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Thursday, November 17, 2011

SUPPORTers Special - u.r.s.u.n. replies to "the committee" (n.2)

 Global REdS SUPPORTers Special 
- u.r.s.u.n. replies to "the committee" (n.2)

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ChriS>here is the latest "fans" news…for what its worth!
"you can fool all the people some of the time..and some of the fans all of the time. But you cant FOOL u.r.s.u.n and the GLOBAL REdS much of the time.." ;)

The LFC Fans  Committee held their second meeting on Saturday November 5 at Anfield and put their questions to senior club officials.
Here are the (PUBLISHED) minutes from the second meeting between Liverpool Football Club and the Liverpool Football Club FAns Committee.

To read the minutes from the first meeting, held on August 13, click here>>

Opening remarks by Ian Ayre, Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club
The Committee was established to be collaborative (! So lads & lasses YOU are "collaborators" ??? <smile>) ...and for us to all work together. (to do what the Yankers want?) I have been very encouraged by what has happened . I've been very encouraged so far. since the first meeting. (because no one caused any "trouble!) I've seen a lot of people in and around our business having other meetings and seen a lot of the dialogue that has gone on. This is absolutely what this committee is all about. (DIALOGUE NOT action!) The meetings, questions and answers are all important, but what is also important is the dialogue, effort and the time that is expended outside of the meetings.....
(of course because in one year of the new Yankers, and nine months since this idea was first "floated" all "oppositions has been silenced and no signs of any TRUE improvement for CORE Reds Supporters..)

Opening remarks by Karen Gill, Chair of the Supporters' Committee
I would like to echo Ian's comment about collaboration and the positive feedback received. We have handled over 10,000 emails and whilst a percentage are between ourselves, the majority are to and from the fans we represent which means there is a lot of communication going on between members and the fans they represent. We have also held two conference calls between us since the last meeting, which has helped the learning process. As we are learning about procedures and processes we will be able to pass this information onto the fans and supporters. People have met with their points of contact at the club and have been very positive about the meetings they have had; which is really encouraging.

ChriS>Shanks would never have accepted the situation!! (a rocking horse can be very ACTIVE, but it doesn’t move far?) a lot of emails and a lot of "P.R." …but not a TRUE sign of core improvement in actual conditions for our GLOBAL REdS members!??? I proposed to Karen that as the committee complain that as "volunteers" they don’t have enough time to deal with the "load" why don’t THEY delegate (especially if they represent a geographical area) to those rejected members who applied for their position ; this COULD "share the load" AND give vital experience to those who may, in future get the chance to be involved on the "committee" ????????????????? (no reaction from the Chairman)
Question 1 from Jeanette Dodd representing the Disabled Supporters
Disabled supporters, who have contacted me, are becoming increasingly frustrated by having reduced or, at times, no access to someone at the Club who can deal with disability ticketing queries and sales. Dialing the premium rate ticketing hotline does not guarantee that a disabled supporter will be able to purchase tickets, as disabled ticketing issues can only be dealt with by a disability ticketing adviser, not general ticketing staff. Premier League guidance on this matter (D4 Ticketing Issues) clearly states, "...some clubs have a named contact to deal with disabled people's ticketing issues. This may well be a reasonable adjustment for them to make. However, clubs should not rely on that person alone as a source of information for disabled supporters, as that would mean that disabled supporters are given fewer options when buying tickets than non-disabled supporters". In relation to ticketing arrangements, can the Club improve on this situation to ensure that it is providing disabled supporters with the same level of service as they provide to non-disabled supporters?

Points raised: The phone service is not charged at premium rates but standard rates from a BT landline. The Club has three people who are an established support and deal with disabled ticketing. We operate over two sites, seven days a week and this spreads the operatives quite thinly, especially during holidays and staff absence. The current ticket booking system does require tight control and this is our main challenge. However, the team has created a staff guide for the general queries and this is now available to all staff. If they can't deal with the enquiry and our dedicated support is not available they should take details and arrange a call back so supporters are not paying for a further call, we think this is a reasonable compromise. We work closely with our Disability Liaison Officer who is satisfied that we are meeting our obligations. We expect the next bulk sale to be a better experience for all purchasing tickets, particularly as we have set aside a day dedicated to the sale of tickets to disabled supporters.

