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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review & Preview FU C(k)UP This WAR? : What I want in 2012 & Liverpool Fight v FA/evil empire

SCLOG: This WAR? KD: What I want in 2012 & Liverpool Fight v FA/evil empire'via Blog this'

REVIEW and PREVIEW of the FU (previously FA) CuP .. 

One from Luis ...and 2 from me... ;)


posted in Universal REdS Supporters Union Network

SCLOG: This WAR? KD: What I want in 2012 & Liverpool Fight v FA/evil empire


sure i feel bitter, but not against our team I...
ChriS SmiTH 11:57pm Jan 3
sure i feel bitter, but not against our team I am angry but more angry with ou (gutless yanker) "office" who should have said NO! to the FA, (over Suarez, persecuted via "heresay")..., if necessary withdraw from the competition, show our the same way we have been denied justice since 22 years over hillsborough, once again WE do the \"right thing" ..instaed of boycotting a league and a football association that NEVER gave us our rights..IT stinks and its stinks more when our fans just lay down an d let the C*nts get away with it! our best player was banned tonight..we shall have our day! mbut no thanks to the fans and LFc (yanker) directors who capitulate..."we remember the song "no surrender" ..betrayed by the office and Lfc directors ever since they let Shanks go without dignity..
The Cry Was No Surrender


Statement from Luis Suarez

First of all I would like to thank everyone so much for all the help and support I have received r...

ChriS SmiTH3 January 00:26
...must be similar to when Kenny talked to the REdS after we got rid of the idiot woy (hodgson appointed by the fraudulent yankers) ...! we were in hell! one year ago!!
Pasted from <>
That inch (any given Sunday) Pacino
Al Pacino - Any Given Sunday (One Inch)

inspirational speech to the team ....

   ...hoping my ankle recovers soon, so that....i footy a lady who dont want me to finance her shopping expeditions, or be a "token man" to show off to her girlfriends, but a partner in every stand by the side, to support, laugh, love and to dance..

ChriS SmiTH 11:38am Jan 2
posted in Universal REdS Supporters Union Network.
ChriS SmiTH 2:57pm Dec 26
'Craig should be treated fairly'

Kenny Dalglish has called on referees to be fair in their treatment of Liverpool striker
ChriS> U dont have to be religious to "celebrate" .........for me it SHOULD be about Giving...not necessarily presents but also care & time to others...and please continue AFTER the "holYdays" ;)

 so, Salute, Sante, skal, cheers, proost, Slainte, Zivelli…I wish everyone a hopeful solstice, good luck, courageous spirit, …a merry xmas, & a positive future .... Enjoy the holidays, take care, "Happy ChriSmitH" ;)  "

May your journey be lucky.
and learn wisdom from trouble,

And  may your plans be creative
& until we meet again, be true

May Goodness always guide YOU!.


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ChriS SmiTH 19 December 19:54
We think Liverpool are playing nice football again

I think RAWK had a rare moment of intelligent discussion!
FU to the FA

thank you, Adele, FYI:
 The following blogs have been circulated via the Global REdS Network..
"WE SUPPORTERS are a global multi-cultural society supporting a multi-cultural squad of players, WE are with Luis Suarez because a) we know he is being singled out for unfair punishment b) he is not the sort of person who deliberately dicriminates (unlike many of the footballing authorities who "choose" who to punish...) the FA, UEFA and FIFA need to clean their own houses before using players as "political scapegoats" There are several million of us worldwide who will not accept the lies about Hillsborough or the violation of our members or the players we support rights to be Violated by "officials" whio are  the last themselves to respect the articles of the UDHR/ECHR conventions."

----- Original Message -----
From: Info
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: Feedback from

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting The Football Association.

With regards to this issue, a statement was released by an Independent Regulatory Commission. To access the statement please use the link below:

Please note that within this announcement, the commission does state that written reasons for its decision will be provided in due course, which will set out the following:

(a)          the findings of fact made by it;

(b)          the reasons for its decision finding the charge proved; and

(c)           the reasons for the penalty.

Please be assured that this information will be available via our website as soon as it is available.

Further to the announcement by the Crown Prosecution Service [21 December] regarding the allegation against John Terry following the Queens Park Rangers v Chelsea fixture on Sunday 23 October 2011, The Football Association will not be making any comment at this time.

