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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Shanks WAY"

To all True Reds ..

And this is really only for those FEW of  you, that I invited to the Universal REdS group, but as my dear old, departed, Ma would say, "well, if the cap fits,WEAR it"...

When I was a young man, a wizz-kid building my own empire.. I bought the book "Shankly by Shankly" ..i must have read it a thousands times over & over, the great , the humour, and also the sadness.. And in some ways as much as I am in love with the LIverBird, since I was about 10 years old or so, it was hard for me to take how Bill felt. I didn’t WANT to read about him being discarded by "the office" of my club,and feeling more welcome at OT or goodison..but in my latter years , goodness,  DO I understand….

Very FEW people, even ex-players appreciate the "Liverpool way" because in reality it WAS "Shanks way"..

I am disgusted by some antics of fans, ex-players, "tv pundits" and former or current Lfc "officials" who seem to have NO clue as to what he meant..its not just "pass & move" or YNWA or a collection of his quotes put on witty banners carried around the world, or the songs we sang..(better than anyone)..of being " a bastion of invincibility" theres something about TRUE genius with IS "alone" because it gives so much and gets little reward..

MY greatest anger recently has been towards "my own fans" & especially the "S.o.S" UNION , who rejected my warnings and proposals to combine a supporters buy out/in with the formation of the Union 3 years ago..WE own the club, even if on paper, the yankers are the owners.

With Shanks , WE made it,..

Bill would have gone mad at the committee of "Spirit of Shankly" for the half-hearted "protests" and delay in getting quickly to grips with the EVIL stranglehold of money-motivated men that have infiltrated Lfc

And I regard it as an INSULT when people dare to suggest that Bob Paisley was better or even equal to Bill..

LFC was a well-supported but "average" club prior to Shanks..and could have been that now, instead of what the yankers call " a global brand" with several millon "registered fans" ...

I made my first own enterprise when I was 26, and left it before I was 30, but MADE a basis , with unique ideas and (simple) methods that my "administrative partner" carried on for the next 25 years..the turnover multiplied 100 times in that time and staff also, but the inroads & profitability - and the amount of success achieved pro-rata was never so great as the first years of my involvement, he employed 5 people to try to do what I did, less effectively..

The world is full of people who can , with some common sense, and a little bit of ability CONTINUE, adopt and perhaps, improve a great ideal, but those who can take something (or nothing in our case, other than courage & 500 quid!) and make it great ARE FEW and far between.

I have supported Liverpool, the city, the club, the football , the MUSIC the CULTURE and the people in any way possible, in return I have been "alien-hated" because I wasn’t a born scouser who dares to challenge "locals" but I am more of a Red than they will ever be.. Wherever, I have been living or doing I have given my best to LIVERPOOL…why?..because its not a place , it’s a feeling..

A feeling, an explosion of humanity, so rare, as people bought into the capitalism & commercial bullsh*te since 3 decades so much so,  that not only kids but older sky-washed "fans" talk about football as if it was a video game/…

I was a business machine until 1995 when a meningitis attack put me in a coma. When I "awoke" I decided that was "close enough" , and a message came to me to , for want of a better explanation" (?) .."do GOOD" …and the irony is that when I was a freelance global business manager ("strategic networking , joint ventures & confidential start-ups") "everyone " loved  me" ..

When I organised peace campaigns, taught eco-logic, environmental & homeopathy, coached kids , volunteered and fought for human rights, people mostly "hated me"..and this message will probably "cull " some of my so-called facebook "friends"..

 The world society has been tricked into dishonesty, the modern media is the mirror of lies of the society you all live in, its Obscene to have people, young or old, getting angry because we aren't paying 22 MILLION for this or that player (because sly tv told them we only offered TWENTY MILLION pounds) when we are on a world KILLING circa 25 MILLION KIDS per day..and every day I see street kids scrambling through rubbish to find something worth repairing to sell..

IF the "democratic U.S. of A" MERELY SUSPENDED buying weapons for a period of ONLY ONE year and we distributed food & the ability to grow, logically (instead of commercially) everyone on this planet could live, & live well..

I have had my computers , crashed, stolen , broken, had my phones tapped, and burnt out, websites , constantly bombed with virus that can only come from sophisticated "security agencies" …my "friends" have been warned away from me, and their own "comms" attacked!

I hang on dearly to the ethics of Shanks "socialism" ..all sharing the rewards of collective efforts, whilst still allowing the individual initiative to score goals by intelligence..why was the man a genius?  BECAUSE 99,99% of you are STUPID!!

YOU ALL KNOW what is wrong, you go through a facade daily, telling lies, even "white ones" or fibs .."how are you, Mrs Jones ? "… "oh I am fine….Musn't grumble" ..etc etc.. The media is full of the same sh*te that rock musicians scorned when I was a teenager .."cant be a man because he doesn’t smoke the same cigarette as me"..was irony, now kids cant tell the difference and follow the "fashion" uniformly …most people no longer have an opinion that’s isnt formed by gutter press, biased tv reporting or "belonging to the herd"..

