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Thursday, April 6, 2017

REDnet MENtality = RED SOUL VERSUS too many april fools & fakers

In 1995 when I was a young high flying freelance strategic manager, recovering from a week long meningitis - induced COMA , I dropped out,  took the risk.. and decided that I would NEVER work for the system again..   (i wont use the phrase "born again"... because i am a ghost ... !)

 I am a teenager, permanent , with ideas & creativity enthusiasm, and energy to match or surpass the kids I meet from modern society,  too much energy! :)

I began to oppose the "new word order, led by USAcorp"  and have done my best to also progress alternative solutions to the mess the world is in,, i have failed, but with GREAT ENTHUSIASM!  :)

in 2000 I formed "Freedome & Union"  and with associates offered support to those disadvantaged, mavericks , youth and victims of "the system" ... and F & U mission strategy proceeded to challenge most of the "establishment" local and global..  (thanks to "protege" H-T for this reminder ha ha )

-------------------------- I was in Liverpool when the Moores started sales procedures of the ONE constant in my life, I  had & lost family, partners, children, "friends & fiends"  wealth & health,  I could "manage"  a nation, let alone a football club with 30 million + loyal customers....  we had a dynasty to protect ... and now USAcorp have perhaps destroyed it beyond repair.

in 2007  despite my screams at Sos/Share lfc to get their act sorted , they allowed the fraudsters in, first G & H who loaded Lfc with debt, then henry & co... these hedge funding legalized criminals poison the world ..  leaves a permanent smell and stain on the holy ground that I grew up with and the idealism of Shanklys HONEST socialism; the only intelligent society we should make....  I was removed from Lfc offical supporters club and REdNET became my vehicle of rebellion.


 The only 2 managers I loved , respected and TRUSTED in the last 25 years ;  Kenny & Rafa were together even after the sh*te G & H made and the restrictions forced upon Rafa,  who had a 10 years plan, half way through when he was forced  out... 

When the pair of them were there we had the balance between emotion and intellect,  I  admired them both, Kenny THE legend and strategy of Rafa,  but even then after making Lfc number ONE in europe some fan nies did not get it.. and those boo boys transfered their bile to social media..

I laughed at the way Rafa would stand up against Sly reporters and Fergie..  the pinnacle week when we  hammered real madrid 4-0  and then humiliated "the cur"  and mancs at Old Trafford 1-4 !    both men understood  OUR CLUB, once I  gave up a match ticket just to listen to Rafa explain the "Istanbul miracle" ... 

Kenny had the mentality, and did more for Liverpool people than anyone at the club since Shanks 

and Rafa, almost always discussed "MENtality" ... at ever press conference..

 and MENTALITY is lacking...
The Soul was damaged during the 80's through heysell & Hillsborough , then blackened, when the premiere league greed took over and sly sports tell you when u play, the RED soul left when they let in USAcorp. 
"its football , but not as WE know it, Jim "   :)
Liverpool and Everton fans face fight for soul of football in the city – video


some fans want to humiliate the blues after a 3-1 win on april 1st ....  for me the result flattered Lfc , the blues had enough chances at 2-1 to make it harder.. I was happy to have the 3 points but everton shamed themselves with some bad tackles...  

 Daniel Craig, who does a decent job as "Bond"  was at the game... this much fuss>?

April 2 at 3:06pm

thunderballs! ,

the fake media spectre is here again as the echo editors search for another vague headline.. to fill the rag,

Fleming from London's Mayfair might have followed chelsea (pre trophies) and bond the character was Scottish ..
ok when its a bit of humour , only worthy of social media...
i have no problem with Craig ..(from Chester Liverpool would be an obvious choice of his team..)
but i oppose the rest of the faceless corporates who take seats when so many true Reds cant afford or get tickets, ..... henry & co are the villains, not some pathetic local pop-media wannabe ,,

AND i AM angry when a camera searches the crowd when the game is in flow (hey could wait until he all is out of play ) anyway Daniel should pay extra to sit near a tRUE legend...our Kenny!

