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Thursday, October 13, 2011

REdNeT.. a year ago, preview REdS v evil mancs and LEtS Be FAIR?

REdNeT.. a year ago, preview REdS v evil mancs and LEtS Be FAIR?
Its a year since a new group of yankers claimed ownership of the company behind our club.. as we prepare for the biggest club game in the world,  

LIVERPOOL v the 2nd biggest club in manchester :
( photos: *facebook) was my pre/RED october blog a year need to thank henry he,s doing nothing more than running a business that WE should have taken over last year..

we played the final of the "LetS B Fair" .footy , fun and friendship final, for the Monty not-without-me cup..(slogan "you 'll never play alone") ..Sunday afternoon, Dijana's team ; Jani and the lads from forum MNE won by 2 goals after 90 minutes with the Ugo-team runners up
…….england fans went home early..and no less than 10 people didn’t even bother to say if they were coming or not, (they ...didn’t take a few seconds to send a short message; Edon; Novak, Diego, Srdjan, Milan, Mikan, Nenad, Dragan, Frank, Igor,etc!

The MNE v England match tickets here were e30…TEN times normal prices, whilst england fabs paid e10! …

There is so much that’s wrong..

"they only care about MONEY
...THEY dont care about FANS 
y-OUR beautiful game of.. in the wrong hands"

if "MONTY" was a female, she would be that girl that you lusted after as a teenager, who was always trying to be the centre of attraction..
who messed you around, stood you up, ..and was always looking in the mirror...but you still yearned for her, until you found a GOOD woman...
then later U realise that the "B*tch" was really a scared, lonely and insecure little girl, and feel sorry, for her..."

Footy Sunday night was a late "highlight" equal game, hard fought, which our team should have won, we were "Rakija - fired" ..and should have won, but it was a FRIENDLY way to end the weekend ..walking home..

            Ugo. : You made just one little mistake - on the matchday tickets were 50-1oo-15o euros.. Guy from ireland who i met payed 2 tickets 110 e for east stand.. And one guy from Cetinje sold 3 tickets to england fans for 500e!

            ChriS: ...No Ugo, not a mistake, THE OFFICIAL price was 30 euros, i know as much as anyone what touts will sell for...but i wont EVER feed that corruption, not even for Lfc games..
the Best v the Ugliest (most important match in the World)

the best moment last wend was seeing the gypsy kids faces when i gave them the friendship trophy , and yesterday  playing footy with Milutin and the Lfc serbia lads in N.Sad, i am exhauseted but happy with my adopted REdS family , life is FAIR right now, even if many ppl are NOT!

Karen Elizabeth Gill:  read an article on The Guardian.
Liverpool's owners battle boom and bust after Boston Red Sox stumble
David Conn: The Boston Red Sox success story came crashing down last month but John W Henry and Fenway Sports Group believe the same approach can benefit Liverpool
            ChriS SmiTH:   Karen, how many times have I warned us not to be "OTT" about any external owners...I still believe WE should own at least 50% of the club and with 7 million registered fans worldwide and our celebrity/business fans in support we could do it.. easily! .ppl must have the WILL to do it though!
my solution , is still relevant  its Y-OUR CLUB


 excluded ? we aren,t allowed to play in that Racist?


ChriS SmiTH
Lets b fair???? Article

The Concept is explained @ …to make a "creative atmosphere" …to encourage self-support AND Creative networking and "team spirit as weel as individual expression"…and to be "FAIR"... ..this word is a simple one, but RARELY applied… its intinctive..not to cheat, to positive support people local (and global) because that’s "fair" ..but

Its NOT "fair"

When "agencies" conspire to block, delay or delete, messages and comms ; email, FB (who blocked "invites"!) , sms
And even phone from the moment this was "launched" to this very last day of the project..

