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Sunday, January 22, 2012


= (BEing) SUPPORTers ,


 V the FA &  corrupt & misguided people government officials 
 (link to previous REdNeT
before this and APPLY...Shanks…
‎"Shanks" My Mentor... THE GREATEST man I never met.. not just for Footy but for way of Life, Him and John (Lennon) had the greatest influences on my Life...

there are some ppl in offices & "fans" who choose to associate themselves with OUR club, who really need to read and apply HIS HONESTY and SOLIDARITY!
V "fickle fans"

8:29pm Jan 21
Terrible result for the pool. a day when chelsea drop points and we lose 3-1 to a team who are struggling all season. Kenny may look to bringing in players quick. I think anyone slating king kenny is not a true fan and i have deleted myself from more groups tonight where they are calling for kennys head... lets not have the mentality of chelsea with the amount of managers they go through over the last couple of years... not only do they lack our history.. they lack soul... heart... Liverpool never lacked that... we are gonna start now.


I would NOT even discuss change of managers, with anyone, U only have to recall where we were just over a year ago..when some idiots were scared of RELEGATION(!) fickle isnt a word that describes some "fans" and some older (ex) players and "pundits" who should know better.. Its both positive And probably a distraction that we plaYEd game s in between the semi-finals with City..

I don’t give a damn about those ppl who criticise so quickly after "disappointing" results

- Considering we have a) several new players merged into the team - b) lost our best player and captain for half the season, c) lost our "player of the last season" just when he/we were hitting the best form and d) had our most dangerous player of this season banned for 9 games by a corrupt authority….

- Kenny & Steve have done miracles

- I travelled 40 hrs to get to the home game with Stoke, (and back) last weekend,and we looked like we had left our best at citeh..a bit jaded , understandably tired and lacking spark.. I only went to the local pub last night to watch the game on Tv, but I have as much reason as any to be "disappointed" as most of my month's budget was "blown" last weekend @ Lp ..but …

I find it "ironic" when theres a call for "heart" and fight from our players (quite rightly expected froma REdS team) yet some ppl who are "fans" (NOT SUPPORTers) fail to show the MENTALITY of the "holy trinity" ...

in SIMPLE language some "fans" need to grow up and some "balls" when things dont go as they like, they react like spoilt BRATS!

- Kenny's reaction was as I thought ..that we (our team AND somn of our "fans" and even seasoned supporters) thought "well, we have beaten Bolton traditionally they are sh*te, so we just have to turn up, to get 3 points" 

- OUR team looked strong enough, but we were not "ready" and I am also sure that several players weer thinking about the semis …its happened before and probably will happen again because (contrary to those idiots who judge football based on computer games and "stats") the game is (still) played by human beings with all the complicatiosn that entails..


- The "plan" is to bring young players through, and Comolii is obviously instructed to look for young stars "out there" which is why the only "movement" will probably be the great young lad from Lisbon who shone against us in the "next gen" games…

- HOW CAN YOU argue against this??

- Although I was NOT one to "praise" the yankers, the expenditure was considerable in 2011 for a club without billionaire owners.. I DO NOT "buy in" to the "buy success" model…

- We lost Jay unfortunately, which means the (underestimated ability and role of LUCAS, who was probably also the "scapregoat" of many of those current moaners) midfield has been disupted several times, Stevie, back, Jay suspended, Jay Injured..and so on.."small" problems but add them to my earlier points (losing our "Best three" ) we have still "contact" with the top..

- AND….our rivals (INCLUDING citeh) are far from "invincible" …and there's been many a "shock" because any team can beat any other in the EPL, this season,

- YES I am as angry as anyone that we fail to take advantage …BUT like Kenny , I will deal with it and fight against our rivals, fickle fans, and the FA etc who are the enemy…

- Honesty, FAITH and solidarity binds the "holy trinity" of Players, SUPPORTers and TEAM ..and its in times of ADVERSITY that we see how weak some ppl are!! And how strong others will be…

Anyone who insults Kenny, insults Me and OUR club, and better keep away from both!

- These are the times to be a man, my son…

- ("IF" ..Rudyard Kipling")

Local & GLOBAL>>>

In these days when LFC are constantly under pressure due to "racist allegations" it would make a LOT of "sense" to support the aims of u.r.s.u.n. (Universal REdS) and particularly the initiatives of "Balkan REdS" …who currently aim to make regular trips to Anfield, starting with the group below… our meetings , in a region tragicly torn apart in historicaklly and recently in ethnic and political/religious conflicts brings together Croats, Serbas & Bosnians, of Muslim or "christian" faiths..etc…why don’t LFC "supporters committee" or Ian Ayres stop blocking us and SUPPORT us instead??

IF Ayres would wake up and erncourage co-operation with us & this region has excellent young footballers and a traditioniof pass & move which once made the formner Ygo clubs like Red Star top teams in europe in the 70/80's..scouting is the next step...(this backs up my point)

It might just have been the two defeats that sparked Liverpool's rise to greatness.

Red Star Belgrade passed their way through the ranks of Bill Shankly's men, cutting them to pieces while beating them in Yugoslavia and then at Anfield. They won each of the 1973/74 European Cup Second Round ties against Liverpool 2-1 but more than that, their methodical, controlled and incisive brand of European-style football taught Bill Shankly's men a footballing lesson.

It forced the man from Glenbuck, along with his backroom staff, to re-think the way they went about breaking opposition sides down and ultimately led to Liverpool adapting a similar, continental model of play that would see them dominate Europe throughout the 12 years that followed.