Actions agreed: Monitor adherence to the new staff guide by all sales staff, not just the three support team members and determine satisfaction from disabled fans following the forthcoming dedicated sales day.
 ChriS>at the moment Disabled and members with Kids get a full days advantage in purchasing over other members …????

Question 2 from Lewis Cubbin representing the U18s
Why does Liverpool Football Club class children of thirteen years old as adults under the membership scheme?
Points raised: The scheme we run is relatively new. Junior Membership is recommended for 12 and under due to the benefits we offer, which includes a draw for attendance at a junior soccer school. In addition, research carried out by LFC, and other clubs, revealed that once a junior member becomes a teenager, they want to be treated as an adult supporter.

Actions agreed: Club to carry out research in the New Year to help build the scheme for 2012/13 to determine if there is an appetite for, say, a 13-16 year old scheme.

ChriS>hmmmm … ;)  smells like its "convenient" for Lfc to adopt adult membership like "other clubs" when it means EXTRA revenue for Lfc !! ..lazy answer IMO
Question 3 from Laurie Whitehead representing the Corporate Fans
Can the Club explain why Thomas Cook Sport is offering a Chelsea home match ticket with a room at the Malmaison for £616 when a room only at the Mailmaison is only £149, in effect, making the match ticket £467?

Points raised: It is critical for the Club to generate revenue in order compete domestically and internationally. Thomas Cook is just one example of a great sponsorship deal, which generates around £5m each year for the Club. Anfield has a capacity of 45,500 and the match-break products referred to in the question amount to about 180 tickets a game, which is very small in the scheme of things. The products are very popular with fans and Thomas Cook reports that they could sell three times as many opportunities over and above what they currently offer. It is essential that sponsors get a return on their investment, as this is vital to the success of the Club.
Actions agreed: None.
ChriS>surely this is LOW priority, considering T. Cook rip off supporters who buy travel packages which cost several times what it should do If members buy tickets & economy travel seperately…it USED to be that away travel was cheaper in the days of the "supporters special" (trains & buses) T. COOK make a fortune out of us, AND its VITAL that SUPPORTERS WHO ARE MORE IMPORTANT to this cluyb are not ripped off, I suggest CORPORATE members are probably RICH enough to pay for rooms at expensive hotels and the best match tickets & "the trimmings" at anfield ??

 Question 4 from Sam Armstrong representing the Female Fans
Will the Club acknowledge the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Hope for Hillsborough?

Points raised: We have a dialogue with all groups connected with Hillsborough but if people feel there is different dialogue going on then we need to address this. This is an emotive subject and not one to treat lightly. The Club would like to take this matter away and consider before identifying a way forward; perhaps having a separate meeting before addressing the subject again at the next committee meeting.
Actions agreed: To be addressed at the next meeting.

ChriS> DISGUSTING that the club, after all these years have to "consider" this matters they should have ALWAYS been behnd HJC etc from day one! ..shows the poor mentality that STILL exists in the boardroom and the Lfc "office" ?????  
Question 5 from Les Wright representing the Away Fans
In a straw poll of 50 away fans, £30 was considered to be a fair price to pay for an away ticket and £50 to be a price they considered too high to pay. Given that Bolton fans will pay £15 to see their team at West Brom and Liverpool fans pay £42 (an increase of 180%), will it take a boycott of away games by Liverpool fans to bring prices down in what is supposed to be a Premier League playing field?

Points raised: Discussions with Man Utd have revealed that their travelling fans are subjected to the same pricing structure, so LFC fans are not alone. We can't set the prices charged by other clubs. The big clubs have made it known to the Premier League that there is a problem in this area and LFC will do its best to seek clarity and positive action. There is a Premier League Shareholders' Meeting on 17 November and we will ask that this matter is included on the agenda.
Actions agreed: Provide feedback to the Committee following the Premier League Shareholders' Meeting on 17 November 2011.

