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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

 Lfc ; & the shame of "our generation"

"The who"  sang about it... 

"hope i die before I get old..."  we had rebels with a cause;  music to stir the soul ; Dylon, Marley, Hendrix .. Bealtes and Stones, and and and

....examples of Ghandi, Che and Luther-King, we looked to America Jack & especially Bobby ....before they were murdered by the "nasties" 

.. the UK and much of western europe, has gone "right"   , sour ,   fascists sponsors by "biz interests"

 I lived and grew from the magic I found in Liverpool and AS Liverpool... and the SPIRIT my "Mentors"  John (Lennon) and BIll (Shanks) and "kopite humour"...

..and yet ... our generation gave up the chance and joined or fed the system ... (the "Matrix" isnt far from the truth.. ) 

... we.mostly,  SOULED out, & became business men, bankers, lawyers, retail managers  etc .... filled the factories or became fodder for the office machine.. 

Liverpool , where my heart grew ... where I found "Magic" the football and music came together, sparked by Shanks, 

.. my life exploded and a boy saw half the world on the back of the social wave... as the good things from the american dream were milked and exploited as we were told that "they" on the other side of the soviet wall were now more dangerous than nazis.. (the inherited  enemy of the post war Brit-boy)  

In Liverpool there were other Celtic influences and I put aside the conflict with my socialist youth (me mum was gen Secretary of regional Labour party) and i made my way to London to "seek my fortune) and fortunate I was... a career as manager took me around half the planet.

But, I lost my basis, along the way ; and parents , sister, brothers , kids and anyone I loved which I survived near death accidents and 3 total car crashes..  the only constant was FOOTBALL and Liverpool , the club.. I carried Shanks autobiography with me throughout and many times I could use his example in management in life, Johns "Imagine"  was/is my "bible"... as i travelled through multiple cultures and countries....

Wherever I have lived or "worked" (thats another story) I came back to my heartland to enjoy the footy (home , away or luckily , all over Europe)  or a night on the 'pool town,,, ( afriday night at the  "cavern" being a great "nostalgia" venue..) Liverpool and the people, not only scousers but those who I met who have "adopted" the LIVERPOOL way, and live and breathe it as much as I did...


Moores sold the Lfc "biz" ... to G & H , well it was a "gift" (a word translated in german that means poison! ) ... G & H didnt "pay for it" they , being typical shysters from the states borrowed against the club to obtain it.. and what did people in Liverpool do? ............they watched,,, 

I went to numerous meetings of SoS and "ShareLiverpoolfc" joined the protests  ..heard lots of loud and proud  voices of supporters, celebrity fans and ex players.. How many "millionaires" are connected to Lfc , have never attempted to front a "buy out" ?  

I wondered at the time, "whats happening?"  as the "08" announcement had granted 3 BILLION GBP to the city???   surely it was enough to bale out both Lfc and Efc re-develop both stadiums and the surrounding, considering how many people come from outside (Ireland, Scandanavia and the rest of the World each weekend , each game, and make a  football "pilgrimage" surely this "culture " is the most important to protect, not the building of a "up market shopping centre" or a "conference hall"  (IMO ..apart from footbal they should have built a "tram" like the germans have to keep the centre free for pedestrians and pollution? )

and now, after the "2nd infestors" ... have completely destroyed Shanks dynasty , and now they are just NASTY look where Lfc stands ... as I write 8th in the league and unable to win a home game.. the "Bastion" of Shanks now a "happy hunting ground"  for any team, Wham (in my lifetime) and the mancs do the double over us, and our coach celebrates a draw in front of the "Kop"
...its no longer "our Kop" its also half full of middle classe "spectators" who are ashamed to sing and chant the songs WE gave to the club..

I dont blame Klopp, he dont even know not to compare fergie with Lennon.!!!  he , like BR, accepts the chance to lead a historic ICON of football.. F s G dont hire someone who will disagree, so he accepted to make the best of THEIR "bad job"..

so look at it,. IF your attention span is still with me,.. 