NOR when I am forced to move my "base" less than 48 hrs before the events begin

NOR when the harmless "visitors" having a party , are ejected from bars by uniformed stormtroopers into the street, getting soaked in the process (it discourages particpation in "not-for-profit" events> …

Or when 100 ppl say they will attend, and don’t even intend to come

Nor when airlines cancel economy flights to the region, and the weather isnt "fair" ,,

(Yeah, but please don’t ask "why bother" ?)

Or I will reply , why breathe?


open letter to british govt...
From: "chrismith"
To: Ana.Stojovic-Jankovic
Subject: Re: My111003 CS-AnA (Consulate) & others Ref LetS BE FAIR/England Fans in MNE
Date: 10 October 2011 22:26

CS>hello Ana, thanks, but ,due  to the disruption of my communications by your local "collleagues" I did not get this message until it was too late, FSF are anyway not acting in the true interests of our network of Supporters, as we informed them last year, (as I coped you in that mail)

Ana, its ironic , as I warned you, kate and your colleagues since this fixture was announced, with my concerns about  the way the Embassy , FSF & MNE& FA would deal with this match, and yet no one wished to discuss my opinions or considerable experience ( as we , at Liverpool, have the LARGEST travelling support in the World) ... so the potential positive experience of visiting MNE will now be remembered as the night the jack-booted stormtroopers herded locals & england fans INTO THE TORRENTIAL RAIN, who were happily & PEACEfully sharing their good fortune in bars in the centre of Pg ...the heavy-handed manner of that "clearing" operation in the middle of a "party atmosphere" will be remembered by many of the english "tourists"..that this MNE also a "police state"

p.s. its just as well that we only had a small group of guests that were affected , a very BAD "P.R"  situation...

p.p.s and the scandal of the ticket prices, is also "noticed" complaints to FIFA, who , like UEFA allow s to exploitation of true football Supporters
  ----- Original Message -----
  Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 10:56 AM
  Subject: RE: My111003 CS-AnA (Consulate) & others Ref LetS BE FAIR/England Fans in MNE

  Dear Chris,
  Thank you for the information.   We shall not be distributing any e-mails to England fans directly, but you may wish to contact FSF in advance or approach volunteers of their Fans Embassy that will be located in the city centre on Thursday evening and Friday all day with your kind offers.   


  Ana StojoviƦ-JankoviƦ,  Vice-Consul,  British Embassy Podgorica
  Ulcinjska 8, Podgorica, Montenegro URL:


  From: chrismith
  Sent: 03 October 2011 18:53
  To: Ana Stojovic-Jankovic (Protect); ana. M
  Cc: suzana K0k0 boss); anna maras; Dusica; FAIR; ZREdS; media
  Subject: My111003 CS-AnA (Consulate) & others Ref LetS BE FAIR/England Fans in MNE

  Dear Ana, & whoever it may concern..

  You may wish to inforn colleagues or visitors who are in Pg next weekend of the "LetS BE FAIR" programme

  Thursday - Private party/recpion for invited members, participants &  guests

  Friday .. "speed - dating" and pre/post party at my apartment for those not at the match (MNE v England)

  Saturday .. exclusuve tour for participants - evening party at "Nags Head - Ragina Glava" (english pub) Bokeska,Pg

  Sunday 14-17h 6-a-side Footy , Fun and International Friendship turnament and party , participants, guests, their friends and family

  (PLEASE NOTE Ana... ANY ENGLAND fans staying for the weekend are welcome to participate in the open parties, games and the fun* ..should phone me )
  ....  other activities only for participants*

  ChriS ("always under construction" ) ;)

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  1. from AnaM (Pg)
    U rubbed their noses!!! very well done, alien!! ;) I just hope that this letter of yours will have the effect... and as for Montenegro, that punishment (of FIFA, is it??) due to what happened after the match had ended should compensate (although it is not enough!!) the bad treatment of both MNE and England supporters on Friday night!!! such a small state with such a huge dickheads and dictators on the throne, it's pathetic!!