ChriS>this has been a "problem" since a long time ; its > DISCRIMINATION< and MUST be dealt with here, and in Europe via UEFA, its one of the few areas that we might wish to co-op with mancs and if required make an issue through International courts and at the ECHR (Strasbourg) ///another lazy answer!

Question 6 from Jon Hooks representing the members of All Red
Can the Club improve the current information on how to obtain tickets? A comprehensive guide that explains how to obtain tickets for each type of fan (season ticket holders, membership scheme, disabled supporters, etc.)? Fans do not understand the system. which often leads to confusion on how to best access tickets.

Points raised: This is an area were the Club can work with the Committee to pull all the information together and create a process and information stream that works seamlessly for the fans. The Committee has set up a sub-committee to look at ticketing issues and will be pleased to work with the club to create something new - either a document or an interactive web-based user guide.
Actions agreed: Club to meet with representatives of the sub-committee to review what is currently available and to create something new.

ChriS> I would state instead that the SYSTEM is wrong more than the info concerning it…IT favours the rich, and violates the rights of the poorer member, ESPECIALLY those who tarvel from abroad!!! See question 7..

Question 7 from Tore Hansen representing the Official Supporters' Clubs
This season the Club had two 'bulk sales' of tickets. Many have problems planning months ahead - and it is also a lot of games to pay for twice per season. Will the Club consider four sales instead of two next season?

Points raised. The Club made a fair number of changes to how tickets are sold and acknowledges that some supporters felt these changes could have been communicated in a better way last summer. The Club is keen to conduct a survey after the forthcoming concession day and second bulk sale. As there have been a couple of improvements applied since the first bulk sale it will be interesting to see how these have been received before conducting the survey prior to the start of next season. The sale of tickets is an emotive subject, but the Club remains committed to providing the best level of service that meets the needs of the majority of fans.
Actions agreed: Club to conduct a survey before the end of the season to determine overall satisfaction levels with the current process and to identify ongoing improvement opportunities.

ChriS>it CANT be a system fair to us! What it DOES do, it to give the club a massive CASH injection, at 2 times of the year prior to (transfer) outlay?? , and THAT’S perhaps the reasoning, as  usual, the BOARD cares more financial profit than our members situation at a time when many are stretched (summer holidays) ChriSMas time..) and almost impossible for members from our region whose monthly income at best makes ONE purchase possible, not several!!!!

Question 8 from Abu Nasir representing the Ethnic Minority Supporters
Can we please prepare actions points for tackling inequality (racism, homophobia, disability issues, etc.) and start publicising this and communicating this to a wider fan base? This would require monitoring to assess progress against the action points.

Points raised: The Club needs to make it more obvious to fans about what positive steps are being taken in this area. For example, there is an anti-racism hotline for fans to report such abuses and this will be expanded to include the reporting of incidents relating to homophobia. The Club is committed to take all necessary action to stamp out such abuses by banning perpetrators from the ground. The Club is working on a new signage scheme to remind supporters that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and to publicise the hotline number. There appears to be a growing number of 'young' fans engaging in anti-social behaviour when travelling to away games. There are some positive things the Club can do in this area, such as at the point of purchasing a ticket, fans can be reminded of their duty to act responsibly or face the consequences of being banned from future fixtures.
Actions agreed: Publicise the good work the Club is doing in this area; look at how the Club can help stamp out anti-social behaviour by some of the travelling away fans.

ChriS>LFc need to consider its own errors (see above) & "discrimination" too..
Question 9 from Bob Humphries representing Season Ticket Holders
At the moment tickets may be 'sold out' at the window, yet still available 'online'. This creates confusion. Can we have one combined system?

