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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Global REDS: Mentality ; are U a True REd member of our big global family?


Who is a True member of the Big Global REdS family..? 

He or she feels the tragedy of Hillsborough & campaigns for justice, wont buy the s*n newspaper, ( and can tell you why) ..respects the victims of heysell, can sing and recite the exact lyrics of Y.N.W.A "Scouser Tommy" and "Fields of Anfield road" etc. goes to away games too..will sing and cheer on our players (especially if we are losing!) ....Knows the sayings & stories of "Shanks" and the names of our managers since (even "woy") ..

a TRUE REd does NOT publicly insult our Players or KIng Kenny ..!! (nor should they publicy vilify past players or managers , exception may be that fool hodgson who was employed by FRAUDS and insulted OUR CLUB, players, manager and supporters!) 

Wears the Red when we play, will not miss a game, if not at the game will find a way to watch on the net or a pub with the game live on TV… you help other RedS if they have problems, once a group of belgian RedS I was in all put cash in "the pot" when a lad lost his wallet in Barcelona.. I have slept on Reds couches, and hotel room floors (and I have slept in stations and airport floors too, on the way to or from games) when we were kids, lads with no money would hitch hike to games in London, and for the final in Rome 77 a lot of the many thousands spent a week on a train to get there & back! We make witty banners and sing our songs before and after the game like a big FRIENDLY invading Red army wherever we go in GB or the rest of Europe..

But, I have been threatened because I campaign for "Global REdS & Shanks Liverpool way" socialism in a non-political way, a way of life as good as the ideal football team, where every "player" plays their part for the collective, wherever everyone is a "captain" when needed, and when anyone can accept and take the initiative, instead of pass responsibility, something a good team player understand also as an individual instinctively

Just like some of our newer fans, who don’t yet know how to be "global REdS" Our current team has several new players, who are getting "bonded " into the Liverpool way, and after having played away for their national side came back to go to a difficult away fixture @ Stoke, and despite domination..we often looked like 11 players just thrown togther, we missed chances, another blind ref and a dubious penalty against us  we were out of luck, but had we been at our best???

We didn’t get the "luck" and nor did I, ..its been one of those "times" ...confirmed as I drove the last part of the 900kms round trip, some c*nt came over the white line , driving in the opposite direction , wiped out my left wing mirror, if hed been a bit "wider" he might have wiped me out too..  That is the 2nd of 3 "life threat" this week (the fire within a few metres of the house Tuesday) .. Maybe I am "lucky" after all… ;) the latest when a "fan" said he would stab me, because of my opinions…

Match report ; more or less, despite the writer including 2 refs)

Kenny ..this dedicated the scum media (who are gettign worse and worse, I wouldnt waste 2p on a current newspaper) and the sky-washed lfc "fast food fans" who i wish would F**k off and support chelski , the mancs or the blue sh*te!
And They have a go at Carra

(yre source "soccer lens" ????)  ....................and this seasons new (old) scape goat is...Carra ?? same old Herd mental-lottery baying for Carras removal, well Kenny will decide thankfully and not the "fast food fans" or the fool who wrote that "the refs dead right" ..we missed chances and the ref disallowed 2 or 3 penalties whilst giving stoke the only chance they had of scoring..Carra didnt play particularly well, but i have more respect for him than you to clamour for his removal so early in the season!!  goalkeeper and centre back are positions that are hard omn mistakes , but not just anyone can play there because it also requires organisational skills...

and this..

i dont like losing any game, but although there were things we didnt do, and often too deep against a team that defends on its own pitch and didnt have a shot apart from their penalty, some "fans" already give up on the league, we dominated and even though we werent taking chances we are so much better than a year ago, impossible to compare..idiots even phone in to Lfctv to moan and havent even SEEN the game! ..the world seems to be FULL of fools! (or spoilt brats!) ..FFS grow up!

Is there a police state in Liverpool our once socialist principle drowned by the yankers propa ganda?? IF the club do anything againgst Nathan I will personally take action up at the International court, its nothing to do with football and he has the right of freedom of speech... whether u agree with him or not..

whatever your opinion of "9/11" what is SURE, people lie every day and when the "prize" is billions if not trillions of dollars of military weapon & army contracts, then some people will do ANYthing to justify spending that money on protection from an "enemy" dont forget it is the c 1/A that invented the name "Al quiada" ..
(anyoen see the film "wag the dog"?)
Thoughts of that day ; There were no "Rwanda memorials for a million + africans killed by genocide whilst the world watched, or FB "events" for all the natives wiped out so the uSA could build the "land of the Free"
or for those innocent victims since the "allied invasion" of Baghdad or the urban genocide in the Balkans not so long ago, and whilst 25,000 kids die daily because their "new world order" spends more on weapons in one year than it would to stop all people dying of starvation or disease for all time.

.when these issues are deal with in a positive way for the benefit of humanity, then I will sympathise with the true victims of "9/11"

yes good business we had the best of him, and I dont blame anyone for leaving us during the Hicks-purslow-(Titanic") era (purslow left AFTER Torres) and compared with Owen (who wenbt to the mancs) the vilification of Torres is downright nasty, move on..

p.s. and thanks for all those wonderful moments you gave me ..Milan, Marseille, Old toilet etc etc,  fast 50 goals for our Club..thats the memory I will keep..

