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Sunday, July 17, 2011

11717 REdAlieN Live H.L.M?

is it a blog, a SCLOg or an ECO-LOG?, its 


Opinion, arguement, news & views from an "Alien" whose REd in heart & mind and most of all.  his SOUL, interviewed by H.L M. a fan & admirer.....usually in 2 parts ...REd & AlieN or ..AlieN & REd...

 H.L.M. > so whats first , in this first of "REdNET" ?

REd> well its the way i see this planet & people, I was " lucky " to have landed in LIVERPOOL when the society was at the beginning of social-cultural EVOLUTION, unfortunately the rest of the planet were going in the other direction and as we write in slowly "boxing" the global population for permanent hiber-NATION .(more about that later*)  

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind...
AlieN> its impossible here..

H.L.M> what is?

AlieN> to have a close encounter of the 5th kind...

* most of the girls are too young , and obsessed with "image" looking like either "street girls" ("prossies") or fashion models

* girls marry young, and then dis-appear into marriage and then decide that they are no longer interested, and suffer their husbands or boring girlfriends company, and "let themselves go" becomign the opposite of the "catwalk darlings" they were as teenies...

* The few fee-males I may see in a caffe or bar over the age of 18 are trying to score rich , think business and use guys..sort of reverse of roles from the 1980's ..have them for sex and discard them , like "bachelor-girls"..

then there are those that steal my seed..because its much better than the others they meet...

but the earthing "fee-male dominated" society dont care if an Alien loses his child, to a soul-les mother..F****r

*Then there are the sunglasses - wearing  "VesnaR-type" (this is a good name, because 90% of the ladies have one of only about 5 or 6 female names ; Ana, Jelena, Ivana, Biljana, Tanya?)  who seem to think they are of some sort of "master race"  (they'll blame "face-tube" or "you-book" for you not knowing that they wont show uop for your meeting or "date" ) ..they are often biz-executives or in "the media" (whatever that is?, isnt it just a load of people without lives of their own boring everyone with stories of your neighbours cat & the occasional war & so on> ) they look like "fashion mafia" in their boring black clothes..

H.L.M.>"master race" ?

AlieN> sure, they make promises to take me out, or to the coast, or show me some of the "Wild beauty" ...and all i end up is ..."Wild"

because she/they didnt show up or remember a date or fulfill a promise, YES, I know women all over this planet break promises, but these are exceptional, they make it a sort of vocation, to waste my time.. local men dont fall for it, ..because they are more or less the same !!

..and beware of the "Nona" (nan) = grandmothers..

  • How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn't be surprised when kids misbehave, they get it from their story books. (Copy this on your wall if you laughed) ;

      • ChriS > and mummy drives a gas-guzzler to the shops (or school) 100 metres away in her "designer" outfit and never gets to an appointment on time ? ;) ha ha its mothers who spend the most influentia 5 years of a kids life with them and so can we blame the whole world mess on fee-males??

H.L.M>whats the connection...

AlieN > their neighbours call them "lazy" I just see them as spoilt children who really dont understand anything about respecting other peoples time, they only think about what they themselvse want .. they are without "care" for others.(unless those others are paying them) .they are SIMPLE & "careless"

" who break promises & have no respect,
dont care about others or their effect.
bugs in laptops, & FB ..or bugs & strife,
...just have to get on with troubles in Life..
well done REds, and the youth team too,
... i thank goodness , for YOU!"

and YOU! x  

....(Van Morrison..another Celts AlieN)

"there would be days like this"

... but YOU took the P*ss

every relation brings trouble or strife, 

U dont have the respect to be my "wife"

2 weeks gone, and i will get by , 

most days i dont even sigh

"someone like you" but SHE will be "true"...(not U!!!!) x

Van....(again) ;)

 H.L.M> so U are "angry" 

ALieN> well, this helps... It was ironic, because "VesnaR" asked  to be "friends" via FB..
and then (typically as so many are like "curious kids" ) wanted to know..

"do you understand english?, because my knowledge of yr language is limited.. why did you select me as facebook "friend" ?  Hello VesnaR, did u understand? I am free for a coffee , tea or toffee if you would like to meet me, dont be shy :) ?

I understood well, but u did not answer my question?? who you are and what are u doing in Motnenegro? Coffe we can have after :-)

no, coffee we have at the same time! ;) otherwise its too much writing.. let me know if u change your mind.. in the meantime have a good weekend..are u yet another journalist who cant be trusted? ;)

check ur inboxes ;-)

yep, so do U keep yr "promise" ..."coffee next week" is disappearing fast...

check YR in box?? so we agree to meet @ "caffe Tropicana" BokeSka 16? ..what time will you be "free" ?