Points raised: The same system is used for the purchase of tickets, whether this is in person or online, for home or away games. There should be no issues relating from the sale of home tickets at the windows and the Club will need to take this away to review what, if any, changes need to be made. When it comes to the sale of away tickets, problems can arise from the fact that we don't print the ticket here, it is supplied pre printed to us, so whilst we can be flexible with home games we have to try making sure that we have away tickets in each location for the sales, sometimes one sales channel will sell out before another. The Club is fully aware that improvements can be made in this area. The focus has been on getting the tickets for home games right and with this now running well, the attention will shift to improving the sale of tickets for away games.
Actions agreed: Club to conduct a review of away ticket sales, involving the Committee where appropriate, so improvements can be identified and implemented.

ChriS>I have asked, since several years, for an integrated comoputer system that cross-references all departments concerning ticket sales, E-season, website/forum ID and of course fancard/membership./.. Lazy answer = lazy people…in the office since a long, long time!?

Question 10 from Jan Brown representing the Family Supporters
As part of our move to be family friendly, can we provide areas for families with young children to have time out for a short time during the match and wait until the crush is over at the end of the match?

Points raised: This is an area the Club is investigating to see what can be done. However, with the physical restrictions in terms of space available for such purposes. There is a family area in the Anfield Road Stand, but the Club recognises that more can be done to improve the match day experience for families. With Andrew Parkinson, taking up the new position of Operations Director, there is a great opportunity to review what innovative ideas can be identified and acted upon. The Committee made a point of thanking the Club for setting a day aside dedicated to the sale of family tickets.
Actions agreed: Meeting to be arranged between the Club and representatives of the Committee to consider what can be achieved within the limitations imposed by the current stadium.

ChriS>Why cant little Johnny or Jane, sit patiently in the seat until the majority have gone, some cant get away quick enough…we are talking minutes here, arent we??
Question 11 from Paul Amann representing the LGBT Supporters
Will the Club sign up to the government's charter for action on homophobia in sport?

Points raised: The Club met with representatives of the Committee following the inaugural Committee Meeting. Best practices were shared and the Club has since met with Brighton and Hove Albion, Man City and the FA. What the Club is trying to achieve is better understanding of the issues involved. The Club is committed to signing up to the government's charter and it is hoped that this will be achieved before the end of the year. The Club is keen to go beyond the requirement of just signing the Charter and wants to make this a part of a wider good practice initiative. The Committee made a point of thanking the Club for taking the matter seriously by the commitments given and the actions taken.
Actions agreed: Continue discussions with other clubs and the Committee before signing the charter before the end of the year.
Question 12 from Aaron Cardoso representing the UK Supporters
Are there any plans to increase the capacity of the park and ride system? In short, are there any plans to look into easing the burden of the average travelling fan both financially and logistically? This question was tabled by Karen Gill in the absence of Aaron Cardoso.

Points raised: It would appear that the park and ride schemes are restricted to the Soccer Bus scheme only, which are not accessible to disabled fans. Problems first appeared to exist with this scheme in relation to queues and crowd control, but following a review, these are now being addressed. Research needs to be conducted to determine what else can be done in this area, the limitations of which are not just restricted to LFC, but the City as a whole. There is a real problem with people travelling by train and consideration should be given to this group of travelling supporters in addition to those travelling to the ground by car.
Actions agreed: Club to meet with the City Council to determine what additional services and assistance can be provided.

ChriS>How many years has this been discussed, the near ground congestion is ridiculous, I usually walk to and from (or meet at a local pub) because walking is quicker than traffic…poor community logistics = another lazy answer!

AND….WHY was Aaron Cardoso not attending?  As we seem to note there was at least one absentee at the first meeting..(WHY not "locums"??)

Question 13 from Nasser Abbobakar and Damien Moore representing International Fans (East and West)
Many fans have an issue with the bulk buying system for tickets, for international fans, especially those travelling from different continents. How can the Club help with a 'one game' ticket package?

Points raised: It is possible to get one ticket for one game through the existing system. For example, you can buy a ticket in July for a game in December. This is a significant improvement on the past, when tickets were often released only a matter of weeks before a game. The task for the Club is to clearly explain to fans that require a one-off ticket how the process works and then deliver their ticket or experience in a seamless manner. The key will be to keep this explanation simple, particularly as English may not be the first language of the fan concerned. Google Translate was suggested as a 'plug-in' that might help make the process easier in the short-term, but a graphical interface was considered to be a good long-term solution.
Actions agreed: Review the process from the fans perspective and implement a system that is easy to understand and seamless in its delivery.

