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Sunday, January 5, 2014

FACUPed UP? ? THE S A S and BR…and shhhhh….!

 FACUPed UP?  ? 
and BR…
and shhhhh

I hope BR doesn’t play too weak a team today, although many play down its importance the FA cup has great memories for many of us,  and a lower division team like Oldham will pounce upon a chance to win the Lfc "scalp"

.. Having said that even Luis looked tired  in the games @ chelski and V Hull..

He needs to be rested (maybe a bit) to come back even "hungrier" for the rest of the season

Too many fan nies, F S G clones and even seasoned supporters have had their "expectations managed" by media and Lfc board of Directors , especially since our club was INFECTED by G & H and now by the maSTERS OF THE sports propganda = "Henry-Werner productions"

We are in an unusual season where no team looks to be dominating , yet, so why not US? Never mind their "galactico" squad (money didn’t help Madrids Galacticos years ago - they won nothing)

The stupid fan things and many "experts" think that money buys a trophy! no, of course it helps, but TEAMS win trophies,

And I feel WE have the most team-like team..IF BR lets it saty (and especially our defence) without too many changes as we don’t have the distraction of europe, opur players can between league games..and keep a team spirit and understanding that may be above our rivals

Winning can become a habit and we should try to start strong and get a result, then perhaps rest players in the 2nd half today

But BR… is so naïve in tactics and subs..  Throwing on an attacker is so predictable  in the 2nd half, Luckily BR wasn’t our manager in 2005 or we would have missed that fantastic win (and missed the strategy of Benitez)

And what really is the truth about Studge's injury? , through every press conference either he nor media seemed to avoid the subject////////…..

I truly believe that if we have the "SAS" of Luis & Studge  fit and firing, we will beat everyone, (inc our rivals at Anfield and the mancs away) we could not only GO for the title we could , dare …(and he who dares..wins?) actually, shhhhhh..(win it?)

Btw F S G , Henry - Werner and Ayres etc …OUT!! NOW!!!

"REdNET BOOTROOM" - Discussion;
I hate transfer windows, news feed full of crap!!

  • Graham Hill >Me too 
    Tanja Banfi > it's full of shit defo dear xxx

  • Del Khan >Don't believe anything until its pen to paper

  • Ione Freitas >Me too, dear 

  • Sriram Gooner Armstrong > yeah full of shit....diego costa to arsenal ,falcao to chelsi ,heskey to barca,....

  • Chris Forb Dix > agreed , every fan nie and his dog , has a "transfer rumour " thats "exclusive" (which means , with all of our global fans that ever f-ing FB group and website gets filled with rubbish tha t connects us with almost every player in the world! i Believe, properly managed our existing team (if especially Agger/Skrtel SG, cout and SAS play without injuries for the rest of season) we can push for title (having said transfers dont " Mata") we are the only club (shh except for the bluesh*te) that have a TEAM.. Shanks "if you aim for the sky..."...
    • Emlyn; Shanks on the Field the same energy epitomised in that picture with Emlyn scorinmg the first of the 3 @ Goodison when the blues were a top team
    • .. Shanks wrote in his autobiography about fighting "internally" and thats one thing always about Lfc
    •  - the holY trinity WAS Manager/Team/Supporters and yet it was always the directors that f&&ked it up , so nothing has changed in that respect 
    • F S G are a billion miles away from Shanks values..

    "One day Bill Shankly asked me if I wanted a drink, and I said 'yes please I'll have a cup of tea'. 'No' he said, 'I mean a proper drink. I want to tell you the real reason why I left Liverpool.' I said 'no boss you don't have to, I don't want to know', but he insisted. He asked Ness to go and get us a couple of whiskies and we retired to the front room of his house. Ness brought the drinks through and just as we settled down the doorbell rang. It was his daughter with the two grandkids and that was that. The moment had gone. He never did tell me and I never ever asked."


    EuRED09 >

    pure F S G clone propaganda!

    what a Feckin joke, someone writing an article HEADED with Shanks ideal about socialism,, then mention F S G and Henry which is about as opposite as anyone could be, Henry & co destroy all those Shanks ethics and BR was appointed becauyse of his “youthful media image” that suits the yan kers .. henrys empire is all about dumping people and expoliting the banker-biased market , him and werner are as much in favour of any form of socialism as Ronald Reagen or George Bush, FFS wake up RedS! BR is ok…but dont bracket him with Shanks thats nothing less than sacrilege