(in this world of "fast food media) 


9th RICHEST club in EUROPE...
down from TOP in 2009... to .....46 th place in the UEFA club rankings!!


 the result of U S A INFESTORS ;

9th RICHEST club in EUROPE...
down from TOP in 2009... to .....46 th place in UEFA rankings!!
1 Real Madrid CF  ESP    36.171    29.542    39.600    33.042    22.700    161.057
2 FC Bayern   GER    33.050    36.585    29.942    31.171    21.314    152.064
3 FC Barcelona    ESP    34.171    27.542    28.600    38.042    21.700    150.057
4 Chelsea FC    ENG    33.050    30.285    28.357    23.714    20.125    135.531
5 Atlético de Madrid    ESP    34.171    13.542    37.600    26.042    20.700    132.057
6 Benfica    POR    23.366    28.350    30.983    9.816    17.700    110.216
7 Saint-Germain    FRA    9.100    27.350    26.700    23.183    19.916    106.249
8 Juventus    ITA    2.271    25.883    25.833    32.800    19.066    105.854
9 Arsenal FC    ENG    22.050    21.285    21.357    22.714    17.125    104.531
10 Dortmund    GER    10.050    33.585    24.942    21.171    9.314    99.064
11 FC Schalke 04    GER    20.050    22.585    18.942    20.171    12.314    94.064
12 FC Zenit    RUS    19.950    14.950    18.083    18.933    21.260    93.176
13 FC Porto    POR    12.366    22.350    17.983    26.816    12.700    92.216
14  FCMan City FC    ENG    20.050    10.285    22.357    17.714    19.125    89.531
15 Valencia CF    ESP    25.171    22.542    26.600    4.042    10.700    89.057
16 SC Napoli    ITA    21.271    8.883    18.833    25.800    14.066    88.854
17 FC Basel 1893    SUI    20.200    17.675    20.440    16.380    9.900    84.595
18 04 Leverkusen    GER    19.050    12.585    18.942    21.171    11.314    83.064
19 Sevilla FC    ESP    5.671    3.542    26.600    32.042    10.700    78.557
20 Man United FC    ENG    16.050    21.285    26.357    2.714    12.125    78.531
21 Olympiacos FC    GRE    17.520    10.880    19.220    12.240    11.080    70.940
22 Tottenham FC    ENG    10.050    19.285    18.357    11.714    11.125    70.531
23 FC Shakhtar     UKR    9.550    18.900    12.566    19.000    7.360    67.376
24 AC Milan    ITA    22.271    19.883    18.833    3.800    2.066    66.854
25 Athletic Club    ESP    27.171    7.542    4.600    14.042    11.700    65.057
26 FC Dynamo Kyiv    UKR    7.550    10.900    9.566    18.000    18.360    64.376
27 Olympique Lyonnais    FRA    19.100    14.350    16.700    3.683    8.916    62.749
28 SS Lazio    ITA    9.271    20.883    12.833    3.800    12.066    58.854
29 AFC Ajax    NED    14.720    9.842    11.183    15.216    7.083    58.045
30 FC Inter Milano    ITA    20.271    16.883    2.833    15.800    2.066    57.854
31 Galatasaray AŞ    TUR    1.020    24.040    16.340    6.200    9.080    56.680
32  Fiorentina    ITA    2.271    2.883    17.833    23.800    9.066    55.854
33 PSV Eindhoven    NED    18.720    5.842    6.183    7.216    17.083    55.045
34 FC Dnipro     UKR    3.050    12.900    11.566    21.000    6.360    54.876
35 FC Rubin    RUS    9.950    19.950    13.083    1.933    7.260    52.176
36 Sporting Club    POR    22.366    6.350    1.983    11.816    8.700    51.216
37 RSC Anderlecht    BEL    14.020    9.300    6.280    11.920    8.320    49.840
38 PFC CSKA Moskva    RUS    17.950    3.450    8.083    9.933    9.260    48.676
39 VfL Wolfsburg    GER    3.050    3.585    2.942    19.171    19.314    48.064
40 Olymp. de Marseille    FRA    21.100    6.350    5.700    2.183    9.916    45.249
41 FC Viktoria Plzeň    CZE    10.050    15.700    12.600    1.775    4.140    44.265
42 Villarreal CF    ESP    8.171    3.542    4.600    16.042    11.700    44.057
43 AZ Alkmaar    NED    18.720    2.342    17.183    1.216    4.083    43.545
44 Club Brugge KV    BEL    10.020    4.300    2.280    20.920    5.320    42.840
45 FC Salzburg    AUT    8.425    1.450    18.560    11.825    2.260    42.520

46 Liverpool FC    ENG    3.050    12.285    3.357    12.714    10.125    41.531
this is for those mis guided "Lfc fans" who claim that H enry, Ayre  and his F ecking S limy G its are doing so great for Lfc...

9th RICHEST club in europe

...... 46th place in UEFA Rankings
In 2009 before the removed Rafa, Lfc were TOP in UEFA rankings and in debt due to the "botched Sale" to the first lot of fraudulent INFESTORS from U S of A .. yes they (f ,  s g ) make money but NOT for you OR for the benefot of the team! 300 million wasted, and only a NET "spend" by them overall...

