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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pre HOME game v the other Mancs club.. selection guidance for our novice coach & J4t96???

Pre HOME  game v the other Mancs club.. 

selection guidance for our 
novice coach 
& J4t96???

There is always a lot of "chat" (at Lfc pressies) ... in the media, with so called "pro" jounos, or ex players (who I would rather see playing golf now, than offering "expert comment" ) and then there are the fan nies and f s g clones that have infested our club since the Premiere league and the yankers stuck their bog noses in our club... opinions like a&&holes everyones got one..on the net...
so for those a&&holes ..

The HOLY Ground before Yanker commercialization,,,

heres MY proposal.

Stevie is automatic, when fit , it  should be him and 10 othes. whether hes 24 or 34 or 44? .

 I have supported Liverpool since the days of Shanks,  had he played in any of the Teams that our best "legends" did, through Emlyn, Souness, Kenny, Barnes etc  ( if Gerrard had played for a title winning team , ) he would be better known than Messi... anyway, for me, and for many intelligent people in the game Stevie IS the best all round footballer I have seen.
 Idiots who want "to replace him" ..dont APPRECIATE JUST HOW GREAT !

and when u can pass the ball like Stevie, "pace" is not the issue.

now that the defence seems sorted, we still struggle to "finish off" teams , undefeated since several months , and records of Zero goals against in recent away games,,,the attack, ironic considering BR knew FA about anything much else... is of concern..

my Selection..

Goalie  (Mignolet ..was always a decent shot stopper, for me, is nowhere near Pepes class, but has improved his command of the area, and distribution, which was so bad that I rarely remembered him finding one of our players during the games..

Back Five ( including "wing backs" ) 
Skrtel... i argued for him even when others doubted him,  he had to put up with Brent constantly "tinkering" with the defence , (why sign players if u dont know where to put them??) ... anyine who has played in a defensive unit knows how vital it is to avoid change because the best defensive units form the basis of trophy winners and need understanding...

with CAN and , ok, Sakho perhaps over Lovren.. ( oh I miss Agger)   Moreno is not good enough as a defender, but i feel he brings energy to the left side (if he had 2 feet he would even score/assist more) ...  right wing back... Glen,...his experience and ability may just shine against "them"

middle ...    Stevie...  (see above) plus....

Hendo ...his form and "goal scoring" luck & confidence plus energy is a good foil and if he uses his forward passes  with Phil the other  

"creator" ...

we should have enough "assists" coming through , with Glen and Moreno helping the width and supply to..

Studge AND Raheem..

many claim Raheem should lead, but ...I feel , for similar reasons that I use for defensive understanding,,  this "pairing " has enough both in striking and ability to come on to through balls, pick up from deep , mobility to rival the "SAS"  of Luis and Studge that were so effective they covered up BR's naivety .. 

Studge throws his shirt to the travelling Kop (w.i.p.)

 ...those 2 and an inspired Stevie almost won us the title last season...   and with Stevie surely wanting to "give his all" ..should Raheem and Studge find scoring form ..not only will we beat the mancs but make a late late title challenge..

Raheem caused the mancs a lot of problems in the defeat at OT this seasons, despite not taking his chances then, has improved his sharpness in front of goal, and Studge is due to "fire" soon, why not against the "old enemy"  ?? as he has done pretty well against them in previous games..

therefore I dont agree with Didi...

..............nor with  Aldo, who makes some valid points, BUT again is too narrow minded to say "there is too much of a bridge" ... with football theres always a chance , and Aldo typically aims for "qualification"

 ...thats pathetic!

closing fixtures ??
Sat - may 9    Barclays Premier League    Chelsea    A        
Sat - may 16    Barclays Premier League    Crystal Palace    H   

a perfect scenario for a "revenge" and draatic end to the season..

1     ChelsSki     28     19     7     2     58     23     64    
2     Manc City     29     17     7     5     59     28     58    
3     Arse nal     29     17     6     6     56     30     57    
4     ManUre     29     16     8     5     50     26     56    
5     Liverpool      29     16     6     7     43     30     54 

IF Shanks was manager he would be going for top, not 4th!!

Balo.. I would have him on the bench..sunday  , although I understand his frustration,,
but  needs to "do it"  if he wants to shut up critics,,,

I like Flanno, and he wold be my right wing back choice had been fit and in form.. but i dont like these long distance "marketing tours" EVERY YEAR (?) ...that take up the close season..players need a proper rest and break from footy in summer...

lest we forget.. Justice for the 96??????  news that bent police chief Duckenfield ..admitted his GUILT for the manSLAUGHTER of 96 of my LIVERPOOL supporting brothers and sisters in 1989. _(26 years too late...)
when asked POLICE CHIEF  Duckenfield if he agreed that:
* People died in a crush in the central pens
* If they had not been permitted to flow down the tunnel, into those central pens, that would not have occurred
* Closing the tunnel would have prevented that and therefore would have prevented the tragedy
* He failed to recognise that there was a need to close that tunnel
* And therefore, failed to take steps to achieve that
Duckenfield agreed with all the points.
Mr Greaney said: “That failure was the direct cause of the deaths of 96 persons in the Hillsborough tragedy.”
Duckenfield said: “Yes, sir.”
Mr Greaney asked Duckenfield on a number of occasions whether he had frozen in the police control box after giving the order to open exit gates - allowing large numbers of fans to come into the stadium and head down the tunnel to the central pens where the fatal crush happened.

Hillsborough InquestsTunnel leading to the central Leppings Lane pens at HillsboroughTunnel leading to the central Leppings Lane pens at Hillsborough
The barrister said: “You bottled it, you panicked, and you failed to take the action that you knew needed to be taken to avoid consequences that you had foreseen.”
Mr Greaney said: “You know what was in your mind, and I will ask you just one last time: will you accept that, in fact, you froze?”
 Duckenfield said: “Yes, sir.”

Thatcher is dead , yet escaped Justice for being a criminal leader, Blair too , (so far)  Cameron is doing a bad copy of thatchers fascism.. but note this...those who interfere with my movement and communications... "karma" has a bite... that gets YOU sooner or later... :)

....." The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

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