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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WE GO AGAIN v maureen's chelski, Steve Gerrard ; Gerrard, whatever will be, .....will HE?

v maureen's chelski,

Steve Gerrard ; Gerrard, whatever will be, 
.....will he, will HE?........Lift the league trophy?

The media obsession with the mancs/moyes split is perhaps good for our young players, "title talk" is not the main topic of the football scene,
(REdNET FB Pics REdS  Beating the bluesh*te )

Despite the "trick" of giving us an away fixture @ Norwich, @ MID-DAY! one of the most difficult journeys to travel for OUR SUPPORTERS ...and impossible to get there on time if leaving Lp in the morning (just as they have done with the away game @ Palace where our support wont be able to home by train after the game that NIGHT!>......will we care if we win? ..but...) norwich 2 "not rich" LIVERPOOL 3!

A hard fought 3 points at Norwich take us 5 points clear, and the danger is to lose focus and relax, we need the same commitment from players and 300% support, the sort we had when we brought our team past chelski & into the Champions league final of 2014. scare the ball out of our net and into theirs.

Start Strong, press  high up, fight for every ball and take over the game..

I was/am concerned that BR continues with Sakho, IMO, dAgger is by far the better choice, positional strength, & distribution from the back, Sakho failed to cut out high balls that led to Norwich's goals, Mignolet must be stronger and command the six-yard area.

and we cant give the ball away, or get muscled out, although Snodgrass should have arguably got more than just the one yellow. we must "boss" the game, Stevie & Lucas are vital and hopefully Studge (if fit!) can join Luis in giving the rent boys defence a hard time.  I warned before that BR's "defensive tactic" of throwing on an extra defender is dangerous, against Chelski, whose players are better than Norwich, it could be suicidal..

WE MUST GET REVENGE FOR THAT GAME IN DEcember, when Eto-o cheated and got away without a REd card, and Sakho showed his colours by asking the cheat for the shirt @ H-T... . we need revenge for webb & the chelski cheats last december... lets do it .. Stevie & the lads must see how maureens bluesh*te shut up shop @ Atletico last night. Start strong,lpress high up, fight for evey ball and take the game, lets do them and keep the DREAM, we are the club, this is OUR TEAM!

It may be possible to win the league without winning this one, but discard those thoughts lads, that sort of thinking is wrong (remember '89 v arsenal, last game - disaster, ???) go for it,  Maureen will try to steal it, and Torres will hope BR plays Sakho, Nando tore him apart at the bridge.
STEVIE IS THE MAN... and every man ; from our goalie though Glen, Flanno, Skrtel (DAgger) Lucas, Coutinho, Raheem, Luis & hopefully Studge ;
Keep the DREAM 

..this is OUR club, you are OUR TEAM!

WE GO AGAIN v chelski ...for the title & for the 96


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