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Sunday, October 2, 2011

111001 beating the blues with the REdS

 everton 0  LIVERPOOL 2 (Andy, Luis) 

As I carried the "SG8" Liverpool fc replica shirt that the "Mac REdS" of s-KOP-je gave me, to the w-side bar, I was thinking how pivotal this game can be, and i went back to when we won 0-2 with Torres scoring twice a couple of seasons ago under Rafa, that launched us on a campaign that got as close to winning this EP league title as we have been in 20 years...that feeling was comingto me..

but the adrenalin still pumps through my veins, since the days of Shanks, whom I honoured and who will always be the man who made "We are LIVERPOOL" a proud claim, to promote worldwide, the club belongs to us the supporters and what Shanks described as the "Holy Trinity" ; The Supporters bonded with Manager (Kenny) and the Players..(whoever is chosen to wear our LiverBird) ..the only "bird" I've been faithful to my whole life... ;)  

Shanks would love to put down everton (the bluesh*te) I grew up with a more friendly rivalry than exists today. I remember having about a dozen scousers stay at my home near london (where I was working) before the 1986 FA cup final, 8 REdS and 4 blues..sleeping all over the place, my then wife Jacqui (R.I.P.) was worried where they would all sleep, but we worked it out, and thanks to my knowledge of london, when the underground train to wembley broke down we still got to the stadium on time, via bus, where "human chains" were climbing in via the tower windows, we were in the blues end, but although we had been losing to a lineker goal, Rush(2) & Craig Johnston won us the double (m.o.t.m ; Jan Molby) /...  although no "aggro" we didnt see our blue friends after the game..other memories..

that Goal & THAT celebration by a young Stevie

Gary Macca, wins the derby @ goodison 2-3 with THAT free-kick!
winning the League cup with 3 Great Scots

Dirk likes scoring v the Blues

This time we had a run of luck in as much that the referee wasnt biased again us? or so it seemed. the game was even but we looked in control most of the time, rodwells RED was likely and stupid considering the media mention that Atkinson was "card-happy" going in 2 footed was reckless and on todays interpretation stupid, for a change we got the breaks, but everton players could have gone down to 9, as the ref failed to punish several bad tackles and off-the ball "incidents" against our players.

'Andy deserved his goal, and Kenny has faith in him, despite the media & "sky-washed fans" criticism ..we were patient and might have gone ahead after some sustained pressure and good combinations between Dirk and Luis, before the return of Stevie for Adam and Downing being replaced by Craig,  Bellamy linked up well down the left wing with Enrique to cross., a dummy by Dirk and Andy to slot the ball home with his left foot..

Despite the efforts of a 10 man everton, to battle , we kept the ball and usued our extra man. Pepe had saved the few shots at him, our defence was solid, Kelly, Carra, Skrtel & Enrique ..(who looked dangerous going forward) Lucas & Adam did their bit, Downing didnt get into the game, but Dirk gave his usual performance, and shut down evertons defenders, often combining well with Luis, and Andy looking more and more "comfortable" as our target man, before Luis caused confusion, chesting down a poor clearance before coolly slotting the ball home..

There was a good feeling , which stayed with me at home, later on,  and in 2 weeks I shall be in LIVERPOOL for the game v mancs ...if we beat them I wont need a Jet to fly home..

much to be happy about...and a REdS future to enjoy...Shanks would say "there's 2 great teams in Liverpool ; Liverpool & Liverpool reserves. well now we have 3 ; OUR YOUTH!  I shall do my utmost to ensure Our CLUB has a future...and also with "LETS B FAIR"("always under construction" ) ;) being celebrated next week in MOnty..


U.r.s.u.n. - its y-our CLUB!

Liverpool  Squad 
- Jones, Bradley; Johnson, Glen McLeod Cooper; Sanchez Diaz, Jose Enrique; Agger, Daniel Munthe; Aurelio Rodrigues, Fabio; Suarez Diaz, Luis Alberto; Gerrard, Steven George; Carroll, Andrew Thomas; Rodriguez, Maximiliano; Kuyt, Dirk; Downing, Stewart; Spearing, Jay Francis; Carragher, James Lee; Reina Paez, Jose Manuel; Adam, Charles Graham; Marangon, Donieber Alexander; Skrtel, Martin; Pezzini Leiva, Lucas; Bellamy, Craig Douglas. 

05/09/2011, 12:07

30/09/2011, 10:32

(MADE up! :D  if we beat the mancs I wont need a jet to fly home..!)  (if you "care" and want to wake up from the mess!) (TV without the video!! ;) 

end 111002 11h ===============

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