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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


..fight for Y-OUR CLUB? & for JUSTICE!
sure i feel bitter, but not against our team I am angry but more angry with our (gutless yanker) "PR office" who should have said NO! to the FA, (over Suarez, persecuted via "heresay")..., if necessary withdraw from the competition, show our the same way we have been denied justice since 22 years over hillsborough, once again WE do the \"right thing" ..instaed of boycotting a league and a football association that NEVER gave us our rights..IT stinks and its stinks more when our fans just lay down an d let the C*nts get away with it! our best player was banned tonight..we shall have our day! mbut no thanks to the fans and LFc (yanker) directors who capitulate..."we remember the song "no surrender" ..betrayed by the office and Lfc directors ever since they let Shanks go without dignity..
Clip from The Kop singing the classic "The Cry Was No Surrender"

    • Stam Svourenos

      Sorry mate but you're talking nonsense. It takes guts to accept defeat, for now, even though you have been done wrong and live to fight another day, rather than end up playing in a Sunday League competiion. Your 'solution' to withdraw from the league will result in LFC being banned from playing in the 4 professional leagues, banned from all european competitions by UEFA and, as a result, total ruin. I call that stupid, rather than 'growing a pair of balls'. 'The fans just lay down'??? Are you for real? Where have you been living for the past four years? We've lost a fight, but not the war.

    • ChriS SmiTH people "lay down" too quickly thanks to the "moronoc message" from mediia and establishment, Stam, take note, i am talking about our Supporters boycotting the league and particularly FA cup matches , organising demos.and internet we started to do against G & H and as would have done years ago when ppl had the guts to oppose things that are wrong in our society..instead we fund the problems ,,where have I beenm, maybe u should check out who/what i am before u ask that question??? for the game..despite the result..we matched citeh much of the game.. 

      3-0 ? Stop and think.. Before u aim at our own...someone didn’t read the script..despite losing the best player of last season, (Lucas) having the best player of this season (Luis) "BANNED" and the most complete player in EPL history (Stevie) unavailable we still "expected" a result ..thats the progress made with Kenny!! … look at the "goals against" the last 2 months only ONE (arguably the corner by citeh last night was "proper", i.e. "earnt") 2 untypical goalie errors by pepe, 2 own goals and a pen.., at the other end out luck…well if it only changes slightly we would be joint TOP, even after last night only spurs have "outplayed us" and we had only 9 men on the pitch in the 2nd half…stop bitching and aim yr bile at refs, opposition cheats, the FA "Fascist (Fergie) Association" and the media who use our players as scapegoats and "establishment/police" who still, after 2o years cover up their crimes against OUR 96!..
       we NEED THIS mentality on and OFF the field!

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