(april 5)  at last nights game there were BOOs , by whom? what for?  and some idiots jeered Ibe playing  for b'mouth ; I  dont think he wanted to leave , Lfc pushed for the transfer... where is respect for an explayer, idiots bang on about Torres (who left just after they forced our Rafa out) then MOwen plays for "legends" against madrid (who HE opted to join..) and later the mancs, IMO he is worth the jeering!


memory of the ONLY trophy with USAcorp, then they sacked OUR Kenny.
The Good people who have left or been forced out , although Stevies back, IMO he stopped too soon, then theres Agger, and Pepe...USAcorp dont like strong characters.. and soon they will delete LUCAS , the last of RAfas REDS who dominated europe.. and they dont respect...

the 96....

no need to explain.. but weird to have this at a game 2 weeks early..

 banning the scum ;  

Ian Roberts posted;
in total eclipse of the S*n.
(April 3 )
Another dignified newsagent
No longer selling the rag
Abdul and customers would like everyone to know the rag not welcome at
The go local
Park lane dingl

memories of Tommy Smith, (hospitalized, get well soon...)

  ...i recall..

RedAlieNeT  Apr 05 @LFChistory @EuRED09   " apart from '77 goal in the first Rome final ,... just the way he tackled, full red blooded, leaving the opposing forward on the floor, and coming away with the ball....

Emlyn Hughes - The Crazy Horse

In the modern game the most COMPLETE player : Steven Gerrard, most intelligent probably Dalglish (and a legend for all that Kenny gave to Liverpool people off the field) ,

Shanks, who made it ALL possible.

. but, MY Hero as a boy and a player with ability & MENTALITY

with .. energy and will to drive his team on and * on..

the ultimate captain (the only one to captain european champions TWICE in consecutive seasons ) you will NOT see anythign like the mighty......

Emlyn ,,, " ever again.."


the FA should pay Lfc for the time Lalla is unavailable ... this happens too often

I wrote last saturday night...  " good weekend so far,,
winning merseyside derby 3-1
mancs only draw at OT
chelski lose at home
and arsenal play citeh tomorrow, so at least one more rival team will drop points.. "

......      so they drew and with chelsea struggling against man citeh last night.. Lfc game wasnt on our channel live, so I didnt look at the streaming..but 2-2 came into my mind...  the ref helped chelski scape a win and my mood sank lower then I switched to info on the game with b-mouth, 2-1 then 2-2 ....

how,  can the team NOT be up for it...?


 a bad error by Wijnaldum,  but the lads should come out for the game like hungry Lions to devour b'mouth... i will give you THREE reasons....

* for THE 96 , as the "kop" made the mosaic !!
* to REVEnge... doesnt it still hurt that little b'mouth beat you 4-3 and dont you want to deleted that memory with a pasting of that team??
* because there was a small chance of the title with 8 games to win , (chelski looked vunerable recently)

so klopp , defends a 2-1 lead on 60 mins by sending on Matip, because poor little Phil feels sickly..? FFS!

think about the message that sends (negative) to Lfc players and the INITIATIVE that gave to b'mouth players & coach!

Shanks Mentality

 HE has the MENtality!!

i am pleased someone notices LUCAS ,the undervalued and under-rated player who gives his all, time & again, was my man of he match,

 (v everton and again sold last night) 

lost count of how many tackles he put in in protecting he Cb s and backing up Can , Wijnaldum, & Phil in Midfield. with Hendo and Lalla out he is very important to the team football-news/liverpool-what-papers-say-the-   
 posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club
Elaine >
30 March at 10:33

many different reasons for wanting them out - we found most fans are blind if the team is winning and are "conditioned" to accept 4th and european football as acceptable "success"...

OUT NOW! ???

but do the modern fan nies have the GUTS?

posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.
 by Dawn Crvena
3 April at 14:51

"many different reasons for wanting them out - we found most fans are blind if the team is winning and are "conditioned" to accept 4th and european football as acceptable "success"...

REdNET Bootroom extras..
Season 2014-2015 2014/08/x-y-z-and-we-are-close-to-end-of-our.html

EXchange with Nina norwegian Red...      

Babsy> belive just like the native americans .(*). I  and care very much about the environment and enjoy nature , alternative ideas  and in astrology 

ChriS>  i must explain.......and during the time i lived here i have been a "host" to visitors ...most of whom i did not know other than their "club profile"  who came from all over the world, to stay with me,,  sometimes in my guests rooms and sometimes i organised a whole guest house and entertained them, made brunch or had dinner parties or went dancing at night or showed them around the beautiful country ... at the lake  or coast or visit  monastery or north where the rier is so beautiful and... (*) so...we both are going to be thinking about the game tonight, therefore, I will leave the idea with you and hope you reply tomorrow with your response...  enjoy your evening... with hope in our hearts 🙂   ... ChriS                                                                       Nina > (*) about the game ....argh... that was noot so good ...why did he take out Coitinho ... and so typical LFC to mess away the 2- 1 lead in the late minite ... but anyway 1 point is one point ....hope for a better game agains Stoke ... I saw the same thing in January ...we struggle alot without Manè ....
I see you as me are really upset aboit the world today esp the media ....have u heard about the illuminati ??
ChriS (*) anyway I am probably not in the right mood to discuss this now... so lets change the subject Nina ..reply later when u have time,,have a good day!   ... 
Chat Conversation End

for the scandanavin Reds?
Babsy design YNKA ( you`ll never knit alone )


