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Monday, January 5, 2015

Steven is leaving , its time for me too, cant support "them" anymore

 5th Jan went running in the rain ...sunday morning,....I needed to get rid of poisons.. and pump the REd blood cells..
still cant get Stevie out of my mind, the club has a lot more fans than when I started to support ...tHE TEAM..

but the mentality NOW is "USA" , small minded, commercial and soul-less when he goes, its last bit of Soul goes too...

I will follow results, watch the games (on TV) but....I will not SUPPORT as before...not just the financial  aspect
 ... (I could have bought 2 houses at least , with what it cost me to support Lfc, but the emotional cost, time and energy
..was ( *is) much greater..

all the people i loved have gone, died or stolen or corrupted.. but the LiverBird will always stay in my heart and on chest of the shirts of teams I train or coach myself, 

but the BUSINESS now called "Lfc" is no longer what I want to be married to, and when
the season end comes, I will divorce Henry,  f s g , Ayre, Brent and the "bored room" of Lfc
from my life...and focus on the kids, I will support them better.. 

With Stevie leaving.. I dont feel like i want to support the "new world order Lfc" 
after this season.. the club I fell in love with as a bairn when I just knew they played in RED and Shanks was our "messiah" 
....has gone..replaced by y ankers, fan nies, tourists and mercenaries and a "coach made for the media" 50 years married and its ending a bitter divorce..

Great men had built a miracle but in less than 10 years THEY have killed the REd SOUL of OUR CLUB

Various reactions

After 17 years and countless memories, the Reds are facing up to a future without arguably the greatest talisman in the club’s history.
MY wish that Stevie does what Kenny did in 85 and be player - coach (and I would suggest Kenny could "mentor" Stevie 
(in the same way Bob did for himback least until my choice of Rafa comes back...but with f s g theres no point..

because they (Henry, f s g , "Ayre s bored -room and committee"are a disaster for our club)

That SG wasnt offered a contract is a reflection of Henrys "infestor" mentality , he sacked Kenny (our legend) 
and he insults Gerrard by failing to offer him an extension to his contract LAST SUMMER...

Fan nies have short memories but true REDs will recall we nearly lost Stevie back in 05 ..when Stevie felt "unappreciated" by Lfc
(ScLog link

...we have always had sh*te in the "office" of Lfc)

Shanks was always fighting the Directors and it e ventually wore him down, Kenny was close to breakdown after carrying
the aftermath of Hilsborough, Houllier & Souness had heart attacks, and Rafa was also hospitalised during his reign,

its the biggest job in Football, and f s g dont understand the game , and arent even that clever at business,

Henry s own "empire" collapsed recently...and HE NEEDS YOUR CASH...advance ticket sales, increased prices
and 3 new kits every season have saved his Boston Biz,,, 

Gerrard’s departure leaves a vacancy as captain, and a massive HOLE in Liverpool’s midfield. and in the CLUB as a whole...

Hendo may step up to become full-time captain if  Gerrard departs in the summer.

Big characters who might "question" the management have been forced out or are on the dodgy list...Pepe, dAgger, Lucas, Skrtel, Glen and even Jordan himself

...less than three years since he was on his way out of Anfield, a makeweight in a f(sg)ouled up deal to sign Clint Dempsey, 

may have to take over from one of the greatest captains Liverpool has ever seen. No pressure, Jordan.

Still, he won’t replace Gerrard.  No one "out there" can even to come close to replacing his influence.
(remember it was Stevie who pulled togteher the title challenge last season when BR was clearly out of his depth ...
BR again this season looked lost , especially in europe,...)

Hendo may have learned plenty from working alongside Gerrard each day; but is BR/f s g going to back him ?
(especially as Henry hasnt been that "loyal" in his decision making...)
Los Angeles Galaxy make offer for Liverpool’s Gerrard: the situation
Jamie Carragher and Gerard Houllier have 
said. Everyone else is thinking it.
“Replacing Steven Gerrard is going to be impossible.” (ECHO)

& Brent.. 

says that he has "been in conversations for quite a while with Steven and had an idea of his feelings moving forward"
yet not so long ago I recall Bodgers stating recently when questioned that contract talks were progressing...

He just seems to be a f s g  media man... I cant respect him, he always seem to be in "self promotion mode"
BR played him as a "holding" (Alonso role) but.... Stevie was still able to hit those wonderful long diagonal passes to feet, cause danger in opposing areas with incisive through balls, 
and score (our top scorer? this season..?) 

Brent " then that's maybe something we can look at" Stevie should have been offered Rodgers job but that is Henrys fault
and the f s g clones and fan nies who backed their takover from the previous fraudsters...(G & H)

"He has been a fantastic player for me"  (NO Brent, he played for OUR supporters , not you, you didnt even know when he has the anniversary
of his first game..)  

"The one thing about Steven Gerrard is that his thinking is very much about the club," (and)" who is a supporter
deep in his heart, of Liverpool. He's made that dream and made that step to go on and represent this fantastic club. 
..... But also, he's 34 years of age."...I am sure BR made it clear that at this AGE BRent would "restrict his games" 

IMO Stevie is still that great that he should have had a "free role" ...but BR wouldnt risk that...

