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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

11831 August 11 mini-review & LIVE_r_POOL update (confirmed)

mini-review & LIVE_r_POOL update (confirmed) 

Its my "sort of review" of the last month-ish..but for some its "deadline day" twitter is full of "burning questions" about potential transfers, already idiots are coming through via FB and asking me to confirm speculations...

most important thing today; the Best goalie in the world is having his birthday , and he plays for OUR club, best wishes to Pepe REINA!!!!!!
NOT Interested in "gossip" or speculation on this ridiuclous last minute shopping ..(some fans think they are "carrie bradshaw! LOL) 
I will post confirmed info on my Liverpool groups and in the meantime.... 
Just as I was writing the intro this morning Lfc confirmed ...
WELCOME Luis Saurez team mate in the Copa America winning Team = Sebastian COATES (has an english father) voted young player of that tournament..has signed last night..

More good news that we finally may be "rid" of the "Purslow-Hodgson dirty-dead duo deals" (shd have written "dirty deed" ..but somehow...?) ;)

August after an emotional visit to Valcarenga (where Alberto was outstanding in a cameo riole as "number 8 understudy") this month gave us a steady improving build up, not without concern, but after a "fading" performance v sunderland when, after a fine start, with Luis back, (scoring & missing a pen,in our first game ) from winning the "Copa America most valued player" & that cup,  the referee and our lack of energy with several new players not quite connecting as we would like, a 1-1 draw at home to sunderland caused panic amongst the "fickle"..(sky-washed fast food fans) ..

 arsenal 0 LIVERPOOL 2 (OG, Suarez)
A week of training, us not being in Europe and an unsettled camp at the emirates gave people confidence we could get a result for the first time in more than 10 years at Arsenal , Frimpong a young player gettign a chance due to departures & injuries against us, was a hot-head could have been sent off early in the first half., and a few missed chances measnt we had to wait until the 2nd half for our domination to have effect..  Luis was rested on the bench but he & Raul came on and ran riot causing an OG and a typical "pass-move-goal" from Suare7 late on a 0-2 win for LIVERPOOL (in the smart grey-black away kit) was no more than we deserved..especially with young Kelly's solid performance at the back and Enrique playing within 48 hrs of signing! 

exeter 1 Liverpool 3 (Suarez, Maxi, Carroll)  - League cup (away)

 Kenny then put out a strong team providing a decent workign performance to avoid a "banana skin" in the league cup@ Exeter with Luis starting, him Maxi & a great strike from Andy getting the 3 goals before we relaxed and gave the local side a consolation..


LIverpool 3 bolton 0 ...sorry 1 late consolation gift goal to make it look nicer for them.. ;)
Henderson, Skrtel & Adam 

 Luis was on fire from the first minutes, was angry at being subbed by Kenny although Suarez was voted m.o.t.m. ..we could have won 10-0 and it would not have flattered us..and bolton are a decent side..

Henderson (good strike with left foot)  & Adam (with his "weaker" right foot) both scored their first league goals for our club, and Martin Skrtel , on for the unlucky inured (again) Kelly, played a good part as marauding right back, and thumped a header after the refereee had turned down one of about 3 strong claims for penalties, not awarded (are we going to have a nother season of bad refs??, hopefully if we play like that , it wont matter, because we will batter them the mancs & their new rent boys too)

 am older, stood on the old KOP as a kid, when Shanks was manager, and I still get the adrenalin pumping before each game, yesterday I had a special feeling that I havent had since more than 20 years, that "we are back" playing (and supporting) like "Champions"
if you didnt watch it, you missed something VERY special....very very special, dont worry about the goal against just enjoy the way we demolished bolton.., I had a special feeling that I havent had since more than 20 years, that "we are back" playing (and supporting) like "Champions" it was great in w-side I had the whole place for myself, with sound on , just me talking to Anfield via the TV! 

also make sure to watch the highlights of my m.o.t.m. LUCAS! on...
29/08/2011, 10:36

I watched the game, and whilst we are not yet the "complete team" the pass-move-goal..and "stay with the move" ethics of "Shanks Liverpool way" are evident in Kennys teams now.

Hes smiling, I am...and apart from the off-field matters , the "office" & ownership (and my issues with the new fans committee, to be discussed in the next "REdNeT-sclog" there is every reason to be happy,.. 

last minute ;  (raul on way to chelki, the last of the Hicks-Purslow-hodgson-poison deals)

extras: -

Welcome to the balkans , John!

Kenny explains Aquilani move - Liverpool FC
Kenny Dalglish has explained the club's decision to allow Alberto Aquilani.......
 (ChriS> understood but not agreed, a shame or sham made by Hicks, Purslow & hodgson! & some fff!)

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29/08/2011, 10:36
Emlyn (greek lfc fans tribute)

just because you got the club at a bargain, dont mean u know anything more than a 1 year old baby about footy John, u are an average businessman, thats all! and certainly no expert on footy! if u dont know, isnt it wiser for you to keep quiet - just focus on the financial please (oh and publish the minutes!! ;)
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Seán> 30 August 00:40
Liverpool FC: Top 10 Best Moments in Reds History
in the OPINION of
the proud 119 year history of Liverpool FC 

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Special last august weekend

…Friday beach, (* no b*tches) ;) festival music & dancing
Saturday REdS battered bolton, night ; concert &  bevvies with 3 lovely lasses, Sunday , easy ; watch the game again & chat with Kaja ,then 6-a-side footy; we won, I scored (deadly from 1 metre!) & no muscle problems, brusies or skinned knees, feeling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! from Van the man , & now watching "Weeds" & the wire, coming down slowly… ;)

caught up with the diary & UNSuB review for august (experiment)

30/08/2011, 18:55

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