We do appreciate all of the feedback we receive from supporters. This feedback is collated and used to build a picture of public opinion and is subsequently fed back internally within the organisation. Please rest assured your comments will form part of this feedback process.

Kind regards,

Adele Bolderson | Customer Relations Officer
Customer Relations
The FA Group
Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, HA9 0WS
Postal address: Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London, SW1P 9EQ
T +44 (0) 844 980 8200 | F+44 (0) 844 980 8201

 From: [] 
Sent: 20 December 2011 23:13
To: Info
Subject: Feedback from

Name: SMITH, ChriS
Subject: FA bias against LIVERPOOL, Fc and Luis Suarez..
FANNumber: 57515833
FA bias against LIVERPOOL, Fc and Luis Suarez.. the govt fails to expose the negligence of police @ hillsborough, fails to punish rooney or Terry...etc etc ...and when the man at man U says "jump" the "FA" ask "how high" MISTER (oops sir...) FERGUSON?? "..mobbing by the governmentn.999 = the fergie dominated "FA" & rival mancs are hypocrites!!!! "The club takes extremely seriously the fight against all forms of discrimination and has a long and successful track record in work relating to anti-racist activity and social inclusion. We remain committed to this ideal and equality for all, irrespective of a person's background. "LFC considers racism in any form to be unacceptable – without compromise. It is our strong held belief, having gone over the facts of the case, that Luis Suárez did not commit any racist act. It is also our opinion that the accusation by this particular player was not credible – certainly no more credible than his prior unfounded accusations. "It is key to note that Patrice Evra himself in his written statement in this case said: 'I don't think that Luis Suárez is racist'. The FA in their opening remarks accepted that Luis Suárez was not racist. "Luis himself is of a mixed race family background as his grandfather was black. He has been personally involved since the 2010 World Cup in a charitable project which uses sport to encourage solidarity amongst people of different backgrounds with the central theme that the colour of a person's skin does not matter; they can all play together as a team. "He has played with black players and mixed with their families whilst with the Uruguay national side and was captain at Ajax Amsterdam of a team with a proud multicultural profile, many of whom became good friends. "It seems incredible to us that a player of mixed heritage should be accused and found guilty in the way he has based on the evidence presented. We do not recognise the way in which Luis Suárez has been characterised. "It appears to us that the FA were determined to bring charges against Luis Suárez, even before interviewing him at the beginning of November. Nothing we have heard in the course of the hearing has changed our view that Luis Suárez is innocent of the charges brought against him and we will provide Luis with whatever support he now needs to clear his name. "We would also like to know when the FA intend to charge Patrice Evra with making abusive remarks to an opponent after he admitted himself in his evidence to insulting Luis Suárez in Spanish in the most objectionable of terms. Luis, to his credit, actually told the FA he had not heard the insult." comment from u.r.s.u.n. supporters org several million REdS worldwide will NOT let you get away with blatant Bias against ONE of ours.. >(&RAWK) "Dont honestly see what else any self respecting manager looking after his club and its players could do. Jay Spearing v Wayne Rooney ban Spearing tackled a player, got the ball but unfortunately caught the other player with his trailing leg and so got sent off. The rules of the FA mean that the player and the club is not allowed any sort of representation if they appeal, and the player runs the risk of getting an extra game ban if they lose the appeal, so LFC decide not to appeal. The FA go to UEFA tribunal to appeal against the Rooney ban. Rooney had been sent off for standing up and deliberately kicking an opposition player- not trying to tackle anyone, not going for the ball, just a straight forward, clear cut kick at a player. During this appeal, the FA and Rooney are represented by a brief and we all know the outcome. So, a deliberate attack on a player is worth less of a ban than Spearings tackle? Don't think so but it shows how double handed the FA's dealings are when they are willing to use the UEFA's rules to suit themselved without realising how unjust it is. Suarez v Terry Race Row Two players, two different clubs, both accused of making racial comments. One player seen clearly mouthing abusive comments at an opposition player, televised doing it, and has been reported to the Police/CPS for investigation. The other player, not seen by anyone apparently, not seen on the televisions is supposed to have used racial comments against another player. 9 weeks on and the FA have yet to let the player or the club know what if any action they are going to take, leaving the player open to criticism and innuendo that he is guilty. Suarez Giving the Finger As Kenny clearly pointed out other players, in other games, have done similar things and it has not even been mentioned. Suarez is not so lucky. In recent weeks our main striker has been the subject of a carefully co-ordinated campaign to upset him. He has been openly called a cheat, a diver, not just by fans of opposition teams which we can sort of understand, but by our gutter sports press (TalkSport in particular), and some managers like Ferguson. Gesturing to the Fulham fans may have been a stupid thing to do but he had been the subject of abuse all through the game because of the lack of action by the FA and the media campaign - he is now a target for many and it is showing. Does the FA do anything about that - of course not but they probably will dish out some punishment to him because they do not worry about fair play or justice, they just react to outside influences, and media comment and then have the nerve to go cap in hand to UEFA begging for leniency for Rooney and wonder why we are all getting annoyed about it? Dalglish is right to make it clear how he feels about all this because it is wrong. The fact he did so in a calm and polite manner so he didnt bring disrepute to the club speaks volumes for the man - I wouldn't have been so calm about it!"

