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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11816UREdS - "False Fans" ? RED-MeN not "cry-babies" ?

RedNeT 11816UREdS  - "False Fans" ? "RED-MeN" (or REd sis) not "cry-babies" ?

On "ScLOG" I talked about a "false start"

Lets talk about the way modern media has also infected our club with "False fans"

I used to enjoy some of the "REdMen TV" programmes, and although I haven't seen their new (paid for) programme (we don’t have "pay-pal" in Monty, we have "don’t pay, pal"..) their shows at the end of last season were too full of downright "knee - JERK" reactions and insults to players and some "Lfc fan forums "  even ridiculed Kenny (even some on "RAWK")!?

I like Paul Machin, recently wed, (but I am not sure if I should congratulate anyone on marrying a modern woman, sorry mate! <smile>) he had to "get home" the last time I saw him at an "interview" @ the International Inn, seemed disappointed that I wasn’t "cranky" enough to feature on his show, ;)

there you go, the price of truth is "keeping one's own council" its easy to be popular if u say what the "popular mass" wants, unless you are already King, Kenny can, but I don’t want to be "King"
..i am a merely a TRUE REd "supporter"..

 in this world of "instant media" where people make x-factor style judgements about the madness going on around them - what/who is a "True REd" ??

I recall the words of a Local "REd sis" (Anita) who said the was always looking for a special feeling in her life, and she found it within our club..but what is this magic..?


The Liverpool way, Its "Shanks" way..he took a club, with a great following but without the dynamic that later (now) is a GLOBAL entity... The Supporters , Shanks (Team manager) and the Team (ALL the players that put on the famous RED kit) ; = The Holy trinity" and no matter WHAT "spin" Lfc Tv , past or Present and "pretenders" who CLAIM to OWN our club say.. WE are the CLUB..

A true RED INSTINCTIVELY know this..

even some celebrities know  that we are "special" and even if some local & global fans act like "tourists" at Anfield , taking photos & looking on , instead of singing & SUPPORTing ..

WE are (until now) UNIQUE, with a special spirit exists..a magic probably beyond explanation...but some tips...

You must know that we hold up 5 fingers when challenged about our "status" ..WE own the European Cup of Champions and WOn it 4 times  when a Team had to be LEAGUE CHAMPIONS to qualify for it, and well, "we won it 5 times""

 You should know our history as much you know the next team selection.

I have to sort some DvD s for Local REd, (U-go)...He has to remember not to post gossip on our group forum.;)

J4t96 ..

If you dont know what this are NOT a TRue RED..

YOU NEVER buy the S*N (or any paper from that publishing group).. there are anyway plenty of media sources on the Net, why kill trees?..and WE hate Rupert Murdoch - SLY -tv and Mackenzie who violated the memory of the 96 and REdS supporters!

too many "Lfc fans" actually swallow the "pundits" of SKY(sly) Tv and therefore become "SKY-washed" ..True REds KNOW footy, because they take time to form their OWN opinions from experience and HONEST sources! (usually other supporters)

You'll Never Walk alone ... (Y.N.W.A.) 
dont use the abreviation too casually, its more than a Liverpool song, WE gave to the World, its a way of Life, never better used than at Istanbul, -no need to explain..

Its about showing passion and supporting your RED mates, in every way, on & off the pitch..

Shanks " Its the way I see football, the way I see Life, everyone working for each other , everyone sharing the rewards..." 

Have you "got it" ?? ...Sure everything in modern society teaches you to be selfish & greedy.but what do you FEEL? 

Mark my words, if we dont fight to keep what is unique about Our club (and its Support) we will be just another "global franchise".. I dont care about the "yankers" they didnt give us a share !!  and its OUR club! 

"yankers" and fools in the Lfc "office" forced out OUR Rafa and ignored Kenny (who Rafa had brought back in ) and used a fool called "Hodgson"  backed by a Chelski fan (broughton) who they allowed to be our club CHAIMAN! ...and a bizzi-mess-man ; Purslow whose personal ambition helped to nearly sunk our club..

When they give is back (officially) OUR club, then I will maybe have some respect, but they have earnt NOTHING yet! 
I Have formed several Lfc supporters & fan clubs (official & Unoffcial) around europe and currently in the Balkans ; we had a "false start" with our FIFTH meeting..(in the last year or so)

WE met in ;) BAR (Montenegro) s-KOP-je (Macedonia) Stara-Pazova(Serbia) & Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovena) ...

Had some good times, yet its a constant struggle to explain the ethics of being a "True REd" ..even some local lads in Liverpool dont get it...

