a cable tv propmotion last night promoted a TV series called "the walking dead" well.. the absence of enthusiasm amongst "cool people" makes me think you are all playing this role..?
Bill Shankly, ("Shanks") amongst so many things, created "the Anfield bootroom" where he and his training staff, and sometimes opposition managers, would sit and talk about football and life in simple terms.. it was said when Shanks, Matt Busby (then manager of Man Utd) and the Celtic manager Jock Stein talked about football, a 5 year old could understand,.. and thats how it should be... people complicate football and complicate life, ...and now, "fan nies" and "experts" make themselves seem important duting their complicated ANAL ysis..
/... BOOTROOM OPINION and more...

it takes "courage" to state own opinion these days..

Opinion from Evita Torini (gets "attacked" by fan nies..
Evita Torini > that's not a scoda, sorry and as I am not a fortune teller Klopp IS not a good mechanic and he will never make RED. that's my private opinion
Debi Manford >Thank fook it's ur opinion & no-one elses!!! The mans been in charge for 3 games, is/was one of the most in demand managers in football but hey Evita knows better!! Please! Do me a favour!!! Think he'll make more of a red than u ever will! Btw, is that you on ur cover pic?
Martysa Huntington> The liverpool players are all overrated by the liverpool fans. In reality, theyre just below average and cannot penetrate a defensive line. What can Klopp do about this?
Patti Ormond > Evita have you got another account ? Martysa sounds a lot like you and she is slagging Liverpool off as well I'm afraid you and by that I mean the two of you haven't got a clue about football if you think Klopp is rubbish ....look him up and do your research ...I won't be commenting on this thread again because you are really quiet boring in your opinion curb that temper of yours Evita I've seen the other side of you when it comes to Muslims your a nasty piece of work arnt you sweety and please don't comment from another account we all know your fake
ChRiSmith > Evita, u are not alone,
too many fan nies just accept what pundits and media claim...
and dont have their own opinon, Lfc have been mis-managed since a long time, and the fan base is worse and worse..u are not allowed to stand u and say anything against "the f s g empire" and they (after G & H) are the main cause ,,but i blame the fan nies too ... I am not a Kloppite, not did I like Brent for the sa
me reason that henry employed them both,
BR won nothing before Lfc and Klopp has only won the Bundesliga, a 2nd rate league.
. and the yan kers let Rafa go who has won almost everything...!!
yes the "most intelligent supporters in the world " is no longer true!
btw, The bundesliga is still cllased well below the premiere league, La Liga and Serie A, check YOUR Facts ...and the "spell check" on FB translated won to "one" he has only won in the bundesliga, .. its a different problem to win the league in england, spain or italy, (and dont WE know it.. as 25 painful "almost") ......for Evita, always have the courage to stand up for your opinions,,,..I dont consider them "ladies" but you are ... worthy of explanation..
Fan nies : those who blindly follow the modern commercial Lfc and are cloned f s g to swallow any propaganda that the yan nkers want to profit from.
Yan kers: the INFESTORs who dont love our club or the game,............ their "game" is to suck as much money out of your pockets as possible, they NEVER made any net investment themselves, they use OPM ("other peoples money")
the "ladies" attack you , because they are not "fit enough" to argue or debate the content , so they attack the messenger, you, or me.. because of their ignorance.. or simply because some of them only want to read stuff that they agree with..!..................btw i have more sympathy for true supporters who cant afford the tickets and 3 sets of kit every season, that "coaches" who get paid a lot of money to do a job i would do for nought! Klopp must have known what he was getting at Lfc , or he is even more stupid than the "ladies"... take care kidder! C
p.s. if i write fan nies in their way, the face book gest apo block me! ha aha...

saturday morning, sunny in Dg, but those "darkness people" still block the net at "Obala" caffe.. so u idiots punish a small business? ....pathetic little perverts in the "agencies" ... spying on my communcations,
in caffe Kordoba, (liked the waiters t-shirt..but could not use their password!) at "mafffffia cebtral" and "they " are reading I read a facebook greeting "good morning Christopher" as I opened this profile, I would be more impressed if facebook stopped blocking and censoring the TRUTH about the "new world order" and your responsibility for it..
if u dont like your life...improve ....

we are building a football and social club for you and the community..please remember this...IF u are lucky enough to be at the start..! of anything this "dead commercial NWO"
INaTEAM; Play Beautiful football in the Wild
72 Members
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith 10:14am Oct 29
we are talking here about football...not considering... racism. I don't object to any other colour of skin or religion---then I am not a racist..right? but if i prevent my country from providing shariat law, rape , killing innocent ppl...aha ,then I am a racist? . these are two definitions of this idea from your narrow point of view. just think twice before u write sth, good day. sorry but u don't seem to have class.
Like · Reply · October 27 at 11:32am · Edited
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith Evita interesting how some english people attack the vocabulary ..I think you mean personal opinion rather than "private " opinion, but anyway I agree with YOUR right to state it
Like · Reply · 23 hrs
Evita Torini
Evita Torini Thanks Christopher, that's my personal opinion, indeed. I guess... ,, when I am reading the English I sometimes find it difficult to understand . I am a teacher of English and I don't understand slang language/ as a matter of fact I don't care about it...See More
Like · Reply · 21 hrs
Christopher Richard Smith
Write a reply...

Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith way over their heads;
SCLOG: and now for something,...different, Star wars ,,Kloppites and .."Monty"?|By ChriScLOG
Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith 10:22am Oct 29
Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

A business or romantic partner could either contact you or return from a long trip with great news. Perhaps your friend has had a lucky break of some kind that betters life in general for both of you. Success and good fortune are indicated today, as are happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism. If you have a project you've wanted to start, do it now. CRS> I DO!

Christopher Richard Smith
Christopher Richard Smith 9:49am Oct 31

progressive moments..

wednesday an "anonymous call" to one of my 2 hacked mobiles,
says "Dobar Dan, ....sandra" a feemale voice,
reply "dobar dan" .... no, ChRiS"
she answers with a giggle, goodbye, and the phone goes dead PERMANENTLY
no calls. or sms in or out...

Which again proves how STUPID "they" are, if i am "dangerous" enough
to block my comms, and my net, social , emails, etc etc have been blocked
delayed, or interfered with since some time. (data distributed to various NGOs and
"authorities" for eventual "justice".. against the dirty perverts guilty of these violations.
...IF.... then the BEST thing is to be "underground" when planning or ititiating
"subversive" action.. smile emoticon

but their other BIG mistake is that I am UNsubversive, and too many people know what i am doing
because I do whatever I do for GOOD reasons and ABOVE the your face!

significant that I had a VIVID "dream" wednesday night/thursday morn.......
(it was one of these unique "cross dimension dreams" where I am asleep and awake at the same time)!
I was doing something "risky" ... and someone put their arms around me from behind...

It felt at first like lovely young wife, who passed from this planet 10 years ago..
but when I turned around to kiss her. she wasnt was someone else..."pretending"..
pulling me back..

so, thursday I launched the "anon" claim. which IF it gets to full completion (and thats unsure)
"Monty" (currently a country acting very much like a pythonesque sketch) will be jointly liable
with the UK. (various gulty persons, and currently led by fascist Cameron) then Merkel and co at "germoney" and their manipulation of the EU., (whose ministers violates to the Useless states of A.
EU, U S of A and and then the "UN"///..., which collectively has violted virtually all the UDHR articles.
.....has a "financial penalty" without limit!

subsequently there is NO "free world" so forces of nature will extract the karma...
i cant lose, either way ... ha ha... (crazy>??)

.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....Its now saturday 31st Otober ,, and its the eve of "all hallows" or all
holy .. the Celts new year, commercialised as "Halloween" but due neing "bugged" ..
I have been in bad for most of the last 2 days, drained of energy, unlikely i will be at the
irish pub tonight.. anyone no one I know has decided to join me...

a feeling of winter coming.. but my knee feels stronger...if I get my energy back I will play., tomorrow???

Gem> Saturday, Oct 31, 2015
Your boisterous, generous attitude is inspiring and welcomed by others.
There are also some people who consider your behavior ostentatious or arrogant.
You may wonder how this is possible, since your intentions are good.
You want people to share in the love and good times.
You're attentive to others' feelings.
Sit down and talk with people one-on-one to understand how they feel."

ChRiS> Yes intentions are always GOOD, and I always want to share ,,,

"forgive them, they know not what they do" ?

Gem> Friday, Oct 30, 2015
You may feel like there's absolutely nowhere to turn.
Reality is a scary thing to face. The last thing you want to do is be serious.
But you're finding it difficult to get satisfaction from your fantasy world.
Your dreams beckon to you,
but you're afraid to give in to that temptation
because you feel a strong sense of duty to other people and places."

ChRiS> yes..being "bugged" blocks me now..but reality is no less mad than fanstasy is "crazy"
how can we talk about reality, when the world is so mad..? the only thing to do is to make choices..
and be CONSEQUENT, i chose a good way... but its a lone..


 "from the days of Shanks forming what was a TRUE "holy trinity" the SUPPORTERS , the true supporters, home and away and all over europe and often to the far side of the planet , with our faith, and our energy belief , banners , scarves and songs.. and money invested a "Liverpool way" that over the last 10 years has been eroded by the US style of commercialism , too many fans now have no understanding of what true REds should be, and Shanks idealism is almost lost in their "money-bollox" ... WE are the club..." (CS)
Chris Smith-Mypod
Christopher Richard Smith 10:39pm Nov 10

gem>(stars) Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015

Today you may start to see your friends in a new light.
Perhaps their accomplishments have aroused your admiration.
A special person could seem more perfect than ever,
and you could suddenly view your friend through a romantic haze once more.
Bear in mind that your view of these people only mirrors your view of yourself.
Recognize your merits as well others'.