Purchases cost a 1000 times more now than then?, why?...the land is still the same (more polluted maybe, so worth less?) the human form is still the same; (I head, 2 arms, 2 legs,if yr lucky!) .. We have automation that should make things easier YET prices and cost of living increases ..why? People work longer ours because they meet, they talk they chat, they view but they don’t DO..enough!

Because You are stupid, you buy the packaging , the marketing YOU BUY is BULLSH*TE!!!

On my "SCLOG" I will repeat some "exchanges" with a "fan" called Terry White, its maybe, in your opinion , I am too hard on him, because he only repeats the media opinion, yet that propaganda also infects your kids too.,

How many of your kids KNOW the 20 SIMPLE articles of the 1948 "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"? ..signed in 1948 as a supposed basis of global democracy …& here is the JOKE..this was sent into space , signed and with a covering note by Kurt Waldheim (who was probably a war criminal!) the then UN general secretary. to show other species in the universe that we are "CIVILIZED" will be shock when they find out, you are NOT!

THE BIGGEST "joke" is that NOT ONE of the so-called "democratic" nations or government leaders have EVER succesfully applied those "rights" instead they act like RIGHT-wing dictators, and recently eroded the last remnants of a "free society" ..try moving around the world as I do, and you will see the "new world order" is a global POLICE STATE..and "justice" is an illusion..

You pay taxes etc to the "system" which then declares war on people, ordinary people, like you, uses high-tech bombers & missiles that they cant control, and so make "collateral mistakes" ("sorry , not our fault that we wiped out the neighbourhood, and innocent kids along with it"-CNN /C1/a, NSA etc., etc)..the planet;  its land is stolen from you and the air & water polluted by industry and concrete jungles, and damages the minds of your kids & you too!!

"SoS" rejected my claims, & with SLfc & RAWK "banned" me for telling them THE TRUTH ..hypocrits who rightly blame murdochs rags for lies, do the same, Even LFC try to ban me , and often exclude me from "discussions" & matches.. Yet I have done more for this club than ANY of the "fans" in the past, or the "committee" will do, in the future..why do I make this outlandish claim?

Because of apathy, last year WE had the chance to claim our club..and we didn’t , YOU didn’t ..and because of the previous fraudsters (Hicks & Gillet) and because of the chain of misery from Moores, pathetic Parry, through back-stabbing Purslow, a "chelski chairman" (how could YOU allow that!!??) AND that fool Hodgson, you rightly trust Kenny but wrongly trust Henry-Werner (NESV= FSG = BUSINESS franchise)

They are excellent in P.R. its almost the same as politics…who is the worst Clinton or Bush?  Thatcher or B-liar..?

The most dangerous are those who say all the "right things" but DO what they always intended, which is to get to their goals not yours, to use your money, not theirs..& become powerful because YOU hand it to them..LFC earns billions of dollars through FANS income, and yet you let THEM profit from it, just how stupid are you??

Bush, Thatcher, Hicks …Obvious, and sure its ridiculous to think "the most powerful nation in the world "voted TWICE for George W……. But you do it,, every election time..everywhere give up your lives to politicians , local & global, but why should they solve problems, they wouldn’t be necessary if they did??

YOU are the "problem" the fan that buys the BULLsh*te.. Who would rather buy a sponsor - induced BLUE - sh*te (3rd kit) shirt (whilst Lfc , Claire & Ian Ayres tries to convince you its "history"..insulting your intelligence..) instead of putting that money in a fund to claim a stake in PROTECTING and investing in the future of y-our club?

I remember Shanks writing, something like..."oh, I'm tired of fighting the office to get …(whatever)" ,and I AM tired of reading the same BULLsh*te, seeing fans insult players, even BOO players, ridicule OUR players on Tv or internet, and seeing kids lives wasted in society as a whole..

goodness what is the matter with you..??

A man like Rafa , who tried & cried for us, who was (is) LFC 24/7 , and the idiots at the club discard him , and cant even offer him a position there, and (King Kenny excluded) he is worth more than all the office & training staff combined..some Lfc "fan" called Rafa "that fat spanish waiter"..oh, if I could have climbed through the internet and slapped her silly face I would have done.

The media lies and you swallow..again, and again, and again..

Well I don’t , I spit it out, and I spit on anyone who f-cks with the core of "Shanks WAY", I wont use "Spirit of" because the union tarnished that icon.

My FB has almost 2000, I am networked with over 25,000 global enterprises, indirectly connected 2nd hand with a network of several million, and many more through those ppl..but ..

I am still searching for TRUE intelligent life on this planet!


Yr "REdAlieN"

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