ChriS>the international fans representatives on the committee CLEARLY have the same lack as the LFC office ; of seeing the "Big picture" from a GLOBAL supporters point of view. IT is so OBVIOUS, whilst "solving" one problem, LFC created another? IMO, THE TASK is not just to supply a "one ticket a year" fan, (although its obvious Ian Ayres seed ASIA as his target area = 3rd kit disaster!)  BUT to make it easier all round for ticket purchases…there has NEVER been INTELLIGENCE applied to this problem, and it seems that’s unlikely to change whilst the Yankers & Ayers are in control.???? A hybrid with some human management is vital…otherwise its easy for Lfc office to always "blame the(ir) system"???
Question 14 from Nasser Abboobakar and Damien Moore representing International Fans (East and West)
What is the Club's policy of appointing branches to be recognised as an official supporters' club? Why is the moratorium in place and what is required to get it lifted? Can the Club put any information about this out?

Points raised: The Club spent this season putting in a structure for branches and providing dedicated staff to manage the branch network. It is the Club's intention to review the branch waiting list and then look to expand the current network. It's important that the Club gets this right in order to support the branch network as it expands in the future. To this end, a member of staff has been recruited to manage the branch network and a formal review of how the networks can be utilised for the benefit of fans will be concluded before the end of the season.
Actions agreed: Feedback to the Committee on completion of the review.

ChriS>was a mess, is a mess, and due to "office politics" will stay that way until and unless SUPPORTERS get TRUE influence in its management..Karen and the committee IGNORED my call for a Supporters share fund ; could be backed by the club, but lets face it the Yankers are NOT "socialists" are they????
Question 15 from Andrew Moran representing General Admission
Will the club commit to having a set minimum number of seats pre-allocated to general admission for every home game?

General Admission is a term used as a 'catch-all' for tickets that are in danger of not being sold. There appears to be a base of around 500 tickets per game that are made available to general admission. However, this figure can move markedly and the Club is not in a position to commit to making a set number of tickets available to general admission for each game. The question and points it raises are valid and the Club would like to take this away so it can form part of the ongoing 'best-practice' review of the ticketing processes adopted by the Club. The Club remains committed to communicate the numbers of tickets available to general admission prior to each game. However, because of the nature of allocations being returned and buy-backs coming in just prior to the game, the start point is likely to be low one that could rise considerably days prior to each game.
Actions agreed: Club to review current process, communicate how it works and identify any areas where it can be improved.

ChriS>should be part of an integrated system (as stated above) ?? The logistics are "rocket science" ??

Question 16 from James Benson representing Anfield and Breckfield Supporters
At the Valencia friendly game, a different price structure was used across each stand. Will the Club be using the structure in the future?
Points raised: The Valencia game was used to trial a new pricing structure and much was learned from the experience. It only seems fair that seats on the halfway line are more expensive than those in the corner of the stadium, perhaps with a restricted view as well. The price banding adopted by LFC is very narrow when compared with other Premier League clubs, so it is highly appropriate that this should form part of a review so the right balance is achieved. The Club is keen to identify a workable solution before the end of the year, so that the result can be communicated to fans in the New Year, before being implemented in time for the start of next season.
Actions agreed: Following this trial, a review will be conducted and any changes will be communicated through all available means.

ChriS> "communicated" prior or post "decisions" ;)
Question 17 from Jon Hooks representing the Official Membership
Currently, the loyalty required for the first phase of bulk ticket is 13 attended home games. Can the Club consider adding additional tiers of loyalty e.g. 10 games, 7 games, etc.