This communication contains information which is confidential, which may be privileged, and which is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you are not an intended recipient please note that any distribution, disclosure, use or copying of any part of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error please notify us by return email or by telephone on +44 (0)844 980 8200 and delete this communication and any copies of it. The FA Group (which for the purpose of this communication means The Football Association Limited and its subsidiary companies including Wembley National Stadium Limited, National Football Centre Limited and FA Learning Limited) does not warrant that this email is free from error, viruses, malware, data-damaging material or other defects, or is compatible with your equipment or fit for any purpose. The FA Group may monitor, intercept and block emails addressed to its users or take any other action in accordance with its email use policy.
Statements or opinions may be expressed in this communication that are personal to the sender and do not necessarily represent the views of The FA Group or any member of it. Unless expressly stated otherwise, no member of The FA Group shall be bound by any contract or obligation purported to be created by this communication.
This communication has originated from the communications system of The FA Group.
The Football Association Limited (Company number 77797),  Wembley National Stadium Limited (Company number 3388437) National Football Centre Limited (Company number 2523346)  and FA Learning Limited (Company number 04249339)  are all registered in England and Wales, with their registered office at Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London HA9 0WS. For The FA Tel: 0844 980 8200. For Wembley National Stadium Limited Tel: +44(0)844 980 8001  

Festive cheer from Comic Relief, plus an unmissable report-back show coming soon and Matt Cardle on how you've helped mums in Tanzania.
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Comic Relief Comic Relief Uncut
December 2011
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Until then, why not have a look back at one of the top comedy moments from Red Nose Day?
Smithy's best bits
Matt Cardell with Mirium
Matt's Tanzania trip
Thanks to your amazing support and the UK Government's contribution, Red Nose Day 2011 money is hard at work changing lives, as X Factor 2010 winner Matt Cardle discovered on a recent trip to Tanzania.
He saw for himself how one local project is finding ways to keep mums healthy and safe.
Watch Matt's film
Walliams vs The Thames
Sport Relief: on your marks, get set...
It's almost time to kick off our Sport Relief campaign, coming to a town near you in March 2012. We really hope you've enjoyed these Comic Relief emails, showing the massive difference you've already helped to make. We'll be back in May.
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valid MOAN

still no answer to various proposals to the "committee" or ...

complaint : 111219-000165

Continued cut-outs /currently not broadcasting , and (e.g.)
"Sorry , this video is not yet available."

 video archive - yesterday! [Incident: 111217-000040]

Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Matchday Team)
18/12/2011 02.00 PM
Dear ChriS
Thanks for contacting Liverpool Football Club
We have currently been experiencing a technical error. This has now been rectified and any difficulty you have experienced, should now be resolved.
I apologise for the recent experience and thank you for your continued support.
Kind Regards
Matchday Team
Customer Experience Team
 Customer By Web Form (ChriS Smith)
17/12/2011 10.58 AM
when I tried to watch the programme @

i had the response "page 404 not found," AND as i could NOT connect at ALL with "friday night live" last night, I watched it this morning before switching to the above link. however, it was cut several times, and only the last 30 mintues of the 90 minute programme was uninterupted!! ..please add this to my previous complaint...(see #111216-000078

I wanted to watch the previous days "Lfc live " (news usually online at 17h and 18h (uk time) and got the response on screen "this video not available" and OFTEN the Lfctv programme (when i am watching LIVE is cut with the announcement "currently not broadcasting"!!