Chr15> "friend/s" ? smile emoticon
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 11:26am Nov 11
Andy Burgess

Hi Chris,
Our new site is getting closer to lanch, I wanted to add a multi level blogg, twitter page, that would be a central point for groups etc, so people viewing can see and people joined can follow. Clearly my only fear is one of clairty, for this to work we need clarity. Anyway I like your blogg, and would appreciate you working more closely with us. Cheers Andy...
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod

Andy , U have to know that I am wary of "well intentioned people " as I have been left campaigning alone and because my life has been affected every since I became a "Shanky boy" .. not only in football but through my ife ...and in VERY difficult times, I carried his autobiography with me ,being almost a bible of someone I respected and adopted many Shanks methods.. thus I i will challenge you or anyone who compromises...... we can improve and change all... if we have a Go....again! ...and do it!
Chris Smith-Mypod
Christopher Richard Smith 8:19pm Nov 11

Gem>(stars)Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

Today your mind may be on romance.
If you're married, you'll grow closer to your partner.
If you're single but involved, the relationship could move to the next level of commitment.
If you aren't involved, expect to meet someone new and exciting.
Warm feelings of unity and intimacy could fill your heart.
See and accept your partner as he or she is.

ChR15> "she" must show she wants to really be partner before I can accept that she is? tongue emoticon

MM>Maby i can come on Sutrday in Dg but before that we can text sms

Hello Mari. ...I understand u informed H-T you will be away for the near future..
thats difficult for me to accept, but.. IF you are in Bg, near the "man on horse"
may I suggest you have a coffee on me, at "Magic Garden"
which has an "atmosphere" you may appreciate, ...and if she is there, say "hello"
from me to "Danica" she is also aquarius, and will surely inform you,
#(if u didnt have enough reasons) why u shouldnt make a partnership with me..
cuvaj se! Chr15
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 10:28pm Nov 11
Chris your the only person I have asked, I hope that says alot! Challenge if need be, but I would prefer to work with you, be seen as one, only you can make that decision. I will not be detered....YNWA
Thanks for that!
good, ,, Andy ,we have already started copying info to various groups and media, etc the others will keep it going too, and have fowarded links to facebook twitter and other contacts etc, I appreciate your commitment, and as long as we stay in contact and keep things honest you will get 1000% support.. take care!
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 10:41pm Nov 11
Chris Smith-Mypod
Christopher Richard Smith 8:38pm Nov 12

Gem> You may experience some push and pull today.
One minute you feel like you should sit back and wait for things to go your way,
and the next you feel a stick poking you to get moving.
Life is a delicate balance of incorporating these two modes of operation.
Neither way is more correct, so recognize and honoUr both.

Chr15> HonoUR ..! keeping the balance needs...balance! smile emoticon trying to get fit again!
..went for a walk...
Chris Smith-Mypod
Christopher Richard Smith 8:38pm Nov 12
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 9:50am Nov 13

this is a sort of "thank you"
your stance and Seans ability to ignore the help i gave him and the guidance..
has reminded me what we started several years ago..

* Do we really need another video ? when we did this 2 years ago , its relevant now
( )

* YOu and Sean infer that you are the only one with direction, however several years before
Sean made a video I wrote to the "Kop" magazine (and emailed both orgs) urging SoS/ShareLfc
to come together to take over Lfc for the supporters. they waited too long to react by which
time f s g were the "Infestors" (the board of SoS had scoffed at my "radical ideas"..!)

* "Stepping up to the plate" for me, has meant my private life has suffered, I have been alien-hated: the "enemy" has censored me,
deleted Facebook profiles, bombarded my computers with so many virus attacks that I had 2 discard too.
of course any reference to these difficulties gets replied with accusations of "paranoia" which the sheeple swallow, whole!

* SCouse and Proud you are, GOOD, I made my choices to live abroad, which has meant that I have spent
all "disposable" income on tarvelling to games HOME or away, I have sponsored T-shirts, posters
(I started the "they came not to pay" slogan which Sean adopted..) i empathise with non local supporters who "get it".

* When SoS sold out to f s g , (Henry being more "clever" than G & H, by courting the leading fans in Lp!)
and "accepted" their "take over" - btw there is no proof of NET cash investment by Henry-werner who used
Anfield and Melwood as security. ... I made a proposal that the "registered fans" invested the price of ONE
match ticket.. to make a fund capable of taking over Lfc , employment of professionals to administer it.

* the "REdNET" facebook started several years ago, was blocked, and re-started several times.,
states clearly THE AIM to achieve at least 50% supporter ownership (thats MY plate!)

* My "price" for this was ///;-

- removal from official Lfc membership,
- refusal of match tickets - I was blocked by the Lfc office
- Sos members dished me on forums & blocked membership of RAWK etc
- more blocks on my internet acitivities
- even other charities i organised got affected.

SO, as I wrote before;

a) I want to see some actual "trust" FROM your side
...before I continue support; I question your ability to challenge Henry & co.
b) I will help u , to an extent, which i have done and will continue to do, until I see your "true colours"
( i relly didnt want to meantion Sean , but u are clearly close to him , thats your choice..he needs to apologise. )
c) WE will continue with our campaigns, our way , and that is NEITHER "ranting" nor "bickering"
(every claim and arguement made in my/our camoaigns, blogs and articles are based on truth.

so good luck!


F & U R.E.d Miss1ON
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 9:52am Nov 13

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