Points raised: Half of all available tickets in the members' sale are allocated based on previous attendance. This year it was 13 games. The Club is fully aware that some supporters can't attend that many games or just want to attend their first game, so the second part of the sale is open to all fans. The Club can't really drop or stagger the loyalty any further as it would result in a closed shop; as you drop through the number of games attended, the number of supporters involved increases dramatically, even the gap between 13 and 12 is relatively large; there are simply not enough tickets to satisfy demand. In short, the Club believes that this is the fairest way process to satisfy the majority.
Actions agreed: The system will remain subject to regular review and if improvements are identified they will be considered and implemented where appropriate. 
Author: Liverpool FC

ChriS> who takes the minutes??

On a "personal note" the club fouled up my membership so many times, that I lost my "history" past attendance could/should also be relevant when allocating tickets, again a properly integrated system should do this…I fear that there is no incentive on the part of the Yankers dominated board to do anything to to equalise the club, they are business people, and are VERY efficient at P.R...

ChriS>Omitted and fudged key issues, (see above) such as supporters shares, and OUR rights to name any new stadium omitted, etc//.. The bulk purchase and away ticketing prices are in fact a HR violation and maybe Strasbourg is the place to take these vital issues further as the FA, UEFA and such are not interested EVEN is Ayres bothers,, ;)

Other Odds ….&

Chelski rent boys v LIVERPOOL REdS

Nando still in the wrong colours, even in russia ;)

CHRIS> best wishes to Ray Clemence following the news he has been admitted to hospital. The FA confirmed the former Reds goalie was undergoing tests after feeling unwell on the Friday prior to England's 1-0 friendly win over Spain.

"Ray Clemence has been unwell while with England and is having tests in hospital," said an FA statement. "At this time Ray would like to thank everyone for the kind messages he's received and the FA would like to request privacy for his family."

Clem still rated (IMO) as probably our best ever goalie, played  665 times during an illustrious trophy-laden spell at Anfield, one of the late 70's team which IMO was the the STRONGEST REdS team ever !  ..!  hope Pepe can match his trophies for Lfc one day!

Dirk Kuyt is involved with a campaign to bring more tourists to Britain and increase the number of foreign football fans who travel to Barclays Premier League games.
VisitBritain stats show that 750,000 overseas visitors came to see a Premier League match last year, spending nearly £600m in the process.
That's why they have just launched a new Premier League channel on their website - including videos on Liverpool and every other top flight club.
As well as a two-and-a-half minute guide to why foreign fans should go along to Anfield and how they would get there, there is also an interview with Kuyt in which he talks about his adopted country.
The Dutchman reveals his love for the Lake District and explains why Britain has some of the best golf courses around.

ChriS>Dirk, you should support US, WE need you to push for us to have shares in Lfc, not just increase money & profit for the owners & the league sponsors!!???

Adam Morgan..a FuTuREd!

Best moment in football so far?
Scoring at Anfield against Manchester United in the FA Youth Cup last season. It was extra special because one was in front of the Kop.
What about this season? 10 so far - which one stands out?
Hmm. I'd say my goal against Manchester United in the U18s league game that we won 2-1. I know I got two in the NextGen game against Molde, but I just love playing against Manchester United. And I love beating them even more!


Martin Kelly has all the attributes to play at centre-back in the future, according to first-team coach Steve Clarke.

The Reds have no plans to move the 21-year-old from the right side of defence, where his performances have helped him become an England U21 regular.
However, Clarke would not be surprised if Kelly one day returned to the central position he regularly played during his years at the Academy.
"When you look at the size and shape of Martin, he's built like a central defender," said the Scot. "He's been fantastic at right-back and we've got no plans to move him from there at the moment but if he continues to develop and he gets an opportunity at centre-half then I'm sure he's got the attributes to make it a good position for him.