5 changes of coaches since 2010 ,  100's of different players and backroom staff comign and going.. and beaten last night by Leicester .. who HAVE a TEAM, made on the cheap !!   

GOOD MANAGEMENT is the key ...Lfc have the wrong people controlling it!!!  until the INFESTORS go it will be difficult for anyone, Klopp, Rafa or anyone to make Lfc champions again! they dont care about "our club" and thats why WE "boycott" all shops and games .not one cent from us goes into H enrys coffers.

now...MY investment is into local kids, keep them OFF the streets, off the video games off the drugs, and as far away as possible from the "U S of A**holes"....

Trinity team, at training.  (the badge is in honour of Shanks "holy trinity"....


  1. REd AlieN ‏@RedAlieNeT 10m10 minutes ago

    @JayMcKenna87 @EuRED09 sos sold out 6 yrs ago, warned u, but u thought they were better than G & H, JH &co are smarter at screwing the fans!
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    REd AlieN ‏@RedAlieNeT 8m8 minutes ago

    @JayMcKenna87 @EuRED09 @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a its weak 77mins is when some already leave! media wont care, & Klopp will say "oh again"

  2. Kop Magazine ‏@TheKopMagazine 23h23 hours ago

    #WHUFC reducing ALL season tickets for 2016/17 because of the increased TV revenue #LFC

  3. first, just to kill off any "f s g clones" who reply to this article..

    9th richest club in europe = 46th in UEFA rankings ,

    the decline with f s g as far as FOOTBALL matters is dramatic,.. and sure if Lfc is about running a profitable business (value nearer to half a billion now...) for almost NO NET investment (have you seen actual proof of cash transfers into the Lfc account by Henry & co?)

    the funniest thing about this article , writing about liars, is written by a lawyer, admitting that makes me question all of its "sincerety" .,.. f s g are a plague.. worse than G & H, why> ? because they are cleverer at screwing fans , of course Henry has ruined much of his own empire through the financial collapse of recent years, and hes on to a "good thing" with Lfc and Ayre,, who is at the crux of our problem.

    It was clear to anyone who knows, that the type of businesses Henry runs will not serve a "socialist" base. he and his ilk are hand in hand with the likes of Bush.. see the removal of our (original) supporter base as essential as Thatcher did in killing off Liverpool docks and factories workers and miners of the north and Scotland to win her "goals" for a middle-to-business class england..

    I decided , when Stevie was forced out, and there was another "deliberate" error.. to stop my 100% support of Lfc.. I invest my time , energy and resources into local kids football here in the Balkans and where an average monthly income is 300 euros. They dream of the money you discuss.. and I try to get them to understand that they already live in heaven, and that the west is a monetary obsessed hell..

    But of course the dads see all the millionaires playing in the EPL, La Liga, Serie A etc and think maybe I can get "little Johnny" connected, if i could , I wont..because..its a disease.. especially since murdoch, sly tv and "english football" sold out..

    WE had a chance back then, when the "08" funds were in the city, to make both Lfc and Efc established "peoples clubs" the idiots at Goodison are about to repeat the disaster that is now Lfc.. yeah, give F s g another 2 mil, to add to 300 Mil GBP wasted on players (whilst their net spend is less than 90 Mill.?)

    Klopp is ill-informed, employed by henry, as BR, to "make the best of a bad job" whilst F s g work on making money....for F S G...

    they are sh&te at football, they are also sh&te at running a business, because they have an "M D " called Ayre who I would let manage a chippy..

    I called for "administration" rather than be "saved" by the sharks.. you didnt want to hear it then.. and its probably too late now.. cudos for the "walk out" I criticise because its dealing with the symptoms not the cause (f s g) ...

    something similar to putting a bandaid on a sore thumb when you are having a heart attack.. 30,000 dummies sat and watched , but there are more than 30 MILLION "Lfc fans" around the world who also have NOT A CLUE as to how sick it all really is..

    the fans won a skirmish in a battle that some have been fighting since 10 years.. I would personally kick Moores in the balls if i ever met him.., he like so many of you, have killed my club..the one thing in my life I hoped would out-live me!

    F U ...mission

    p.s. Gareth Roberts! , (todays press) you are a hypocrite! ..I told you 6 years ago not to co-operate with Henry and co.. you are as much to blame as they are, never should have let the poisonous infestors into OUR CLUB, SOME of us didnt walk "quietly away" ..…/liverpool-a-message-to-th…/