"Saving Monty" ;The Future of the Balkans part 1 (Montenegro)

Staying in the Balkans has been a unique experience. I had previously been, living, visiting or working in every other part of Europe. Sometimes this region can seem surreal and this independent state can feel, indeed, like a "pythonesque" sketch!

Once upon a time, prior to a meningitis-induced coma, I was an entrepreneurial Strategic manager, networking confidential enterprise. Since I "dropped out" I have been promoting alternatives ; eco-logistics ; self sustainability and campaigning for individual freedoms as the "system" attempts to place everyone in "little boxes" to make you all more "managable" (never mind the destruction of creativity or the damage to nature!)

 This morning I decided to tell you what you should do,…..

don’t go into the EU!  …keep the Euro, make an association (as with the council of europe) because having lived in those states; I cant see any benefits realised (much was promised about free movement etc, but the global security panic killed that idea, we get controlled more than ever...) Every state that joined the EU, has suffered from over-bureaucracy, less freedom and inflation, almost removing the grass roots necessary for creativity.
("Monty" is only 5 years old, would be swallowed whole by the EU)
Be more social - in attitude, generally you are mis-trusting of strangers, and this region can profit if you develop good relations, amongst ALL your neighbours and visitors, I don’t mean encourage groups of economy tourists, but do learn the difference between day-trippers and those who bring positivity to your lives. You are all brothers & sisters of the former Yugo, act like it and stop looking for reasons to hate! By all means retain your regional culture, but you wont survive without "team" co-operation. Have tolerance and friendship for the mysterious strangers, teach your kids the articles of the UDHR (1948) and actively apply them, with a smile!
Develop your own initiatives, by co-operating & networking , the technology is in your hands; not just facebook, use the communications systems, car-sharing, networking of SME ; purchase clubs ; chain the small independent farmers, grocers & stores. Stop buying into the media's american dream, and focus on a better life (not a glamourous fashion - wife) fashion is fine, but don’t make image your aim, make your life a beautiful game, and support each other, for individual AND collective benefit. DON’T expect government ; local or global to pay for your way, don’t sell yourself to corporates or political ambitions; make your own way..BE someone!   and the european strategy behind "Lets B Fair" NetwErk" occupy thoughts and connections at the moment ;)

Global REdS Cultural missionary <smile>

EuRED 6-a-side (its also about being a "Red cultural missionary" ) ;)

It was difficult to watch our 6-a-side team Sunday night, I wanted to play, (but I probably would have made my tendon worse), should be ok next Sunday, we don’t have time for "team chat" but we should , even for ONE minute before starting.. When we played "pass & move" we scored easily. And we looked very good at times, Its not big problems ..just simple, when we have the ball each player should find space and make it easy for the one on the ball to pass it. When we lose it, we should pick up the opposing players GIVING HIGH priority to the opposing players near to OUR goal, that’s obvious isnt it, but EVERY goal scored against us was because someone didn’t mark the others players, the new guy in black is a good player on the ball but "lazy" when losing it, he cost about 4 goals because he didn’t cover their players when he lost it..solve this and we win every time! ;)

Ugo, my "adopted" monty-Son, shouldn’t  ask my opinion ihe  don’t want to know it… its simple in our culture only little girls say "I don’t want to play if that one plays" have to be a man as the organiser and the one who asked me to join but YOU have to be a man & stand for a principle , not choose "favourites" what if Anton & Fab are foreigners and he only sees them on Sunday, you have to treat people equally..fairly and do what is RIGHT..i don’t care (more) about anton or Fab, they are only "acquaintances" ..i talk to them more only because the others don’t speak to me (as much)..i said that anton can be sub because he didn’t play last week, that’s fair…so, what I am saying as soon as you let your friends "blackmail" you about other players, then you have LOST control of the team, and I would not want to be part of that.. So .i think Ugo needs to slow down and take time (to think)and not be influenced by anyone, a young man must decide how he will live his life …be strong or be wrong..

There are no good examples for kids now, everyone needs to care, share and be positive and not buy in to the media & the money obsessed capitalist system..whilst an estimated 25,000 kids die daily …whatever you are, be a GOOD one…

Better Red than dead!

Having lived abroad instigating numerous international networking projects since leaving GB more than 25 years ago I have always promoted Liverpool; the people, the culture, the music ; the city and Lfc.. I have volunteered in many charities, coached kids "the Liverpool way" had my own  version of a show similar to John Peel on a german free radio station, constantly promoting all things LIverpool, I tell everyone I meet that this is the place to be, because of the freindly people, culture , its music and football.(being a supporter of Lfc since the 60's) .
I am currently experimenting with youth and local SME/entrepreneurs in a creative enterprise (see "under construction") .. and  ask you to inform me how you think "Its Liverpool" could co-operate with this concept and myself, as Montenegro ("Wild Beauty" and the Balkans is becoming increasingly important as a Strategic location for eastern europe and mediteranean regions and certain other areas of the World


By a Liverpool fan
(liar Liar)


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