Dobro! (i'll be there)

16 July at 00:21

i was there, U were NOT (no surprise) !

In my culture we KEEP promises!!

 (and we are on aplanet near you!! <smile> )
BUT , maybe a T.A.N can cheer me the meantime 

...I am a REd 

..the "Global REdS" club which is more than football, its a culture of its own, a global Family beyond comparison, we alwaysb supported each other worldwide.. 

and the yankers mess with that!!


Rampant U18s hit eight - Liverpool FC

Adam Morgan scored a fantastic double as a rampant Liverpool U18s beat Stevenage Borough 8-0 at the Academy in a pre-season friendly on Saturday afternoon.

  • Robert Alan R > They are the future, talent galore!

  • REd> if fans can be patient and avoid filling the squad with expensive "stars" we can bring a lot of these players through and have a squad to dominate fior the next decade, anotherREdS dynasty in tha making

Aquilani, proving the "TV footy experts" wrong again..if he was english they would be creaming about him, hypocrits! ok, was a friendly against a malaysian select team, but he still looked well ahead of anyone else there on the park, better by far than Adam or Raul.. but of course Rafa signed him so "the english player lobby" wont admit it...

  • Marie > Naturally Chris.......what else would you expect. Hodgson the twat should never have loaned him out.

  • ChriS> yeah and woy shd never have been made manager.. i am just fed up the bias of ex-players (like M. Wright (wrong)) ..forgive Adam for taking time settling in , yet stated Alberto in the first friendly, then are reluctant to credit him when he was by far the best player of anyone on the field yesterday.. 

Maria B>

  • he set up the goals, was class act and so intelligent in picking out quality passes.

  • ChriS>  IMO he would be perfect in
  • that advanced central midfield position, behind the striker . i'd tend to move SG to either the right or have him play the old Alonso "playmaker" role..

  • - Aquilani ; ruled the 2nd half set up every one of the 5 goaLs, did YOU see that mark wright?, and hes NOT english…wow! 

  • .. the much criticised Insua reminding us of his attacking abilities (never in doubt by me) with crosses from the LEFT i ntot he box,...once again the "tv pundits" proven WRONG!

  • ChriS >IMO he would be perfect in that advanced central midfield position, behind the striker . i'd tend to move SG to either the right or have him play the old Alonso "playmaker" role..

  • Marie B>If he stays he should thrive in Kenny's set up.
  •  ChriS >for me AA was starting to look the part at the end of the previous season, and no wonder he wasnt "over-enthusiastic" to come back to this club when he (as several foreign players ) was virtually excluded from consideration after Rafa was forced out, lot of silly fans bought into the Aquilani isnt up to it" BS! ..

Anwar KopsLiv>

LadIES & GenTLEMAN frOM ThE REDS was absolutely 1 UnfORGeTtAble+ FantasTIC+UnBelievaBLE AtmospHeRE oveR hERE in BkT JaLIL StadIUM,KL laST Night..The RED FaNS hAs CONquerED, SiNG ALonG The ANThEM@YNWA and Has SHOWN to aLL OveR ThE WorLD thAT wE ARe "TRUE FANS" from AsIA and Top OF aLL, ThE ShankLY SPIrITS are wITH US as LOnG As It TaKES..StaY SafE&SmILe AlwAyS..In KiNG KeNNY,We BeLIeVE..ThIS Is AnFIeLD!!...

Im really sorry about all this situation.. I ve asked my friend to play every week with his team against us... He ll told me on monday.. He have to ask them.. But, They re playing at least once a week so maybe we can agree a weekly match with them.. It seems to be ok ;) i hope so.. Tommorow we cant play :( and i understand you very well, don t worry.. I m nervous too.. We cant find f**king team to play against.. Like we re searching for 11 players with 7 subbs.. Fuck.. And i again must call the man to cancel match.. 
. I really hope my friend will agree a weekly match with his team.. P.s. Call fabricio and anton to play every week if they can.. Team is stronger with them.. We can make a team anytime, ita not a problem.. Just have not to play agaisnt someone.. I ll inform you about this when my friend call me.. 
REd> I sympathise with Ugl. his Montenegrin "friends" * are unreliable too..! (Ugl recently had a LiverBird tattoo on his back! :) )

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