I am not rich, but I could have bought 2 houses with the money I have "invested" in supporting Liverpool, not only the football club, but the essence, of the culture the people..but let us not forget the "mix" ..those Like Shanks, Bob, Emlyn, Kevin, John & Kenny (amongst others) were needed (as were the first ever team consisting of Scots) to inject a "Celts Braveheart" to the scouse essence.. "Its not where you are FROM, its where you are AT"

and that goes for current players too, 

"Jose Enrique is hoping to add his name to the legion of Spanish greats who have graced Anfield over the years.The likes of Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres all established themselves as world-class players at Anfield, while stars such as Luis Garcia and Alvaro Arbeloa greatly enhanced their reputations in becoming firm favourites amongst Kopites. "

AVOID gossip forums...such as "Liverpool for Life" " LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, FANS WORLDWIDE, ANFIELD TO ADELAIDE" (where fascist Kevin Gormley is admin) and such ...they are all the same..(BS)

I hope this Forum is Better than Reds Roar? 
Please fill me in? Thanks.
Andy Smyth 15 August 21:14
I hope this Forum is Better than Reds Roar?
Please fill me in? Thanks.
CS> u are liable to get "filled in"  if you repeat the rubbish of the BS media ;) 

- Dan, Mac will often remind us on YNWA/J4t96 remember the 96!

True REdS  should support all Liverpool REdS players PUBLICly, and keep y-our complaints discrete and constructive, sure we can moan, but remember every moan heard by an enemy is used against us! remember WE are LIVERPOOL!

Support these..Plus .... LS & SG
We have so many positives to focus on..
Suare7 The best player of "Copa America" & Stevie; probably the most COMPLETE footballer in the World...

There are plenty of opposition players & fans to make jokes about

 ...but dont resort to nasty insult, make it clever, make it witty,

..but most of all make it about the REdS because we are the "holy trinity" ever since I was on the old KOP, as a boy and got "surfed" (and wet socks) and asI stood on a bouncing concrete wembley stadium and watched Shanks departing demolition of a great geordie side in 74 I knew I was part of a unique family..! to always RESPECT!

 I have helped and received help, shared rooms (even beds) with Reds from all over the World...slept rough on stations & airports, drank pubs,cafes & bars dry and sang our songs all over europe..and as we told "Maureen"..WE are the special one..(and show our "5" to fergie)

@Wembley in 74, (Shanks last) @ Molyneux in 76, Finals in 77, 78, 81, 86,01,& 05! so many ups & downs , unique to our Supporters, a defiant attitude;  a mentality to rebel against "them" ; those who are wrong..
dont ever let them take it away!
 WE have the best goalie in the world , and we also have other supporters recognising our aims..the Celts and now even Sunderland fans, "get it" even if some of the "fast food fans" dont..
..thanks for that "Macams" ..its usually "northerners" like geordies or Scots and some Irish who are closer to our club than some "blue-nose-bitter fans"
pathetic some even bought into the "3rd kit DISGRACE"! (we changed TO REd!)

"they" and their media, our rivals & enemies will try (especially when we are on the up) spin rumour and discontent among our weaker "fans"  yet we (True Global Reds , with our worldwide network on u.r.s.u.n. connecting several millions of would - be REd Supporters) are feared because of our strong FAITH 

The "office" has polled a "committee" of fans who met lats weekend and with the current yankers ; Henry - Werner ; how 19 people are going to dynamicly challenge FSG is there to be seen _ I wont attack until I see the minutes which karen Gill has told me will eb published for all to see on the LFC website, will the views of Natha be heard, or her banner be seen? 
Experienced (true) REdS have been there, but are not "there" on the committee , those of us who have constantly exposed what is wrong with Lfc and the office ..we have been "behind the lines"..are too "dangerous" to be allowed to confront the yankers... and automatically gettign us there 4 times a year, when they do everythignto stop me beign heard or getting to games, hardly likely? but even Maradonna respects our effect on the Team...if we SUPPORT as we should!!, you will see True RedS everywhere in the World

 whether it is Luis (who may have the effect that Kevin had when I saw him be the difference between us being "contenders" to title winners in the '70's ) 

or Danny Agger (maligned by fool hodgson, some fickle fans and dogged by inury) who is , however the best & most gifted centre back in Europe..
 at away games, on holiday,, in bars & cafes, organising events ^ footy games, and meetings in pubs when too far away or without tickets (too often) REdS rule the world...and have empathy with others , because we have suffered, ...yet fight for what is right when those in the "office " dont..

and even when the "spec" is bad, or u are surronded by the weak or those without faith, thats the time to "stand up for the 96" or sing "oh when the Reds" or "YNWA" or "scouser tommy" or "when you hear the noise (of the Bill Shankly boys" ) and get the words right!.....

You ll KNOW when you meet a true REd , face to face or on the Net, you will know a true RED when we plays for LFC  (see pepe as an example)

 Support..the global Reds HOLY Trinity = a great big family...on & off the field! and OUR 5 TRUE RED managers

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