He's a defender's nightmare'
Luis Suarez's four-goal salvo for Uruguay against Chile on Friday night perfectly illustrated the all-round talent Liverpool's No.7 possesses in his armoury, according to South American football expert Tim Vickery.
The 24-year-old struck an incredible quadruple in Montevideo to ensure the reigning South American champions remained top of their World Cup qualifying group.
The plaudits for Suarez have since poured in from all quarters, and Vickery believes they're fully justified.
Speaking to 'You're on LFC TV', he said: "I remember saying on the BBC when Liverpool signed him, if I had that amount of money I would buy him without any problems just to stand him on the mantelpiece because I think he's just a superb talent.
"Him running at you would be an absolute defender's nightmare because you don't know what he is going to do.
"He is strong, quick, two footed and so unpredictable. On Friday night against Chile, he really showed the all-round talent that he's got.
"It was a difficult game against dangerous opponents in Chile, and while it was 0-0 Chile had opportunities to take the lead, but Suarez just took the game away from them by scoring all four goals in a 4-0 win with a cracking left-foot shot, a cracking first-time right-foot shot, a classic jack-knife header and a header that was built upon reading of the game and quick appreciation of the situation.
"It really was a game that showcased the all-round talent Suarez has."
News of Suarez's exhilarating display against Chile would have came as no surprise to Liverpool supporters, who watched the forward made a seamless transition in English football following his January transfer from Ajax.

Injury has prevented Steven Gerrard making as many appearances as he would have liked since Suarez joined the Reds from Ajax in January.
However, from the few games they've been in the same team, training sessions and from watching like a fan, Gerrard can see just why the club invested in the outstanding Uruguayan.
"To see Luis day in, day out has been a real eye-opener for me," he exclusively told LFC magazine this week.
"I knew he was a good player. Having worked with him on a regular basis I think he has the potential to be one of the best in the world."
Suarez is one of a number of signings the club has made in 2011 and Gerrard is happy with the way the squad is shaping up. Now he thinks it's time for him and his team-mates to kick on after a promising start to the season.
"I think the squad is looking stronger, probably the strongest we've had for a long time. Now it's all about delivering," he said. "The tools are all there, now we need to work hard, focus on each game and try to build on what we've shown over the last 20 or so games."
The full Gerrard exclusive, plus an interview with Steve Clarke and an insightful chat with Dominic Matteo on his Anfield regrets, are in this week's LFC magazine.


Lucas Leiva, has established himself as one of the first names on the Brazil teamsheet.
"Lucas is an absolute key man for Brazil," he said. "He is a player who the current Brazil coach Mano Menezes created at Gremio before he came over to Liverpool.
"He was playing a different role in those days - he was much more the more attacking of the central midfield two. He'd be the one who was timing his runs very well, getting forward and scoring goals.
"His characteristics have slightly changed over the years and he's now the more holding player of the Brazil midfield, but Mano Menezes has absolute massive confidence in him to play that role."  
Lucas Leiva's impressive form during 2011 saw him crowned the North-West's Premier League Player of the Year on Monday night. The Brazilian scooped the award at an MBNA sponsored ceremony held at Lancashire County Cricket Club in Manchester.
The gong was in recognition of excellence both on and off the pitch.
The Reds midfielder has been on international duty with his country over the past week and played the full 90 minutes in Brazil's 2-0 friendly success over Egypt last night.
Following the win, Lucas tweeted: "Well done everyone for the victory. It is always important to finish the year winning."


Charlie Adam admits he is on a mission to prove that he was no one-season wonder.
The midfielder's stunning form for Blackpool last term - including 13 goals - prompted interest from a host of top clubs, but it was Liverpool who won his signature during a busy close season at Anfield.
He has settled well into life on Merseyside but there is no danger of the 25-year-old becoming complacent.
"I hadn't played in the Premier League until last season and people judged me on how I performed for Blackpool," Adam is quoted as saying in Match magazine.

"But I want to show that I can be a Premier League player on a consistent basis, and that I'm good enough to play for Liverpool.
"The expectation levels here are really different to what they were at Blackpool. We are expected to win every week, whereas that wasn't always the case last season. But having that kind of challenge is something I really look forward to.

@RedAlieNeT now that is a good idea
In reply to…
@empireofthekop short sighted people! S.O.S!! - WE dont have to sell out to money...! WE the supporters (if Lfc helped) could sponsor it,

16 November 09:18
global REDS!! the Big RED family.. ;)


MonTV…REdNET channel coming sooooooon?????

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