  1. Shanks ;

  2. btw REDNET corectly selcted the team AND formation (infront of all the echo "informed" expeerts and other media pundits,, maybe JK & Jelijko Buvac wait for our opinions ha ha ha

  3. Torres> " I can't wait to play with Stevie again. I just wanted to have the chance to play with him, even if it is just one last time. No-one knows if it is going to be the last time, but be sure that I am going to enjoy it. I have said many times that Stevie is the best player that I have played with - by far. He was a big influence for me as a player; I had one career before I started playing with him and one career after I played with him. He changed my game and changed my motivation and ambition. He made me feel that I could really do whatever I wanted. For me, he is going to be the best forever, so to have the chance to play with him on a special day like it is going to be on Sunday, is a privilege. I want to be there on Sunday and be on the pitch with him."

  4. no, depends on those involved, & how the membership develops ideas, media people know FA about management!
    Fan ownership saved Portsmouth from disaster but it can only take a club so far


  6. @EuRED09 @nytpolitics @RedAlieNeT @TonyEvans92a we are openly anti-ameri-CANTS (check pronunciation) :)


  7. avatar
    Liverpool Echo
    Has Theresa ever pulled you a pint?

    Meet the barmaid who's been pulling pints in Anfield for over four decades
    The great-grandmother still works every match day at The Arkles

    ChriS : YES! :)

  8. the policy of business fascists destroy the NHS!

  9. ... what is the headline "spinning" as far as I"m concerned "the Liverpool way" is to fight for the game ,and then play attractive football ... someone is way off with this ..again!

    this press conference is full of hot air, mostly led by the faek media BUT JK needs to send a clearer message through the team because wednessay exposed his faults as much as the squad!


    Tomkins used be brave
    but like TAW & TIA , echo and of course LfcTV , he is just another "tool" of USAcorp


  11. "the most intelligent guide to Lfc around,... " is SQUARE!

  12. more BS on the echo .. ...... was a sound & professional win, but dont exagerate after a couple of good CAN games.. ..we used to be the most intelligent support in the world !!! remember ?

  13. David Mullen
    April 17 at 12:51pm
    Well funny
    Everton and Liverpool - Home and Away - Milk Cup 19

  14. after winning 0-1 at WBA (16th april 2017) Firm.
    " James Milner: "We needed to take care of business. We held on and got the result. We know what we need to do, it's in our hands."

    Jeff Craddock 4:53am Apr 17
    Most in here carnt even do that. Concentrate on winning our remaining games they have already conceeded to the Rent boys..Who on Earth as a Lfc supporter has EVER CONCEEDED we never give up. Now BELIEVE GUYS AND GIRLS

    Josef Rubendunst 7:17am Apr 17
    TITEL abhaken konzentrieren auf Top4 vernünftig einkaufen eine gezielte Vorbereitung um wieder einige Titel nach ANFIELD zu bringen ynwa

    Christopher Richard Smith 7:40am Apr 17
    anyone who calls themselves a true RED NEVER gives up on the title .. when Shanks ,or Bob s teams were (under the old system) 6 points off the lead with 5 games to go, they would always consider there is a chance, too many (in Lfc recent staff, management and the fanbase) gave up claiming chelski had won it in december , wrong mentality, I am not saying Lfc will win it, but until its over, it isnt...any one whose been around football for a while, knows that!

    Dawn Crvena 7:53am Apr 17
    too many fans have been conditioned , like arsenal, to think qualification for europe is a target worthy of Liverpool Fc ..

    Stanley Baxendell 9:01am Apr 17
    Let's just concentrate on winning our games, we will have to play better than yesterday to do so.

    Jeff Craddock 10:12am Apr 17
    This is why i started the post.. Why has most of our supporters stopped Believing? And why should we settle for anything less?
    Anything is possible. Ynwa

  15. David Mullen
    April 17 at 12:37am

    Where's the FGS hate brigade tonight then

    ChRiS> i am here!
    winning does not change my opinion,, replacing the fraudsters & scorpions : G & H , Ayre , Broughton, & Purslow with the USA corp boardroom sharks does not please me!


