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Monday, May 19, 2014


(REdNET Campaign)

1) Man. city are  fined 60 million euros for illegal activities
Breaking the rules  to enable their "success" in "winning" the english "Premiere league" ..
YEt this was NOT a "preniere decisin" ... to punish a Billioanires club with financial fine has no pain, and will not stop them again.

However, IF the footballing "authorities" DEDUCTED points, so that these CHEATS did NOT "qualify" for the lucrative Champions league THAT would send a real message..a FAIR result.

of course the corrupt & negligent officials punish the likes of Luis Suarez with suspensions that us hurt more . (could we have won the league if he had been available from day one, ..who knows?)

UEFA punished OUR  CLUB  for crimes by others in the past...but they have no justice - and pick and choose how they deal with violations of their rules. 

...everyone (who was awake) expected this, that UEFA would fail to apply any true punishment when City, Real, Chelski or other "rich clubs" cheat...

F S G are NOT "footy people" if they were , and AWARE, their lawyers would be jumping all over UEFA!

but Henry-Werner are as "naive" as their "coach"... and if their boardroom wasnt full of cowards and inexperienced commercial directors,  who have no balls, they would have made a move to "open up" this can of worms by now, but who let these pretenders into OUR club?  YOU did!

2) would I buy a share in OUR club for 10 pounds? 

YES of course I would

...because the wrong people (dont) "manage" it !!!!  because we would have a VOICE (a true one NOT "lip service" and if managed properly its a GREAT INVESTMENT in OUR LIVES link;

Update ; "Bootroom opinion" ;
the shame of "social media" is that too many "fans"  grew up only knowing this  short-attention-span jargon,  with very little "wit" involved, theres a contradiction in Rimmer 's(son of ex manc goalie? ha ha?) article ... playing down the "jibes" whilst exagerating the "super" status of our club? ..
- our team was arguably as good or better compared with the quality of the (then) league in 2002 & 2009
- both GH & Rafa more experienced  at winning trophies
- in 2002 we still hadnt "souled  out" to the first bunch of yankers
- "bottle" it? maybe not, BUT to let a 5 point lead slip away with 3 games to go would raise comment had one of our rivals done that!
lets be honest
considering some of the things  F S G have done and the shaky status of Henrys finances in the USA, its not impossible that he wont "do a G & H" .. higher prices , 3 new kits every season and advance cash ticket sales, Chang & etc  dont fill me with confidence
nor should the F S G (& thus BR's) transfer/loan/youth  "policy" stand up to scrutiny - 2 gems Coutinho & Studge are likely to be regulars, none of the others "stand up" 100% ..

"banter" is what it is, we should support our TEAM (not the boardroom) and not let other fans (especially  mancs) obsession distract us, ..I was next to a lad during the game v citeh and discussed "mancs" he said he could decide what was more important ... seeing Utd go down or us go upwards... I told him , IMO we should focus on our own...

however, seeing the mancs 20 points behind ...makes me smile.. :)

thanks to Stevie & the lads for this season...

Daniel Sturridge named top Premier League goalscorer on EA Sports' FIFA 14 video game The Reds striker has scored almost 34 million goals in the hands of trusty gamers
(but FAR too many Video gamers think that the human (phyisical) game is the same as a video game, it is NOT!)


which will go direct into Henry-Werners via F S G pockets , a) their transfer ability is poor as they dont know footy, and b) they have made record income from 3 new kits every season and advance ticket sales - sponsorships mean they have NOT had to make any NET investment since day 1...

Greg Kerins> this summer is their biggest test...

REdNeT >how can it be a test? they dont know football - its a miracle that we did so well.. thanks to Stevie..

REdNeT >  dream-on-hold-keep...

Greg Kerins> it is a miracle..i hate the c*nts but i do have to remind myself at the end of the day them c*nts decided Rodgers was the man...they chose right 

F S G = G & H with better PR???

REdNeT> no, ...they chose wrong.. they shd have brough back Rafa, who would have won the title twice by now, and anyway u know my opinion of Henry - Werner, how can we even discuss their decisions when they know nothing about our culture or our game ? (rednet-update-plus...)

SCLOG: REdNET , update ... Plus Pic Review ...and PRE......deja vu?

@thisisanfield @EuRED09 @RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @LFCTS myth is that u understand footy :) Stevie not BR made team

Harvey>: :>
F S G not Supporters will gain, Henry-werner have NOT invested a net amount in Lfc ...they didnt when they gained control of the business and they still have not, instead introduce higher prices , new sponsors , advance ticket sales and 3 new kits EVERY season to benefit F S G not our team or supporters WAKE UP!
H/T: either u, the media or BR is full of BS ....if either Agger or Lucas is on the list to let go, whose "reports" are being leaked, or is it usual media BS? anyway isnt BR subject to a committee of F S G (none of whom know footy) so probably Henry just checks what some idiots say on twitter... as he also knows FA (proven by 8 bad signings so far)  that Allen got selected by BR in front of either Hendo Or Coutinho shows BR is no genius... Kolo , Aspas, Moses & Sakho can go none of whom good enough.  Kelly wasnt given more than a few minutes by BR (but then BR knows very little about defensive tactics or set ups....)  I congratulate Stevie and the lads ...and wish the youth to come through and use the money to allow cheaper accomodation of supporters, rather than bad signings or more money in Henry-Werner s pockets   Celts player gives gong to kid..


after the season only a couple of days , the idiots & Fan nies are spreading more Bull SH*te ... they dont dare post it on my blogs or FB walls!
and the most goals conced by a team finshing 2nd???

Harvey > why oopose F S G= ? its easy if YOU can see!"
J W Henry= what truth is there in the board room?

= Henry introduced by the same broker as G & H
= Attend Hillsborough memorial AFTER we complain
= did not inject NET cash
= advance ticket sales and THREE new kits every season makes them cash
= "transfer policy" sees half the academy talent from 2010 diappear, loaned players never return
= 8 out of 10 transfers in not good enough
= back stabbed kenny 2 months after giving him vote of confidence
= replaced Dalglish with media - friendly young coach - who has won nothing ("woy junior"?)
= F S G employed "communications man" Chang who monitored fans and threatened supporter
= Henry-Werner know NOTHING about football - so how can they decide on policy?

The "american dream" and their business tactics have become the global nightmare - now so many young people think that ONLY "money matters"


Its OUR CLUB, the love of our lives ,  take it ...

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