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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

11922-29REdNeT ; "not on the KOP but with "MacREDS 2" IN s-KOP-ye" !

about ChriS SMITH ...

(the "REdAlieN UNeditor who likes to let it be orignal and raw, direct and truthful");)
Has lived worked or visited all the regions of europe and parts of Asia & america, was youngest captain of local footy club at 16, a Logistics manager at 19 when he was married, adopted a child and had a son (now deceased) & divorce pushed his ambitions & actions forming his employers staff association at the age of 21 and negociating logistics for wine agency contracts all over europe; Starting a new enterprise with 500 gbp and making 1 million clear profit in 2 and a quarter years!

forming "human shields" with Ken O'K which is now a major internationally recognised human rights org.. also promoted via "Mc5" (Multi-CLET ural music & pirates club) own radio prog, & produced his complimentary "UNSuB" journal.. in 1989 was voted "European Round Tabler of the year" for promoting international relations between business people via SOCIAL activities..

Alone, almost creating the largest euopean multi-media network (inc a
satelllite system network) before a meningitis coma "gave him a new birth" ..registering 54 complaints at the european court of human rights..(against civilians, lawyers, judges, police & "civil servants").. from driving the fastest production cars at the fastest speeds "allowed" in
european motorways.. (,<smile>) 

becoming an "Eco-logisics promoter"
a boy from a socalist family who had been staying in the best hotels, eating at the best most  exclusive restaurants and tasting the world best wines.. started making other peoples dreams come true , like Sophie and "damstardeep" many others,; Angie, Ben  etc etc..after forming international round tables all over europe..,"enjoyed" crazy stuff like taking on the german govt, and of course ..starting several official and UN official REdS supporter and fan clubs and party weekends all over europe within an economy budget..

Comment: "I want our people and our club to be supporting each other (* to take Shanks "holy trinity" to a new level..worldwide)  sure i have my share of "nightmare-failures" but why shouldnt i believe in my
ability, experience and..dream of having a positive effect on this small community?????????? 

..small ?  well over 2000 "FB friends" a network connecting over 25,000 enterprises and a potential "global REdS force" of seven million participants Worldwide in all aspects & areas od society..we will improve our society, friendship and have fun along the way..dont ask "why" ..ask why not? ".we will because..WE are LIVERPOOL ! not just a game, it IS OUR way of life...


Pg->Beograd->Luton->LP->Luton-s(KOP)je ->Pg…  "not on the KOP but with "MacREDS 2" IN s-KOP-ye" !

this was NOT "cheeky" NK!(?)
Wednesday 29th Sept.   

When talking to "all mouth & trousers" ("cheeky") ..our last contact was Sunday via sms  and it already seems an age , and it could have been an "eternity" as the (late & tired pilot?) of the wizzair jet almost crash-landed on Monday night!..

A week ago I was celebrating NK's birthday, having met at the previous CS meeting in Pg, Oliver and I made a "Pg bar tour - part 1" ...and although she "forget" me "bl**dy trousers" repaired the situation before she returned to her new fan club @ "Berlin"...will she be a my drinking/(or travel) partner and a true friend in "Monty" - we shall see.?

My net was not working so I had not seen our win @ Brighton..

good though that Dirk & Craig did their bit (with more than a little help from Luis) and there's the exciting thoughts of a returning Stevie linking up with our be men of the match again? ..but lets support the whole team..

Pert? cant see ! ;)

A week ago I was celebrating NK's birthday, having met at the previous CS meeting in Pg, Oliver and I made a "Pg bar tour - part 1"  
shhhhh, planning a "MONTY" REVOLUTION!
We met in "Berlin" (NK was "on time" even earlier than agreed, and that was "nice" as almost no-one here comes on time,..(if u opardon the expression)

..we then went to NH to have some shots and then jazz caffe..watching Sanja & the band, but NK went.."cheeky" and I told Oliver she woudl nt coma back, so I told her ..and she "repaired" the situation, with a swig of my wine and that "cheeky" (pert?) smile..a litt;e drunk but ..she reminded me of that saucy Kate...

Bili ; Bg "host-guide" ;)
I had gone back to support Sanja and the band..vocally and morally supporting them when the "fashos;-thought & song police" trying to quieten them down, they sing & play Jazz its hadly hurting anyone is it ???? 

So after NK went I stayed for a "while" getting to bed aroubd 3am , not ideal with a 07h start & bus to Bg, (Belgrade=Beograd) ...
  • "Cavern"friday night ; nostalgia, bevvies an d dancing! 

    long journey from Pg to Beograd (Bg) thursday through scenic route (often no protection from bus and a 1000 metre drop ...;) ...missed Vlad, and found Bili , who gave me a complete "orientation of Bg" ..and a really tasty meal at a quiet but excellent restaurant off the "scal" ..then the "open wine bar" and.. and ...the party/jam , bit confused with Bo & others who were not there, but enjoyed my host's  company

    ..then to Bg airport and Luton had an hour delay in the queue before immigration (and i have an EU passport) ,,then to Lp (met alex a SWISS Lfc fan) on the bus who was "made up" to join our party at the "cavern" last night,,a bit of welcome sleep and off to meet "FC" at the radio..then the match, ......hoping...for Stevie and the lads t win 3 points and get back into top form,, come on our REdS!