  16. Harvey Tuttle and Dawn Crvena posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

    Harvey Tuttle
    16 April at 18:18

    man u v chelski
    scum beating other scum... nasty players!

    and we said MANY times do NOt ASSume chelski have won the title

    Mullen > On the march to champions league football next season 💥 BOOM 💥

    CRS> oh dear!

    anyone who calls themselves a true RED NEVER gives up on the title .. when Shanks ,or Bob s teams were (under the old system) 6 points off the lead with 5 games to go, they would always consider there is a chance, too many (in Lfc recent staff, management and the fanbase) gave up claiming chelski had won it in december , wrong mentality, I am not saying Lfc will win it, but until its over, it isnt...any one whose been around football for a while, knows that!


    16th April... BOSS's birthday

    happy Birthday Rafa

    gave us the 5th and permanent European champions trophy
    pride and top UEFA ranking,
    every club feared us
    supported J4t96
    His wife organises charities in Liverpool

    thanks Rafa!

    Merlin Norbury
    liked your Tweet.



    ChriS-EuRED @EuRED09

    @CockertonMark @Merlin_Norbury @harveytuttle who voted for this fascist UK govt ?

  17. @kennethdalglish @EuRED09 sorry Kenneth, respect, but dont agree, govt still lie & cheat our people, football world is corrupt, & no one is ever compensated!

  18. @nonleaguedayuk @NonLeagueCrowd @TonyEvans92a @EuRED09 @RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop NOTHING else today than this:-… ....

    Thu 9:27pmHarvey
    Sat 8:48amChristopher
    "EASTER" .....on the 15th april 1989, 96 members of my LIVERPOOL family were killed as a result of state policy (Thatcher) english Football association and Stadium mis-management & neglect and inhumane police... J4t96

    if that isnt enough (itis) to have this date engraved on my heart , on the 15th April 1995, (6 years after) I went into a meningitis - induced COMA....

    and surprisingly woke up ONE wek later, a "miracle" considering i was "written off" ... but with fresh eyes and mind saw that almost everything about the way people mistreat this planet and each other, the stupidity of the "system" and the lack of social care for each other, I came to the conclusion I was cursed , too,

    as if i was alien amongst several billion sheeple with greedy wolves as their masters..

    ChriS 170415
    Sat 3:01pmHarvey
    this was blocked by the goons!

    Sun 10:30amChristopher
    happy birthday Rafa, best manager since 25 years gave us much pride & the 5th & permanent champions trophy! supported J4t96!
    Mon 7:50amDawn
    Mon 11:37pmChristopher
    greetings from " REdS abroad" @

  19. to "supertrump" and all their presidents of the last 50 years, the #ameriCANTS, the UK thatcher cone May & mad boris, and today especially feck the english football association, the sheffield police and stadium managers, and him at the scum media!

    remember the 96 on 15th april,

    j4t96 = Justice for all!

  20. in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global.

    Chris >
    April 14 at 3:16pm

    was censored!!

    why talk about transfers when the team is supposed to be aiming for success with aniother 5 games left...(9 points behind)


    Lfc have ":challenged" ,,,, many transfers recently ???? :p

    You'll never walk alone and Justice For The 96.

    David Mullen
    April 14 at 7:54am

    Iago Aspas has scored 23 goals for Celta Vigo this season.

    He scored just once for Liverpool. 😳


    • West Brom v Liverpool - Sunday 16 April, 1:30pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
    • Liverpool v Crystal Palace - Sunday 23 April, 4:30pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
    • Watford v Liverpool - Monday 1 May, 8pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
    • Liverpool v Southampton - Sunday 7 May, 1:30pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
    • West Ham v Liverpool - Sunday 14 May, 2:15pm | Live on Sky Sports 📺
    • Liverpool v Middlesbrough - Sunday 21 May, 3pm


    You'll never walk alone and Justice For The 96.

    David Mullen
    April 13 at 1:52pm

    No Sadio Mane in the PFA Player of the Year Awards 🔴

    CRS> good playerm but I dont think he is good enough or consistent enough..yet!