 Question Reference #111217-000040
Product Level 1: 
LFCTV Online Support
Product Level 2: 
Streaming Problems
Date Created: 
17/12/2011 10.58 AM
Last Updated: 
18/12/2011 02.00 PM


 URL with issue

 Operating System

chrome or mozilla

 Internet Service Provider
t-com/mtel MNE

another Complaint against the "lip service"...
ChriS SmiTH 11:13am Dec 13
another Complaint against the "lip service" Lfc fans "committee" response to complaints made via U.r.s.u.n. and now they block this complaint, its bad enough i am estranged form my son, Leon, but when they make it almost impossible ....the "office" at LFC has ALWAYS been a "problem" and IS NOT part of the "Holy Trinity"...AYRES and Karen Elizabeth Gill take note...

From: "FAIR" <fair@>
To: "Supporters Committee21" <>; "Nasser Aboobakar" <>
Cc: "ana. M" <>; "Liverpool FC" <>; "media" <>; "chrismith" <chrismith@

Subject: FAIR 111213 MORE complaints v Lfc Office ; (Leon Hartmann-Smith)

Date: 13 December 2011 09:40

Membership package etc///......

Please see the complaint by Leon Hartmann-Smith - (member ref 10369748) son of ChriS SMITH (u.r.s.u.n.) this complaint written for Leon by CS!

a) The "incident" 111109-000064 which resulted in payment as adult membership for Leon (who is 15!)
b) the delay in getting online buying the first ticket after renewal (the pause between renewal because no renewal email received)
c) the phone connection being cut at the TO, the eventual delay resulted in ONE "restricted view" ticket..!
d) The refusal to amend details (even though the details were incorrectly recorded by Lfc!)
e) The complaint AGAINST the new "BLOCK bookings" ..favours the rich
f)"Robot reply" from "fans committee" representative
g) online account created (again) by Lfc for (the new password was set by 28th november with a "welcome to Lfc online"))
h) a new reference for complaint 111124-000260
i) last weekend (CANT LOGIN with on ANY part of the website..wanted to make purshase for xmas present (for Leon paid by CS)
- new "incident" 111211-000008
j) yesterday evening registered (again ) THIRD time, with shop account K) NOW the shop account rejects CS's Visa electron ("invalid!")- details sent back to the above incident on lfc!! (111211-000008) the card IS valid , in good credit and being used currently.

copied to CS / u.r.s..u.n. for future reference/..


Response Via Email (Vickie Glover) 12/12/2011 06.32 PM
Dear Leon

Thanks for contacting Liverpool Football Club

I have checked our records and you do not have an account registered with us under the email address you mentioned.

Membership log in and online store log in are totally separate, therefore, you do not necessarily have an online store account if you have registered as a member. I would advise you to register with the email address mentioned to create a store account.

Thanks for your continued support

Kind Regards

Vickie Glover
Customer Experience Team
Customer By Web Form (Leon Hartmann-Smith) 11/12/2011 02.21 AM
I have tried to sign in to make a purshase today, but the email address and password dont work, in case I typed the password wrong, I clicked to get it sent to me again..BUT...the system dont even accept my email as on your system ( how can this be ? as you confirmed it when you confirmed the membership renewal??? (10369748)

Question Reference #111211-000008
Product Level 1: Online Store / Merchandise
Product Level 2: Membership Discount
Date Created: 11/12/2011 02.21 AM
Last Updated: 12/12/2011 06.32 PM
Status: Completed

Thank you for taking the time to contact Liverpool Football Club. Your reference number is 111124-000260.
We are improving the way in which we provide help and assistance to you and as a result moving forward we will be closing down this direct email address. For a faster response next time you need assistance please use our help and support website located at We regularly post and review frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and if you cannot find what you need here, you can use our contact us question form which asks specific questions to assist us to route your question to the right team; this can be found directly on

An account was created automatically for you, but you can't log in until your password has been set. Please note that this login is only for the help centre ( and not the main website. **PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL as replies will not be read.**

Your username is:
Your registered email address is:

Thank you for your email.