  • ChriS SmiTH stars..."You’ve got big ideas — bigger than most, anyway — and you need to tell the world. At least one of your hottest notions is sure to be a winner, though you may need assistance to bring it to life. " ;)

Saturday morn, I met Frank C at the BBC merseyside studio and we went offf to have a "pot of tea" at "maggie mays" in Bold street with George ..who quipped "Smith & Jones".. ; ) (see "")... FC also had been having "comms trouble" I accepted the blame, now the "C 1/A" know we are in contact... ;) ..and went off to meet "Aussie REd Dean" outside the Albert, great eh, he gets his tickets ; no problem, my new card dont work, but the old member card that Lfc TO told me was cancelled worked in the Lfc store!! ..i HATE "the office! ;)


The Team showed well against Wolves in the first half, thei johnson moaned that Andy had shoved him before Adams shot was deflect for our 1-0 , but WE had a goal like that disallowed when the other ferdinanld dived because Andy breathed on him, bit of luck going OUR way for the first time this season and ANOTHER brilliant goal put us 2-0 up at half time, Macarthy sent his team out to "get at us" (a la spurs last sunday) and got a weird rebound between Enrique & Kelly, that let them into the game for a while, but we might have scored 4 or 5 through Luis and hard-working Andy, unluckily, again hit the post

 I had been around the Sandon & Arkles but couldnt see anyone I knew with a KOP ticket, anyway had good conversation whilst cheering the team at half time with season-ticket holder Bob, whose son was also at the game, Bob's also a regular at the Arkles.. after thye game I met up with dean and saw (swiss) Alex at the Albert, a swift pint and off to Lime street where dean had to train back to his connections from London..a bevvy in Matthew street

Stevie came on for a cameo, hoping to see him contribute at goodison next weekend and be "ready" for the mancs at Anfield on the 15th Oct, I should be in Anfield again..hoping to give them ANOTHER "battering" ..but 3 points each game are the main target - a win by one goal in both games for OUR Kenny's REds will do!..

we need to get the previous sundays' game at spurs, when NOTHING went right out of the system - and shut up the doubters.. 

SUnday 25th Sept..

after  having a run down to the docks to pump out some "poisons" I had a quiet sunday at the inn, Frank was judging a pavement artist competition, (the Bold street festival) and there was also street dancing ( and music from various muscians and bands, including a solo girl singer with a great "sinead" voice.. so i went to take a look, & make a "informal presentation" of (the last) Balkan Reds t-shirt , which Frank promises to wear on Lfc Tv...
i just had a quite time in the lounge and watched some films downstairs at the Inn , after a tasty curry dinner, as I had to leave Lp early monday morning,,
I  had a mild panic to check in on line, luckily the net cafe was open next to the Inn, as wizz had told me that i had to check in THREE hours before the flight "due to congestion" ..I had INDIGESTION just thinking about the queues of almost an hour before getting TO the immigration officers on friday ..I told the "passenger services" guys to take of their jackets, "its a trades description violation, isnt it?" I said , smiled and commented "welcome to england" to the sheep who just joined the line... without protest.!

A sunny north west countryside and the picturesque Chester town made the journey south acceptable.. but, the bus was about 10 mins late,..& there was no delay in getting through security (going out) However wizzair were 2 hrs late, and i was happy for friendly Albanian Benny to get his brother to agree to carry me to the centar from the airport, where taxis were too expensive..

well, I had indicated to "Mac REdS" in skopje (s-KOP-ye!) that i may have time to visit them, however I nearly didnt make it as the huge boeing almost crash-landed (as te guys been delayed all day, he maye have been tired??) 

Anyway I was happy to meet Fikls, Filip, Orce, Jovan & several others, after "Fikla" picked me up from the irish pub.. befotre moving to the RedS bar where they watch the games ("Ager & Sager bar") 

a bevvy then they found me a "B & B".. Filip  & Fikla picking me up outside the caffe and we couldnt find John Toskack,ex Lfc player who is now managing the Macadonian team,  (but thats for "future" references, the 2 lads tooke me to get my ticket back to Pg, then we toured the old bazaar, having tea & burek, sat in a nice old-fashioned place called "scales"..saw the city museum & also mother Teresa' s museum, 

I also may have got close to "my maker" on monday as the pilot was surely tired , as he almost crash - landed!  BTW , Teresa was born in SKOPje , which they claim to be the birthplace of civilization (nie of them to accept the blame?) ;) the 2 "Mac REDS" gave the WHOLE day up to make sure i got their best guided tour of "S-KOP-je"...thanks to my new REdS family (Macedonian REdS are on facebook) and they meet to watch every game at the above-mentioned bar.really looked after me and were good compliments to our big Global REd give some comfort when I have lost my family and this close to me over the years.. that I have some more "adopted" family in the Balkans, I will do what I can to support them and return there soon, its also great beign shown the "insider tours".. ;)

I was touched by the a"MacREdS" LADS giving me a Lfc shirt (SG8) from their young club, and I donated an authentic Lfc scarf and a banner for the wall of their bar, that i had recovered from the irish pub from the previous season when we played in thsi city's now renovated stadium, I wish the "Mac REDs" all the best, and will do whatever i can to support & promote the initiative of this group..

just to round off another "funny, enjoyable, weird 6 day "round trip" ..I woke up from a half-doze / dream on the inclined seat of the overnight bus back to Pg, (via Kosovo) and stared straight at a 2 metres tall Neon Sign ..with her name on it,,, ;) think we must try to be at least friends, the stars were strong, and the constellation..true?

more "REdS" links:-

(Digger too "pessimistic", IMO, LOL

! )

ChriS:-  MY connections... = my aims for OUR club
 ("always under construction..= always creative") more of the same
(an "Alternative to the cool & cold of this planet")
(its a distance, but thanks to "them" without Video! ;)

last words...
You are having way too much fun to worry about the future — and your good times today ensure more of the same to come! You may need to lift someone’s spirits, but that should come easily to you.

(my Stars for today)


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