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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Its in our..... Heart & REd SOUL... away @ & J4t96?

 REdNET > As the rivals results fell in our favour last weekend, after our home wins v Sunderland & Spurs , I thought, and others voiced the opinion "its in our hands" because in theory IF our team wins EVERY one of the six games from now until the end of the season OUR DREAM of winning the title again, after 24 years , would come true

but its not just in our hands, or our songs, its in the boots & heads of our Lads, and IMO, ...MORE so, in the Hearts, Minds & REd SOUL of our club , the TRUE REd Supporters, who like Shanks, WE "will" the team to WIN, we kick every ball, make every tackle, deliver every pass and score every GOAL! its a wonderful miracle in the making, and IF we make it all the way the celebrations will be unforgetable , not least ,because  we approach 25 years anniversary of 96 of our brothers & sisters "legal murder" @ HILLSBOROUGH..........., an explosion of emotion

From the days when the phenomenon began,  

When Shanks instilled a true TEAM mentality @ our club 

and the Beatles brought a positive sound to the stadium and the players gave us the Glory that dreams are made of....

& now, .. I thank especially Stevie for driving the team, and to Rafa & Kenny who re-created the basis that , despite Henry & F S G, the team, today benefits from their Input = we have had "magic" with Kenny back in the 80's and Rafa of course gave us the "Istanbul Miracle" ... ..this "dream" of the title, IF IT HAPPENS, with a Team that was always "outsiders" will happen because of OUR energy, the Heart players show when fighting for each game and the SOUL that Shanks gave our club...

and the Spirit of the 96!

Stevie is club captain, and has always promoted the managers,  he even said nice things about that fool "woy" .. Gerrard is never gonna say "its me" thats not his character ..but anyone who understands football knows who influences our team the most, and also that BR is still a novice, learning, and makes fundemental errors, without Stevie we would nor be at the top, of course S & S get most of the goals, but its Stevie driving the team , not BR, too many "plaudits" going BR's way .. i suppose its just the modern era, ppl become "legendary" before they even win a tropht thanks to the "media" and kids ...Stevie is more than "legend" ... he is now the player who truly captains the game...much as Souness did, and he now refelects the sort of Energy Emlyn (Crazy horse) Hughes brought into out tEams..

Daniel Agger praised the Liverpool fans for their support as many Reds turned up early to welcome the team bus to Anfield v soton and create an better atmosphere at Anfield.
 "It was amazing. It reminded me a bit of the Champions League days. It just shows how good a support we have and we have to give everything to try and win these games, because when you get support like that, it's difficult to describe. "We wanted to close the game earlier - it was unnecessary to let them into the game. But sometimes it's like that and you have to defend and we did that. "Every game we go into, we believe we can win. But we don't look further ahead - we look to the next game and try to go out and win that. It's actually quite simple - don't look ahead. Look at what's in front of you."
I  was in our "local" half -watching the mancs derby, I missed the start, and it was clear that Utd had surrendered as quickly as their perverted "fans" who were willing to lose,
just to stop us having a chance of the league - well, friends & foes, it doesnt always work out like that, OFTEN at this stage an unexpected result can surprise , yes,  even "super-citeh" can slip up!! the COURAGE to believe to have (FAITH) and not to give up, supporting and "fighting" for the "LIVERBIRD on our chest" until its all over...and still not :)
I find its better NOT to look at the others just (as Shanky did) WILL our team to win ("sometimes I have scored a goal, or kicked one off line, from the dugout, to paraphrase Shanks)

so many fan nies are video game players and they think like a computer, forgetting that players are HUman, they do incredible things, find skill they didnt know they had, make mistakes
and sometimes get over-confident, and get caught by a "lucky or unlucky bounce" or a ref that is "blind" . :)  IF WE WIN EVERY game until the end of this season (IF!) then a) we have done our BEST, and b) I believe "destiny" or "luck" will help us...

so PLEASE be SUPPORTERS, even if a result goes against us, our game or a rival.. WE ARE THE CLUB...believe it

The Team must start strong, and not let the opponents settle, 100% commitment, and please, BR not "tinker" especially with defence..

(Sinatra often said "its lonely at the top, because so many give up!)

My Best Selection


Flanno  dAGGer / Skrtel   Glen


Stevie        <->      Hendo


    Studge        Luis

(although Raheem was worthy of his selection v Spurs)

having "managed expectations" down to aiming for 4th position, dont expect true REdS not to aim for number 0ne,WE never bought into F S G & Henry's BR policy of "qualification" is good enough, we are not arsene/arsenal WE are LIVERPOOL = winning is in OUR Spirit... the TeaM is worthy of the league, thanks to Stevie & co, not BR!..REdNET

3-6@ Cardiff ! Allen gave Cardiff a head start with sloppy pass and lack of cover for bother goals BR's cavalier style will always offer opponents chances, dont Blame our current defence, Allen gave Cardiff the first goal, and failed to cover for their 2nd, Lucas is much better equipped to support an attacking line-up and also experienced enough to release Stevie, to use his EXISTING passing and LONG-RANGE shooting ability, wise up, REdS! - BR putting Cissohko on for Flanno = WRONG, Allen instead of LUcas = WRONG!  (Sahko on for 5 mins didnt "bolster the defence"

one game at a time, not boasting, the Liverpool way, full commitment and play strong from the start, and lets keep on with "the Dream"
ChriS SmiTH

join @ REdNET :

IMO, it took BR far too long , to accept that Skrtel/Agger are the best CB pairing and made too many "experiments" with Sahko and Cissokho.. BR is decent attacking coach but the cavalier style will always give others "chances" - however the Team when playing as a unit, as it did v Spurs and @ OT defends as a unit and Stevie is becoming a captain capable of dominating games at the highest level.


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