BR>"so I know experiences make you a better person and give you better knowledge."
(but that proves YOU are still a NOVICE, BR, and IMO not "big enough " to manage a club like LIVERPOOL or a legend as Steven GERRARD,

"He puts others first. "
He could very easily have let it run through to the end of the season and not said anything. "

CS> BUT HE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO IF BRodgers had FORCED f s g to give OUR LEGEND, OUR CAPTAIN a contract extension, its an INSULT!!!

BR "we nearly won the league because of Steven Gerrard." thats about the only true thing said...
"Steven Gerrard captained this team on an incredible run last year and the reason why we challenged, was a big part because of him."
" his performances were monumental for us. He gave us key goals, the composure, the calmness, the important penalties that he scored
 and the important passes. His influence and stature in the team on the field gave us the opportunity to win the league."

Brent mentions the academy, disrupted by f s g who forced out Rudolfo and Mcparland after Rafa had acquired TWENTY-FIVE top international youth players many of which have been wasted, sold off or loaned out never to return to the "LIverpool way"

"I see his great influence in the changing room with the other players and the great work he does throughout the football club."
Steven Gerrard is unique in his play and in his behaviour, how he has been as a football player. 
For me coming into here, finding out what he is like as a human being, he is a really unique character. 
You can't make the direct replacement. " thats something I will agree with, BR, this once,..

2 Legends ...who the F/// is Henry?
JAMIE CARRAGHER: How can Liverpool possibly allow Gerrard to leave?

Graeme Souness: 

Steven Gerrard would have walked into any Liverpool FC team in history

Gerrard is to call time on his illustrious Anfield career in the summer
Souness says Steven Gerrard could have walked into any Liverpool FC team in history.
and said that it’s difficult to compare him to other players, but added that he could have played in any of the club’s great teams.
He said: “He’s up there. It’s very hard to compare midfield players to strikers and goalkeepers.

For me personally I think he’s one of the greatest players to ever play for the football club
 and would certainly walk into any team Liverpool have had and Liverpool have had some great great players to play for the club. 
He’s up there with the very best.

“When I talk about world class players I talk about someone who could go anywhere and get in any side. 
For a good seven to 10 years he’s been that sort of player. He can go anywhere in the world and get in any team.”

Souness, who won five league championships and three European cups with Liverpool before moving to Italy with Sampdoria,
 admitted he was shocked at the news that Gerrard would depart the club in May.

He said: “(I’m) Slightly surprised, like most people I thought he’d finish his days at Liverpool. 
But whatever decision he’s made, whether it’s American or where ever, I think all Liverpool supporters will respect that.

“He’s been a wonderful servant to the club and if he decides to go abroad to play for a few years that will help him in life,
 not just football. He’s only spent his time in Liverpool and to go abroad,
 I found out about different cultures and different ways of life. 
That can help him and his family.
I’m sure they will benefit in the long term for it.”

CS>>> what was "good for Graeme" isnt necessarlly good for Gerrard, but certainly Stevie owes NOTHING to Lfc, and less to the "infestors" (f s g)


Lfc can confirm Steven Gerrard is to leave the club at the end of the 2014-15 season.
The Reds captain will bring the curtain down on a glittering Anfield career that has spanned nearly 17 years and included 10 trophies, as well as 695 appearances and 180 goals to date since joining the club's youth system aged eight.
Gerrard will not retire from professional football at the conclusion of the 2014-15 season. No decision on his new club has been made yet, but he will continue his career outside the United Kingdom and at a side that will not bring him into direct competition with Liverpool.

The 34-year-old admits it is with a heavy heart he will depart Liverpool, describing the decision as the 'toughest of his life', but has chosen to make it now to avoid speculation about his future.
Until then, the No.8 insists he will continue to concentrate all his efforts on helping Brendan Rodgers' side achieve both domestic and European success.
Explaining his decision, Gerrard said: "This has been the toughest decision of my life and one which both me and my family have agonised over for a good deal of time.

"I am making the announcement now so that the manager and the team are not distracted by stories or speculation about my future.
"Liverpool Football Club has been such a huge part of all our lives for so long and saying goodbye is going to be difficult, but I feel it's something that's in the best interests of all involved, including my family and the club itself.
"I'm going to carry on playing and although I can't confirm at this stage where that will be, I can say it will be somewhere that means I won't be playing for a competing club and will not therefore be lining up against Liverpool - that is something I could never contemplate.

"My decision is completely based on my wish to experience something different in my career and life and I also want to make sure that I have no regrets when my playing career is eventually over.
"I can't thank Brendan, the owners and everyone at the club enough for how they've handled this and I am leaving on great terms. Also, I would like to thank my teammates and all the staff for their help and continued support.
"It is a very special place to be part of. It is my sincere hope and wish that one day I can return to serve Liverpool again, in whatever capacity best helps the club.

"One point that is important to make is that from now until the last kick of the last game of the season, I will be as fully committed to the team as I ever have been and giving everything I have to help Liverpool win games.

