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Monday, July 25, 2011

11725 RedNet - Live-R-Pool & views...

.....More BS by negative fans, we are still not playing a "first team" ..without SG, Pepe, Suarez & Agger against Hull and I love and trust Kenny BUT, if he lets Aquilani go because of media & fans stupidity it will be his first major error this year.. AA is by far the most cultured midfielder we have (fit) now..and has played MOTM performances in the EPL that the media & the english lobby choose to forget

... but...most disturbing was seeing mY REdS wearing blue & white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) a bad day 4 Lfc! ..I have supported the REds since I first started kicking a ball 40+ years ago, and that kit shames OUR CLUB! (NO Photos, I refuse to promote the TU*d kit) 

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IT’S a well worn cliché that results in pre-season don’t matter.

  • Seán Ó Cléirighi am with you on this one. i think aquilani is a great player and he deserves to stay with the club... certainly ahead of poulsen and jova.
  • ChriS SmiTHAquilani, has (currently) more talent & guile than Adam, Jordan, Raul, Maxi , Cole, Lucas , Spearing , Jovanovic, or Poulsen , Rafa knew that, and we will waste the money if we let him go (cheap or not) now..
  • Seán Ó Cléirighu reckon we will keep him?
  • ChriS SmiTH well U know , the english media and ex-players dont like (AA) , and not only because of my own opinion that his qualities are rare these days (so why are we hunting for quality signings , if we let him go) but i just like to stick 2 fingers up at the idiots (english media) explayers lobby and terry white , ha ha ha !!!

for terry white, certain ex players & some "fans"

  • ChriS SmiTH  > Kenny dont reply to my phone calls, I hope NOT!

  • Ugljesa Hemuli Boljevic  >agree with you about kit.. its shame for club! how ppl in club looks on that? and how they agree with that????!!! and kennys biggest mistake will be if he sell meireles! one of the best our players last season.. why???

  • ChriS SmiTH >Aquilani is better than Raul, but we should keep both!
  • Ugljesa Hemuli Boljevic  >better?? not agree.. but agree that he must stay.. give him a chance and see what he knows..
  • ChriS SmiTH > Aquilani plays "pass & move" much better than Raul, Mereiles can play also, but dont have what I consider a "dominating" style, and can easily disappear from games..AA 's passing is much sharper in vital area of the pitch!
  • Ugljesa Hemuli Boljevic  > yes, but raul is stronger, better in defense, understanns well with all midfielders, scoring goals against our biggest rivals.. all that makes him a PERFECT liverpool servent ;)
  • ChriS SmiTH >I have (not) seen Raul looking "strong in defence"! , which game was that? scoring goals against mancs?? not (seen) that either! he scored one goal against chelski, in a whole season,,dont count everton they are a SMALL club,,,mind you they also play in "us" ..(sick joke!) AA is a better & cleverer player against packed defences.. was never given a full season..AND is 5 years youger than Raul! but both should stay,,,
  • Ugljesa Hemuli Boljevic > everton is one of the biggest rivals, gerrard agree with that :) so, we count them even they re a small team.. and even if he s old, doesnt mean is not good for liverpool.. but we both agree that we must keep him.. i more like him, you AA, that personal meaning.. its more important that we agree about them to stay ;) :)
  • ChriS SmiTH > SG isnt always right btw, hes a player , not a coach, lol, of course as SG comes from Lp, its important to beat them, but they are still (as Rafa said) a small club, in terms of rivalry for the trophies! ..considering my own age, of course i dotn think "age" is the criteria, but when Aquilani, is a better team player and has 5 more seasons potential the choice is obvious, sorry my son! ;)
    but thanks for trying to explain to me who our rivals are , after 40 years!! ha ha ha , it's nice coming to "Monty" to learn about Lfc;) btw I have been a RED twice as long at Stevie!!


FutuREDS , keep them & the future is OURS ..

The youth have scored about 30 goals in 5 games? ..we have to be sure thaT they have a chance to come through to the first team, avoid signign too many players , otherwise the lads will not progress...

We have to think now and for the future!


disturbing seeing REdS wearing blue & white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) bad & sad day, get out of our club now!!!

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@TheKopMagazinedisturbing seeing REdS wearing blue&white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) bad & sad!
 rage?..most disturbing was seeing mY REdS wearing blue & white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) a bad day 4 Lfc!
 //...most disturbing was seeing mY REdS wearing blue & white sh*te "standards corrupted" (t*rd kit) a bad day 4 Lfc!

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misshanks (Karen Elizabeth Gill) Online commenting: the age of rage

Great article. Worth a read. Anonymity does strange things to people!
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CS>Yes I DO put MY name to articles & challenges to the system and PAID the price by obstruction and interference by a "democratic society" i dont blame those who act anonymously but we all shoudl openly complain  when something is WRONG!

 ......anti-islamic media (cultivated by "NWO" & "security" fears since the post-9/11 BS) claims "karma" victims? what goes.....

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