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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"WE are the Jamie Oliver CLUB of footy" and REdNET bootroom match review

WE are the club , it says on our T-shirts,  just get that in your head ...and heart !!!!!
....when I watched the TV series, ( about Jamie Oliver fighting the "establishment" LINK  trying to educate kids , their idiot parents and the cowardly politicians to eat reminds me of what WE are make football "beautiful and wild" again  (wild as In free and creative, and on GRASS..) enjoy the natural environment and collective bonding of our eventual club teams,  not  to benefit ME, but WE, and as my beloved LIVERPOOL football club, far too quickly loses touch with our Socialist origins as the  2 sets of Yan kers (G & H and Henry;s F S G) turn Anfield into their polluted capitalist "cash cow" to be milked of our SUPPORTERS money, with a  quick 60 million profit from selling Luis Suarez and 3 new kits every season, from y-our kids, ......... is not difficult to make a profit with advance cash ticket sales, and ever increasing prices whilst costs go down, and our LIVERPOOL Soul is sold off to mostly USA sponsors .....30 million registered "fans" (and far too many of them are fickle fan nies) on the Inter net, I have gone "Back to the roots" Literally, all the coaching course here COST , but I will offer a free course , from September so that all kids from 6-16 can come and not only train to be  better footballers but grow to be better members of the community, local and GLOBAL>>   
        summer training at our club ...and one for LIVERPOOL to watch                                 ............
Community Club "Wild Beauty Team"
(a.k.a TREdS)
My name is ChriS SMITH
I am a lifelong supporter of the Liverpool Team, I am a player, when I was young I was a captain of my local amateur team, I am a lucky member of the people of this planet & respect nature and all its peoples.
at the request of *****, I am here, because I wish to initiate, promote and support a community club project, free of political or other influence.
How it WAS...(even after "improvements)
The land belongs to the people.

When I saw a football place, under- used and in need of repair; I see the chance to rebuild a community through football and young people (of any age!) and to use my experience and abilities as an organiser. To realise my dream to build a club from "nothing".

I am not rich, and even if I was, I believe that the people must take responsibility for the community they live in, not expect institutions or business to do it for them.
I want to help young people enjoy the game as much as I do, not to sit in front of a computer screen or video game, to enjoy kicking the ball on grass , the FUN of playing in a team ..and the social development that may bring to supporters and families.
I have a small budget, due to insurance caused by my wife s death in 2005, I know she would appreciate why my love for the game pushes me to support this idea.
This is not "my project" this should be a community project, and I will only support it , with such things as balls, kit, nets & help renovation IF the community accept it 100%
IF agreed, I will bring people to this community, I will give my time (the most important thing a person can give, in this life) I will coach the team or teams, I will organise tournaments. I will take our team abroad and also help talented kids get chances of careers in football.
But, I will give no favour to any ONE player, not money nor fame is my target, A child will get my support, if he/she is rich or poor. and we shall have fun and play with a smile and respect.
IF you want the same, we can do this together, for the community. What i propose is not complicated, football is a simple game, and I am ready ..are you???
(in memory of Jacqui & the 96!)
And it got better, and ..(before we painted)..

ChRiS14415ChriS>...first delay was rain.... then it took months to get nets, then to get the grass cut... then interpreters disappeared, and the latest "translator" had a major accident, luckily unhurt, and raining again.. so was too wet to paint lines.. Otac Josif Joksimovic is the facebook name of the monk... for the football place in brcelli.. IF u get "friended" please tell him, that you read it here " :)    the facebook group is at and IF any local children (or their parents) want to join the club (free) they should do so via the facebook group ;, OR email OR phone Padre) Joseph (Josif.) 068 300 861). I  promote elsewhere as we made a new flyer and there will be a "promo party" and the event below, and in the TV and  the alternative  media , and we dont need to paint white lines on the field , as the grass is "designed" :) ..... right now it is no longer raining.. (and the risk is burnt grass)  ..... now (14819) the grass is GREEN......and thats unique  (Shanks said" all we need is green grass and a football) and its fresh air away from the city pollution.............................

     in Monty * and worldwide , too many people , not only the young, think the "goal" is the goal ... like they want quick sex and lost of orgasms , and miss the feeling of making love, in life or in bed, same as footy, enjoy the journey, the game, the feeling, it will all be over far too soon...anyway ChRiS14607........................................ I shall be ready for training every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 17h, for the forseeable, ... please register here by adding your name, no fee at the moment if U register this summer, but if anyone arrives late , they must give a donation to a nominated charity---!                              collective  greetings from ;
supporting ;
J4t96!  Iris ; (just want u to know who i am)                           

     ....THIS I PROMISE...If a child takes the advice of Jamie Oliver ..and ..joins our sessions, they will become healthy members of the local and global BODY, MIND you..."dare to care"...
?            Molimo vas da dodate svoje ime u "komentarima odjeljku" (ispod) da se uključe u uvodnom treningu 17-19h nedjelja 10. avgust,,,,,,,, i pobrinite se da su također podržavaju;       add your name in the "comments section" (facebook to join the next training session ; 17-19h each Tuesday and thursday from September ,,,,,,,,and PLEASE make sure you are also supporting ;
REdNeT's photo.

Going  Multi-cultural ; Footy, Fun & International friendship                     REdNET "bootroom"                               Matchday REview

 Lucas Leiva returnwd to the Liverpool starting XI for the opening Barclays Premier League fixture of the 2014-15 campaign, against Southampton at Anfield . included alongside captain Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson in midfield, while Brendan Rodgers maintains the same front three that starred against Borussia Dortmund last Sunday.

Defenders Dejan Lovren and Javier Manquillo are selected for their competitive debuts after featuring in the friendly on home soil seven days ago.

Liverpool XI in full: Mignolet, Manquillo, Johnson, Skrtel, Lovren, Gerrard, Lucas, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge.

Substitutes: Jones, Toure, Sakho, Allen, Ibe, Can, Lambert.                    
Liverpool 2 Soton 1  (Raheem, Studge)  

Reflecting...It wasnt the "Cavalier" performance of much of the last season, and remembering this is Soton..with hardly a name I know in the team,                It looked more "solid" even if (again) the BR syndrome of 2nd half nerves and lapses is back..                Stevie in command most of the game, with his excellent range of passe, Studge earned a pen but Clattenburg must now be told not to give us pens , having been "kind to us" in the past..Studge and Raheem looked sharp and got the goals , the first from an excellent ball by the maturing Hendo (after winning 2 tackles)
  ............with the "Glen" situation , he is still a class act, on the left , where I feel he performs better defensively, raiding down the wing, caused Soton problems and managed to make vital  tackles..and Lfc fan should be  having a go at Glen (and the Soton boo boys were out to target the ex-portsmouth player too)   .....Coutinho wasnt at his best, but Perhaps Lucas could be returning to form which would give us experience enough to compete this season.                      ..(BR shouldnt take Lucas off for Allen..its an insult)                                       ..i am not sure yet about Manq. (is he better than our young full backs) or Lovren,(reminds me a bit of Hysen, but we should have tested Kelly, who never got a chance from BR)  its early days yet, Citeh and spurs away will test us, but it looked ok apart from the shaky end and Mign. proved he is a "good shot -stopper" but still flaps at crosses ...the Soton goal proves that we still dont have a defensive coach, but the fan nies dont care as long as we score..
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