"My final message is for the people who make Liverpool Football Club the greatest in the world - the supporters.
"It has been a privilege to represent you, as a player and as captain. I have cherished every second of it and it is my sincere wish to finish this season and my Liverpool career on a high


Liverpool's "INFESTORS" SAY THAT THEY have told Steven Gerrard he will always have a place at the club and described his contribution as 'beyond measure'.
It was confirmed today the captain will bring his Reds stay to a close at the conclusion of 2014-15, by leaving the club to begin a new chapter in an incredible 17-year career.

Principal INFESTOR John W***** Henry and chairperson Tom Verner jointly said: "This news stirs many strong emotions for all of us connected with the club.

"There is sadness that such a great player and person is leaving and won't be playing for Liverpool beyond this season.
"But there is also a sense of celebration and gratitude, that we've all been privileged to watch and work with one of the true greats, not just of this club, but the game in general.
"We will all have our own personal memories of breathtaking Steven Gerrard moments;there are far too many to list.

"His contribution to the club is almost beyond measure and it's testimony to his influence, that despite Liverpool having such a long and distinguished list of legendary figures, the name Steven Gerrard will always be at the summit.
"Another emotion that resonates today is respect; a respect not just for his achievements but also the decision he and his family have reached.
"Steven will always have a part to play for this club, as and when the time comes that he wishes to return.

"I hope we all respect that Steven and his family want to pursue something new and different for the final years of his playing career.
"We all wish him well in this endeavour and look forward to welcoming him back to Anfield in the future, when the time is appropriate."


BRodgers admits it is an 'impossible task' to find the words to sum up Steven Gerrard's Liverpool contribution after it was confirmed the midfielder will leave Anfield at the end of the current season.

The captain will bring the curtain down on a 17-year Reds career at the conclusion of 2014-15, and will seek a new adventure at a foreign club as he continues his playing days.

Torres left because of G and H and Hodgson,,
The "manager" said: "It is almost an impossible task to find the words to appropriately sum up Steven Gerrard and his importance to Liverpool.
"This is an era where the word 'legend' is vastly overused, but in his case it actually doesn't do him justice.
"From a personal point of view I will always have gratitude for the support he gave me, when I arrived here as manager.
England WASTED the genius of Gerrard!

"Steven came to see me and promised he would be 100 per cent behind me and do everything he could to help as we looked to introduce new ideas and a new way of working.
"He wasn't just true to his word, he vastly exceeded it.
"As a player he is immense and the influence he has on games should never be understated. At times he has carried this club on his back and in my time here he has always shown the ability that has rightly seen him be regarded as one of the world's best for well over a decade.

"As a leader and as a man, he is probably incomparable to anyone I have ever worked with.
"He takes professionalism to a new level and the dedication he has to his work is an example to everyone in the game.
"He is also someone who has always put the club and team ahead of himself and I think that will ultimately be his legacy.

"People better placed than me to judge have said Steven is Liverpool's greatest ever player; when you look at the company he is in, that is some statement.
"We of course will miss him, both on the field of play and in his capacity as club captain, but his influence will live on and we wish him nothing but joy and success wherever he chooses to go next.
"Until that moment arrives I will continue to enjoy working with Steven Gerrard the man and Steven Gerrard the player, one of the greatest we have seen."

CS> so , you fecking hypocrites, why didnt you offer him a contract extenson last summer??? , which would have shown some RESPECT that
you now bang on about... F s G OUT!...ayre , BR and take the fan nies and clo(w)nes with u too 


    the only ones who stood up against the "system" were when we fought fof Justice... if only the "fast food apathy generation" could adopt the courage & will of that campaign!
    moaning @ coutinho-liverpool-barcelona-move-

    article just tastes of an apology for the apathy of sheeple, that Lfc fans are & Lfc players are all the same as all the other :fast food "generation" .. that a promise means nothing ; that the Liverpool way is dead, and anyone of you who has their pic taken by the side of Shanks statue is a hyprocrite, you sort of sanction this.. by the way did Stevie, Rushie or Kevin break a contract? force a move? I remember KK having a shiner, alledgedly put on him by Smithy, for lack of effort in the FA cup final 77? its IS hypocritical to expect any player to be "loyal" when USAcorp (Henry & co) care only about profit, buying cheap and selling dear, because for them players and fans are no more than items on a balance sheet, and Lfc is just part of their stock (as in animal) market!


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  4. i like Juergen, as a decent coach , seems a decent guy, but he is not yet a strong enough MANAGER who could stand up against his employers (Henry & co) ,,,F S G and the billionaire backers who see players and fans as numbers on a balance sheet dont care to understand what thts club means to TRUE RED supporters ,, its just LIVE(rpool)stock, , no more than the buying and selling of animals.. lacking emotion or empathy! they freeze ticket prices in PRopaganda acts to soften the blow of Phil going, .. Naby & VVD however good they look are not seasoned top flight players, Phil is and if Lfc show weakness v barca , by being forced by the lad or barca to sell now on the terms of a european rival.. then that will be ANOTHER blatant example of the policy of "USA corp" infesting in Lfc since 10 years !!