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Friday, April 15, 2016

thanks 4-3 for the 96 ???

only this on my mind and in my heart this morning,.. 

I thank the Lfc TEAM   for 4-3  v dortmund last night, it helps on this day, 15th April 1989 , and 15th April 1995 i also "died" (coma) so its never going to be forgotten for 97 reasons!

yes,  thanks for this , 4-3 for the 96, Shanks used to claim he could transmit his energy to the players, last night was a sort of miracle , at 1-3 dortmund were already booking their tickets to the semis

.. the "trinity spirit" rescued the boys ..again .. Klopp got it wrong but the players got it right, in the end...

pre match "Celebrations" at Annie Road etc..
 i know it IS "crazy" to celebrate getting to a quarter-final of the UEFA , but since the Yan kers have infected our club, the only thing they celebrate is increased profits.. 

..let us win "a trophy" just for a change! ..and feck J hen ry and the F ss G uestapo! smile 

..........How many times have I shouted , "Lovren get yr head on the end of a corner" ( or a cross) ....but well done Milly, my m.o.m for all round effort , he never gave up!.... 

Rednet wrote at full time ;

  F-T 4-3 (5-4 agg) ha ha well "football is a funny old game" the "kop" was too quiet at 1-3.. then Phil... and I thought enough time Firmino was the wrong choice (over Studge) Can instead of Lucas ..the problem was Klopps mistakes, but "the feeling" was stronger in the 2nd half , 
 and i didnt think it was possible that a team like Dortmund would let sakho score with a header a metre off the ground 1 metre off the goal! , but thats footy! 
.. and for once Lovren got his head on a cross, Milly put everything into that game. ; my m.o.m.! 

but please dont think this was Klopp... it wasnt , it was "fate" and he knows it!
at  H-T 0-2 .. "Lfc & Klopp got exposed, ... and if u read my earlier comments , I had concerns about this team .. I would have crowded the midfield especially in front of the defence, Lucas , if fit (suppsedly as he is on the bench) fills that hole, that dortmund used , because Can is NOT that sort of player, and hes too young see danger.. Lots of half-chances for Lfc , but dotmund could have put the game well beyond reach with their moves too, Klopp shoudl have changed it early on, realised his mistakes,, if he dont change it at H-T , this could be embarassing.. and some words for those on the Kop
 .... ,, I CANT FECKING HEAR YOU !!!!!! you are a disgrace to the name! lets have FIGHT from the team in REd! ,,i dont like him , but only MoreNO seems have any "passion"...?

is this coming back ???; .....................


 but today is not about winning trophies is about 96 (__+ 1 )  reasons.. to remember the brothers & sisters we lost and they slaughtered on 15th April 1989...  Justice will never be provided but TRUE REDS know the TRUTH! ( )
 the bbc will want us to stop reminding THEM..

Hillsborough: Final Anfield memorial service to be held   

and give him a last word... Klopp post match:


  1. a Poem by Chris...
    We were loyal & even after we are dead
    No one can explain how that felt
    The fate that the manslaughter of the 96 were dealt..
    And 6 years later I died too
    In a coma , and where were you?
    15th April ..a day I wont forget
    But I woke up one week later …and some they do regret//. CS160413

  2. I just wrote this on another group... it may be useful for new and ill-informed Lfc fans ...impressed by the game v dortmund.. ...........

    "thanks for that, i am sure that far too many fans, relying on (often biased or mid-guided) mainstream media , (even the echo sometimes) have no clue as to the accrued mess Lfc have been in , off the field .(reflected on the field)..especially since 2007 when Moores (IMO "sold us out) let G & H into our club, ,,, there have been the wrong people (nothing new, but particularly critical in these times) in the boardroom, just consider how many changes; since Rafa, Hodgson (the worst) Kenny, (cruelly cut short by henry) BR, and now Klopp, Liverpool s Champion teams were built by Belief trust and understanding,, and a mix of quality team players, there hasnt been that depth ,,, big players going, and a "committee" bringing in "whoever is available" ... When Rafa, Rudolfo, Kenny and Mcparland had TWENTY-FIVE quality youth at the academy we had the basis back then of building a team (as Barca ha s done recently and the mancs before) with a core of players who could be together for several seasons, adding big players (who fit) to the Team if the chance comes,.. some fans think its a video game, but players are often immature, guided (mis-guided) by greedy agents and media influence,.,.. and so on..,, instead at the "modern Lfc) FIVE changes in less than 10 seasons,, means, disruption, removal and changes of coaches and trainers, METHODS and medical advices by different "experts) Lfc have a bad injury record over this time..and with remote "infestors" who have no emotional bond to the footballing aspect of the club, are focussed on financial matters and the usual modern accounting which takes something vital away from a "spiritual" energy that we have had since the days Shanks instilled that "magic" in our holy trinity... some people seem to think that modern football is just that (video) game ,, just select 11 and win the game......, if you didnt get the message thursday night , that "its much more important than that" :)   then I wont waste time arguing with any of you, because you simply do not understand that WE are Liverpool l we are the club... and I hope for his and the sake of Lfc that Henry and co let Klopp do his thing.. but ... having spoken to the man and been at the Bernabeu , San Siro, Nou Camp, Attaturk, ,etc , Rafa and his teams had us the most feared team in europe, Klopp has a long way to go...good luck to all true REds .....wherever and whoever you are!"