A week ago Miljan Miljanic, the man who moulded that Red Star Belgrade side into such a formidable unit who excelled in playing this new style of football, died aged 81.
His successes at Belgrade, which included four league titles, his consecutive league wins at Real Madrid and his twenty-year stretch as President of the Yugoslav Football Federation (1981-2001), will mean that Miljanic leaves his mark on generations of football fans around the world.

But the influence he had at Anfield, during two fleeting encounters with the Reds, should never be underestimated. Sportswriter John Keith, who after over thirty years working for the Daily Express became a close acquaintance of Shankly and won the trust of those in the Liverpool Boot Room, explained the fall-out from the defeat to Belgrade. "That European exit led to the biggest internal re-appraisal of Liverpool's style since Shankly first laid the foundations," said Keith.

"And the main conclusion of a Boot Room inquest held by Shankly, Paisley and the staff was that the game had to be played more 'from the back'.

"The era of the stopper centre-half was disappearing. Defenders had to be creative as well as destructive, initiating moves in seamless links with midfield and attack. Football was witnessing a new fluency.
"Significantly, Phil Thompson was installed as centre back partner to Emlyn Hughes, who had succeeded Tommy Smith as captain, while Larry Lloyd left that season to join Coventry."

The Boot Room had concluded that the heart of the defence needed someone more technically adept, a player who was able to carry the ball and launch attacks, rather than just repel them.
Shankly said: "The Europeans showed that building from the back is the only way to play. "When they play the ball from the back they play in little groups. The pattern of the opposition changes as they change.

"This leaves room for players like Ray Kennedy and Terry McDermott to sneak in for the final pass. So it's cat and mouse for a while waiting for an opening to appear before the final ball is let loose. It's simple and it's effective. "It started in Europe and we adapted it into our game at Liverpool where our system has always been a collective one. But when Thompson came in to partner Hughes it became more fluid and perhaps not as easy to identify.

"This set the pattern which was followed by Thompson and Alan Hansen in later years. We realized that you can't score a goal every time you get the ball. And we learned this from Europe." The change in approach to the game benefitted Bob Paisley significantly more than his predecessor, as Shankly stepped down in 1974 and the matches against Red Star Belgrade proved to be his last as Liverpool manager in Europe. Paisley won three European Cups and a UEFA cup in the years that followed.

He said: "We realized it was no use winning the ball if you finished up on your backside. The top Europeans showed us how to break out of defence effectively. "The pace of their movement was dictated by their first pass. We had to learn how to be patient like that and think about the next two or three moves when we had the ball." 

Miljan Miljanic was born in Bitola, now a part of Macedonia, and spent his playing days at Red Star Belgrade before taking up the role as manager of the club in 1966. He departed for Real Madrid in 1974, where he won the league in his first two years in charge. His footballing philosophy, the very same one that inspired Shankly and Paisley to re-adjust their own, is illustrated most lucidly through his own words.

Miljanic said: "It is necessary that the player in possession of the ball finds himself as often as possible with a very rich choice of several solutions. This can be done only when a team's players all take part in the attacking play and in defence." Last week he died aged 81.

 V "the office"  

Lfc ticket application for "Balkan Reds " copied to Karen Gill ..

LFC>Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #120118-000131 A member of our support team will get back to you soon. If you need to update your question and you already have an account, log in, click the Your Account tab, and select the question to open and update it. If you don't have an account yet, go to Account Assistance, enter your email address and click Email My Username. We'll send you a link to set up your account. Then you can log in and update your question. Account Assistance
ref ; ursun_My12118CS -member 10612352 (& others)

AGAIN tried to login today via my Intewrnational ID ; chris@ursun,net on the website - and was BOUNCED out.. (I had to use my sons email login ( to send you this...also..
Louise HOWARD claims that i wasnt being logged in because i hadnt linked with the online shop (#120108-000041 ) she is wrong..
a) YES I HAD previously , but still could not , can NOT login on the main website with !!!!
b) the answer at [Incident: 111213-000172] nor the above "incident" allows for re-open of the complaint thread!!! (and ignored OUR main complaints !!!)
c) I paid for 3 members to become Lfc "international members" ..they all are having similar problems to Login, why cant they simply login ONCE on the main website and then have acces to various shop or LFC tv sections...I? 
others affected; (Leon Hartmann-Smith)

the "Lfc committee" does not represent the majority of the GLOBAL Liverpool supporters TRUE wishes, issues or concerns..I have complained on behalf of our members or my own and complaints are blatantly ignored by the "committee" representatives and their chairman..

of course your latest ticketing system favours those who can afford to buy tickets in block, several games at a time, in advance...if thats not favouring the rich, then what is?

NONE of the Internationa Membership packs have arrived in the post, despite complaints and reminders

- I have asked for a intelligent integration of Lfc online systems/memberships/e-season etc since years!!!

unfortunately OUR "plaintiffs" seem to get a predjudiced reaction...I am blocked for long periods from access and the online connections fails more and more frequently, typically at times when matches or "live events" are shown, but often at random!

should you not be able or willing to resolve these issues or deal with REASONABLE requests from members of then we must suppose that there is a deliberate DISCRIMINATIOn and take the matter outside the Lfc "office"'s hands!

Y.N.W.A. / J4t96

IT would be advisable if someone with managerial competence considered the previous references within this complaint

 Ayres failed our fans when Andy & Stewart were in Montenegro in october! he and the Lfc "office" support us and encourage us in our fight for equal treatment?

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