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Thursday, August 4, 2011

11805-Live@REdNeT..closer to the start...of...?

11805. I am having a rare "REdAlieN rest day" ..repairing and recoving my energy after almost 2 weeks of BS-affected life ...see:links below  (Aquilani shows his talent...again!)

its not rocket science , only a fool called hodgson could fail to see that AA is currently our most talented FIT senior midfielder!! not even worthy of discussion, if he is allowed to go, somethign stinks at LFC!

to an extent ppl are blinded by the disaster before NESV/FSG won the bargain that is LFC..I
love Kenny, but..the thing is,  WE shouldnt have ANY owners...dont trust any "smooth" bizzie-man! sorry Johhny! ;)
we have several million Lfc fans registered, our global supporters & fans ARE the club and WE should own It and employ professional (office) management, not be dependent on the whims of yankers!

p.s. 96% of core REdS want Aquilani to stay, he is nt fringe (unless you are a fool called hodgson or a member of the english media!) Alberto is currently the most talented senior midfielder at the club.. despite the "lobby" who just want "english beef" .. ;)

 empathy fromREdS with families of norwegian victims..

 some have different reasons in their preparation for the coming season..
    • ChriS SmiTH justice delayed = justice denied ; english govt & police should be publicly shamed
As many as you can try and make it to Anfield on saturday the 13th when we play Sunderland who support our fight for JUSTICE, show your support and lets destroy the Scum newspaper for all the lies about our brave Liverpool fans at Hillsborough, only for the fans we would have lost more than 96 they did the evacuation that day while SYP frooze and cordoned off 44 ambulances, people died whan the could have been saved. JUSTICE. John Lemmon go michael... grab your share and take them and give them out in your hotel plane, boat, anywhere... lets close down this lying rag........ynwa 
ChriS SmiTH > global REdS networking supports U Anne & co...
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