    David Power
    David Power 10:48am Apr 13
    next season something will have to show as regards silverware,klopp for now has gotten out of jail somewhat.400 million being rumoured to be on offer in the summer,again whoever we get we need a title chasing side.klopp isnt beyond critisism either,but next season chris will have to show success in my view.
    Original Post
    Christopher Richard Smith
    Christopher Richard Smith 9:38am Apr 13
    what a mess ..our club had become. one set of sharks loaded it with debt , another got it as a decision made between a chelski chairman , a backstabber and a yes man (who was "interested" i the other bidder, all decided by someone who thinks the club revolves around having a decent stadium.(for the corporates) .. what a load of .... any wonder why after a decade of this Lfc have no significant success?
    what a mess ..our club had become. one set of sharks loaded it with debt , another got it as a dec...


    posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club.

    Christopher Richard Smith
    April 13 at 9:27am
    Sorry, there is NO JUSTICE for the 96, or anybody, anywhere, plus REDnet update....

  21. @RedAlieNeT @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a Lfc-USAcorp poison in our club, financial sharks, Chang, & now this, wake up supporters! #USAcorpOUT
    Exclusive: Liverpool 'told father of youth signing to lie' in tapping cover-up scandal


    April 12 at 6:50pm

    fan nies like to state what we already know? I think Jk must have had a big night out on the town the night before selecting that team at Stoke, , but of course FSG;s clones and aplogists make him out to be a genius and them to be saviours, they aren't, they are backed by billionaire financial sharks who dint know and care little about football

    Carra was attacking the arsenal this week for being content with champions league qualification and the team collapsing, er... look at Lfc! ... fans have had their expectations "managed" by Lfctv, echo and local media (inc TIA & TAW) since a decade.

    The few "world class" players, that are clearly better than existing Lfc players are getting fewer & fewer, as each season passes, therefore f s g & Jk can excuse the situation by the demands of "not so great" potential signings by rightly stating that the demands are unrealistic, sadly the damage done to Lfc was mostly done BEFORE KLopp...

    We had a lot of young talent in the club, at the time when Rafa, Kenny, Mac & Rudolfo were there, the massive turnover of players and staff since then could take another decade to repair, it could be sooner IF players such as Sanchez could be slotted into a progressive and gradual introduction of young players,..

    I am not convinced Juergen has the power or ability to make demands & decisions on new players , if a TRUE "gem" who could make a difference..

    i am hopeful with Stevie managing the U18s , but not about the boardroom, and most fans are clueless and easily fooled, and on social media its clear to see how many are conned into the "next season mantra" despite a decade of next to nothing...

    the other problem... is that few people are honest or intelligent enough to admit they were and are wrong about the "infestors"

  23. imagine....if there is intelligent life on this planet? .........

    ..... :p…/renovation-mission.html

    instead your governments arrest any one who questions their stupidity!

  24. Harvey Tuttle 6:45pm Mar 28

    YET ANOTHER bogus attack and justification for playing "john wayne"

    ..but its not funny,

    if it was YOUR family, your wife, your husband, your kids or neighbours & friends killed , maimed or made migrant to keep national or new world order power pyramid s "image"

    based on nothing but "fake"

    the power brokers love the sheeple, because YOU fund the monster, participation in electing oNE LIAR after another,

    without property investment there would be NO inflation or cost of living stress
    without your TAX money , there would be no WAR, and next time a "leader" tells you there is an enemy, send him or her to the front of the battle then see how many "wars" would end..


    the ameriCANTS must be the most STUPID & IGNORANT sheeple of the universe!

    Local & global , insult my intelligence,,, "welcome to Monty" blah blah!




    stopping your ADDiction to a system that is killing you?

    why is this so hard for you to imagine?

    stop feeding the POISON ..

    Pollutes the air... land,,, water (& seas) with oil & chemicals
    waste & nuclear rubbish....

    Teaches your children FEAR & GREED....and blames the "others" (religious , business or political "enemy" )

    Would rather BUILD and sell MORE weapons (WMD) that ensure food is evenly distributed worldwide and ensure an estimated 25,000 kids die DAILY..?


    INSTEAD of paying their "tax"

    give it to a local charity, support the creativity of your kids

    REFUSE to fund war, and give migrants & refugees the chance to RENOVATE the thousands of abandoned factories and houses all over europe that they could live in.

    ENJOY your fellow human Being from another culture , EXCHANGE IDEAS, make a global community so that you never fear , as we are ALL "children of immigrants or "foreigners" if you go back in history far enough...

    GROW your own community farms , instead of importing,..

    Encourage the older members of your life, to explain their experience to your children, you dont need "school rules"
    (and USE . not abuse , the INTERNET)

    its a start to wean you off of your "ADDICTION" isnt it"


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