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Saturday, April 18, 2015

emotive weekend.... J4t96 .. Semi final irony...("villa park") Rafa, aston & Stevie G last season, last chance to trophy ...?

Rafa & Kenny ; FEEL our pain...
 This time is so  charged with emotion and memories..that we play a FA cup semi final , in what seems to be Stevies last season at Lfc close to the 26th anniversaty of Hillsborough slaughter of 96 REd brothers and sisters...
I "died" on the same date (15th of april)  going into a coma 20 years ago...

REdNET for Napoli fans & memories of Rafa, belated happy BIRTHDAY (16th April)  & remember how much Rafa is responsible for the commitment HE made to our club and LIverpool people... (J4t96!) adopted SCoUSER and family still on Merseyside  Pictures at

 The J4t96 going on, Margret Aspinall & others ...still fighting... for Justice ..

my tribute "poem"....
J4t96 = JUSTICE for the 96 .. Justice for ALL
 "26 years passed since that day Cant believe that they did not pay for the slaughter of 96 brothers & sisters RED!
 their spirit ALIVE in me, though their bodies long dead * "Justice delayed is justice denied.. Over & over this I have sighed.. ever day people are abused by government officiials, like fodder are used" ^ Everywhere I go see see the same who are the the ones to blame? you the people who wont stand up they arrest us, block us and such" * So when will you have your day? when will you stand up and say.. enough of the corruption , enough of the same, its our world, not yours its OUR "beautiful game"

Thatcher "targeted" LIverpool People..Robbie wasnt afraid (in PUBLIC) backing the striking dockers ...despite a scandalous fine from the FA ("sweet FA"!)

 Semi final irony... 

that we play villa ..their stadium so often the location of semi final glory ... we used to sing this song..
("villa park" about the '65 cup winning run, the tune, "when johnny comes marching home")

 "While on the bus to Villa Park haroo, haroo, 
I heard my mate make this remark haroo,haroo, 
We made poor Chelsea weep and ill 
Its Liverpool 2 and Chelsea 0 
and we'll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

So here's to Lawrence, Byrne St John, haroo haroo, 
Milne and Yeats and Stevenson haroo,haroo 
Hunt and Thompson what a man, 
Lawler Smith and Callaghan, 
and we'll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup

For the Liverpool lads raise your glass haroo, haroo 
To Stevenson who made the pass - haroo, haroo 
Thompson had them in a trance, 
Bonetti never stood a chance, 
And we'll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

It's Wembley on the first of May - haroo, haroo, 
It's Leeds United labour day - haroo, haroo, 
We'll be there to cheer Bill Shankly's side, 
And bring the cup to Merseyside, 
And we'll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

And if it's a draw you'll hear us moan, 
Lets use the coin that beat Cologne, 
And we'll all get (BLUE)blind drunk, paralitic...

 when Liverpool win the cup."

 Rafa,  & Stevie G  were together when we last won the FA cup in 06.. it seems soon BOTh will be lost from us!!  and I wont support FSG's version of Lfc any more!!


 Studge is out, i feel that we should have played Raheem and him in a 5-3-2 formation when he was fit, like he and Luis did last season.. I just hope Stevie and Skrtel start the game tomorrow , we must take charge from the first minutes..IMO! (want to see the above pic repeated! ) probably last chance for Stevie to lift a trophy..make sure U respect HIM , BR!!

OUR Kenny ; disgrace Henry sacked mid contract!!
Hillsborough Pictures

Rafa ...


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