I will not be able to respond to every email however I will look to raise your point and if necessary will contact you in due course. For day to day contact with the Club please use the contact form with link below:

Regards and thank for your support

Response Via Email (Louisa Baxter) 11/11/2011 08.46 AM
Dear Leon

Thanks for contacting Liverpool Football Club

Firstly, I would like to apologise that you have experienced difficulties purchasing tickets through our website this week. Unfortunatley, due to high demand for tickets, our website and telephone lines have been extremely busy over the past week.

After checking your sons account, I noticed that since your email you have managed to purchase a ticket for the Stoke game through our website yesterday.

Unfortunatley, we are unable to change the address which your sons membership pack will be sent to. We can only send membership packs to the address which we have on record.

Thanks for your continued support

Kind Regards

Louisa Baxter

Customer Experience Team

----- Original Message -----
From: Liverpool FC
To: fair@
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 11:10 AM
Subject: Membership package [Incident: 111109-000064]

Liverpool FC - Auto Email Response

Thank you for taking the time to contact Liverpool Football Club.

As the Club means so much to so many people, we receive many hundreds of email enquiries every day. Therefore it is not always possible to provide supporters with an instant response to their enquiry. We try to reply to the majority of emails within 24 hours. However at our busiest times this could take up to 5 days and this will be done in an order of priority.

If your enquiry relates to any of the topics below, please use the links provided to access the information you need.

For our FAQ’s please Click Here

Purchasing Tickets / Ticket Sales please Click Here

Membership please Click Here

Online Store please Click Here

Hospitality please Click Here

Please do not reply to this email as replies will not be read. If you need to contact us again please use the contact form at

Thank you for getting in touch.

Liverpool Football Club

Question Reference #111109-000064
Summary: Membership package
Product Level 1: Membership Department
Product Level 2: Membership Ticket Sales
Date Created: 09/11/2011 10.10 AM
Last Updated: 09/11/2011 10.10 AM
Status: Open

Discussion Thread
Customer By Web Form (Leon Hartmann-Smith) 09/11/2011 10.10 AM
I just renewed my sons Leon's membership upgraded to adult.. and I tried to book at ticket for the home game 14th october 2012 v Stoke .. a) there is NO connection via ticket sales so far after waiting TWO hrs on the net ..

b) I telephoned and although I got through the person at the other end could not hear me, can I sort this out via email? or phone me (as kathryn in yr office did regarding the membership renewal..?)

c) I also noticed that the address was incorrect on the previous membership _ I have corrected it and changed it to (c/o) my personal address in Montenegro however I want the membership package to go to my son in Freiburg;-

Leon Hartmann-Smith
D79106 Freiburg

all other correspondence c/o C. Smith, Tripa Kokolja 15, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro!

? 2011 Liverpool Football Club

All pictures and content remain under strict copyright of the publisher and should not be used without written permission.
Support Home Page

SUpport? the "office" needs as much "education" in the LIVERPOOL way as some of the new "fans"...

plus....RED Emotion...

1 comment:

  1. the Echo headline is almost NAIVE, any idiot knows that the MEDIA decides who is guilty , not the "court" (once the accusation was made in public, Luis name was ruined)

    ..Luis has been hung out to dry..and I point the finger at the "FA" (Fascist Association" ) and those that have tried to put us down since 3 decades.. in a world where people are "GUILTY until proven innocent" the general public will see Luis branded as a racist, because their concentration span last only a few minutes .

    Our own Board should have continued the fight , no matter if it cost sponsors ,or dollars, pounds or euros in lost sales... WE are the "holy trinity" and it proves again that the only future we have is to control our club or its SOUL will be lost..

    "WE SUPPORTERS are a global multi-cultural society supporting a multi-cultural squad of players, WE are with Luis Suarez because a) we know he is being singled out for unfair punishment b) he is not the sort of person who deliberately discriminates (unlike many of the footballing authorities who "choose" who to punish...) the FA, UEFA and FIFA need to clean their own houses before using players as "political scapegoats" There are several million of us worldwide who will not accept the lies about Hillsborough or the violation of our members or the players we support rights to be Violated by "officials" (who are the last themselves to respect the articles of the UDHR/ECHR conventions.".. )
    Global REdS